LinksManagement Review 2018: How to Use It and Get High Quality Backlinks

Are you looking for something to manage the backlink of your blog?

For any website, Backlinks are its backbone. As we know, Google has its own algorithms to decide which blog, website or web-page should be ranked on the top of its search engine. Without the use of backlinks, none of the websites can top on Google even if they have great content or great design.

Backlink creation is among the essential criteria for the off-page SEO. Though the creation of backlinks for any blog is quite a lengthy process.

However, Google considers building backlinks for the websites as a spam. More is the number of people who link to your website and the more popular your website gets, organic links may take a long time to work.

Creating HQ links is a bit hectic. But most of you all wouldn’t be knowing that these links can be bought easily from authority blogs. One of them is Links management. Links Management work as the brokers between two parties like one of them will be the buyer (the advertiser) and the other one will be the owner of the website who will provide the link (the publisher).

They provide HQ links for a price as low as $0.39 per month and it is free to join and create an account on them.

Linksmanagement review features pricing seo

So today, I’ll be sharing an amazing product with you guys, perfect to maintain the backlink of your blog.

Overview of Linksmanagement Review

LinksManagement is a network, which is one of its kind, designed for SEO experts and bloggers. It helps the advertisers to find relevant PR4-PR10 contextual/HQ links, through which one can improve their website’s Google rankings. They provide smooth interface for tracking the results and seeing your reports.

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Linksmanagement review features

The current inventory of LinksManagement has more than 1 million websites. We all know very well that to get good quality, we need to pay more. In the same way, High PR backlinks will cost us more as compared to the Low PR backlinks.

Since Google is against buying links but LinksManagement says: “These links look completely natural to Google and stay live as long as you want”.

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LinksManagement Database

Linksmanagement tool features review

Following things are really essential for any advertiser/webmaster to look for before buying any link:

  1. PR Level
  • If the Page Rank is high, the link juice that is passes to your link is also high. Similarly, the link juice will be lower if the Page rank is low.
  1. OutBound Links
  • This shows us the number of outbound links from the referring pages. Less link juice will be passed on to us if the outbound links are high. So, it is recommended to go with lower OutBound links.
  1. Price
  • Different PR links will cost you differently. Higher PR links will be costlier than the lower ones as they provide high amounts of link juice than provided by the lower ones.
  1. PA and DA
  • These show us the strength of a domain and page of any webpage/website. It is recommended to go for high PA and DA stats.


LinksManagement Features

Linksmanagement SEO tools

Here I am going to list out some amazing features of LinksManagement that you surely are going to love as I loved them too.

  • SEO cost calculator
  • Everyone aspires to be on the top on Google for their target keywords. LinksManagement provides a FREE SEO calculator that is capable of giving a full idea of the further link building strategy.
  • 30-50% of the links are added within the content of the page, naturally placed in the articles or in the other relevant content. This is done to make the links that are acquired at LinksManagement look natural to Google and amazingly improve our website’s rankings on Google and other search engines.
  • 100% of the backlinks are placed manually at LinksManagement by the publishers on their websites. This also makes sure that all the link on the website/webpage look natural to Google or other search engines because no automatic script installation code will be used.
  • Heavily filtered link purchasing section
  • Through the heavily filter link purchasing section, one can sort their links in the terms of category, PA, region, outbound links, DA or keyword basis. One can sort their searched links according to the link price or page rank or scan the backlinks.
  • LinksManagement has used a unique technology of analyzing and filtering out the following websites in the inventory:
  • sites, deindexed by Google
  • sites, totally banned by Google
  • sites, link purchasing
  • bad neighborhood sites (sites, linking to other low quality sites)
  • link farms
  • low quality sites
  • sites, indexed by Google less than once a month
  • sites with duplicated content
  • sites that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • sites with more than 30 outbound links
  • or any other websites, considered as low quality by Google, our customers or us.


How LinksManagement Work

Links work as a vote for one’s website and search engines rank a website on the basis of its quality than the numbers of that votes.

It is time consuming to find a right, quality and a relevant backlink as we will be required to look for the websites that offer backlinks.

Then we have got to check the metric of them websites. After this the webmaster has to check if the site is genuine and many other factors should be taken care of.

Hence, to minimize this time consuming and hectic process, LinksManagement is that service which does all of this work on our behalf and therefore, makes the whole process easy.

It lets us select the backlinks of our choice from the provided dashboard.

The Links Management dashboard is highly equipped and gives us all the information that is relevant for finding a good quality backlink.

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Over to You : Why to use LinksManagement over other tools?

Linksmanagement review SEO tool

Links Management is unique because of their transparency. We will be paying only for the links that pass PageRank power to our blog and also those which help our blog’s SERP on Google.

 Check out how LinksMangement Works:


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