LaunchCDN Review 2020: Good or Bad PBN Hosting (Pros & Cons)

LaunchCDN Review
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PBN Hosting




  • No server footprints
  • WordPress or Static HTML
  • Email Forwarding
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Easy Domain Deploying
  • Excellent Dashboard
  • Multiple CDNs to choose from


  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Offers only Single Plan

LaunchCDN is the most recommended PBN hosting provider in most SEO groups. It’s the most scalable solution to host your PBNs safely without footprints.

In this post, we have featured LaunchCDN Review 2020 that includes detailed insights about its pricing, features and more. Let’s get started here.

LaunchCDN Review 2020: Is It Worth The Hype?

How does LaunchCDN help with PBN Hosting?

One of the main problems people have with hosting all of their PBN sites is that they have to find individual hosting for each of them. This can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money, a much simpler solution is using LaunchCDN.

LaunchCDN Review- A Reliable CDN Provider

LaunchCDN hosts all of your websites on the most popular CDN providers, so there is no footprint. Your websites will be hosted on CDNs including Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, LeaseWeb,, Stackpath, BunnyCDN, and Verizon Edgecast. These CDNs host most of the world’s websites, so your PBN will never be flagged as being on a suspicious host.

LaunchCDN makes the whole process very easy at a very affordable price, it’s a no brainer.

What are the main features of LaunchCDN?

  • Multiple CDNs to choose from

You can choose which CDN you want to deploy your PBN on. There are 7 CDNs to choose from, you can put them all on one or mix it up.

LaunchCDN Review- Multiple Servers

  • No server footprints

The servers are set up so there are no footprints, they use popular and unique Name Servers, IP addresses, SOA records and MX records.

  • WordPress or Static HTML

On LaunchCDN you can either deploy a WordPress or Static HTML website. In 2018 it was found that 30% of websites are WordPress. This means that if you exclusively use WordPress and Static HTML websites you won’t have any issues in the ranking algorithm.

LaunchCDN Review- WordPress or Static HTML

  • Email Forwarding

LaunchCDN allows you to easily set up automatic email forwarding for your PBNs. This is something that most other services don’t provide and gives you much more control to make your PBNs look more like real websites. Often people have email addresses on their PBN sites that bounce, this can be a negative signal.

LaunchCDN Review- Email Forwarding

  • Free SSL Certificates

You can quickly choose whether you want https when setting up your domain. This is much more important in 2018 and 2019 since websites with SSL are looked upon much more fondly by Google. Any websites that are http are being slightly discredited by Google and this will only become more prevalent in future years.

LaunchCDN Review- Free SSL Certificates

  • 24/7 Support

Their support team is excellent and are online all the time, if you have any questions with your account then they’ll be there to help.

  •  Easy Domain Deploying

Adding a new domain is very easy, the form on the left is all you need to fill in to quickly deploy it. It will also auto generate a WordPress username and password for you or you can set your own. Once you’ve filled this out and clicked “Add Domain” it will deploy on the hosting. It will then give you NameServers to add to your registrar and easy as that it’s set up.

LaunchCDN Review- Easy Domain Deploying

  • Excellent Dashboard

The domain names have been hidden in the above screenshot for privacy but their service shows you a range of metrics including DA, TF and CF for each domain you have added. It also shows you what CDN it’s on and whether it’s HTTP or https. There are a number of other actions you can make to each of the domains you add including reinstalling WordPress and purging the CDN cache. You can also check our Hostwinds Detailed Review

LaunchCDN Review- Excellent Dashboard

LaunchCDN Pricing

This service has the cheapest price which is excellent considering how great the service is.

LaunchCDN Review- Pricing Plans

LaunchCDN’s pricing changes depending on how many domains you need which a large variety of options. For this price breakdown, we’ll pick just a few of the domain sizes.

  • 10 Domains – $27/month ($2.70 per domain)
  • 50 Domains – $98/month ($1.96 per domain)
  • 100 Domains – $190/month ($1.90 per domain)
  • 200 Domains – $359/month ($1.795 per domain)
  • 500 Domains – $859/month ($1.718 per domain)

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Final Comments: LaunchCDN Review Good or Bad PBN Hosting (Pros & Cons) 2020

Choosing a hosting for your PBNs is incredibly important, it can make or break how successful you can be. It’s vital that you choose a PBN hosting company that knows what they are doing, hosting your PBNs on CDNs is the most risk-free option. Many PBN Hosting providers claim that they are footprint-free” but in most case,s this isn’t true, almost every hosting setup has some form of a footprint, except for LaunchCDN. 

I hope you’ve gained some valuable information from this review and please share any of your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.



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    Launch cdn is the worst hosting company I have ever encountered! With more than 5000 sites online, the 150 i put with them cause me 100% of my headaches, downtime is terrible! Support is slow, often ignoured and seems to be lead by idiots that insult my intelligence failing to think I know anything about servers lol. They will kill your pbn efforts! Search engines not even possible to crawel the links like 80% of the time, they are the worst of the worst! Total scam, run by offshort corp in tax haven, scamming people is more what the do! Avoid at all costs or dont bother with pbn!

  2. Patrick

    LaunchCDN is crap. I signed up for the trial offer of 10 domain names. Then I did a reverse IP check on all the domain names hosted with them. 99% of the sites hosted on the same IPs were pharma, casino, and adult xxx PBNs. No thank you.


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