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Looking for a reliable and secure CDN service to handle your web traffic and which also gives the good performance compared to others? Try CDNsun, the best and most affordable CDN solution with amazing features. In this detailed post we will do CDNsun review.

CDN simply stands for Content Delivery Network which provides content to end users with availability and better performance. A Quality CDN solution is the key to high and fast performance of your server and offers a great user experience to the visitors visiting your website.

There are plenty of CDN companies on this market, including small players. CDN website optimization among all kind of businesses and steady growth of streaming. CDN services helps you deliver your website’s content in a much faster rate.

CDnsun review

There are over twenty noticeably big companies. CDNsun, one of the newcomers in the field and is performing very very well. Since their beginning, they have managed to implement 70+ points of presence in their network CDNsun is highly favored because of its efficiency and low price compared to others.

With their pay-per-use pricing, impressive PoPs locations, secure security features, and many more, this may be the one of the best CDN services to choose from as your website grows. With CDNsun, your content delivery, provide increased security.

CDNsun features

CDnsun review features

CDNsun comes with an array of features you can use. CDNsun has a total of 6 denominations that you can choose from, all making use of the pay-per-GB pricing model. CDNsun provides global video streaming and content delivery services, with a focus on software as well as delivery, live video and video on demand, and website acceleration services has to be on point. Talking of media, they support FLV, MP4, MOV and WMV formats.

All of the plans offers unlimited number of requests per website, with no recurring monthly fees to worry about. All of them also includes the basic standard features such as HTTP/2 protocol, which is an improved version of the previous aiming to deliver quality website performance. Transparent Pricing section, together with the rate per GB for each respective PoP assigned for a specific country.

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CDNsun Dashboard

CDnsun review features Dashboard CDnsun review features Dashboard CDnsun review features Dashboard

CDNsun pricing

CDnsun review features pricing structure

CDNsun pricing is totally transparent as well as shared on their website.

There are no monthly commitments and you simply pay for the amount of CDN bandwidth you use with totally no hidden charges.

They have structured their pricing depending upon which specific PoP location your visitors are accessing. With no minimum traffic required, the Business plan costs $0.045 per GB spent with a maximum of 10 websites registered. In case of Premium plans, the allowed websites to 30, while requiring 2 TB of traffic per month with a price tag of $0.043 per GB.

Note that the number of websites you’re allowed to accelerate with CDNsun increases with the more bandwidth you use . All of the plans offers unlimited number of requests per website according to your convenience, with no monthly fees. CDNsun pricing is totally transparent as well as shared on their website.

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  • More Than 70 Global PoPs- CDNsun has over 70 PoPs from various locations all over the globe means that your content can reach a visitor at a faster rate no matter where they may be located.
  • Pay-per-GB Pricing-Unlike some other CDN providers which impose a monthly fee regarding your data usage, CDNsun only charges for what you use.
  • Performance- Improves your website via their performance gain checker so as to you can compare between yours and theirs.
  • Multiple features-They do also support many important features such as HTTP/2, real-time stats, origin push / pull, etc.
  • Protection- CDNsun has complete DDoS protection that automatically stops some types of attacks.
  • Reliable- Do ensures that you aren’t charged high prices for bandwidth that you weren’t expecting.


15-Day Trial: CDNsun’s trial is for mere 15 days, which might not be a long enough time to perfectly come to know what this service can offer.

Automatic Account Upgrade-When your usage reaches the limit then your account will be automatically upgraded to a higher plan the moment that it does.

If you can look past these few cons, you will see just why CDNsun is one of the top small business CDN providers out there.


Overall, CDNsun has a fairly large network for being a relatively new competitor in the CDN market. CDNsun will help you reduce the distance between your content and end user through its distributed network of servers located at 70 different data centers. You can totally compare it with other content delivery network operators for your satisfaction.

All in all, if your website deals with high traffic, then you can use CDNsun to offer faster, reliable and highly efficient user experience to your end users and has very convenient Pay as You Use pricing model.

After the CDNsun review, I also found that this CDN solution offers a wide range of amazing features including website acceleration at highly reasonable and cheaper rates compared to its competitor’s networks. Checkout CDNsun now and be prepared to see the rise in both for your website and for your business!

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