DYNU IN MEDIA Review 2023: Make Money With This CPA Network

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Ease of Use


  • High quality traffic from all over the world
  • Advanced Targeting Options
  • Multiple Ad formats
  • Timely payments with minimum Threshold
  • High commission rates for publishers
  • Dedicated Support
  • Anti fraud Technologies
  • Data translated into revenue
  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Acquisition


  • Need to work more on UI & UX
  • Considerably new but worth it

I would definitely recommend DYNU IN MEDIA both to advertisers who want to generate conversions from ads, and to publishers who are looking to earn a decent amount.

Price:$ 49

CPA networks are often worth your time, but not all are trustworthy. People find it hard to decide which affiliate network they should join due to the number of available networks.

However, I have already scoured the web and found DYNU IN MEDIA to be the best affiliate network. You can make an informed choice if you know more about this network.

Bottom line Upfront :
Publishers and advertisers both benefit from it. You are assured of security, reliability, and no risk. Furthermore, it is profitable for publishers and cost-effective for advertisers. As one of the leading CPA networks in the market, DYNU IN MEDIA ranks high among its competitors.


Bottom line for DYNU

The competition has skyrocketed in affiliate marketing because it has become one of the most popular ways to make money online. It’s no secret affiliate marketing is lucrative, but now it’s become saturated, so earning money is getting more difficult.

Moreover, this market is constantly changing, and new ways/approaches to maximize income are emerging every day. To remain at the top of one’s game in affiliate marketing, one needs to stay current and use new approaches regularly.

DYNU Media Overview- Review

Affiliate networks that charge CPAs, costs per click, and pay per click are the most recent game-changers in affiliate marketing. They have existed for more than a decade, and people are just now realizing their potential. Publishers and advertisers alike can make money through CPA networks.

In addition to allowing publishers to monetize their traffic, they provide advertisers with traffic and leads, as well. Read my in depth DYNU IN MEDIA review, to learn more in-depth about the network and its latest offers.


What is DYNU Media - DYNU Review

DYNU IN MEDIA is an affiliate marketing platform owned by INTERATE CORPORATION that provides advertisers and publishers with CPA (Cost-Per-Action)/CPC (Cost-Per-Click)/ CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) campaigns. According to CPA network reviews published in 2021, it is one of the best CPA networks for beginners. This network generates 20,000+ leads every day from its 200+ well-known advertisers. More than 1000 publishers are also represented by the company.

What people say about this

Publishers and advertisers can work together on DYNU IN MEDIA’s platform to benefit both of them and earn money. Publishers are paid commissions for referring customers to the advertisers, and advertisers are able to generate leads and sales via the program.
With DYNU IN MEDIA, both parties are able to generate revenue. Boost your user experience with this platform’s array of features and services, which are available to both advertisers and publishers.

What you might want to know about the DYNU IN MEDIA review is listed below.

What makes DYNU IN MEDIA stand out from others?

Maxbounty, Clickdealer, GlobalWide, etc, offer some of the same features and benefits as DYNU IN MEDIA, but none of them compare to DYNU IN MEDIA.

Publishers using it also have access to customer service, which is unlike most other platforms. In addition to this, DYNU IN MEDIA takes the time to carefully select only the best offers for its publishers.

DYNU IN MEDIA uses the latest anti-fraud technologies to keep both advertisers and publishers safe. Most CPA platforms don’t take any precautions at all. Moreover, the platform of DYNU IN MEDIA is very easy to navigate and even beginners will find it to be very straightforward.

How DYNU IN MEDIA works for Advertisers?

Brand awareness can be boosted by DYNU IN MEDIA, which can bring in new customers. With its affiliate program, advertisers will receive high-quality traffic, marketing solutions that are customized for their business, and professional managers are available to help them deliver the maximum results for their campaigns online.

The advertising industry is free from risk and danger, allowing brand reputation, engagement rates, and sales to be enhanced and increased. Plus, advertisers pick their publishers, but you’ll be able to choose who can display your ads.

The advertiser will not be charged for anything unless he or she chooses something. Only real leads, sales, and customers will be charged to you.

Services and Perks Offered to Advertisers

DYNU IN MEDIA provides the following services and perks to its advertisers:

  • Performance-driven marketing campaigns implemented by trustworthy and industry-leading publishers.
  • Your campaigns will be managed by dedicated managers.
  • As a campaign manager, you are completely in control. Your approval is required for all ads and solutions.
  • Advanced fraud prevention technology to protect advertisers from fraud of all kinds.
  • All of your wishes and demands are governed by a legal contract between you and the publisher running your ads.

What are some ways that DYNU IN MEDIA advertisers can earn money?

DYNU IN MEDIA creates and executes premium marketing campaigns that are customized to your needs. Connecting you with reputed publishers, this platform provides targeted leads, sales, and increased customer interaction. Your brand’s visibility in the marketplace will improve once your website, page, or post starts receiving traffic and leads.

By converting traffic into sales, this network ensures that advertisers make money. There is no need to worry about anything since DYNU IN MEDIA provides you with traffic and leads. Getting connected with a publisher can help you increase sales and engagement.

What is the process for becoming an advertiser?

It is fairly simple to register yourself as an advertiser on DYNU IN MEDIA . You only have to fill up a simple form.

  1. Firstly, fill out simple details like your company name and full address of the company with Zipcode.
  2. In the second part, you need to create your login details, where you select your username and keep a password for your account.
  3. The third is the most significant part of your application, where you are asked questions about your network, thus be honest in answering these questions. The questions asked are related to the traffic you are expecting on your network. They also have questions about your offers if you are the owner of your offers or you are brokering the offers from outside. You also need to tell them your payment policy and give them your Skype and telegram Id’s. Thus, it is important that you create your Skype and Telegram accounts, ifyou don’t have accounts on these networks, before you sign up as an advertiser.
  4. Lastly, you read their policy and accept their terms and conditions to be approved as an advertiser instantly.

How DYNU IN MEDIA works for Publishers?

You have traffic on your website, blog, or post, and you would like to monetize your traffic to earn money? Join DYNU IN MEDIA today and start earning revenue. This network will connect you with advertisers and provide you with exclusive deals with competitive payouts.

Publishers choose which type of campaign they want to use to make money by either participating in Cost-Per-Action (CPA) campaigns, Cost-per-lead (CPL) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaigns. The affiliate managers and industry-leading technology ensure that the affiliate network is one of the most reliable affiliate networks in terms of commission tracking, sending payments, and real-time reporting.

Services and Perks Offered to Publishers

Services and Perks Offered to Publishers

DYNU IN MEDIA offers an extensive set of features and benefits to its publishers, including:

24/7 Dedicated and Professional Customer Support

In addition to a dedicated Affiliate Marketing team, DYNU IN MEDIA provides 24/7 support for publishers. With the help of dedicated customer support, all your concerns and problems will be resolved quickly.

Real-time Report

DYNU IN MEDIA offers a sophisticated tracking system and intuitive platform that enables publishers to analyze their performance through various report types, special tracking methods, and real-time statistics. Thus, you will be able to take advantage of all the tools and technologies that you need to succeed in your business.

Access to 600+ offers

Among the 600+ exclusive offers are games, beauty, insurance, finance, and other niches. In addition to providing an optimum environment and high quality tools, DYNU IN MEDIA provides unrivalled offers for publishers to help them earn maximum profits.

Exclusive Offers with Competitive Payouts

As I stated previously, you’ll gain access to the absolute best offers on the market with competitive payouts, so you’ll be making the most from your traffic and hard work on this platform with a trustworthy advertiser.

On-Time Payment

DYNU IN MEDIA’s commitment to punctuality, honesty, and integrity ensures that it pays all of its publishers on time.

Minimum Payout

Currently, payouts must be more than $50 in order to be paid within the current billing period. Due to the large processing fee, if you wish to receive payment via Wire, your minimum payout is $300.

Payment Terms & Methods

Initially, everyone is offered a payment plan of Net-25. The company has a special program to make the payment plan available to its leading publishers such as 15-Net or bi-weekly.
At the moment, Payoneer, Wire, and Paypal are the three payment methods available. The payment is made in either USD or VND.

Anti-Fraud Tool

Provides tools and technologies to keep publishers and advertising networks safe from fraud.

How can you earn money through DYNU IN MEDIA as a Publisher?

With DYNU IN MEDIA, publishers can easily make money. It is as simple as joining this network, choosing offers and running ads/campaigns. You’ll be paid commissions for sales/leads/referrals in return. The opportunity to earn revenue from traffic is amazing, and it is risk-free.

How do I get started as a publisher?

This article will walk you through the application process for DYNU IN MEDIA as well as provide tips to help you get accustomed to the process.

 Step -1-Filling out the application
DYNU IN MEDIA requires you to complete a simple form in order to register. Details are important. A member of our account management team will contact you to inquire about your specialization, geographies, and experience.

There are three sections on the application form.

Firstly, you are prompted to enter your account details where you should write your full name or company name, along with your pincode.

Your password must then be set up after submitting the user details. You will then be able to set a password after entering your email address. At most 16 characters can be used in the password. Create a strong password by mixing alphanumeric and numeric characters.

Lastly, the most important section is where you provide information about your site and how it is visited. Answering these questions will determine your approval. As a result, traffic generated should always be reported as accurately as possible.

Please note that you must submit your Skype ID details prior to registering with DYNU IN MEDIA. Additionally, consider the offers that are of particular interest to you, since you will be prompted to enter those as well.

Yes, DYNU IN MEDIAis for everyone, even if you don’t have a website.

How to get accepted to DYNU IN MEDIA without a website?

If you don’t have a website, you can still join numerous affiliate schemes even without one.
Even a basic template website that you can improve upon or upgrade once you start earning money is worth considering once you start your business.

The ultimate purpose of DYNU IN MEDIA is to verify the legitimacy of all affiliate programs. In addition, account managers receive other resources from them, so they need to make sure affiliates have the potential to be profitable. If you choose to answer any of these questions on a form, you will increase your chances of getting approved.

Step 2 – The Personal Manager
You will be assigned an account manager once you are approved, or you can help with the onboarding process. Account manager-client relationships can significantly influence the success of a campaign.

One great offer running at DYNU IN MEDIA:


Name: Credit Monitoring – CC Submit | US

Preview: https://bit.ly/3gTIcVO

Conversion Type: Credit Card Submit
Categories: Non incent, Finance

-Converts on CC submit for the 7 day free trial.
-Description: User signs up to receive a free 7-day trial of Credit Monitoring Service and will receive a Free Credit Score from TransUnion. This offer pays on a valid credit card authorization.
– Marketing Terms & Restrictions
– Publishers may not use “FREE” & “REPORT”, “ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT”, or “FICO” or “BEACON” in conjunction with any advertising.
– Promotion of Credit Repair websites or any proximity to Credit Repair is forbidden.
– Publishers may not bid “ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT” or any combination of search terms.
– Affiliate/Publisher may not place the offer on the thank you page of decline pay of a Payday loan offer.
– No advertising on Virtual Currency or Points sites unless approved in writing.

Want to get 5% BONUS from your revenue with DYNU IN MEDIA?

Bonus DYNU Review

DYNU IN MEDIA has started a 5% BONUS CAMPAIGN of top 3 offers including:

Competitive Payouts, High Profit and Direct Offers are outstanding features of these ones.

Here is the rule:
Step 1: Registering DYNU IN MEDIA as Publisher
Step 2: Choosing offers to promote
Step 3: Boosting your minimum revenue to $1000 in the first month
Step 4: Getting payment and bonus 5% from your revenue

Time: From August 5th to September 5th 2021,
You can promote all 3 offers, but you must reach the minimum revenue of EACH offer is $1000, thus you can receive 5% BONUS for each offer from your revenue.


I would definitely recommend DYNU IN MEDIA both to advertisers who want to generate conversions from ads, and to publishers who are looking to earn a decent amount.

DYNU IN MEDIA is here to help you make money online. Advertisers can improve customer acquisition and engagement rates by using it.

You can make money by monetizing your traffic as a publisher. By now, you know how to do it, right?

Are you ready to start? You can start making money right now by joining the program.


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