OVPN Review 2023 (Top 5 Features & Pricing) (100% Tested) (Pros & Cons) Is OVPN.com Legit?

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Performance and speed


  • One of the top priorities of this service is privacy. 
  • They accept cash for some extra anonymity. 
  • Supporting all the right platforms for you! 
  • The interface is super easy to use. 
  • The setup for encryption is fantastic! 
  • You can access up to four different connections simultaneously. 
  • The step-by-step guide you get access to is very useful since it is categorized by the use of your gadget.
  • Proven and verified focus on privacy
  • Total infrastructure ownership
  • Transparent company and policies
  • Extremely knowledgable customer support
  • VPN servers in 27 cities across the globe


  • A little expensive. 
  • The selection of countries is limited. 
  • Its speeds are slow, UK content is off-limits

OVPN is a proven and verified no-logs VPN provider. OVPN helps you in preventing from hackers, companies and governments from monitoring your online activities. OVPN have strong physical security together with their solid software security allows them to guarantee a totally log-free VPN service.

Price:$ 4.99

There are many VPNs available in the market! But have you tried OVPN? You will definitely consider trying it after reading this OVPN review.

Do you wish to be more secure and privacy-conscious? Do you want to improve your online security?

With the increasing threat of internet surveillance and hacking, you need to be proactive in protecting your privacy.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, a student, a politician or an activist, the potential for your personal information to fall into the wrong hands is always present.

Protect your online privacy by using a OVPN service from any device wherever you are. Whether it’s in public places, or at home, everywhere in between.

Bottom Line Upfront:

This Review is written after I have personally used OVPN and found it very amazing! Every one of us are afraid of the cyber attacks and how others are tracking our every single move. I have tried maximum VPNs available in the market but after using OVPN I felt this is the VPN which can protect my privacy. It’s Internet Kill Switch and Multi Hop features were the highlights of OVPN.  

They prioritize quality and security over quantity and marketing. And let’s be honest — do you really need VPN servers in 150 countries? Try OVPN for free now. OVPN has a money-back guarantee of 10 days.

OVPN services and reviews

Lets start with OVPN review with features and pros/cons.

OVPN Review 2023 Fast & Reliable VPN With Sped Test: What is OVPN?

OVPN is based on a completely RAM Server, that is to say, your information is not on any hard drive. You can easily provide permission and system logs for each server and remove them with OpenVPN.


Since all your data is stored in cloud-based storage you need not fear any possible physical console access or threats from USB ports on keyboard hookups. 

You deserve to be free from hackers and government surveillance.

You deserve to browse the web without constant fear of someone watching your every move.

OVPN has a proven track record of keeping your data safe

🚀 Don’t Have Time? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary of  OVPN Review

🚀 Unblocks several streaming services like Netflix. I could easily access Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services except HBO or BBC iPlayer. This was little bit disappointing for me.

🔥Over 2,000 IP addresses. With so many IP addresses available with OVPN, you have many options to browse anonymously the internet.

💥Fast connections. I often found that my speeds were faster than many other VPN providers available in the market.

🙋Unmatched privacy. OVPN has a commitment to keeping your customer data anonymous. Learn more about OVPN’s privacy settings.
Works in China. OVPN provides servers that work in China specially, but just make sure you set it up before you go for traveling. When you are in China, then it might be hard to setup.

🔥Priced competitively. OVPN’s pricing is similar to premium VPN providers like NordPVN, CyberGhost & PureVPN and includes a 10-day money-back guarantee.

✌️Limited customer support. OVPN provides live chat support only during Swedish weekday business hours. So this might be little annoying to tackle.

What does it do? OVPN Detailed Review 2023

– Protect your online identity and personal data from cybercriminals, malware and government intrusion

No logs: No logging of information is done. Your details are never stored on the server.

– Keep secure: All traffic between you and the VPN server is encrypted.

– Unblock sites: Unblock blocked sites. You can surf secure websites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Hulu Plus, Dailymotion, etc., anywhere in the world with just one click.

– Unlimited bandwidth: No cap is placed on bandwidth usage. There are no limits to your bandwidth usage!

– Simple setup: Just follow OVPN simple step by step instructions to get started!

– Many VPN providers see a customer’s location as the starting point for setting their price. OVPN doesn’t care if they visit the same website and are in the same city. The only thing that matters is who they are talking to. They keep your identity anonymous and completely secure while protecting all of your online activity on any device.

Now that you have had a brief overview of OVPN, let’s have a look at the features offered by this popular VPN app. Once you open OVPN, you will see four tabs, which we shall discuss here.


Under this tab, as with other VPNs, you are provided a variety of different countries to choose your server from. This can be done either manually or can be set up to randomly choose from fourteen countries.

Ovpn Connection

If you decide to go for the manual method, you can take your pick from over eighty servers. You will also be able to see the current loads across servers, and the time it’ll take for your device to connect.

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The statistics tab enables you to view your bandwidth ranges, over an hour. Here, the usage statistics are also provided for a period of 24 hours.

OVPN Statistics

Don’t worry! Here Everything is completely secure, as all this data is stored locally, and doesn’t get sent anywhere.


No app would be complete without a settings tab! Here, various settings can be controlled, by using sliders to turn them on or off. We shall have a look at some of the features offered here, in the next section.


This section is quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? Under this tab, We get access to the different means of customer support offered by this app, which I have discussed in a later section.

Now that we have seen the things that OVPN can use, let’s see some interesting features that the app offers that make it so popular among users, including myself!

Streaming – Can OVPN Unblock Netflix? YES it can

OVPN Review Features

OVPN Review

These features can be accessed under the Settings Tab of OVPN. There are quite a few features here, so let me save you the confusion, by discussing a few useful ones which I have found interesting!

Streaming Services:

The ‘enable streaming services’ slider isn’t set to on by default, which to be honest is a bit odd. If you want to stream the Netflix or Amazon Prime libraries across different countries, you can easily do so, by turning this setting on.


Worried about the server being blocked? OVPN uses a clever tactic, by renting servers to stream, temporarily. In the event, the server is discovered and blocked, the streaming shifts to another server! Stream in peace, with no buffering!

Internet Kill Switch:

Available for the desktop version, this setting, which is toggled on by default, is a definite bonus especially when compared to competitors. Why so?

Well, As we all know security is a top priority and if your connection is interrupted, there is a greater chance of data leaks. I was truly amazed by the kill switch, It either kills or rather blocks your connection during such events, to ensure data security!

Multi-hop Feature

OVPN.com Review & Test

Want to secure even more privacy while using the internet? Then this is the feature for you! Exactly what it sounds like, this feature facilitates connections between multiple servers simultaneously, barring your actual location. Switch this on and It’ll be a great task to rat you out!

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A useful feature available solely as a browser extension, it protects your computer from malicious malware, trackers, and of course, cookies. It would have been great if this feature was extended to the desktop version as well.

Performance and Speed:  OVPN Review

Speed Test in UK : 

Speed Test OVPN


Speedtest in Singapore:

OVPN Speed test Screenshot

Myself or any one never like to run a VPN on their device, and find out that it causes your videos to buffer! Thankfully that’s not the case with OVPN, even though it doesn’t advertise its speeds anywhere. In tests across various platforms that measure speed, the VPNs performance was spectacular!

Base speeds across different servers in different countries are maintained, with even the slowest performing one maintaining half of its base speed! I was very happy with the speeds offered by this platform, especially while streaming. Leave those frustrations aside!

For better performance, allowing OVPN to select the servers automatically is recommended. You may find that the platform lags a bit behind when it comes to downloading torrents, but it’s hardly noticeable!

Do You Really Need A VPN ?

With all the reports about data breaches, people are worried about their privacy online. What’s more, with the new internet censorship laws in place, you have to worry about what’s happening to your data and who is monitoring it.

Hackers are constantly trying to steal your personal information, your family photos, or worse.

Corporations are also on the hunt for your browsing data, so they can bombard you with ads and track your purchase history. And governments love to snoop around too, so they can restrict your online activity in the name of safety.

OVPN has a strict no-logs policy and has been voted the best VPN provider by PC Mag.

Pros and Cons of OVPN Reviews


  • One of the top priorities of this service is privacy. 
  • They accept cash for some extra anonymity. 
  • Supporting all the right platforms for you! 
  • The interface is super easy to use. 
  • The setup for encryption is fantastic! 
  • The router for proprietary. 
  • You can access up to four different connections simultaneously. 
  • The step-by-step guide you get access to is very useful since it is categorized by the use of your gadget.
  • Another plus point of this site is that it runs on any platform you choose! 
  • Oh, and the support they provide for accessing perfect forward secrecy is pretty helpful too. Since that is how hacking gets difficult. 
  • Downloading OVPN is cost-free on android and iOS devices too. 
  • The no-log policy is pretty strict!


  • A little expensive. 
  • The selection of countries is limited. 
  • The customer support isn’t available 24/7. 
  • The P2P traffic formation is pretty slow. 

OVPN Review Pricing 

12 months pack-

  • $4.99 per month. 
  • Choosing this pack will save you about $72! 
  • The multi hop which is worth $60 is free here! 
  • Per year, you will be charged around $59.88.
  • You get a money-back guarantee for the first 10 days here!

6 months pack-  

  • $6.99 each month. 
  • Choose this package and save up to $24! 
  • Again, you get a free multi hop that could have cost you $60 otherwise. 
  • Here, you’ll be charged $41.95 two times in a single year. 
  • You get a money-back guarantee for the first 10 days!

The 1-month pack- 

  • This pack charges you $11 every month. 
  • The money-back-guarantee for the first 10 days stands here too.


OVPN actively developing a desktop client for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu.


OVPN win-connection

Windows desktop client


macOS desktop client OVPN

macOS desktop client OVPN



Ubuntu desktop client OVPN

Ubuntu desktop client OVPN

OVPN: Privacy and Security

With security and privacy being its highest priority, OVPN uses the highest level of encryptions to keep data secure. Every time you log-in, the encryption key is changed. These top-notch security measures are put in place across all devices.

OVPN-Privacy and Security

To go a step further in sealing your anonymity, OVPN does not make it compulsory to provide your email-id to sign-up for its service. All you need is a username and password of your choice, and you can avail of its features.

None of your logs are stored across the servers, in strict adherence to OVPN’s no-log policy.

OVPN: Ease of Use 

With its simple interface, OVPN is super-duper easy to use. Manually selecting a server can be a tedious task, so if you’re having any difficulty, you can always switch over to automatic server mode.

The settings do not require any complex configurations, and can just be toggled on and off. we can even set the app up to launch automatically as soon as you switch on your device, which i found absolutely great!

OVPN: Customer support 

When it comes to users, everyone might need help every now and then. And what better way to work than with some assistance? And that is exactly why the customer support system is an essential part of any company.

Here, they provide the basic ways one can use the support, that is, the emails and the tickets. 

Other than that, they also mention some live chats on the official websites.

OVPN-Customer Support

There is an option for a live chat at the end of every single page. Although this option is available, you can’t talk to them directly. All you can do is leave a message and your email address there and wait until they write back to you via your email.

This specifies that there isn’t any 24/7 system for customer support.

But why do you need a VPN? 

Popularly VPN is used for maintaining anonymity on the internet. I think It is the best way to protect your personal data from any online breach or threat. 

With high security and performance, OVPN is gaining a lot of popularity every single day.

As you know, your internet provider will be able to monitor your slightest activity online. From your files to your search history, everything is under their mercy. OVPN helps you to avoid any possible security threat or data leakage situation. 

OVPN security

Features: OVPN is a no-logs VPN provider. The company promises to keep your identity and browsing activity private while allowing unrestricted access to the Internet.

Advantages: OVPN doesn’t keep logs and their service has a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try them out for yourself first.

Benefits: You’ll never have to worry about keeping your anonymity protected on the Internet thanks to OVPN’s service that ensures all traffic is routed through secure locations, like the US, UK, Canada, France or Russia.

OVPN Reviews & Testimonials by Customers :

OVPN customer feedback OVPN customer services OVPN Review and VPN services

Best OVPN.com Alternatives


A cheaper, and more popular alternative to OVPN, NordVPN starts from just $3.71 per month. The VPN offers amazing, all-encompassing features, such as the capability to get around geoblocking. It offers great speeds, including for torrent downloads and streaming across global platforms. With scrutiny over VPN use increasing, NordVPN is constantly updating its servers and settings, to ensure that you get the best service.

Express VPN

With military-grade double encryption, the capability to get around geo-blockers, ExpressVPN offers almost everything that OVPN does. It has the edge over OVPN, because of its responsive customer support and faster streaming ability. It also is much cheaper, as compared to OVPN. It’s affordable and effective. If great customer support is a determining factor for you, then you can choose this handy option.

CyberGhost VPN review homepage

If you want to run VPN on a greater number of devices, than that which is offered by OVPN, CyberGhost is the way to go, as it offers a license across seven devices. Most of the features offered by this VPN service are on par with that of OVPN, and some, such as downloading torrents, are comparatively better because of the speed it offers. With monthly prices starting from $2.75, it is a cheaper option as compared to OVPN, but may not be as secure.

FAQs on OVPN Reviews

👉 Is the IP address hidden?

Yup! Here, you do not have to worry about your IP address being identified because it would look like you have none! Once you get connected to the site, you get a new IP address to use.

👉 Are there any ports that have been blocked?

The answer is no, OVPN has not blocked any ports yet. The company trusts it’s customers to not spam anyone. Although, if there is any spamming activity detected, they will be sure to begin blocking ports.

👉 Is it possible to use a single account on various devices?

Yes, you can use one account on different devices. Although the number of devices is limited to four. Also, using it at the same time on different gadgets is possible too! Use the OpenVPN configuration generator and develop some custom files for configuration for various kinds of devices.

OVPN On Social Media

You might have questions like this for OVPN : I have tried my best to answer

– What is OVPN VPN?

– What are the advantages and disadvantages of OVPN VPN?

– What can you do with OVPN VPN?

– OVPN Reviews by users?

– Recommended OVPN VPN for Unblock Websites and Apps

– OVPN Vulnerability & Security?

– What is the OVPN app?

– How to download and use the OVPN app?

– How to connect to a VPN server?

OVPN Review: Final Thoughts (Is OVPN Easy to Use? YES)

With the new changes added to this service, many have ended up recommending this site for usage! With its abilities, it can unlock Netflix for you! Woah, that’s wonderful right? I loved it.

– Proven VPN technology that provides you the highest level of security.

– You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and up to 2,000 devices worldwide.

– Strong encryption ensures your data is protected.

– Encrypts data using advanced 256-bit AES encryption and 2048-bit MD5 key encryption for additional security.

The goal is it sets for itself, that is, offering a networking encounter that is untroubled and limitless without having to feel as if someone is watching you, is pretty much achieved here. Also, it guarantees the service uptime and is known for its tried-and-true measures for security.

For those of us who are worried about setting up the VPN without any knowledge about the technology. Also, it offers various software for Mac OS X, Windows, and Ubuntu. Setting up the OVPN manually is possible and you get guides to do that on Raspberry Pi, Fedora, iOS, CentOS, Debian, etc.

The world isn’t perfect now, is it? Although we wish it were, it isn’t. And that is the same way this company works too. With some pros, come the cons and one of the downfalls of this brand is the pricing and the speed of traffic formation. While the charges for the packs offered here are a bit high, the traffic for P2P isn’t any faster either.

Also, the lack of an all-time support system makes the customers arrange their schedules according to the timings provided by the site.

Another plus point regarding OVPN is that the servers they have built up do not operate with any hard drive. This results in the inability of recording any logs. So, this just proves the high level of security you are offered!


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6 thoughts on “OVPN Review 2023 (Top 5 Features & Pricing) (100% Tested) (Pros & Cons) Is OVPN.com Legit?”

  1. I really like using OVPN. The desktop client has a clean look and is easy to use.
    OVPN is well-rounded overall, works with many streaming services and offers interesting features.
    It has a unique encryption option in addition to AES-256
    It also works with Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime Video.

  2. OVPN has a simple interface that makes finding servers easy. It’s not the most modern app, but it’s straightforward, even if you’re a VPN newbie.
    In the settings area, you can easily toggle on and off streaming servers, the kill switch, and more to adjust your experience.
    Also OVPN has a money-back guarantee of 10 days. It’s probably long enough for you to explore the app.

  3. Thank for this review Jitendra. Need to look into OVPN as my Nord VPN subscription is about to end. Will use and let you know my feedback.

  4. OVPN has servers in many countries and a great website showing their map of the world. Access to some of those servers is limited, which might be undesirable for what you’re looking for – if that’s the case, I recommend taking a look at Ivacy VPN Service because they have pre-flights with more countries than OVPN.

  5. I can’t believe how laggy my browsing has been with some of the most popular VPNs. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like everything I do is being spied on. But since I’m subscribed to OVPN, it doesn’t matter who’s watching because all I care about is that this VPN securely encrypts all of my web traffic and protects me from hackers and malware so that whatever personal data of mine they get their hands on stays private.

  6. Each time I’m visiting a website, there’s this nagging feeling in the back of my head that someone might be watching over my shoulder. OVPN is here to provide protection from these intrusive surveillance tactics and hacker attacks.
    OVPN has a proven track record of keeping your data safe by storing it on encrypted servers. Plus you can easily access all logs for each server, giving you total peace of mind about the safety of your information! Definitely worth the price, and they’re currently having promotions if you sign up now!

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