Codecademy vs Udemy 2021: Which Is One Is The Best Online Learning Platform? (#1 Reason)

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Best for

This platform is best for those who want to become a pro in coding and money is not an issue for them.

This platform is for those who wants to learn everything from basic to master level.

  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Access To Quizzes
  • Real World Projects
  • Lifetime Access To Enrolled Classes
  • Self-Paced
  • Low-Cost Tuition
  • A better network of community to help in studies
  • Courses are offered in 13 different programming languages
  • Good place to start as a beginner
  • Courses are affordable when taken individually
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Wide variety of courses to choose from
  • It is found difficult to navigate through tabs and lessons
  • Courses can not be saved for offline training
Value For Money

Codecademy is totally worth every penny you pay. You can become an expert in coding with this platform and the best part is that they teach everything from scratch.

In comparison to Codecademy the courses on Udemy is a little expensive but the quality of the courses is same in all courses and the content is of top class which makes it worthy spending that much money.

Customer Support

Great Team Support. 24/7 Customer Support.

Huge community. Give answers to all your queries.

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In the era of technology, there are so many jobs advertised for developers, and with the increasing prominence of the tech world and related knowledge across all industries, there are plenty of people looking to learn how to code.

Coding helps a person to be able to visualize all the abstract concepts, also lets them apply math to real-world situations, and finally makes math fun and creative. Coding is present in many of today’s STEM programs. The ones who learn to code understands how to plan and organize thoughts.  

Codecademy vs Udemy 2021, The Ultimate Comparison (Top Features & Pricing)

So, with plenty of people willing to learn, comes plenty of people willing to teach it! When starting the journey to learn to code, many people will think, “Which one is best to start with Codecademy or Udemy?” Both these platforms are the most popular resources for learning online.

Either is a perfectly good resource, with plenty of people able to tell you about how beneficial they found the courses, both personally and in terms of their careers. So, you are in the right place. Here, we’ll take a look at both of these digital schools, and try to provide direction for the one that’s most appropriate for you. Let’s move towards this comparison.

🚀Bottom Line Upfront: Udemy is an online learning platform and it is better than Codecademy when it comes to course options because Udemy has more courses than Codecademy and it is an awesome place to start learning to code. You can learn from the basics with Udemy.Start learning with Udemy today.

About Codecademy 

According to the resources, Codecademy is a year younger than Udemy, having been founded in 2011 by former Columbia University students. It focuses exclusively on teaching coding for programming and comes in a free version and a paid one. We’ll look into the differences between them a little bit later on.

Codecacademy Vs Udemy - CodeAcademy

Codecademy is somewhat of a darling of the press, between the awards they’ve won, and a partnership with the White House to meet 600 women and people from disadvantaged backgrounds to talk to them about learning coding to develop their careers. That’s a solid-looking CSR plan if ever there was one. There are many courses available on Codecademy.

Resources said that, In terms of user numbers, the latest figure available is from January 2014, and stands at 24 million. Not an insignificant number!

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About Udemy 

If someone ever looked at online courses before, then they definitely have come across Udemy. As such websites go, they market themselves pretty aggressively. It’s not just their marketing where Udemy has been aggressive though.

Udemy provides some courses free of cost. That sounds so great, isn’t it! But again, always remind yourself a global and golden rule is that “you get what you pay for.” Their expansion as a platform, and in turn as a company, has been pretty exceptional.

They only started in 2010, offering about 400 courses. Now, in 2021 they are offering 155000 courses with 40 million students. Pretty good going! It’s hard to get an exact number of how many people are availing of these 45,000 courses, but a recurring number on such matters from 2016 suggests 15 million.

Codecademy vs Udemy - Udemy

Again, that is pretty good going for a seven-year-old company! In terms of the teachers there, there are apparently 9,000 of them, with the top 10 of those earning $17 million in 2015. Damn lucky! This was all about Udemy’s intro. Pricing options always play a key role while choosing an online platform for the learning process. 

Before directly jumping into comparison, let’s say hi to both of these learning platforms by glancing at their overviews.



Codecademy vs Udemy - Codecademy Skill Path

  • Languages: 12 languages including Java, Ruby, Sass, HTML, and more.
  • Price: Codecademy offers both free and premium courses
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • A number of students: Codecademy has almost served for over 45 million students.
  • Curriculum: Is as Designed and published by Codecademy
  • Structure: Classes are packaged together in “paths,” with each path having the feel of an online coding curriculum.
  • User-Interface: In-browser code editors.Prompts and text instructions without videos.


  • Languages: Udemy covers a variety of languages from Node.js to C++, Java, Python, and more.
  • Price: The average Udemy courses available are listed at $99 and discounted to $9.
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • A number of students: They are Over 10 million people have taken a Udemy class as of 2016.
  • Curriculum: As an Individual who works as a freelance instructor (without oversight from Udemy) designed their courses
  • Structure: As a marketplace of classes from which students choose their individual courses.
  • User-Interface:  Udemy does not have in-browser text like Codecademy. This is good because you’ll be using real-world tools with Udemy and will have all the standardized across courses.

Comparison- Udemy vs Codecademy

Here we have a pointwise comparison for both of these platforms. This section will create ease while choosing any one platform among these two. 

  1. Udemy is a fantastic platform to undertake a course or more about coding. It’ll certainly set you on the right path, and if you’re a total newbie, you’ll definitely learn some stuff from it. whereas, If I was learning any aspect of coding for the benefit of my career, without going through a full-blown course, 
  2. There is not much surety of how much validity Udemy certification will have with employers. Due to the fact that it has courses on literally anything, if I was in a recruiter’s shoes, I’m not sure I’d be impressed. I just don’t feel it would carry that much weight. Whereas, Codecademy’s paid versions give much assurance about certification and the value of these certificates in the industry.
  3. The tutorial and learning stuff provided by Udemy is much theoretical and lengthy. Due to which the learner might get bored easily in this process. Whereas,  Code Academy strikes the exact correct balance between professionalism and cheerful encouragement. Of all the software tools I’ve looked at to do various things, I think the tone of Codecademy is the closest to what you’d expect of a real-life education professional.
  4. Not everybody is looking to get a job from their coding knowledge. If you’re retired and just want to pass some time, if you’re maybe a digital marketer who wants to augment their tech knowledge when engaging with developers, or even if you just think it might be some lols, Udemy is certainly worth checking out. Whereas, Codecademy is dedicated to teaching coding is definitely another aspect that makes it feel like it’s more committed to you as a coding student.



Codecademy has all the major coding languages from CSS to Python. It courses are divided into five categories, which are vocationally focused:

  • learning programs
  • building websites
  • analyzing data
  • building web apps
  • using developer tools.

as a professional learning suite: for some of the free courses, it seems to be pretty substantial. The features of the Premium versions of Codecademy are very nice. Paid versions are the main bonus and there’s always more satisfaction in it.

Codecacademy Vs Udemy - Codecademy Course

The rigorous schedule might be a turn-off for those looking to enhance their knowledge but it’s going to be worth the amount. 


When you check udemy’s website you will notice it is more of business-related courses.  That’s because they are more popular on the platform. There are a lot of coding courses as well. Looking at the coding courses, there are 1,060+ for you. Well, that’s too much to choose from. Udemy has all the different coding courses it can offer, it means everything is at one place what you’re looking for. 

Codecacademy Vs Udemy Reddit - Udemy Course Availability

Each course has an outline and the number of hours of video included. Udemy also has its very own app for mobiles. And finally, they provide a certificate which is a sense of achievement. 



Udemy is one platform that fits everything. Although it is technical-oriented, it is as simple as possible to use. When you browse through their website, they have clearly mentioned the cost and length, everything is worth what you are paying for.

Udemy also has a lot of offers going on every day. With some of the courses aimed at less technologically-oriented people, that means they need to keep things as simple as possible.

 Codecacademy Vs Udemy Reddit - Udemy Stats

The content is also regularly updated and functionality does not change when not required. The only thing that will change in the courses is the content, not the interface or functionality. A class on flower-arranging will look, feel, and run exactly like a course on applying Python to hacking into the mainframe or something.

This is such software where you will always come back to see what you were looking for. This is something cheap and uptakes a perfect course for your requirements at a professional level.


The best thing about Codecademy is its positivity. that it pushes you and encourages you to learn. From the moment you sign up, you will find yourself easily gliding through this software.

It accesses well throughout the python course at the beginning itself.  The layout of the tutorial is just so good on the rest of the site. The screen is largely divided into three parts with proper decisions and instructions. 

Codecademy Path - Codecademy Work

They offer some very good free courses as well. If you want to achieve something relevant then this software is just the right one for you. The whole usability of this software is the best and easiest of the two. So go for it and achieve your certificates. 

Codecademy vs Udemy: The  Pricing  Battle

Before introducing pricing strategy in brief, I’m again highlighting the major important key point of this platform is “This online platform is Free!” The knowledge shared on the free Codecademy courses is great, informative, and a useful starting point to the world of coding languages and software development. 


The first and cheaper of the two options is called Codecademy Pro. It starts at $19.99 per month. If you’ve been enjoying the free version, that’s quite a hike, but I feel like the features it offers for that price are pretty respectable. You’ll get live technical support, quizzes to test your knowledge, and challenges so that you can apply what you’ve learned.

The second paid option runs slightly differently. It’s called Codecademy Pro Intensive, and, as the name might suggest, it’s essentially an intensive course in coding. It’s a totally different kettle of fish to the regular pro version.

Codecademy vs Udemy - Codecademy Pricing Plan

As this is a course, it’s less focused on doing things at your own pace: you have a curriculum and schedule which you have to attend regularly. As we know the basic rule of these online courses, the more you play, the more real people you get to interact with, and that’s the major case here.

You work on real-world projects, with real developers, and then get your projects reviewed by peers, mentors, and technocrats. More than this, on completion of the online course you will get a certificate that can shine on your LinkedIn profile.


provides some courses for free of cost. That sounds so great, isn’t it! But again, always remind yourself a global and golden rule is that “you get what you pay for.” Many reviews reveal that these free courses are short, possibly to the extent of being useless, and really just a teaser for a paid course of theirs they’d like you to take.

One can find many other courses going for several hundred dollars. It may sound costly, but if you take the time to read through these reviews, you’ll actually find they’re very well-received by the majority of people who have taken them.

Codecademy vs Udemy - Udemy Pricing Plan

If you still have doubts in mind then you can think of it this way: if a course has been on the go for a while, and has good reviews, then the value for money is more than likely there.

Udemy sometimes has flash sales, so keep an eye out around major holidays – you might get lucky and pick up a bargain-priced course! If you’re not satisfied with your course, Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. That sounds wonderful, isn’t it? That’s it! This is an overall pricing strategy of Ude

Codecademy Reviews

Codecademy class topics range from web development to learning data science through SQL and python. For those who do not know what specific skills are required, While most of the courses are focused on skills and job-ready with the certification of“real-world” projects.

One drawback of Codecademy is its unique code editor. Some students learn in the real transition from learning at Codecademy to working as a programmer out in the world. However, it does offer a cleaner interface compared to Udemy and also allows for browser code editing, which is like a bonus.

Udemy Reviews

Udemy offers more than 100,000 online courses, each with also lifetime access. Which means you can complete courses according to your pace. Students who have busy lives outside their coding ambitions will enjoy the kind of flexibility Udemy offers.

Udemy also offers courses across a variety of courses. (Not just coding ones, but all disciplines). Grammar, personality development, or coding, Udemy has them all. 

FAQs Related to Codecademy Vs Udemy

👉🏻Which one is better Codecademy or Udemy?

Both are better options. It ultimately depends on your choices and preferences. But I have been using Udemy quite some time so I would recommend you to check it out once.

👉🏻Is there a Codecademy for C?

Yes, you can learn basic of programming on Codecademy such as C. It is a good place to start.

👉🏻Is Codecademy an effective way to learn how to program?

It all depends on your goals. As a beginner, I learned programming at Codecademy and it helped me out a lot and still helping me. You can also check it out.

👉🏻Is Codecademy Free?

Kind of. Codecademy used to be 100% free, but not the only free courses are a few of the beginner courses. Starting maybe free but later you have to upgrade to a premium plan. Codecademy offers monthly, semi-annual, and annual payment options that are on average $29.99/month. But this amount is worth in accordance with knowledge.

👉🏻Is Codecademy good?

I like how the classes are designed to keep students moving toward a specific goal. Many teachers found that having specific goals for students leads to a higher rate of success. You don’t want to finish the entire course and then wonder, “What did I just learn?” If you can keep up the motivation to complete the entire course you’ll definitively learn some wonderful new skills. “Take the concepts it teaches you to heart. You will use the same concepts across all major languages,” a Reddit user explains. But sometimes Codecademy is too theoretical. Which is why Mattan Griffel wrote this post, “Why Codecademy Didn’t Work for Me” Griffel writes, I was learning about stuff like variables, strings, and “for loops” – but pretty soon I found myself wondering, “How is knowing any of this going to help me build what I want to build? Millions of people have taken Codecademy courses, but did millions of them actually learn how to code? Not exactly. Might be that’s why Codecademy now offers a premium plan. There’s also the platform’s network of coaches, advisors, and graduates available to answer questions and otherwise interact with students, so it’s less of an isolated learning experience. The list of Codecademy Forums—where students can connect, get help, and share experiences with coding is extensive and allows a learner to easily connect with it.

👉🏻Is a Codecademy certification a good qualification?

No, it is not a good qualification because they don’t have any industry recognition. But gaining knowledge from anywhere never hurts.

👉🏻Is Codecademy enough to get me to job-ready And if not what more is needed to get there?

No, it is not enough to get you job-ready for that you need to be more skilled and experienced.

👉🏻Is Codecademy Pro a better option than the free version?

Obviously Codecademy pro is better than the free version because in a free version they are just providing you hundreds of hours of content which have been used by many people across the world to learn to code. But in pro, you will get 80+ real-world projects on which you can apply your skills and test your skills.

Students Reviews & Testimonials

This section is very important for readers as it plays a vital role in the battle of Codecademy Vs Udemy. These reviews are covered in such a way that the reader doesn’t have to look on any other platforms for reviews. Many angles are covered in this section. So, let’s have a look.

Codecademy Reviews By Users

Codecademy Customer Review

  1. Codecademy’s classes are bundled into paths. Class topics range from mastering web development via HTML/CSS and JavaScript to learning data science through Python and SQL. For those who are unsure about what specific skills they need, Codecademy makes figuring that out a cinch through its pre-packaged courses.
  2. Codecademy only offers courses related to coding, which is not the case with Udemy. While all courses are focused on skills, Codecademy Pro offers a laser focus on “programs that deliver job-ready, tangible outcomes.” Pro courses also include expert feedback on students’ code as well as certification and “real-world” projects. One major drawback of Codecademy, though, is its unique code editor.
  3. Because students are learning in an environment that Codecademy created rather than their practical environments (like Sublime) in which programmers code, the transition from learning at Codecademy to working as a programmer out in the world one can be a bumpy one. However, it does offer a cleaner interface compared to Udemy and also allows for browser code editing, which is like a bonus.

Udemy Reviews by Users

Udemy offers over 100,000 online courses, each with lifetime access. This feature helps the learner to adjust the tutorials according to their schedules. which means you can complete courses as slowly or as quickly as you’d like.

Students with busy lives outside of their coding ambitions, or those who don’t have multiple available weeks in a row to take a Codecademy Pro course that comes with time constraints, will enjoy the flexibility Udemy offers.

Udemy Customer Reviews

Another contrast is that Udemy offers courses across a variety of disciplines. If you are a coder but still you want to learn something about grammar or anything else then you can easily access other courses offered by this platform.

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Conclusion: Codecademy vs Udemy 2021 — Which One To Choose

I think I have covered most of the topics which one should know while choosing amongst these platforms, let’s conclude this battle with some significant and important tips about these platforms. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preferences and learning style. Like, at Udemy you will find dozens of courses where you beginners can learn Python. On the one hand, having so many options is nice, but it presents a sort of paradox of choice.

They said, “No matter where you are on your journey, we encourage you to create your own education using a variety of books, courses, and mentors.” If I want to specify the whole article in a few statements which can be concluding statements for this article is that

Price:$ 12.99
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