Udemy vs Pluralsight 2022 Which One Is Best & WHY (#1 Reason)

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At present, the world has come to a standstill, and our activities have come to a halt. Regular classes have taken a hit. However, this is the time to learn and enhance your knowledge and skills. Yes. This is possible even in the comfort of your home. Technology must be used in the best ways possible and this is where e-learning or online learning plays an important role. A lot of online learning platforms are available – some focus on enhancing the skills, some offer professional courses, some provide college courses, and some even help you develop on hobbies and healthy living habits. 

One such platform is Udemy. With its endless courses of which many are offered free of cost, you can hone all the skills that you need to begin your career. Another platform for those who are serious and dedicated learners would be Pluralsight. Here, we bring to you the various aspects to be considered before you choose either of these platforms.

In this post, we have featured an in-depth Udemy Vs Pluralsight 2022 which includes detailed insights into these online learning platforms. So let’s get started here.

Udemy vs Pluralsight 2022: The In-Depth Comparison

Udemy Overview:

At Udemy, the learners get access to a wide variety of courses which could be creating content courses or even technical courses. Udemy is a place that offers a lot of learning courses if you are aware of what you require to up your skills and knowledge.

Udemy Vs. Pluralsight - Udemy

Courses at Udemy concentrate on the development of skills. So, if you are a beginner, and all you wish to do is learn some of the skills required in your career, Udemy is a good platform. Some very popular fields of learning at Udemy include music, photography, business, marketing, development, etc.

Pluralsight Overview:

Pluralsight is a platform offering programs of adaptive skill management in addition to the advanced learning tools. A learner who is quite serious about developing their skills, and wishes to be a master in programming could select Pluralsight as their online learning platform.

Udemy Vs. Pluralsight  - Pluralsight

Users can also access help support 24×7 from Pluralsight. Pluralsight is a platform that is the preferred choice of professionals from the fields of architecture, construction, business, cybersecurity, information, and the like.

 Udemy vs Pluralsight:  Model

The main difference between these two platforms is the model.


Udemy is a learning platform wherein when the user purchases one course which offers them lifetime access to the course and its materials. The user can get back to the course at any time to learn anything they want. The user will also secure access to articles included, practice questions, quizzes, and all the downloadable matter offered with the course.


On the contrary, Pluralsight has a subscription model. The user has to pay monthly fees to secure access to this platform, post which they get access to 5000+ courses based on the latest technologies. You need not buy any course on Pluralsight. You can learn everything that you need for a monthly fee. This can be convenient at times as you need not spend a lot of time hunting for various online courses.

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Udemy Vs Pluralsight: Course Quality and Instructors

When we talk of variety in the courses, Udemy tops the ranking. However, even Pluralsight offers some top-notch courses.


In Udemy, anybody can become an instructor and create many courses. This affects the quality of courses as well as instructors. There are plenty of courses which appear to be of low quality. However, this does not mean that every course on Udemy is bad. You have to check the background of the instructor, the rating of the course as well as reviews on Udemy before you select the course.

Udemy Vs. Pluralsight  - Transforming

Some of the courses have been created with the sole purpose of earning some quick money. There are some exceptional courses such as the Angular Complete Guide (Max) and some other courses by Max on React. Also, you can check the courses of Colt Steel on Web Development, Algorithms. Another favorite would be the courses of Stephen Grider. You can find some great courses in top quality and you can find some low-quality ones too. The completion certificate offered by Udemy does not add a lot of value and is not considered by interviewers.


Pluralsight is a site that focuses on professional learning, hence the Instructors have authority on every subject they teach. You can find a lot of Java instructors teaching courses on Java such as the Java Multithreading course of  Jose Paumards and the Java Collection course by Richard Warburton. The content quality, as well as quality of instructors, is quite good on Pluralsight in comparison to Udemy.

Udemy Vs. Pluralsight  - Pluralsight Infrastructure

One issue in Pluralsight could be the number of old courses on the platform. Classes that have been created in the years 2011 and 2012 are totally obsolete now, are still visible on the platform. It is advised not to opt for these courses as these are not required nowadays. Even Udemy has some of these old courses which are not purchased by anyone. The platform offers certificates post completion of the course which can enhance the CV.

 Udemy vs Pluralsight – Skill Paths


Udemy has a lot of courses on various topics. When it comes to programming, technology, the list is endless. Udemy has about 80,000+ courses that cover various programming languages such as Java, C++, C#, C, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Kotlin, Swift, Scala, PHP  and frameworks such as React, Vuejs, Angular, Nodejs.

It also has tools such as Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Maven, Gradle, etc. When it comes to skills, you can find a wide range of courses. Udemy is not organized in terms of learning paths and resembles a marketplace. Under a category, you can find all the courses related to that specific category. The best way of getting the relevant course is the use of Udemy search.


Pluralsight has about 5000+ courses on Tech and Programming. Be it languages such as C++, Java, C, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, etc., or frameworks such as Vuejs, React, Nodejs, etc., or tools such as Docker, Jenkins, Gradle, Maven, etc., Pluralsight has it all. Pluralsight is a bit more organized in contrast to Udemy and offers Skill path, where related skills are grouped together.

Udemy Vs. Pluralsight  - Pluralsight Skills

For instance, the skill path of Web development will have HTML, JavaScript, CSS, React, Angular, Nodejs, and various technologies as well as tools that are used by developers. Also, the Java Skill Path will have courses segregated into Beginner, Intermediate, as well as Advanced categories. The learning path offered here is quite helpful to students.

 Udemy Vs Pluralsight – Free Resources


Udemy has a lot of free resources and free online courses than Pluralsight. Udemy has many free classes that can be taken up to learn Programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, C#, C, Ruby, JavaScript, Golang, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, PHP, etc. You can even select courses such as iOS Development,

Udemy Vs. Pluralsight  - Udemy Course Availability

Swift, Android App development, SQL, Web Development, Database, Big Data, Linux, Machine Learning, etc. The instructors at Udemy offer their courses free of cost initially. There are free coupons offered so that people join the course, learn the skills and review them. Also, once you buy a course, you can get lifetime access to the course and the material of the course.


Pluralsight offers users a free trial of ten days, and the user can get access to all the 5000+ courses. However, the time limit is 200 minutes. This trial has no obligation on the user, however, you cannot learn a lot in 200 minutes; you can just go for a single course.

Udemy Vs. Pluralsight  - Pluralsight Courses


A lot of firms have entered into a partnership with Pluralsight. There are chances that you can get free access to this platform through your company, so make sure you check the availability of this option as well. This platform follows the subscription model and hence once the subscription ends, you must renew it to get access to the courses.

Udemy vs Pluralsight: Fee and Pricing


Udemy‘s USP is the price, which is why all the students love it. A user can get a course that costs $200 for just about $10. Udemy has many flash sales, where you have a lot of coupons offered by instructors, and through this, you could get a few 20-hour online courses for as little as $10.

 Udemy Vs. Pluralsight  - Udemy Pricing Plan

This has lead to the increasing popularity of Udemy amongst the students. You can get some top-quality courses offered by some good instructors at low prices at the time of flash sales. Udemy does not offer course completion certificates for all the courses. Also, these certificates do not add much value to your resume.


On the contrary, Pluralsight provides membership. If you want to check out and use the courses of Pluralsight, you have to purchase the subscription or membership. Pluralsight has a monthly as well as an annual subscription, which costs about $29 a month and about $299 for a year (saves you about 14%). This is known as the personal plan of Pluralsight. 

Udemy Vs. Pluralsight  - Pluralsight Pricing Plan

The Pluralsight premium membership costs about $499 a year gives access to various interactive courses, assessments, projects, and quizzes. It is quite similar to Coursera, and you get course completion certificates. If you get the $499 annual membership, you can access 5000+ courses for one year. You will have to renew the membership the next year to access the courses. This platform also has flash sales, where 33% OFF is offered on the subscription fees. So, during this flash sale, you can get the Pluralsight Personal plan (annual) for just $199 and the Pluralsight Premium Plan for just $299 a year.

Get Upto 30% Off

Udemy Customer Review

Udemy Customer Reviews

Pluralsight Customer Reviews

Pluralsight Reviews

Pros and cons of Udemy and Pluralsight

Pros of Udemy

  1. The platform has a lot of courses – about 80000+ courses on various topics.
  2. There are many free courses available
  3. The courses are worth the money you spend
  4. The top courses with a rating of 4 and above are of top quality
  5. The platform constantly offers discounts
  6. There are intermediate along with advanced level courses
  7. The courses are available in various languages
  8. Udemy has a very friendly community
  9. No mobile apps are available
  10. Once you pay for a course, you get lifetime access
  11. No monthly fees or annual fees

Cons of Udemy:

  1. Anyone can become an instructor on Udemy; this could affect the quality of courses
  2. The high-quality courses are costly
  3. You cannot opt for many courses as it can get messy

Pros of Pluralsight:

  1. Programming courses are offered for intermediate level and advanced levels
  2. Learning paths are offered to the students
  3. Apps are available for iPhone as well as android
  4. The course quality is quite high as there is a full-time staff for editing and every video created is reviewed
  5. The user can check their skills in the learned language
  6. There are about 5000+ courses
  7. Notes can be added to the courses
  8. The course materials are regularly updated
  9. You do not have to pay for every course
  10. Pre and post-course assessments are offered
  11. You also get a certificate of completion once the assessments are completed
  12. You can share your progress and interests

Cons of Pluralsight:

  1. There is a monthly or annual fee 
  2. You cannot test your skills on coding online
  3. Some of the courses are old and outdated
  4. The membership can be expensive

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Conclusion: Udemy Vs Pluralsight 2022 | Which one To Choose?

Udemy and Pluralsight are some of the best platforms for online learning wherein you can hone your skills. If you are sure about what you want to learn, your learning goals, etc., you can easily find the courses to sharpen the skills on any of these sites. In case programming is what you are interested in, then Pluralsight would be the better platform for you. However, if you are looking for something to enhance skills needed for a job or just improve a hobby, for instance, music, web development, business, etc., then Udemy would be an ideal choice.

The platforms are quite similar and both have a lot of courses that have assessments and quizzes. However, in Udemy, you have to purchase single courses; whereas in Pluralsight, you have to get the membership, post which you can access 5000+ courses. Udemy offers lifetime access to the course once you purchase it, however, in Pluralsight, renewal of membership every month/year is required to get access.

Pluralsight has qualified instructors who have authority over the subject matter, whereas this might not be the case in all courses on Udemy. So, in the end, you need to understand what you want to learn, whether you need a certificate that enhances your resume, and whether time constraints are not an issue. Based on these factors, you could opt for either Udemy vs Pluralsight as your online learning platform.

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