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Instagram Tool


Ease Of Use


Location Targeting


Live Chat Support


  • Moderate growth (Kicksta will like 1,000 photos daily)
  • Filters to eliminate inappropriate comments, bots, and fake accounts
  • Clients have access to 40 targets
  • Live Chat and Email Support
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Gender Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • Blacklisting (Kicksta won’t interact with blacklisted hashtags and accounts)
  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Smart targeting algorithm
  • Analytics dashboard


  • Doesn't offer any free trials
  • Customer support can be improved

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Instagram growth is an essential part of building a successful business, and Instagram automation is leading the way for brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs everywhere. While it’s possible to amass a large following manually, efficient Instagram growth demands the use of an exceptional Instagram growth tool. Thanks to the invention of automated services like Kicksta, Instagrammers are able to continue to grow their platform and connect with their audiences successfully.

Bottom Line: Kicksta is a service that claims to help brands and individuals in getting real followers for Instagram and use it to expand their business like paid partnerships, and sales. Many users claimed that their followers list has grown after using this platform. So it is time for you to see that for yourself today.


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A Review of Kicksta - Pricing plan

Kicksta as an Instagram Growth Tool :  Kicksta Review, Pricing & Features

Kicksta is an automated organic growth tool designed to attract real followers and boost one’s overall engagement on Instagram. With more followers on Instagram comes more social proof: brands and influencers with large followings and high engagement are viewed as legitimate leaders in their industries and on the Internet. Thanks to the services of tools like Kicksta, brands and influencers alike are able to gain real followers.

Kicksta Review With Discount Coupon- Get Real Instagram Followers

With Kicksta’s “liking method”, clients can expect the service to help them get real followers that will quickly translate into growth for their businesses. With the help of Kicksta, many influencers and entrepreneurs will watch this organic growth translate into new clients, more contracts, paid partnerships, and an overall increase in sales.

Getting Started with Kicksta : Kicksta Review: Is It A Good Tool For Instagram Growth?

To use Kicksta, clients must choose between two packages: The Creative or The Professional. Each package guarantees real growth for clients and offers clients certain filters and features that guarantee they will attract the right type of followers.
How Kicksta Works
After signing up, Kicksta clients kickstart their Instagram growth by choosing target Instagram accounts that are similar to theirs. Once the target accounts are set, the service will “like” 1 or 2 photos from every follower of these target accounts. The idea is that as users receive the notification that they have new likes, they’ll visit your Instagram and follow you back.

Since Kicksta targets other accounts similar to you, these followers are much more likely to visit your Instagram and follow you. Kicksta’s liking method targets around 30,000 photos a month, making it one of the most effective tools for boosting your reach organically.

The liking method and notifications work like a “tap” on the shoulder, allowing others to see that your Instagram features similar content that they will likely be just as interested in.

Kicksta’s Automation

Kicksta’s “liking method” is one of the more striking differences between this Instagram growth tool and other services. As Kicksta works to connect with real followers in an organic way, they are able to facilitate a natural and genuine pattern of growth. Similarly, as Kicksta doesn’t follow or unfollow people, send direct messages, or comment on photos, Kicksta clients are better able to trust that this service will connect them with interested Instagrammers in a truly authentic way.

A Review of Kicksta - Automation

Authentic growth is king on Instagram and Kicksta certainly takes that into account. Like other services, Kicksta is an automated tool that uses its own brand of AI technology to automate this liking process. With this automation, Kicksta is able to connect with more people, resulting in the organic act of more Instagrammers following back. While the automation accounts for the likes other Instagrammers receive, the new followers you gain are completely organic.

Selecting Target Accounts

To take full advantage of Kickstta’s automation, clients must target the right accounts and use the most appropriate hashtags for the service to attract the right followers. Whether you begin using Kicksta with a modest following or you already have a growing account, Kicksta’s method of growth will work for you. After selecting your growth plan, submit your list of targeted Instagram accounts that have followers that are part of the same niche audience you aim to attract.

A Review of Kicksta - Target Account

For the most effective results, choose target accounts with several thousand followers. Kicksta will use their automated liking method to organically attract the attention of their followers.

A Review of Kicksta - Target Account

Not sure what accounts to target? As a Kicksta client, you can consult Kicksta’s FAQ page, your account manager, and the video resources. This information will point you to the best accounts that will bring you the most followers. As Kicksta continues to grow your account, you’ll have access to reports revealing the highest performing and lowest performing accounts, making it easy to determine which accounts to remove and what type of accounts to target next.

Choosing Relevant Hashtags

In addition to selecting these target accounts, your choice in hashtags is particularly important. These hashtags will make your content easily discoverable to other Instagrammers, influencers, and brands. These hashtags should be relevant to your content and brand, in addition to being popular enough that other people are actively searching for these hashtags.

In addition to providing clients with Instagram automation, Kicksta has a hashtag generator. Input any keyword into Kicksta’s free hashtag generator, submit your email address, and unlock a list of generated hashtags.

Kicksta’s Filters and Features

There are multiple features and smart filters Kicksta clients can set to maximize their growth potential as much as possible and to better curate the type of followers whose content the service likes. Similarly, when using Kicksta, clients never have to worry about automated direct messages or comments as these go against Kicksta’s commitment to not sending spam, which is more than can be said for similar tools that use Instagram automation.

A Review of Kicksta - Features

When growing your Instagram organically with Kicksta, you’ll have access to smart filters that will help you gain as many new followers as possible and improve your overall engagement. While Kicksta’s advanced filtering methods vary according to the plan you choose, each package offers powerful features that make it easier to use its targeted growth service.

With the following filters, Kicksta is able to weed out spammy and Instagram accounts:

  • Ignore Private Accounts
  • Ignore Suspicious Accounts (Accounts that have a weird* follower-to-following ratio)
  • IgnoreInactive Accounts (Accounts that have not posted in the past 90 days)
  • Ignore New Accounts (Accounts that are only a few months old)

Setting the above filters allows Kicksta clients to ensure they are truly interacting with real users and engaged Instagrammers, making it easier to avoid bots, fake accounts, and inactive users.

In addition to the basic set of filters, Kicksta clients also have access to the following advanced filters:

  • Gender Filter
  • Profanity Filter
  • Blacklist Filter
  • Business Accounts FIlters
  • Foreign Language Filter

Kicksta’s powerful AI automation successfully mimics human behavior, which allows them to conduct as many interactions as they can, ensuring your account is secure and within Instagram’s standards of operation. With 1,500 interactions a day (varying based on your particular plan), you’ll see that Kicksta’s organic interactions make it easier to increase your engagement and following organically.

How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram with Kicksta?

This is most commonly asked question from many people o internet. So I will try my best to answer it.

  • Complete your BIO on instagram.
  • There are two parts what you can take advantage of when you create your profile:
  • Connect to your friends. Follow people who you know.
  • Look for your audience.
  • Communication is the key.
  • Post the content interesting to your audience.
  • Be consistent.
  • Start a conversation with your audience.
  • Use the right hashtags.

Reporting and Analytics

Another important feature of Kicksta is its reporting capabilities. Their thorough analytics makes it easy for clients to define trends and determine what targets and features are most effective in increasing their impact on Instagram.

Kicksta uses high-level stats and individual target performance reports to display the details of your Instagram growth. These metrics are located in Kicksta’s followers gained section, where your total number of new followers are displayed. In the daily stats section, the net number of followers gained is displayed.

A Review of Kicksta - Reporting And Analytics

With these detailed statistics, clients are able to analyze their growth and determine what target account’s individual performance is better, allowing them to better refine their targets and remove underperforming accounts, ultimately improving their results.

A Review of Kicksta - New Post
Additionally, Kicksta clients can use the recent posts section to track likes and comments from recent posts, as well as review statistics related to their engagement rate. These metrics make it easier for you to determine which posts are highly successful, revealing the kind of content you should replicate to experience the same type of engagement with future posts.

Kicksta’s Plans: Creative vs. The Professional: Kicksta Discount Coupon 2020 Kicksta Review, Pricing & Features

Each Kicksta plan gives clients access to certain smart filters and features. The Creative package is ideal for entrepreneurs and influencers that are just beginning to use Instagram for marketing purposes while the professional package is geared towards brands, influencers, marketing agencies and brands that are serious about their social media marketing.

The Creative plan:

  • Priced at $49 a month
  • Moderate growth (Kicksta will like 1,000 photos daily)
  • Filters to eliminate inappropriate comments, bots, and fake accounts

A Review of Kicksta - Pricing plan

10 Targets

  • The Professional plan:
  • Package for $99 a month
  • Maximum growth (Kicksta will like up to 1500 photos daily)
  • Clients have access to 40 targets
  • Live Chat and Email Support
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Gender Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • Blacklisting (Kicksta won’t interact with blacklisted hashtags and accounts)
  • Clients that are ready to try Kicksta’s guaranteed growth but want to first see if it works for them can take advantage of the 14-day money-back guarantee to determine if the service is really right for them.

Customer support

Kicksta clients have access to 24/7 customer support, either through email or with live chat. Clients that have the Professional Plan can use Kicksta’s Customer Success Manager when picking new targets and working to optimize growth. Clients with any additional questions can also consult the comprehensive Kicksta FAQ, as well as watch the Kicksta Video Courses that offer answers to the common question regarding using this growth tool.

Kicksta Case Studies

Kicksta works with brands, businesses, and influencers from every industry. Whether working with fashion brands like Arcana or partnering with marketing agencies like Raindrop Marketing, Kicksta’s Instagram automation guarantees growth.

  • Kicksta & the Fashion Brand, Arcana

Arianna Raegan, the founder of Argana, started Arcana with one goal in mind: to change the world of fashion and create a company dedicated to using environmentally-friendly textiles, supporting indigenous designers and artisans, and helping women feel good wearing fashions from Arcana. What began as a fledgling small business quickly grew with the help of Kicksta.

A Review of Kicksta - Fashion Brand Arcana

Instagram had long since been an important outlet for Reagan, as she used the social platform to amplify her story and establish authentic relationships through Instagram in the company’s first few months. Reagan always used Instagram to break barriers in her industry and connect with her followers and customers in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

As she partnered with Kicksta in the beginning stages of showing her first collection, Reagan was blown away with just how much the Instagram growth service improved her engagement. Instead of spending time finding supporters and trying to build her following single-handedly on Instagram, Reagan is now able to spend her time pouring her work into what she truly believes in: fashion.

“Kicksta has enabled me to create a global network of like-minded people in the fashion and adjacent industries. I have connected with environmentalists and painters, students and musicians, store owners and customers looking for exactly what I’m selling.”

Regan credits Kicksta for helping her gain the majority of her stockists and creating an ever-expanding network for her company, which connects her with the right people that may have never heard of her company without Kicksta.

Now with 11.4k followers, Arcana NYC is still growing strong with Kicksta’s organic growth efforts.

  • Kicksta’s Work with Raindrop Marketing

In addition to working with influencers and fashion brands, Kicksta is also the growth tool of choice for companies like Raindrop Marketing Agency. Raindrop Marketing is a branding and marketing agency that uses Kicksta to improve efficiency, save time, and increase their revenue by using Kicksta. Raindrops’ social media managers are tasked to stay on top of marketing trends, grow their clients’ following, and increase engagement across various brands’ Instagram accounts.

A Review of Kicksta - Raindrop Marketing

Prior to using Kicksta, Sally Harris, one of Raindrop’s social media managers, spent several hours a day trying to gain new followers, maintain clients’ following, and keep growing their engagement on Instagram.

A perfect partnership with Kicksta is all Harris and the rest of Raindrop’s team needed to see a significant boost in their marketing efforts on Instagram. Kicksta connected Raindrop’s accounts to the right type of Instagrammers, resulting in results beyond what would be possible without their automated assistance of Kicksta’s liking method.

Quick Links:

The Raindrop team attributes this Instagram growth with Kicksta’s help:

“Our clients have seen the growth that drives sales and allows their users to feel connected with their brand. Instagram helps bring our client’s brands, products, and services to life.”

Thanks to Kicksta, Sally and the rest of the Raindrop team are able to do what they do best: dedicated their energy and marketing expertise to support the client while they let kicksta do the tedious task of growing their engagement and attracting new followers.

“I no longer have to spend hours upon hours trying to gain followers. Kicksta has helped me do that!” Sally shares.

FAQ’s Related To Kicksta

Is It Actually Safe and Effective?

Yes its safe to use Kicksta but if you feel instagram flagging your account you should stop using it.

Will Kicksta get you banned?

Kicksta helps you get more REAL followers on Instagram and they target the people on basis of interest.

Does Kicksta offer any sort of guarantee?

Yes they do offer 14 money back guarantee. You can contact Kicksta support and they will help you get refund.

Will Kicksta work for my industry?

Yes it will work because their process is same for every niche. As long as many brands are there on Instagram so Kicksta will work for you easily.

How many followers should I expect by using Kicksta?

Kicksta dont offer any guarantee for the number of followers or like, as each account is different and results may vary. You need to keep posting consistently high quality in order to have engagement.

Can I grow 100 Instagram followers easily?

You can if your niche is trending and people like to follow your account, it all depends on high quality of content you are posting on your Instagram account.

Can I cancel my Kicksta account at any time?

Yes you can cancel Kicksta account. Kicksta is very transparent in their terms and conditions.

Does Kicksta offers any discount coupons ?

Kicksta offers discount on their plans and you can save upto 60% if you go for their premium plans.

Can I Get 1000 followers on Instagram easily ?

You can get 1000 followers on Instagram with Kicksta as this tool help to find targeted people looking for your brand page on instagram. Complete your BIO. There are two parts what you can take advantage of when you create your profile: Connect to your friends. Follow people who you know. Look for your audience. Communication is the key. Post the content interesting to your audience. Be consistent. Start a conversation with your audience. Use the right hashtags.

Conclusion: Kicksta Review With Kicksta Discount Coupon 2020 | Should You Go For It?

Kicksta’s clients and stellar track record prove it to be one of the most successful tools for organic growth on Instagram. Brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs alike all stand to benefit from Kicksta efforts in growing their following on Instagram. After looking at all the features, filters, and statistics from real Kicksta clients, it’s clear to see that this Instagram growth tool is a legitimate way to boost your efforts on the social media platform. I hope you like our Kicksta review please share your thoughts if you have used Kicksta in the past.

Want to try Kicksta for yourself? Try it today to choose the perfect plan for you.

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