Top 7 Best VPNs in USA 2023

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The demand for virtual private network services headquartered in the United States is at an all-time high as a result of the government of the United States surveilling its citizens more than nearly any other Western democracy. Utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) is the first and most crucial step in enhancing online safety and privacy because even the greatest VPNs cannot completely protect users from all cyber threats.

There are several uses for US Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), including getting around ISP restrictions and accessing free sports streams that are housed abroad. When visiting the United States, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is based here is a great way to access media that requires membership in your home country.

Choosing which one to sign up for in the first place is the most difficult part. As a result, we examined almost all of the legitimate US VPN services that are currently on the market and created a list of the top providers. Any of the services listed below are acceptable to us; all you have to do is keep reading to see which one best meets your requirements.

What makes a Good VPN in the USA?

To begin with, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides total privacy and is accessible from the United States needs to have very fast connections. You really don’t need to make any compromises in this area because there are so many excellent solutions accessible.

If you are going outside the country and want to access content and websites that are only accessible in your home country, pick a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service established in the United States that has a lot of servers situated in various nations. Since the best services are almost always those that are most in demand in the United States, you can be sure that the products you buy will be of a high caliber.

A major reason why individuals use virtual private networks (VPNs) is to access geo-restricted US material on Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services in addition to watching major sporting events. Because of this, it’s crucial to pick a VPN provider with a successful track record of unblocking content.

7 Best VPNs For The USA 2023

Here are the best VPNs for the USA:

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN, without a doubt, has the most comprehensive set of features available in any VPN service in the United States. It’s easy to change your location to the United States so you can watch Netflix on your laptop or mobile device without interruption, and if you run into any trouble along the way, there’s fantastic support accessible 24/7 to help you out.

The United States boasts incredibly fast internet, with our 1Gbps line having a top speed of roughly 560Mbps. On connections of approximately 100Mbps on average, ExpressVPN will be entirely untraceable, and this performance highlights the superiority of its global server network.

The best streaming service is ExpressVPN, which gives you access to sites like Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, Peacock, and more. Accessing any of these websites won’t be a problem if you use ExpressVPN. Whatever you’re into, wherever you are, whatever the circumstance, Express can get you in the door.

Thanks to its 3,000+ servers, which are dispersed over 160 sites in 94 different countries and are not in the United States, your daily use will be as quick as it possibly can be. We’ve also had fantastic luck connecting to servers in the US from the UK, so you won’t have to worry about dropped connections or bad connections here.

Although the fact that your plan may only be used on a maximum of five devices is a slight drawback, it is actually very easy to just sign out of one device if you absolutely must use another.


  • Reliable in every region of the world
  • Excellent apps for all devices
  • Quick connections to the US.
  • Stellar support
  • Slightly more pricey, but well worth the additional cost.


  • ExpressVPN 12 month $6.67/mth
  • ExpressVPN 6 months $9.99/mth
  • ExpressVPN 1 month $12.95/mth

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2. Surfshark

Surfshark- Best VPNs For The USA

SurfShark is a low-cost VPN service for the United States of America.

Although this service is relatively young, it has mastered the art of unblocking, and its speeds are more than enough for HD.

Surfshark may be a relative newcomer to the VPN industry, but that does not mean it cannot compete with established competitors! Surfshark, based in the British Virgin Islands, does not maintain user records and is packed with valuable features.

Split tunneling capabilities, kill switches in all applications, powerful IP leak prevention, DNS ad filtering, static IP address (additional cost), and multi-hop VPN are available to users.

Although it has only been around for a short while, Surfshark has quickly established itself as a top choice among VPN customers because to its rock-solid performance and unrivaled value.

Since we conducted our most recent evaluation, Surfshark’s connection speeds have seen substantial improvements, and the service is now the industry leader in terms of speed. Achieving a maximum speed of 950 Mbps is an impressive accomplishment, and although the majority of customers won’t feel the benefit because of their slower base speeds, it will be a delight to use for those users who make use of uncontested lines.

Its programs have been carefully designed, which makes it simple to connect to any server. Furthermore, because to its exceptional unblocking power, it is an excellent choice for a VPN for accessing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iPlayer, Peacock, and YouTube no matter where you are in the world.


  • Incredible value
  • Apps and clients that are spotless
  • Deletes any obstacle standing in your way

Very straightforward, yet in a way that could win over a lot of people


  • Surfshark 24 Months $2.30/mth
  • Surfshark 12 Months $3.99/mth
  • Surfshark 1 Month $12.95/mth

3. IPVanish


IPVanish is a safe VPN service established in the United States of America.

Not only is it speedy, but it is also dependable and secure – ideal for US people who want absolute privacy and security.

IPVanish is a very dependable no-logs service situated in the United States compatible with practically every platform available.

These programs are exceedingly simple to use – even for VPN beginners! Users will benefit from a kill switch, DNS leak prevention, OpenVPN encryption, and an obfuscation function called ‘Scramble.’

IPVanish’s combination of these features makes it perfect for bolstering your digital security and avoiding government and ISP surveillance, which means you’ll never have to worry about your browsing history being sold to third parties.

If you need a VPN to safeguard your privacy when using public WiFi, this VPN is suitable for its superb Android and iOS apps.

Additionally, this VPN is ideal for torrenting without your IP address being monitored by copyright holders.

Furthermore, IPVanish can unblock Netflix US, Hulu, HBO Go, and almost any other service you choose to access when traveling outside the United States.

IPVanish may also be used on an infinite number of devices concurrently, making it ideal for families or anybody with many gadgets.

A fantastic all-arounder worth comparing to our other suggestions because of its 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. CyberGhost VPN

cyberghostvpn- Best VPNs For The USA

CyberGhost is an excellent value-for-money US VPN.

Its applications are very user-friendly, and it boasts a solid network of dependable servers located both inside and outside the United States.

CyberGhost is an excellent VPN service situated in Romania that prides itself on offering its clients unmatched privacy and security.

A no-logs policy protects the privacy of your online activities, which is further protected by OpenVPN encryption.

CyberGhost’s extensive network of servers in over 90 locations makes it an excellent choice for viewing practically any streaming service.

While the VPN does function with Netflix US, it is less stable than some other VPNs on our list.

CyberGhost provides fewer features than NordVPN, yet it is suitable for anybody seeking just privacy and unblocking.

This VPN offers excellent customer care, and the program is accessible on all major platforms.

In light of the VPN’s price, the supplier is quite liberal.

It supports ten concurrent connections and comes with a vast 45-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to use the service risk-free.

A fantastic alternative for novices is searching for a basic, user-friendly VPN service that does not need a plethora of other capabilities.

5. ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN is a reputable and secure VPN to use in the United States.

It boasts superior privacy features, a robust zero-logs policy, and a track record of reliably unblocking Netflix.

Although ProtonVPN has not been operating for an extended period, it has swiftly become one of Reddit users’ favorite VPNs.

Due to its free plan and sophisticated privacy options are an excellent service for any US person.

ProtonVPN is situated in Switzerland, a country renowned for its data privacy.

Additionally, it is a no-logs service that will always maintain the confidentiality of your online activities in the present and future.

This VPN service is available on all devices, which means that US individuals may protect their privacy at home, at work, and while using public WiFi hotspots.

ProtonVPN has servers in 54 countries, making it perfect for unblocking geo-restricted material from any location.

Additionally, it supports torrenting for those seeking anonymity while downloading media or software.

ProtonVPN is slower than some of the other providers we’ve suggested. It does, however, always allow us to view Netflix US without difficulty.

You may try the service for free or with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. NordLayer

nordlayer- Best VPNs For The USA

NordLayer’s enterprise-scale VPN service is based on the same infrastructure as their consumer-facing service.

On the other hand, the interface and functionalities have been redesigned to serve companies better.

You may alter choices for the whole organization or individual users using an easy-to-use control panel.

If you’re searching for a VPN company wholly committed to security, NordVPN is difficult to top.

The corporation started in 2019 when one of its servers had been compromised due to NordVPN’s rigorous “zero logs” policy.

In other words, there was no damage done to consumers. Nonetheless, NordVPN returned and retooled all of its servers out of an excess of caution.

Except for a small partition containing the operating system, none of their servers now use physical memory.

They are RAM-only, which means that no consumer data is ever kept.

It cannot even happen accidentally since there is no disc space available to save it.

This upgrade was not inexpensive, demonstrating NordVPN’s commitment to client privacy.

Additionally, NordVPN utilizes AES-256-bit encryption.

Currently, the industry standard of 128-bit encryption is almost impenetrable by anybody other than a state-level player.

Why would you want a system that is twice as safe as the current one? In a nutshell, it is not twice as secure.

It’s 2128 times as safe, which is a significant value that our calculator shows logarithmically.

Even the NSA would have to labor until the universe’s heat death to crack a single AES-256 key.

In other words, even if someone does intercept your data, it will be incomprehensible to them.

NordLayer is a good VPN service in the majority of ways.

Our only significant criticism is the absence of 24/7 assistance for the entry-level plan. Apart from that, this service is comprehensive.

The dual kill switch is especially beneficial if your workplace has a bring-your-own-device policy.

AES-256 encryption is almost unbreakable. And in terms of usability, the dashboard is relatively easy.

There are several advantages to NordVPN’s commercial service!

7. VyprVPN

vyprvpn-Best VPNs For The USA

For US residents, VyprVPN strikes a mix between privacy and functionality.

This excellent VPN has established its no-logs policy and controls its server network.

VyprVPN is a Swiss-based company that excels as a VPN for the United States of America.

VyprVPN is ranked somewhat lower on our ranking since it is not a suitable VPN service for torrenting.

Apart from that, VyprVPN has over 70 server locations, making it perfect for unblocking geo-restricted material on TV streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, and many others.

VyprVPN supports up to five concurrent devices and provides 24/7 live chat customer assistance.

This VPN offers faster server speeds than the industry average, robust encryption mechanisms, and unique technologies for extra protection.

If you’d instead try the product before making a purchase, you may do so risk-free owing to the product’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

VPNs In The United States For Torrenting

In the United States, it is unlawful to download and distribute copyrighted content.

Internet service providers often enforce a three-strike policy that penalizes consumers for unlawfully downloading material through BitTorrent.

While BitTorrent is not unlawful in and of itself, it is often connected with illicit conduct, most notably internet piracy.

Downloading non-copyrighted information is entirely lawful.

Copyright holders often act via copyright trolls, who monitor torrents’ IP addresses and issue settlement letters asking for payment.

Copyright trolls are allowed the authority to prosecute on the copyright holder’s behalf.

However, since an IP address does not legally constitute a person in the United States, it is generally prudent for receivers to disregard settlement letters that lack identifying information.

The encryption provided by a VPN shields BitTorrent transmission from the user’s ISP.

Additionally, since the VPN server masks the user’s actual IP address with that of the VPN server, copyright trolls cannot link torrent downloads to a particular device.

FAQs About Best VPNs For The USA 2023

How do I get a US VPN?

Every US VPN provider has a direct download for their VPN client on their website, and you'll probably be led to it after paying. The Mac App Store has most VPNs. Install the software like any other after downloading. A dialog box asking for permission to access or update settings is typical, and you'll need to approve it to utilize the VPN.

Can I get a US VPN free?

Yes but Free US VPNs always have downsides. Free services have monthly or daily data caps, so use them wisely. These vary from 500MB to tens of GB. If you don't pay for the service, the corporation must find other revenue. Ads may clutter your app. Most free services are only good for emailing on public Wi-Fi.

How do US VPNs unblock Netflix?

Netflix has libraries for numerous nations and regions, but only IP addresses from those countries can access them. Vacationers and others desire to view shows they're not allowed to. The best Netflix VPNs can essentially move you to a server in any country without Netflix noticing. After that, you can view anything.

What is the function of a US VPN?

A VPN—short for the virtual private network—has several uses. It mostly lets you alter your IP address to appear elsewhere. You can unblock and access geo-restricted content by spoofing your device to think you're within or outside the US. It also protects your data by encrypting it. Kill switches, split tunneling, and other methods hide your activity online.

What is the best US-based VPN?

ExpressVPN, without a doubt, has the most comprehensive set of features available in any VPN service in the United States.

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Conclusion: Best VPNs For The USA 2023

We recommend ExpressVPN as the best YouTube VPN service on the market since it enables viewing without restrictions, protects users’ privacy and bypasses surveillance in general, and is very easy to use.

However, IP Vanish is a great alternative, and if you’re looking for a VPN service that’s affordable for users in the United States, Surfshark is a service that comes highly recommended.

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