Grammarly Review 2021 Pros and Cons: Is it Worth ?

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I’m pretty sure that each and every one of us might love writing right? That’s probably the reason you’re reading this article. Are you sure that you know all the fundamentals of grammar and you never going to be wrong? Are you in search of a tool which will help you in proof reading the articles which you have written? So probably each and every one of us do mistakes right, it’s kind of embarrassing when someone points out our grammatical mistakes. So recently, I’ve come across a tool called as Grammarly which is basically a grammar checker that proofread all your articles and blog posts.

So before getting started, let me tell you guys, I’ve been using this tool since the past 30 days and I’ve rightly pointed out all the pros and cons of this tool. So is this tool really going to help you out? Let’s find it out.


  • Finds and Corrects up to 10× more mistakes than your everyday word processor in the market.
  • Works everywhere on the Web including WordPress editor.
  • Best online Grammar database
  • A software which adds an extra eye
  • Useful tool for all the new users and people who aren’t that good at English


  • Grammarly Premium comes with a hefty price tag of $29.99 a month.
  • Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Office doesn’t work on Macs.
  • Never a replacement for human proofreader
  • There is no way by which you can change the spelling from the US to the UK

What is Grammarly?

What is Grammarly

Grammarly is basically a tool which basically checks all your grammar mistakes. The best part of this tool is that it can easily check for 250 grammatical mistakes and can correct them instantly! How insane is that?

How to use Grammarly?

How to use Grammarly

So now you might be wondering that if this software or this tool is capable of doing these many things, it must be complicated software when you use it. Trust me, guys, it is not as completed as your thinking, it’s pretty easy and any guy with the basics of a computer can also use it. Grammarly is pretty much like Google docs, first you got to login into Grammarly from your web browser.

Now when you login into your account, you will see the dashboard and there exactly is where your work begins. Now in the dashboard, you need to open a new document and there you can type your article or you can just copy paste it and it will start analyzing it.

And right after that, just within the span of a couple of seconds, it will be underlining all the grammar mistakes which are similar to that word. Now just underlining, it will also be telling you what mistake you did and what are the reasons for those mistakes. Additionally, you can also install an extension to your web browser or a plugin for WordPress as well.

How Grammarly helps writers?

How Grammarly helps writers

So when you enter your text, Grammarly underlines the words which are not in a proper sentence. And whenever you click on it, Grammarly will be showing you an explanation of why did that error occur and how can you fix it.

What all did I identify using Grammarly?

  • Overusing the passive voice
  • Wordy sentences
  • Confused prepositions

Thanks to Grammarly, now after using it on a couple of my articles, I’ve noticed that I end my articles with a preposition, I know I was wrong, by knowing my mistakes made me grow high.

What are the other features?

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly other features

Now, let me also explain you the other features of Grammarly. The best about Grammarly is that it supports multiple document types, that being said, it can differentiate and identify which document is a blog post, an article or a business document. You cannot find many changes, though; the only thing is that it will identify certain phrases as formal or informal depending upon the type of document.

Now talking about the other best feature, Grammarly has also got an in build plagiarism checker, which will be really helpful for you if your writing academic works, or when you’re reviewing the work of your friends.

Here is a video by the Grammarly Team that explains its intricate workings

Grammarly Explainer Video

Comparison between Grammarly and Human Proof Reading:-

Now you might probably be thinking, then why are human beings over here? No, be honest guys, it’s a no. See there isn’t anything perfect guys, each and everything has got its own flaws, so does Grammarly. The problem is that compared to a human being it is not that accurate in providing feedback. Now there is another feature in Grammarly, which is, that you can send work to a human proof reader who charges $.02 per word, I didn’t use this feature, though.

My suggestion is that, even if you use Grammarly, just take a printout of what you’ve written and proofread it by yourself.

Who can get the most out of Grammarly?

See guys, I suggest you use Grammarly if English isn’t your first language. Though it helps you to check the grammar, spellings, and punctuations, the thing is that you still got to learn the fundamentals of grammar. Prefer Grammarly only if you think that English is difficult and if it is not your first language.


Grammarly pros and cons

As I told you in the beginning, there isn’t any tool or software which is without any flaws. Each and everything has got its own disadvantages.

Is it worth paying for Grammarly?

Grammarly Pricing

If you want to opt for Grammarly, then you got to pay $29 per month. See the thing is, no matter how good I write my articles, I want someone to bat an eye on it. Trust me, guys, if you are a writer, I recommend this tool to you.

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No matter what guys, by the end of the day I’d definitely recommend Grammarly to all the bloggers and freelance content writers who want all their articles to be error free. See, it does what it promises; I was completely stunned by looking at the errors which it has rectified from my articles. And probably the best is that it will also be giving you the exact reason, and explanation on why is it wrong as well, and how can you correct it. Follow Grammarly on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest & Linkedin.

Never seen an excellent and précised tool so far!

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