Top 24 Insurance Affiliate Programs 2024: Which Affiliate Program Is The Best?

In this post, we will provide the list of Top 24 Insurance Affiliate Programs 2024, lets get started!

Let’s dive into the world of Insurance Affiliate Programs.

Imagine you’re telling your friends about this great insurance deal you found. Now, picture getting paid just for sharing that info! That’s what these programs are all about.

Companies that sell insurance offer a special deal: if you help them find new customers by sharing links to their insurance products, they’ll give you a reward, like money or other cool benefits. It’s like being a matchmaker between people looking for insurance and the companies that offer it.

And the best part? You don’t have to be a sales expert. You just share what you know and earn something extra. So, if you’re interested in making a little side money while helping others find great insurance deals, you’re in the right spot.

Let’s explore how these programs work and how you can get started.

This article is intended for them if they want simple and plain advice.

Why Are Insurance Affiliates Popular?

 Like the insurance industry, its affiliate programs are gaining immense popularity for a good reason. Unlike other niches, this sector offers a great deal of financial opportunity.

How wealthy can one get by advertising an insurance company? The answer is many. Even if you enroll in a little insurance affiliate network, you may earn a respectable amount of money.

Other elements have contributed to this affiliate’s popularity and ability to generate income.

1. A Never-Ending Business:

The insurance industry is very unlikely ever to cease to exist. Even after you are finished selling insurance to your consumers, they will eventually need to renew their services.

If your viewers have faith in the businesses you recommend, they will likely choose them again when it comes time to renew their services. It indicates that you will have another opportunity to market the same service to the same consumer.

2. Chance to Work With Reputed Companies:

Various well-known firms let publishers advertise their services. While it helps them get more clients, it also increases your site’s visibility since you collaborate with prominent firms. It’s a win-win situation.

3. Huge Customer Base:

Regardless of your site’s topic, some readers will always be interested in insurance. Starting with health insurance and extending to auto and small business insurance, there is a need for everything that meets a wide variety of requirements.

By participating in an insurance affiliate program, you will be able to draw many prospective clients to your blog, who will buy a policy and adore your website for advertising it.

Top 24 Insurance Affiliate Programs 2024

Here is the list of Top 24 Insurance Affiliate Programs:


Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, everyone needs health insurance. And if the insurance is for their oral health, it will undoubtedly make them grin. Insurance affiliate program

Your audience may save 10 to 60 percent off the overall cost of their dental treatment by using DentalPlans’s exclusive offers. It allows consumers to locate the most significant dental insurance in their region.

You will get $ 50 for each sale you generate as an affiliate. Since health insurance is a huge industry, this is an excellent opportunity to earn money via your blog. Everyone desires insurance coverage, particularly for their dental health.

Commission: $ 40-$ 45

Cookie: 30 days

2. Coverwallet:

Every small company needs insurance, and Cover Wallet comes to aid in this regard. The organization enables business owners to get excellent plans from top insurance providers.

Coverwallet Insurance affiliate program

Cover Wallet is a trustworthy brand for most small company owners, as it embodies the spirit of the modern digital enterprise.

The company’s affiliate program is managed by CJ Affiliate and pays a $ 30 compensation for each legitimate quotation. If your blog provides material relating to business, this is the right option for you.

Commission: $ 30 for each valid quote

Cookie: 30 days

3. World Nomads:

World Nomads affiliate program

Due to its adaptable offerings, World Nomads is particularly well-liked among young travelers. Modern travelers demand intelligent alternatives and adaptability in their insurance coverage to enjoy their journey.

Whether you have a travel blog or an impressive Instagram account, this affiliate program might be an excellent opportunity. You will get a 10 percent commission suitable for the area in question.

Commission: 10 %

Cookie: 30 days

4. RoamRight:

Another excellent affiliate program in the travel market offers your viewers affordable insurance. Roamright provides exceptional insurance coverage for folks who love to travel the globe.

RoamRight Insurance affiliate program

The company’s coverage, backed by Arch Insurance Group, is intended to accommodate all types of travelers. It operates its affiliate program via ShareASale.

The program is beneficial for travel bloggers. With a 15 percent commission and a cookie lasting 365 days, you will earn substantial money with this affiliate program.

Commission: 15 %

Cookie: 365 days

5. Allianz Travel Insurance:

You administer a travel-related blog. This might be the ideal affiliate program for you to test out. Using cutting-edge technology, Allianz Travel Insurance provides its clients bespoke solutions for travel agencies, airlines, resorts, credit cards, etc.

Allianz Travel Insurance affiliate program

The company’s partnerships with a variety of well-known airlines, travel agencies, resorts, etc., enable it to provide answers for any travel-related issues. 

CJ Affiliate manages its affiliate program, which rewards up to $ 25 per eligible sale. In addition, you will have access to cross-device monitoring and promotional marketing materials.

Commission: up to $ 25

Cookie: 45 days

6. Hiscox Small Business Insurance:


Hiscox has made purchasing insurance simpler for small company owners. The firm provides a variety of insurance, including general liability, professional liability, business owners’ coverage, and cybersecurity.

It has started an affiliate program with CJ Affiliate, through which you may earn $ 25 for every completed quotation. Considering the 33 % conversion rate to sources, this is a very profitable scheme to join.

Commission: $ 25 per quote

Cookie: 7 days

7. Electric Insurance Company:


Electric Insurance Company was established in 1966 to accommodate General Electric workers seeking insurance coverage. Its premium insurance covers vehicles, houses, renters, and even condominiums.

While it was created to serve a specific population, it now offers its services to everyone. Electric Insurance’s affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction and pays up to $ 15 per lead to affiliate marketers.

You will also get incentives for the rise in monthly leads. In addition, as an affiliate, you will have access to reporting tools, trackers, text links, logos, banners for flawless marketing.

Commission: up to $ 15

Cookie: 45 days

8. PetFirst Insurance:

An excellent option for individuals who own a pet health website. Established in 2004, Petfirst provides pet owners with hassle-free insurance.

PetFirst Insurance affiliate program

The firm has already insured tens of thousands of cats and dogs, earning the confidence of pet owners throughout the United States.

Metlife, one of the major global insurance companies, has just purchased Petfirst. Its affiliate program may be joined via Flexoffers or Viglink.

Despite the relatively modest commission rate, there is a significant probability that you will generate substantial revenue via your blog, given the product’s popularity and rising demand.

Commission: 8 %

Cookie: 30 days

9. Esurance:


As an expert in vehicle insurance, Esurance provides clients with appropriate insurance prices and comparisons. The firm is a part of the Allstate family and is regarded as one of the best in its industry.

Esurance’s high conversion rate is due to its straightforward quotation procedure. You may join their affiliate program via CJ Affiliate and earn $ 10 to $ 13.33 for each quotation.

In addition to the commission, you will have access to its logos, banner, and text links to increase your marketing efforts.

Commission: $ 10 – $ 13.33

Cookie: 30 days

10. Liberty Mutual:

Liberty Mutual is the sixth biggest insurer in the world and an American firm. Since 1912, the organization has assisted individuals in protecting what they own, earn, construct, and value.

liberty mutual affiliate program

It offers homes, cars, general liability, and life insurance. As an associate, you will have access to a wide variety of items to market. In reality, the organization will design a service just for your target demographic.

While the commission rate seems relatively modest, beginning at $ 3 and up to $ 17 depending on the application type, the 120-day cookie length ensures you generate purchases.

Commission: $ 3-$ 17 depending on your application type

Cookie: 120 days

11. USAA Insurance:

If your expertise intersects with the military, then you should promote USAA. Since 1922, the firm has provided services to military personnel and their families.

USAA Insurance affiliate program

USAA offers aid and advice for raising a family, attaining financial independence, and preparing for retirement, among other things, via its extensive selection of car, home, health, and life insurance.

The affiliate program is administered in collaboration with Flexoffers and Commission Junction. Depending on the network you pick and the kind of application, your commission will range from $ 1 to $ 25 with a 30-day referral term.

While the commission initially seems relatively minor, it will increase if your performance is sufficient.

Commission: $ 1-$ 25 depending on your application type

Cookie: 30 days

12. eHealth Insurance:

eHealth is a leading online health insurance source firm in the United States. The organization offers exceptional help to individuals and families since it is affiliated with more than 180 well-known health insurance providers.

eHealthInsurance affiliate program

Its associate program allows you to partner with the award-winning organization regardless of whether your website focuses on small business, education, health, or insurance.

In addition, it offers a substantial commission dependent on your specialization.

This program’s 120-day cookie duration is among its most outstanding features.

This causes your audience to consider the policy and buy with assurance. Due to the company’s popularity, there is a probability that you may generate substantial revenue via your website.

Commission: $ 10-$ 75 based on your application type

Cookie: 120 days

13. Pawp:

If you’ve ever had a dog, you likely know that you would do everything to rescue your pet in an emergency. That is a normal response, but it comes at a steep price. Consider four figures or more.

Pawp affiliate program

Enter Pawp. It is an alternative to pet insurance in which there are no deductibles. Monthly subscription payments unlock a $ 3,000 emergency fund that may be accessed annually. The emergency visit is possible at any US veterinary practice.

It’s a one-of-a-kind service that might persuade many pet owners with its inexpensive monthly charge. You might get $ 60 for each monthly subscription in return for marketing it.

Our affiliate program is among the top three highest-paying ones on this list.

Commission: $ 5 – $ 30

Cookie: 30 days

14. SafetyWing:

SafetyWing is one of the most popular alternatives to World Nomads. SafetyWing is among the first organizations to provide insurance for full-time nomads instead of focusing on travel insurance. 

SafetyWing affiliate program

As an “Ambassador,” you may advertise Nomad Insurance and Remote Health Insurance at a 10 % discount.

Remote Health is a 12-month coverage that is paid out in monthly installments. So you may continue to earn each month that the individual you suggested stays covered (which they are contractually bound to do).

Commission: 10 %

Cookie: 365 days

15. Insurify:

Insurify is an insurance business that uses AI technology to streamline the acquisition of insurance. Insurify delivers tailored estimates from various insurers, allowing you to pick the plan that best meets your requirements.

Insurify affiliate program

Notably, the Insurify program prohibits the use of specific marketing channels. To guarantee compliance, you should read the small print before dealing with them.

With rewards ranging from $ 10 to $ 15 per lead, this is one of our list’s highest-paying affiliate insurance schemes.

Affiliates should look for additional relationship possibilities with Insurify as the brand expands since the firm secured a $ 100 million series B investment in 2021.

Commission: $ 10 to $ 15

Cookie: 30 days (Impact, CJ Affiliate)

16. Embrace:


Have a pet-owning target audience? The Embrace affiliate program may be an excellent match for your platform. As the only pet-specific insurance provider on our list, Embrace distinguishes out among its rivals.

The business was started in 2003 and is headquartered in Cleveland.

The services provided by Embrace include wellness programs and customized accident and sickness coverage. In exchange for a modest commission, affiliates may join up to advertise these services.

The company has also received substantial press recognition, featured in Forbes and PureWow, and has over 100,000 followers on social media.

When presenting your brand to your audience for the first time, these content marketing assets may assist in establishing its trust.

Comission: $ .160 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 day

17. Chubb:

Chubb is a worldwide property and casualty insurance service headquartered in the United States. Among other customers, they cover the commercial portfolios of significant corporations and high-net-worth individuals on the consumer side.

Chubb affiliate program

The Chubb affiliate program gives around a 5 % commission with a cookie window of seven days. Considering that the organization has locations in 54 countries, this might be a selling factor if you have a global clientele.

Their website promises to ensure sailboats and cargo ships for business and pleasure. This insurance affiliate program may be a suitable fit if your audience consists of corporate owners or people with a high net worth.

Commission: 5 % to 6 %

Cookie: 7 days

18. Ethos Life:

Ethos Life is an internet insurance provider headquartered in the fintech center of Austin, Texas.

It takes a customer-centric approach to life insurance, offering inexpensive, transparent services with a stress-free application procedure.

Ethos Life affiliate program

Ethos collected $ 200 million from investors in 2021 and was valued at $ 2 billion, with ambitious expansion plans for the following years.

Through their insurance affiliate program, content providers may collaborate with Ethos and earn up to $ 55 each sale. Since the purchasing procedure is so simple, you may not need a more extended cookie period to convert transactions.

Ethos is the best option if you’re searching for a modern, rapidly expanding financial firm that connects with younger audiences.

Commission: $ 20.00-$ 55.00 marketing lead

Cookie: 7 days

19. Fabric:

Fabric is a digital insurance platform in the United States that aims to improve parental planning. Their offerings include online wills, family financial planning, and life insurance.


Western & Southern Financial Group purchased the firm in January of 2022, which signals ambitious digital development ambitions.

The Fabric affiliate program offers a hefty reward of $ 80 to $ 100 on purchases or 64 % on premium plans. Fabric insurance premiums vary from $ 14 to $ 41 per month for coverage between $ 250K and $ 500K.

Affiliates should consider this when joining up since cookie length might vary from one day to thirty days, depending on the platform.

Comission: $ 80 to $ 100 per sale

Cookie: 30 days (Impact)

20. Bestow:

 Bestow is a fintech life insurance firm formed in 2016 in the United States. They simplify the process of acquiring life insurance by eliminating intrusive medical examinations.

Bestow affiliate program

Bestow insurance products cover between $ 50,000 and $ 1.5 million, with periods ranging from 10 to 30 years, and are accessible to anybody between the ages of 18 and 60.

In 2021, the firm bought Centurion Life Insurance, signaling expansion aspirations.

The company has also invested substantially in user experience, sleek design, and a user-friendly website.

Up to $ 40 per lead is offered as a fixed compensation rate via the Bestow affiliate program. It is explicitly promoted to new parents, newlyweds, homeowners, and entrepreneurs.

Consider Bestow if your US audience is interested in hassle-free life insurance.

Commission: $ 25 to $ 40

Cookie: 30 days

21. Cover-More:

Cover-More is an Australian supplier of travel insurance. Their insurance policies include international and domestic travel, skiing and snowboarding, and riding a motorbike or moped.

Cover-More affiliate program

Their affiliate marketing program gives between 6.4 % and 10 % commission on all policies sold within 30 days.

As global travel evolves, the travel insurance industry presents tremendous marketing potential. This is because travelers are more cautious about ensuring they are adequately covered.

As a reaction to the epidemic, Cover-More has updated its offers to include an app that provides access to emergency help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which might be an excellent selling feature.

Cover-affiliate More’s program might be a good fit if your audience consists of regular travelers from Australia or New Zealand.

Commission: 6.4 % to 10 %

Cookie: 30 days

22. Lemonade:

2015 saw the debut of New York-based fintech business Lemonade. They eliminated brokers to sell insurance online in as short as 90 seconds. Customers may sign up for house, auto, pet, and life insurance with a few clicks.

Lemonade affiliate program

The Lemonade insurance affiliate program provides compensation rewards depending on the kind of insurance purchased. Affiliates are given a 30-day cookie window to convert sign-ups, and rates start at about $ 15 per lead produced.

Lemonade offers several marketing options as a disruptive fintech brand in the insurance industry. Millennials are notoriously fond of ease of use, and Lemonade lays out the red carpet in this regard.

Commission: $ 15 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days (Awin, AdmitAd)

23. Gerber Life Insurance:


Why would a life insurance company’s logo include an infant? Good question.

This is because Gerber began as a baby food business in 1927. In the 1960s, they expanded to produce infant bottles and toys, and in 1967 the Gerber Life Insurance Company was established.

Since then, they have offered life insurance packages for adults and children and college savings schemes. Therefore, there is an opportunity to market this product to various demographics.

This affiliate program for insurance claims to have a very high conversion rate, which makes sense given how well-known its brand is.

Regarding income, the introductory commission rate for affiliates is $ 25 per referral. This indicates the possibility for a more considerable compensation per sale if you can deliver them a large volume of quality visitors.

Commission: $ 25 per sale

Cookie: 24 hour

24. Gabi Personal Insurance:

Once you’ve had house or vehicle insurance for a few years, you know how simple it is to be taken advantage of.

I’ve saved hundreds of euros on my homeowner’s insurance by abandoning the “bargain” my mortgage broker arranged.

Gabi Personal Insurance affiliate program

Gabi is available to assist your guests in locating the appropriate insurance policy for their requirements.

Simply upload the information of their existing policy, and Gabi will locate a better offer, which they may purchase straight via the Gabi service. The procedure takes only minutes and may save the typical client over $ 800 annually.

So, let’s examine their affiliate offers and payment methods. Affiliates get a fixed rate of $ 5 for each lead, while the average commission per sale is $ 13.

Which would indicate that clients purchase several insurances or that you get credit for backend upsells. Despite this, their EPC speaks words.

Commission: $ 5 per lead

Cookie: 90 days


👍What is an Insurance Affiliate Program?

An insurance affiliate program is a partnership where an affiliate (you) promotes the insurance products or services of a company (the insurer) in exchange for commissions.

❓How do Insurance Affiliate Programs work?

When you join an insurance affiliate program, you're given a unique URL or affiliate link that tracks the referrals you send to the insurance company. You can promote this link via your website, blog, social media, or email newsletters. If someone clicks on your link and takes a specific action, you earn a commission.

🤷‍♀️Who can join an Insurance Affiliate Program?

Insurance affiliate programs are open to a wide range of participants, including bloggers, content creators, influencers, and website owners who have content related to insurance, finance, or similar topics. It's important that you have an engaged audience that would be interested in insurance products.

👀 How much can I earn with an Insurance Affiliate Program?

Earnings from insurance affiliate programs vary widely based on the commission structure, the types of insurance products sold, and the volume of traffic and leads you can generate.

👉Can I join multiple Insurance Affiliate Programs?

Yes, you can join multiple programs to diversify your income streams. However, ensure that you can manage the promotional efforts effectively and that the products you're promoting are relevant to your audience and do not conflict with each other.

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Conclusion: Insurance Affiliate Programs 2024

Insurance is a rapidly expanding business that continues to grow exponentially. Due to the resiliency of the financial strength involved in insurance affiliate programs, they also draw a sizable audience.

Even for tiny enterprises, there are affiliate programs with generous pay. Due to the rising need for insurance, a new category of these products emerges daily.

However, every element hinges on your choice of an affiliate program. For the selecting phase, it is essential to understand the chosen niche and affiliate program.

No restrictions exist on who may participate in the insurance affiliate market, whether a novice or an expert; anyone can join the program. If you use the tactics above, you can become one of the most effective affiliate program marketers.

The affiliate program market is enormous and continues to grow. Since the market for affiliate programs is changing, there is no precise time to join.

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