Everad Affiliate Network Review 2023: What Is Everad?

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Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money, but knowing where to start and which networks are worth joining is hard.

There are so many affiliate marketing networks that it can be hard to know which is the best fit for your business. And if you join the wrong network, you could waste a lot of time and money.

Everad is different. They’re an affiliate marketing network founded by experienced marketers who understand what affiliates need to be successful.

They offer a wide range of products and services that their affiliates can promote and provide all the tools they need to succeed. Plus, they offer 24/7 support, so their affiliates never have to feel alone or lost.

What Is Everad?

Everad Affiliate Network Review

Everad is an authority on the Nutra sector and the management of all business operations. Its promotional offerings and assets indicate outstanding success at each level. Everad holds over 400 offers in over 45 European, Latam, and Asian countries.

In addition, it has over 200,000 affiliates and has been active in this market for eight years. As direct advertisers, they operate without affiliates’ intermediaries and offer rather lucrative conditions.

In addition, their contact centers have been selling their items for the last ten years, which has helped us refine their perfect scripts. Payment on time is another characteristic that distinguishes them from their competitors.

They are increasing the number of payment methods and services that may give commissions. Additionally, they provide a dashboard that helps the customer enhance ROI. Boost option is an additional unique feature that allows each affiliate to use an automatic up to a +20% payout increase.

Everard’s 100 percent in-house COD offerings enable their partners to achieve excellent CR and approval rates, the biggest payouts, and the best EPC. Audience analytics is an additional function provided by Everad, which allows us to examine first-party data directly from their CRM and laser target campaigns.

As previously said, they are a 100 percent in-house platform. And real-time data, accessible reporting, and no click loss relative to third-party solutions set us apart from the competition. Here, you may choose an offer from the extensive selection corresponding to the source, develop a campaign, and drive visitors.

How To Make Money With Everad?

How To Make Money with Everad

If you are curious about how competitive their commissions are compared to their rivals, you need first be aware that they sell their items. This implies they are exempt from paying commissions to other CPA networks. Therefore, the whole advertising budget may be allocated to their publishers.

In addition to offering generous commissions, they also host several competitions. Some of their partners have previously won Porsche Panameras, Teslas, Range Rovers, and other automobiles.

They are sure their commission rates are the most competitive on the market. They provide the following assurance: You may do an A/B test if you are marketing a comparable product via another CPA network. Everad will cover the difference and pay an extra $ 1 for each authorized lead if you earn more with a rival.

They specialize in the area of health and beauty. How does it affect you? It is a highly competitive niche that, if approached well, may be pretty rewarding. As shown in the image above, commissions are well worth the effort.

To sign up for Everad, all you have to do is, go to the official website of Everad. Fill up the details asked for, check the boxes and click on ‘Sign up.

That’s it. Now you will be taken to the dashboard, which will look something like this –

Everad Affiliate Network dashboard

Click on one of these options to move further. You will be asked to contact your manager. As soon as you are approved, you can start working with them.

When you dig in more, you will find some pretty cool stuff here like –

Real-time statistics:

Everad Affiliate Network Real-time statistics

Audience analytics:

Everad Affiliate Network Audience analytics

Boost option:

Everad Affiliate Network Boost option

Major Features and Benefits of Everad

  • Real-Time stats: The network utilizes an in-house developed platform. This platform’s real-time statistics presentation is a benefit. Consequently, you may manage your marketing. You can make real-time judgments that will help you optimize your resources more effectively. The real-time statistics will help you overall. Considering all of these advantages, it is simple to see why this network is superior to many others.
  • Excellent support: Support provided through the network is accessible in several languages. You may get it promptly if you want assistance in your original language. In addition, the support is quick, which is why I recommend Everard.
  • Fast Payouts: Once you continuously provide traffic to Everad, you’ll get daily rewards. Even if you are a new member of the affiliate network, you may request payments at your convenience. They handle them on the same or the next business day. It indicates that you will get your money fast. This is one of the reasons why this affiliate network is distinguished from others.
  • Excellent conversion rate: Additionally, the affiliate network has its call center. The lead is immediately contacted after providing their information. It indicates that they deal with hot tips. Hot leads have a greater likelihood of conversion. Additionally, with the assistance of an experienced contact center team, the conversion rate will be increased. Because you get a conversion when the lead confirms the order, you will also be paid swiftly. You are not required to wait for the delivery of the goods or payment from the consumer. Therefore, it is simple to earn money with these deals.
  • Over 400 In-House offers: The network features more than 400 offers. It indicates that the deals will stay constantly active. You may use them as a basis for constructing campaigns. The compensation for in-house offers is also rather substantial, which is a benefit. Because of this, it becomes simple for you to raise your revenue per click. It may help you compete with other affiliates and guarantee that you produce a profit even when other members cannot break even. It gives you a significant advantage in the highly competitive field of affiliate marketing.

Why Do I Recommend Everad?

  • Friendly support: Their affiliate managers and support staff assist in locating the greatest deals and promotional materials and become genuine friends with their affiliates.
  • Localized promo assets: The landing and transit pages are translated and altered according to cultural requirements. Everything is prepared for the launch of your campaign.
  • High approval rates: Since Everad contact centers have been marketing their goods for ten years, they have perfected their scripts. Everard’s call centers solely employ native speakers, which boosts approval rates.
  • Profitable niches: As a direct marketer with vast expertise in the Nutra industry, Everad focuses on the most exciting niches for affiliates.
  • Timely payment: Everad is expanding the number of payment methods and services eligible to provide incentives. Submit a request and choose the most appropriate payment option.
  • Payouts up to $49: Everad works directly with affiliates and may provide highly advantageous conditions as a direct advertiser.

FAQs On Everad Affiliate Network Review 

What is Everad?

Everad is an affiliate network providing CPA-based per-action compensation. You only get a reward when a user completes a specific activity on the advertiser's website.

How To Start Earning with Everad?

You must first read and accept the terms and conditions — coordination and dissemination of the Everard terms and conditions to its affiliates. If you disagree with any of the times, you must refrain from registering with Everad. After registering, you must add a traffic source under boards. In the offers area, choose the offer that best corresponds to your visitors.

What is the minimum payout at Everards?

$50 is the minimum payment amount at Everards.

How do I withdraw my earnings at Everad?

The WebMoney payments system transfers money to WMR wallets. Please indicate your WMR wallet in the account settings and submit a withdrawal request in the Finances section to get a payout. Please be informed that only balance earnings may be withdrawn.

What types of traffic can I use?

You may use all of the traffic categories stated in the deal. Cheating or employing traffic categories expressly banned by an offer is prohibited.

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Conclusion: Everad Affiliate Network Review 2023

Every Nutra affiliate must try Everad affiliate network. This CPA network is suitable for websites in the health and beauty niches. You may inquire with your account manager about the most compelling offerings.

Please share your experience with Everad in the comment section.

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