GeeksforGeeks Review 2024: Is GeeksforGeeks A Good Source?

GeeksforGeeks Review

Overall Verdict

GeeksforGeeks platform offers a variety of topics and course modules that can be browsed by the level of expertise, making it easy for beginners to find the right starting point. Additionally, the detailed explanations and accompanying videos make learning fun and engaging.

Out of 10


  • Wide range of course offerings & Qualitative content
  • Detailed explanation with examples
  • One-on-One 24x7 Doubt-assistance
  • Practice problems and quizzes
  • Multiple collaborative features
  • Access to GeeksforGeeks Job Portal


  • The Practice platform only supports C++ & Java language for the courses


Price: $

Are you looking for an Unbiased GeeksforGeeks Review? Great! You have come to the right post.

Worthwhile Computer Science courses are hard to find and even harder to judge which one is good for you. 

It’s no secret that computer science-related courses have become increasingly popular in the past few years. With so many options available, it can be hard to determine which course is right for you.

GeeksforGeeks is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a high-quality computer science-related course. They have a team of experts who are always available to help you choose the right course for your needs.

GeeksforGeeks Review

I have studied the platform and in this blog, I’ll walk you through its insights. 

Let’s get started:

What Is GeeksforGeeks? was founded to provide well-written, well-thought-out, and well-explained answers to specific issues. Consisting of technology specialists and computer science enthusiasts, the core team of five super geeks has been continuously working in this direction.

GeeksforGeeks Review

The information of GeeksforGeeks has been organized into numerous categories to facilitate user accessibility. Whether you are interested in learning algorithms, data structures, or the programming language, GeeksforGeeks has you covered.

Even if you are seeking Interview preparation material, GeeksforGeeks offers an extensive collection of company-specific interview experiences to learn from, which provides users insight into a company’s recruiting process. In addition, they contribute option offers the ideal venue for people to share their expertise.

As the adage goes, “Practice makes perfect,” and for programmers, nothing could be more accurate. GeeksforGeeks recognizes the significance of programming practice 4 climbing the success ladder in the area of Computer Science.

In addition, it gives the chance to practice issues. Programmers compile this extensive catalog of issues. The energetic crew at GeeksforGeeks makes studying enjoyable and engaging.

The joy of programming is mainly derived from calm and intriguing projects. GeeksforGeeks has you covered whether you want to experiment with Image Processing or Computer Vision projects or if you want to create your own tiny game.

Start your trip to a pleasant and exciting project by searching for your preferred project and using the code and explanations offered by the creator.

GeeksforGeeks believes, last but not least, in the power of experience. Therefore, it conducts interviews with professional programmers and shares their advice with everyone, providing a standard operating procedure that any aspiring coder may follow to attain the same (or even greater) degree of success.

GeeksforGeeks has positioned itself as more than simply a programming platform due to these qualities. It has become a refuge for geeks, a “one-stop shop” for IT enthusiasts, and the ideal venue for developers to socialize and share their ideas and skills.

GeeksforGeeks Courses

If you visit the GeeksforGeeks Courses page, you will see a lot of courses they offer. These are some of the best courses you can find when it comes to computational sciences. So let us check out two of the best and my personal favorite courses on GeeksforGeeks – 

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Data Structure & Algorithms – Self-Paced (INR 3899):

GeeksforGeeks Courses

The most popular DSA course, recommended by over thousands of students! Built by industry specialists with years of expertise, this course provides debates, discussion forums, quizzes, practice problems, and video lectures. 

Data Structures and Algorithms are programming’s fundamental building elements. Data structures allow us to organize and store data, while algorithms will enable us to process that data meaningfully.

Why wait then? Choose a quality DSA course to establish and improve your core data structures and algorithms abilities.

This self-paced Data Structure and Algorithms (DSA) course has been broken into eight weeks of material for your convenience. Master the fundamentals of DSA, practice coding problems, and take evaluation exams from anywhere around the globe! This self-paced course’s questions will further assist you in preparing for SDE interviews with top-tier firms such as Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and others. See sample questions.

This course assumes no previous understanding of Data Structure and Algorithms and covers all subjects in C++ and Java. You will also master algorithmic strategies for tackling various issues, crucial interview topics, and the fundamentals of programming.

You will grasp all the essential data structures and algorithms subjects, including trees, searching, DP, heaps, strings, and sorting as well as practice these ideas in real-world applications.

What you will learn from this course – 

  • Apply DSA principles with a real-world undertaking (Sudoku Solver)
  • How to Become an Effective and Strong Developer
  • Solve issues in competitions comparable to the SDE coding round
  • How to tackle difficulties posed by product-based businesses
  • Master DSA from beginner to expert level

Complete Test Series for Product Based Companies – Self-Paced (INR 2499):

GeeksforGeeks Course

A Comprehensive Test Series to meet your Interview Preparation requirements. Improve your chances of landing a job with product-based firms like Amazon, Meta, Google, Microsoft, and others by practicing more than a thousand company-specific interview questions.

Numerous CS grads and coding aficionados apply for SDE/Technical Jobs at product-based startups and large tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Paytm, Swiggy, etc. Still, many of us do not know where to begin. You can consult their Complete Test Series for technical interview success if you are also stuck at this stage.

When preparing for technical interviews with any product-based organization, it is essential to have adequate direction and a clear roadmap. Industry leaders have designed this Complete Test Series with years of expertise to provide you with a handpicked set of Important technical interview questions often posed by top-tier product-based firms throughout their technical coding rounds.

In addition, the code tasks are regularly updated, which will elevate your interview preparation to the next level. This resource will help you study and practice a wide range of subjects, including Arrays, Searching, Sorting, Matrix, and many more, while exposing you to a genuine placement exam atmosphere and interview situations.

Test your abilities and prepare for any product-based business interview with their Complete Test Series for Product-Based Companies!

What you will learn from this course – 

  • Examine your readiness with company-specific coding rounds
  • Mock Rounds will help you prepare for actual job interviews.
  • By taking Online Coding Assessments, you may boost your coding speed and reduce errors.
  • Develop your DSA expertise by answering topic-specific Data Structure questions


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GeeksforGeeks Pricing

Get 10% OFF ON ALL COURSES | Use Coupon GEEKS10  

Here are some of the reasons why I recommend going for GeeksforGeeks premium plans – 

GeeksforGeeks Pricing

GeeksforGeeks Pricings

  • Editors’ Choice Newsletter: Can’t choose between which articles to read and which to ignore? Purchase Premium and save Time. In the form of a monthly newsletter, editors hand-select the month’s most essential pieces and send them to subscribers at the end of the month.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Upskilling has never been more cost-effective. Join the VIP community to get exclusive discounts and offers on their courses!
  • Personal Notes: Have you ever felt the impulse to create your notes on the site? Purchase Premium to have access to a convenient notes tool and the ability to create personal messages on the site itself.
  • Free Access To Job Portals: Remove your concerns about placement. Find a career that suits you well—employed by leading corporations. Purchase Premium to access hundreds of job positions at businesses such as Amazon, One Plus, and Tripoto.
  • Job Preparation Test Series: A set of tests designed to assist candidates to prepare for coding interviews with Amazon, Microsoft, and other product-based firms.
  • Doubt assistance for Practice Questions: Moreover, with Premium+, you will have access to their doubt support tool, which will aid you in resolving any issues you may have when attempting their public practice questions (PPQs). Note that this function does not provide doubt help for practice problems unique to a course.

Ad-Free Experience: Frustrated by advertisements that crop up every time you read an article? Observe what you want. Buy Premium to prevent having your reading experience interrupted by ads and to enjoy uninterrupted reading.

Why Do I Recommend GeeksforGeeks?

In today’s digital age, when hundreds (or more!) of online platforms are accessible through the Internet, it is challenging for students to choose a quality, relevant, and dependable platform for themselves.

As Computer Science is a significant topic, students must select an ideal platform that can meet all their demands, including Tutorials & Courses, Placement Preparation, and Interview Experiences, among others. GeeksforGeeks is a one-stop shop 4 Computer Science students!

Receive Internship Offers and Other Professional Opportunities:

GeeksforGeeks gives numerous Internship Offers and other employment possibilities that might assist you in launching your career as soon as possible. In addition, the site provides other career-related programs and competitions, including the Campus Mantri Programme, the Competitive Programming Challenge (GCC), and the Write From Home Challenge, for all Computer Science students

. Participation in these events not only rewards you with a variety of certificates and fascinating prizes, but it may also add much-needed weight to your résumé, which can lead to enticing professional chances.

Stay Current on Technology with GBlog Articles:

In this rapidly expanding technological age, you must continually remain abreast of the newest IT trends and technologies to maintain a competitive edge and get the finest employment prospects. Through the GBlog part of GeeksforGeeks, you can access various articles pertaining to the most in-demand technologies and talents on the market, answers to different technical questions, advice, roadmaps for certain career sectors, and more.

In addition, there is a vast selection of Computer Science-related publications that will help you increase your knowledge and exposure to technology.

Additionally, prepare for GATE, ISRO, and UGC NET:

Indeed, not every Computer Science enthusiast aspires to make it big in the IT industry; others have different goals, such as obtaining a Master’s degree from IIT or working for a reputable government agency like ISRO, etc. No worries!! GeeksforGeeks also offers preparation materials for the GATE CSE, ISRO CS, and UGC NET CS examinations.

You may get preparation and last-minute notes, previous year’s question papers with answers, a syllabus, preparation advice, and other materials. In conclusion, you may get all you need to pass these strict tests and accomplish your professional objectives on their site.

Discover Authentic and Valuable Interview Experiences:

When a student (or a working professional) prepares for a job interview, he often attempts to simulate many interviews in order to gather valuable insights. Finding authentic and trustworthy interview experiences on the Internet is difficult. However, GeeksforGeeks not only provides you with actual and relevant interview experiences of major IT giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.,

but also includes Company Preparation Tips, Practice Questions, and other tools to help you obtain the job of your dreams. Specifically, GeeksforGeeks provides a step-by-step plan for placement preparation.

Enhance Your Skills with Different GeeksforGeeks Courses:

When deciding on a training or skill-based online course, students often face several issues, including: Will this course meet their needs? Or Can it be scheduled according to their convenience? However, GeeksforGeeks offers a variety of online and live courses, such as Competitive Programming – Live, CS Core Subjects Course, DSA-Self Paced Course, etc., that are designed by industry experts and offer multiple features, such as schedule flexibility, self-paced learning, recorded lectures, and many others, to make your learning experience more convenient and worthwhile.

Obtain Tutorials for All Computer Science Topics:

Indeed, frequently switching between several tabs (or websites) when searching for new topics or subjects is unpleasant and uncomfortable for the pupils

. What if you could get a curated selection of all CS/IT topics in one location? Yes, from Operating systems to Computer Architecture, DataBase Management to Compiler Design, and Mathematics to MicroProcessor, GeeksforGeeks offers all the basic courses of Computer Science in a well-organized way on a single platform. Furthermore, you may access the lessons for these courses at no cost – for free.

Master Several Programming Languages:

When you visit an online (or offline) platform to learn programming languages, there are several obstacles, including a lack of programming language diversity, the absence of integrated development environments (IDEs), and, most crucially, inadequate or inferior material. However, GeeksforGeeks allows you to study Programming Languages according to your needs and preferences.

The platform provides tutorials and courses for various programming languages, including Python, Java, Ruby, C, C++, etc. In addition, there is no need to travel elsewhere since you can execute your programs on the website’s built-in IDEs, practice with various programming challenges, and obtain enticing project ideas!

Knowledge of Algorithms and Data Structures in a Single Location:

If you’ve ever attempted to study Data Structures and Algorithms online, GeeksforGeeks is unlikely to be unfamiliar to you. GeeksforGeeks is, in fact, an ocean of Data Structures and Algorithms Knowledge. Whether you are a novice, an intermediate, or an expert in Data Structures and Algorithms, the platform has much more to offer you.

There are several (both free and commercial) tutorials, offline and online courses, video lectures, etc., accessible on the platform from which you may choose to study Data Structure & Algorithms. In addition, you may test your knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms with many practice problems, quizzes, etc.

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Conclusion: GeeksforGeeks Review 2024

GeeksforGeeks is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more about computer science and related courses. The website has an extensive library of articles, tutorials, and problem sets that can help you improve your skills in this area.

In addition, the platform offers online courses that can teach you everything from basic programming concepts to deep-dive topics like machine learning. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge in computer science or related fields, GeeksforGeeks is definitely worth checking out.

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