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You don’t only blog for the joy of writing. Although you love writing, you created a blog because you want to make money.

There are a million ways bloggers can profit from their site. Sell ad space, become an affiliate for someone else’s product, or sell your own stuff. There is no one “right” way to make money from your blog.

With the evolution of self-publishing, lots of bloggers have created eBooks from their most popular posts and sell it direct, sell it on Amazon, or both. Creating a digital product like an eBook isn’t hard, and it’s a great way to create a new profit stream. But it’s not the only digital product you can sell.


Bloggers are now selling a huge variety of digital products, including ultimate guides, checklists, manifestos, tutorials and more. Here’s a few examples to show you the limitless possibilities of digital products.

How to sell digital downloads with PayPal – sell ebook, sell music, sell audio tracks and sell video

For Hobby Bloggers: Recipes & Patterns

Food and crafts are two incredibly popular blogging niches. Hobby bloggers have some of the most dedicated followers, as they share their latest how-to’s. Although hobby bloggers could put together an eBook of their recipes or patterns, the can also sell them as single downloads or seasonal bundles.

Ann Reardon, from How to Cook That, sells her unique recipes directly from her blog. She sells single recipes, like this Minecraft cake, plus she bundles them into categories. Ann uses a Selz plugin, which handles the hosting, sales transaction and downloading process for each sale. Selz is a great option for bloggers, as it’s easily integrated with WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr sites.

For Health & Fitness Bloggers: Checklists & Videos

We all know that the health and fitness industry is worth billions. Every year millions of people commit to thousands of different diets and exercise fads. Along with a wide variety of equipment and DVD’s, consumers crave any product that will help them become healthier. And that gives bloggers a lot of choices when it comes to selling digital products.

Diet cookbooks and fitness plans are two easy choices for health and fitness bloggers. But you can also create unique checklists as a PDF download. Health blogger Jess Sepal, from JS Health, sells different fitness plans, guides and also a shopping list using a Selz app.

The fitness blog, Skinny Ms., bundles together a few different digital products into one comprehensive plan. They use DPD, an easy digital publishing platform, to handle the hosting and sales transaction for all their products. The idea is to bundle multiple digital products into one huge guide or plan. This is perfect for the health and fitness enthusiasts, as you can create both workout and nutrition products.

For Business Bloggers: Courses & Tutorials

The business industry is incredibly huge. It’s not just “business”, but anything to do with marketing, branding, content creation, freelancing, sales, eCommerce, etc. Plus every industry has it’s own unique style of business, which includes online and off. So the possibilities for digital products are amazing.

Melissa Cassera, from Cassera Communications, sells a couple of different online learning options including a self-paced course called The Swirl Effect. Melissa uses Send Owl, with a checkout through PayPal, to sell her online course. This type of digital download is extremely popular, as it’s a “helping” product. It’s a product that focuses on teaching students how to fix a problem, overcome an obstacle, or learn a new skill.

You’re Only Limited by Your Imagination

Don’t limit your options when it comes to creating a profitable product for your blog. eBooks are great, but they’re not the only digital product out there. You can create ultimate guides, plans, checklists, tutorials, videos and online courses to fit your audience.

Create something new or interesting. Something that your audience will love enough to pay for. You already give away a lot on your blog, so save something special for your digital product. With the right product, you can keep doing what you love and turn a profit from your blog.

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