5 Best Instagress Alternatives for Instagram Growth in 2020 (That Won’t Shut Down Easily)

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Instagram has become an integral part of brand promotions on Social Media Platforms; all the brands aim to get great responses on these platforms and profits are predicted based on the response a business gets on these platforms.

In such a case, it will only be ignorant to undermine the importance of having enormous followings on the profiles. To save the day, a lot of websites are available that render services to increase the following of the people by creating fake profiles and bots that increase the following.

Instagress was one such website that has discontinued its services as the guidelines prohibited unnatural activities like this.

Instagrees alternatives for instagram growth

Instagress was an easy to use website which offers services for Instagram growth at an affordable price. It created bots and fake accounts that helped the pages to increase their followers. Instagress offered a really cheap way to grow the following pages, but in actuality, it brought more harm that made it enjoyable to the account.

As necessary, it is to build your profile with a lot of following accounts on your page; it did not turn out to be beneficial with the bot designed to automate interactions.

Before you get yourself involved with such deals, it would better if you understand the effects it has.

Recently Instagram has decided to delete all the fake accounts, bots, and other such things due to its war against bad social media practice. Instagram does not support third-party services in the accounts of the users for Instagram growth, especially when they are misleading and can be considered as malpractices to grow your account.

Instagram, on the other hand, was offering features such as automatic commenting on the posts, following profiles which can be considered as an artificial way for brands to reach out to their audiences.

This way is not at all beneficial for them in return too as they were all fake or inactive accounts that have no interest in the brand, but when brands started following and commenting on accounts like that it made the brand look cheap.

Brands need strategic moves that will improve their engagement, but these websites only bombarded the brands and the influencers with a ton of fake following. Even after the promotion of the page, there was no guarantee that the target audience for the brands will reach out and show interest in the product.

Such activities can get your account shadowbanned or disabled by Instagram. To get out of the situation, we need alternatives to Instagress that actually work and make moves that are within the framework of the Instagram guidelines.

Instagrammers should invest in real Instagram marketing services that will boost their engagement and will look real so that Instagram approves of it. Some suggested services for aspiring social media influencers, professional accounts and brands are:-

Some Most Popular Instagress Alternative That Actually Boosts Your Instagram Growth 2020  Top Instagress Alternatives for Instagram Growth in 2020

1). Kicksta

Kicksta is a website that helps you get real followers for Instagram by adopting strategies to promote your page. It does not spam you with fake accounts or sends any follow requests on your behalf, but it strategically makes moves to attract the audience and allows them to develop a genuine interest in the brand.

Kicksta does work on its own, but you still have control over the moves it makes.

Kicksta Overview


As soon as you apply for the services you are supposed to select hashtags, usernames, locations, and your other target audience. Kicksta works to get these target audiences to visit your profile and check so that they can develop interest. The website selects 1-2 content and photos on the accounts of these targets which have relevance to the brand so that it looks natural and likes them on your behalf.

This makes the Targets curious, and they check your profiles out of curiosity. This thing is repeated with other Targets as well, so the curiosity makes them check your profile and develop interest.

All this happens at a natural pace, so it does come under the radar of Instagram, and your account remains secure.

With these moves by the website on your behalf, you do not have to worry about attracting your audience, and the responses from them are organic. Since these profiles are not fake and have an interest in the brand, they tend to stick around and also benefit the business.

Apart from strategic moves, you also get the option to filter out profiles, hashtags, and locations that you do not wish to be associated with. Certain things trend on the internet but associating a brand name with that may spark a controversy that can negatively impact you.

So, while selecting targets, you have to be mindful as to where the brand name goes. This feature was not available with Instagress, and so it sent likes and comments to profiles that may not be good for your brand.

Along with that, you can also filter out inactive accounts, accounts of the non-English-speaking audience, private accounts, new accounts, business accounts, etc.

These stated accounts do not bring business, so it’s better to save time by ignoring them. The website offers all of these fantastic services at very fair pricing. It also has packages that the buyer can select according to their needs.

2). Later (formerly Latergramme)

Later is another Social Media Growth website that works with the approval of Instagram guidelines. It helps you plan and schedule Instagram posts so that your posts can reach a maximum number of audiences and you can get maximum likes.

This app helps you manage your social presence across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. It basically reshapes your strategy of uploading content on your account to make your profile more appealing to the audience.

Later Overview

These days Hashtags and tagging are trending on Instagram, people fill their captions with multiple hashtags and tag several people on one post which may or may not be present in the post. Later helps you do that better; it suggests better trending hashtags that are relevant to the post and also tags that are essential and will fetch better responses from the audience.

It is capable of managing multiple accounts in one place. The Instagram algorithms make it possible for an account to achieve maximum likes if the photos are posted at the correct time. The app understands these algorithms, and it helps you by breaking it down for you. It helps to visually plan and preview your posts to achieve maximum like and maximum reach.

Not every time you have to post a picture needs to be available to do so, especially at the right time when it can fetch better responses, you will then want to schedule automatic upload of content on the decided time to save yourself from the trouble. Later can publish your photos when you schedule it at a particular time.

People on Social Media these days use language that is not very clean and not very formal; it is very casual. For brands to connect better with their audience on the platform, they need to come more casual so that the audience can relate better. But the language can never be too casual that it brings a bad name to the company.

Later helps you keep your captions clean to create a better impression and suggests better hashtags.

Tagging people in the photos is another headache that you need to worry about when posting content, and sometimes we forget to tag people that were important to be tagged in the post. Later keeps track of profiles that need to be tagged in the post and automatically tags users and locations for your posts while uploading in case you forget to.

Phone memories are never enough for all the photos that you need to store for your social media handles; better organization and storage are required to avoid repetition.

Later also organizes your photos by adding labels to the media so that you have a precise location of the media and storage is not repeated. Overall, it can be said that it not only saves time and works quickly; it also improves your chances of performing better on the social media handle for promoting your business.

3). A Color Story

Images play an essential role in attracting followers to your Instagram. Photos are very glamorous in the world of Instagram and to compete with them is not an easy thing to do.

The better pictures you post, the better responses you achieve on the posts. But photo editing is not easy; selecting a raw photo and transforming it into something that the audience finds attractive is a task in itself.

A Color Story OverviewA Color Story is an ideal app for editing your photos and making them worthy of achieving the right amount of likes on your photos. A color story brings fresh editing styles to the table to make your picture appealing to the millennials that follow your pages or to attract new ones.

It offers filters that make colors pop out in your pictures. The team of dedicated experts has over 400 carefully crafted filters that take your photo editing game to a new level. It also has custom filters that will save the steps, especially for beginners who do not know much about editing pictures.

A color story filters Live Photos, saves images in High Resolution, and more. This editor is easy to use yet delivers results of professional editing; it is a handy tool to attract more views in your profile.

4). Technique (Instagress Alternatives Do The Things Manually)

The last alternative is actually no app or website but to follow specific strategies to organically build your profile and get followers that genuinely like your content and are invested in your brand.

It isn’t easy to build social media profiles manually, but with specific techniques and strategies, it can be achieved. Follow the given steps to grow your profile:-

  • Create a plan and have a vision as to where you want to take this profile, what do you aim to derive out of this profile. Once you are clear about your goal, device a plan, and think about strategies with which you can get there faster and effectively.
  • Carefully select your target audience. Your target audience should be the one that will show interest in your brand because it is relevant to them what you deliver.
  • Once you have carefully selected your target audience, make interactions with them strategically. Don’t just blatantly send follow requests to your targets, instead make daily goals, like their profiles or 4-5 relevant photos from their pages, or leave a helpful comment in 1-2 pictures. This will invoke curiosity and interest to check and follow your profile.
  • Be careful of what you post online; never be reckless is putting up pictures of yourself on your social media. Evaluate the impact it may leave on your profile, and after evaluation, only post content.
  • Try avoiding posting content that is very private to you, and if you are a brand that does not reveal everything on the profile. Keep your mystery intact.
  • Be selective with whom you want to associate with, avoiding associating with people or hashtags on Instagram that can drag your name or your brand’s name into some controversy.
  • The target audience that is following your competitors and similar brands and attract them towards your brand.
  • Don’t keep trying if you don’t get the response, start working on other audiences if the previous one didn’t respond well.
  • Use better editing techniques to edit your photos and posts.
  • Don’t post a lot of content at once, give time for content to get response properly, and then post the next one.
  • Don’t go missing from the platform for a very long time, keep posting something or the other so that your audience remembers you.
  • Avoid wasting time on private profiles, business accounts, or any other accounts that take a very long time to respond.
  • Block accounts that are fake or bot; this way, your profile maintains its credibility.
  • Keep the language very clean and avoid using words that someone may find offensive; this will attach the lousy name to the brand.
  • Plan, the theme of your Instagram, handle, and post accordingly, it looks pleasing and attracts more audience.


✅ Why did Instagress get shut down?

Instagress in its Twitter mentioned that Instagram has requested them to close its services. Because of its proven fact that Instagram hates automation tools. However, regulating the bot on Instagram as these tools use it like human bots.

🔥 What is Instagress?

Instagress, one of the easier-to-use and more affordable of the dozens of websites that create bots to help would-be Instagram influencers rack up followers and engagement, was shuttered today. In a tweet, Instagress said the decision to shut down was due to a “request” by Instagram.

👉Are bots illegal on Instagram?

Most of the bots on Instagram access the Instagram's API without any permission. According to Instagram's rule, this is a strict violation. It is not permitted to allow Instagram's API by third-party apps.

👉 Is Instagram automation dead?

No, Instagram bots are not dead and they will never die. However, it has been getting much more difficult to bot successfully on Instagram.

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Conclusion: Best Instagress Alternatives 2020 To Boost Your Instagram Growth (That Won’t Shut Down Easily)

The new step of Instagram to track down accounts that are fake or are bots and shutting them down shook the entire community of Instagram influencers is brands that promoted themselves on the platform. These means were indeed unethical, and one should not engage in them to build their profile.

Thus, it will be only correct to opt for alternatives that are not in contradiction to the norms set up by the Instagram Corporation. Engaging in such unethical behaviour not only distorts the image of the brand but also leaves them in the loss as all they were capable of impressing were the fake profiles and bots.

Opting for more organic methods, although it does not guarantee a certain number of following, it does guarantee better followers and sufficient growth that does not collapse even after the shutdown of a particular website. Brands need strategic moves that will improve their engagement, but these websites only bombarded the brands and the influencers with a ton of fake following.

Even after the promotion of the page, there was no guarantee that the target audience for the brands will reach out and show interest in the product. Such activities can get your account shadowbanned or disabled by Instagram. To get out of the situation, we need alternatives to Instagress that actually work and make moves that are within the framework of the Instagram guidelines.

Instagrammers should invest in real Instagram marketing services that will boost their engagement and will look real so that Instagram approves of it. In the article, we presented four alternatives that will earn your followers organically. Each alternative has its own merit, each alternative can be applied individually or in correlation, the choice is yours, but these alternatives do work well and provide results.

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