Kyvio Review 2023 Is It Worth It? Discount Upto $291)

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Ease of Use
Membership Builder
Funnel ufeffBuilder


  • Ѕaving your timе and monеy
  • Help & Guidance
  • 100% free trial
  • Have a secured area for your members
  • Create landing pages and sales funnels
  • Collect leads and send email campaigns
  • Manage your affiliate network
  • maintain a relationship with your customers and follow up
  • Drag and drop funnel builder with over 200 ready pages for INSTANT setup and results.
  • Kyvio helps businesses reach the next level


  • Extremely rough around the edges
  • Very clunky interface For Beginners Use

Kyvio makes best landing pages, member sites, secure sales funnels, leads generation through email marketing, and branch office management.

Price:$ 197

Are you looking for an honest and trustworthy Kyvio Review 2023? Great! you landed the right post.

As an online marketing specialist, I’ve known for years the problem of buying a lot of different software and tools to successfully manage a website or business.

I myself spent a lot of money on different tools to keep my blog and other websites running all the time.

When you buy a domain, you need hosting, a website, SSL, WordPress, premium add-ons, email marketing software and more.

This little picture says a lot about the turbulence that has to occur to start a website.Most people give up their projects because they can not have everything under one roof.In the end, they’ll spend their entire budget buying all these tools even before their business starts in this world.I personally think there should be a platform where you can manage everything in a perfect location.

In my opinion, Kyvio Review comes into play here.

Bottom Line: Kyvio is an online platform where you can sell your products, memberships, and services. It has featurs like funnel building, affiliate program, membership sites, and also has its autoresponder. It is a complete marketing solution for online marketers. Start with Kyvio today and save upto $291 on yearly plans.

Kyvio Discount Coupon Code  (Lifetime Offer Not Currently being offered by Kyvio)

Save upto 291$ on Yearly Plans 

kyvio lifetime discount plans

Detailed About: Kyvio Review 2023 Is It Worth It Or Not? (Discount Upto $300)

Did you know anything about Instasuite before you talked about Kyvio? Instasuite is a 6 in a tool. These include applications such as the creator of affiliate websites, email marketing software, the creator of marketing pages and a number of other applications.

The reason why I mentioned Instasuite is that Kyvio is the new version of Instasuite. Instasuite was developed by Suzanna Theresia in 2016 and then sold to Neil Napier and Steven van der Peijl.

Kyvio Review - info

Once they got it, they developed it into a more powerful toolbox with 5 outstanding applications and an application that was added as soon as possible.

In conclusion, Kyvio is an all-in-one marketing platform that lets you sell all sorts of digital products. It comes with its own funnel maker, a member page and an email marketing solution.

This software contains 5 main modules, namely: Smart Funnel, Smart Products, Smart Subscription Sites, Smart Mail, and Smart Affiliates.

Kyvio creator

It was Neil Napier who developed Kyvio. I think you already know this name, so I do not have to say too much about it. Even if we do talk about it, it’s about high-quality products.

So far, he has produced hundreds of high-quality physical products. Some of them are WP Storm Niche, FB Business Finder, Viral Social Assistant, and Social Ad Maker.

Excellent features and benefits of Kyvio.


Veronica made $120,000 with her courses and rented an office in downtown Milan, Italy

Veronica Benini built up her career as an influencer – helping women business owners find their voice in the online world.

Before Veronica start using Kyvio, she had been running her business from her kitchen. Every day, she would be joined by 2 assistants who would sit around in a cramped kitchen space working to record videos on a phone.

Veronica now sells in both Italian and Latin American/Spanish speaking markets. Since using Kyvio, she has been able to generate over 100,000 euros (approximately $120,000). She is able to focus on sales and marketing because Kyvio gives her the setup power she needs in her business.

Recently, Veronica deposited $40,000 for a 1-year lease on an office in downtown Milan, alongside the Gucci and Versache showrooms. No more phone-recorded videos. With the help of Kyvio, Veronica has gone professional!

Let’s see what the creators put in 5 applications: Kyvio Review

Smart funnel

This helper application helps to create pages and marketing channels. You can create all desired distribution channels with just a few clicks.

Contains more than 50 custom templates to choose from. These channel templates include sales pages, thank you pages, inclusion pages, webinars, and additional sales pages.

I think the creation of this channel is similar to Convertri, InstaBuilder 2.0 and Revamply.

In addition, some features are added, such as:

  • It works very well on mobile devices
  • It contains a conversion tool
  • Countdown
  • A / B inspection
  • The window opens
  • Notification bar
  • Easy to customize code
  • Monitor link

Kyvio Review - More details on your Smart Automations

Smart product

With this application, you can build powerful products to increase sales. In addition, it will be integrated into the payment page to save you time.

A smart page for members

You can manage members with roles in this application:

  • Automatic or manual member management.
  • Just adjust the theme
  • Create an instant page
  • Just customise the message
  • Integrated automatic response
  • Integration with the most important purchasing platforms.

Smart card

With this email marketing application, you can track customers right in your sales channel. You can send or connect to messages without support tools. Everything is automatically integrated for you.

Smart address

This is the automatic link application that will earn you the highest commission. By connecting to many high-performance platforms on the market, many sources can be used.

Main features of Kyvio Review

Kyvio makes best landing pages, member sites, secure sales funnels, leads generation through email marketing, and branch office management.

Kyvio Review - feature

Kyvio offers the following main features:

1. Smart funnel

When you need to create your own sales funnel, you have to deal with complex code and not everyone has programming skills.

To get rid of the programming, you may need to buy WordPress plug-ins by spending extra dollars out of your pocket.

This gets even more problematic when your budget is tight.
Users sometimes want pages outside their main site to manage the different product groups in their organisation.
Even if they want to start making sales funnels, they can not do so because of the complexity and cost.

Drag and Drop Builder

Kyvio is an easy-to-use channel creator that lets you easily customise your pages by dragging and dropping items anywhere.

The best part is that you can quickly create sales funnels, even if you are not a programmer and have no technical skills.

You have a team of dedicated designers who have created beautiful templates that you can quickly customize to meet the needs of your business.

Predefined templates

With more than 100 models made for you, you can create your sales funnel in virtually every imaginable niche.
Changing the brand and funnel design according to your brand is easy and straightforward.

The pages created here are appealing and suitable for all desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Kyvio Review - create automation

Integrate your custom HTML and CSS code to further customize the design of your model.
Use the funnel to create as many pages as you like and download them in HTML format.

Integrated add-ons

Smart Funnel Compilation includes pop-up windows, message bars, and other conversion tools that help you remove other premium WordPress plug-ins that you need to pay more with other platforms.

Exchange test and conversion tracking

Other features include the integrated optimization of split tests.
The A / B department is testing different variants of their funnels and their member pages and optimizing their conversions.

2. Smart Memberships

When creating a member page or online course, you should be very careful with all the details, such as setting up a homepage, resetting passwords, updating emails, updates, autoresponders, and so on.

In most cases, as a site owner, you do not always know the technical issues that underlie in these features.
In the end, you may need to hire a team of programmers to complete these tasks, which will eventually be added to your budget.

Kyvio Review - compares

Kyvio offers a simple and modular membership configuration.

Drain the contents

With drip food content that may expire depending on the given date. This feature is very useful if you want to create an online course.

Answering machine

Password reset, automatic greeting, and other tracking emails are pre-configured in the UI.
Once your customers have purchased your products or registered on the site, they can automatically be added to autoresponders and future webinars.

Safe area

Your customers have a fully automated security area where they receive the product.
You have full control over the activities of all members and can even manually create user accounts.

Unlimited membership pages

Create any number of member pages and modules for each member.
From the Theme Gallery, choose any theme for your membership site and customise the look and feel of your membership site.
You can configure different price levels and offer discounts, coupons or even a free product to your customers.

3. Smart Mailer

After working for years in online marketing, I know how important it is to set up an email marketing solution for our company.

With the power of e-mail marketing, you can not only inform your current customers about your products but also repeat the sales of existing customers.
They are your loyal buyers who trust and believe you.

Kyvio Review - domain mapping

E-mail marketing costs extra money

If you host your website with a web hosting provider, you need to purchase an email marketing solution on other platforms such as GetResponse or Aweber.
It costs you extra money every month!

To improve your services, you sometimes need comments from your customers to find out what works and what does not.

Not all e-mail marketing platforms offer this opportunity to collect comments from their subscribers.

Manage your subscribers

With Kyvio’s intelligent email marketing solution, you can generate leads and email them regularly.

This will save you money each month as you do not have to pay for e-mail automation software every month.
Remind users by sending another email if they did not open or click their emails.

Kyvio Review - listing

Setting up your favourite e-mail client with Kyvio is easy as you can connect your own SMTP and e-mail addresses as often as you like.

Download contacts

Not only can you gather new contacts directly from the platform, but you can also download an unlimited number of subscriber lists and send emails.


With Kyvio’s detailed messaging statistics, you can track the performance of all your campaigns.

Graphical reports give you clear images of opening rates, click-through rates and more for the emails you send to your subscribers.

Quickly analyse each campaign with detailed reports and improve them to increase opening rates and clicks.

Hygiene list

Keep your lists clean by blocking spam, unwanted contacts and broken domains.


Kyvio has a smart integrated electronic marketing solution that enables segmentation and automation.

Check contacts in the database that have behaved in a certain way and automatically assign some tasks.
Once the contact has been added to the new list, it is automatically deleted from the other lists.

In addition, integrating Kyvio into popular autoresponder platforms such as MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber, etc. is easy if you do not want to use an integrated email marketing software.

Kyvio Review - pricing

4. Smart affiliate

Reduce your costs, rather than paying a lot for advertising, as Kyvio offers the opportunity to recruit partners who can do all the promotions for you.
Expand your partner network with Kyvio as the number of partners you can have in your system is unlimited.
It has the full power to manage its partners and payments through its self-managed Affiliate Control Panel.

2-stage affiliate program

Not only make commissions for your own sales, but also for your sub-partners, as you can create a 2-level affiliate program.

Affiliate link tracking

Use the affiliate tracking system to find out where the traffic came from.
Follow your referral link and find out where your traffic comes from.

Affiliate promotional tools

Download all of your advertising tools, including banners and email scans to share with your partners.

Kyvio test: module for creating intelligent pages/funnels

When I came from WordPress, I realised that Kyvio Page Builder had the impression of going through an episode of Back to the Future. The blocks seem to be outdated, while some elements do not work.

In comparison, ClickFunnels offer much better articles and a range of paid and free templates. When you work with WordPress, Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro, and Thrive Architect does a great job.

To return to the Smart Funnels module from Kyvio, there is also this thing that makes no sense. Although we have the ability to have ascended and descending sales, the number of ascending and descending sales of these sales is not automatically linked.

Kyvio Vs Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages Vs Teachable Vs Thinkfic Vs Kartra Vs Kajabi

Kyvio vs clickfunnels

Kyvio Vs Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages Vs Teachable Vs Thinkfic Vs Kartra Vs Kajabi

Kyvio Vs Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages Vs Teachable Vs Thinkfic Vs Kartra Vs Kajabi


Kyvio Review: Membership module

In WordPress, membership add-ons such as MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro are generally used to provide courses/content that mayKyvio Review - member ship not link to e-commerce stores such as WooCommerce.

In terms of members, Kyvio is pretty solid, if not spectacular. We have the obligatory ability to drip food content.

This means you do not have to worry about students signing up as members, downloading everything and leaving in just a few hours.

Another advantage of Kyvio is the ability to have multiple members at the same time.

This means that you can sell several courses on your Kyvio site. This is a powerful feature that will help grow your business.

After saying good things about the Kyvio Membership Module, they have many weaknesses compared to Restricting Content Pro and MemberPress.

On the one hand, it is not possible to allocate pro-rata rates when customers update. At the moment your customers have to cancel their subscription and then subscribe to a higher / lower level subscription again.

Nor is there an easy way to sell subscription products without going through their sales funnels. As such, it can be cumbersome, especially if you just want to create something and create a link through your WordPress pages.

Discount codes and discounts are not yet ready at the time of writing. You can not give discounts on normal prices to your readers, friends, and relatives.

How does Kyvio work? Do you need to use Kyvio for your needs or should you stay away from Kyvio?

How to use it?

This tool works just fine. It was designed to work with beginners. In addition, a video tutorial will be provided to fully utilise all the features of these applications.

Kyvio Review - Clear details on your list analytics

Who should use it?

This tool is excellent software if you want to start an online business. I will recommend this product very much if you are in to following:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online business
  • Product developer
  • Product advertising
  • Owners of large companies.
  • And more …

ClickFunnels against Kyvio

This is the most common question asked by customers who want to buy Kyvio

It’s obvious every time a new vendor suggests creating the “sales funnel” to compare with ClickFunnels.

And why not, the ClickFunnels is the industry leader in creating powerful and profitable sales funnels.

Kyvio is robust compared to ClickFunnels but has a lot of potentials.

ClickFunnels is much more expensive than Kyvio. The Full Suite rate starts at $ 297 per month.

You can take full advantage of ClickFunnels only with Actionetics and Backpack, which are included in the full plan of the suite, as the $ 97 / month startup plan has many limitations.

In my opinion, the Kyvio Business and Pro plans are better than the Clickfunnels Start Plan, at $ 97 per month, but I think ClickFunnels has an advantage in terms of Actionetics and Backpack.

Kyvio Review 2023 (Pros and Cons)


  • The application works evenly.
  • Extremely automatic operation
  • Integration into the shopping cart
  • Control 5 applications in a single panel
  • Enter other websites with just a few clicks.
  • Access for members


  • No problem.

Kyvio Review 2023 | Price and rating

What do you think if I tell you that you only spend $ 1 to try this product in 14 days? That is absolutely right.
After you have decided to buy this software, you have the option to choose between 3 options.

Kyvio Review - pricing

Option 1: Baseline – Cost $ 49 / month
Option 2: Business Plan – at a cost of 197 USD / month
Option 3 – successor or pro – costs 197 USD / month

In addition, you can choose a single payment method for $ 297.
Note: Suppliers adjust their prices at any time. Therefore, go to Kyvio Review for more information.

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Conclusion: Is Kyvio Platform Worth Money? Kyvio Review ( Kyvio Discount Coupon Save $291)

kyvio reviews

With Kyvio, you do not have to use a large amount of software at the same time to enter the business market. I rate Kyvio on Pair with ClickFunnels or even more.

Kyvio is lower in price compared to the funnels available on the market today. However, this price will change every day. If you like this product, you need to trade as fast as possible to get the lowest price.

I hope you make the best decision for yourself.

In my opinion, I have shared everything I know about Kyvio software. I hope the Kyvio Review information is useful to you.

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