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      Everyone in this online world cannot ignore the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if he/she wants to flourish in the online world. It’s a fact that in today’s online era everyone is trying to get better Search Engine ranking than their competitors.

      The most basic and important task with the SEO is the creation and the checking of the backlinks. Here in this article, I have come up with best Backlinks Checker Tools that will definitely help you in determining the backlinks linking to your website.

      Most probably, you must be wondering why there is a need to check the backlinks for your site. That’s a good query, let us understand this. Let me start it from scratch.

      Here the most important thing you need to understand that backlinks will help you in getting better SEO rankings. The backlinks are created when any website links to any of your website’s page. Backlinks will help you in gaining a better ranking on SERPs and also it improves the page rank of your website or webpage.

      So these are the reasons you should need a Backlink Checker Software. With the backlinks, you will get better page ranking along with the keyword ranking.

      Basically, there are two types of Backlinks:

      • Dofollow Backlinks- These links allow all search engines to follow them and just reach our website along with link juice and backlinks. If a webmaster is somehow linking back with this link then both the Search Engine and the Humans will able to follow you up.
      • Nofollow Backlinks- Here Nofollow links do not allow search engines bots to follow that link. This will pass on the link juice if the website owner is linking back with the Nofollow attributes. Here only humans will only follow that links not the search engines bots.

      We should always concentrate on creating or gaining Dofollow backlinks. Now you have the idea that why you should create and check backlinks for your website. Let’s start with these Best Backlinks Checker Tools:

      List Of 14 Top Backlink Checker Tool 2020

      Backlink Checker ToolsOfficial Links
      1) SemrushCheck It Out Now
      2) AHrefsCheck It Out Now
      3) SecockpitCheck It Out Now
      4) Raven ToolsCheck It Out Now
      5) RankWatchCheck It Out Now
      6) WebCEOCheck It Out Now
      7) MajesticCheck It Out Now
      8) SpyFuCheck It Out Now
      9) Link-AssistantCheck It Out Now
      10) Rank SignalsCheck It Out Now
      11) ClearVoiceCheck It Out Now
      12) MozCheck It Out Now
      13) OpenLinkprofilerCheck It Out Now
      14) Backlink WatchCheck It Out Now

       1) Semrush

      Semrush- Backlinks Checker Tool - Best Backlinks Checker Tool

      Semrush is a highly powerful SEO tool. Semrush is not free too but, you can use its trial version for free. The best part about this tool is that it has an extensive database that will allow you to check the status of your web site’s backlinks, just in few seconds.

      Here with Semrush, you can compare your site’s links with your competitor’s links. Many top bloggers are using this amazing Backlinks Checker Tool.

      This tool will help you in developing your company’s advertising strategy along with the tracking of the direction of your business. It has 26 databases in about 25 counties and will monitor over 106 million keywords and 87 million domains.

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      • AdSense
      • Backlinks
      • Keyword Reseach
      • Position ranking
      • Organic Research
      • Crawl Audit tool
      • Domain-specific keyword ranking

      2) AHrefs

       Ahrefs- Backlinks Checker Tool - Best Backlinks Checker Tool

      This one is one of the Best Backlinks Checker Tools and basically, it is available as paid Backlink Auditor Tool. Just go nay try to register for the free account and here you will get the complete analysis of the Backlinks. It will also provide the anchor test analysis of your website.

      This will provide a detailed account of the backlinks coming to your site. It will also show you whether your site’s links are increasing or decreasing. This one is also used by many online marketers.


      • Backlink Checker
      • SERP Checker
      • Keyword Generator
      • Broken Link Checker
      • Keyword Difficulty
      • Rank Tracker

      3) Secockpit

      With Secockpit, you can now easily and efficiently discover the backlinks of your competitors. We all know that getting data insights of competitor backlinks is not that easy and we can not do it manually without tools. Here, however, you can use this tool to extract data backlinks from your competitors.

      SECockpit- Best Backlink Checker ToolsObtaining data from the backlinks of some competitors is good, but it is better to know the most valuable backlinks from the top 10 to 100 sites for a particular keyword. Now you can perform this task with the tool in a few seconds.

       SECockpit- Best Backlink Checker Tools

      This is exactly what Secockpit offers. With just a few clicks, this tool shows you the best backlinks options for specific keywords of your choice. Best of all, anyone can easily import this data into any format they want.


      • Just Search for backlinks instantly.
      • International Search Options for all countries and languages.
      • Top and unlimited backlink analysis data for you.
      • Find the most valuable backlinks in seconds hassle-free

      4) Raven Tools

      Raven Tool- Backlinks Checker Tool - Best Backlinks Checker Tool

      Basically, this one is the most powerful online marketing platforms along with the numerous SEO tools. It has built-in can also do -in powerful Backlink Checker Tool with this you can do a comprehensive Backlink analysis. You can even the risk free14 days trail to make sure it suits you or not.

      Here with this tool, you can easily detect the actual increase and decrease in the number backlinks directed to your website. The best to consider about this Back Link Checker Tool is they provide a detailed report about your website Backlink analysis.


      • Site Audits
      • Create white-label reports
      • Analyze Organic Performance
      • Automated Marketing Reports
      • Identify Potential Backlink Source


      5) RankWatch

      RankWatch is one of the best and reliable SEO Tool that provides a complete and detailed description of all aspects of digital and Internet marketing used by an online business. Consider the positioning, visibility and search capacity of a website in search engines as one of the main aspects of online marketing.

      RankWatch- Best Backlink Checker Tool

      This tool is basically developed with an elegant and easy-to-use user interface, RankWatch offers reliable tools that you can use for digital marketing campaigns, providing them with a detailed analysis of their website, URLs, backlinks, keywords and other SEO elements.

      Basically, the goal of this online marketing software is to help users get as much data as possible about the SEO aspects of their online marketing campaigns and get better results from it.

      RankWatch- Best Backlinks Checker ToolsThis tool works incredibly for backlinks analysis of your competitors and you can use this tool to scrape data of your competitor’s backlinks. In RankWatch, the backlinks are calculated in seconds and are shown with several parameters, as well.  Like they will see the parameters like Recently added, the most used links to the main link domains.


      • Deep link report
      • Wide site vs. Non-Site Wide
      • Do Follow vs No Follow
      • Image against text
      • TLD distribution
      • The Strongest Page
      • Competitors Analysis
      • Website Analyzer
      • Email Alerts
      • Keyword Archive
      • Keyword Suggestions
      • Integrate with Google Analytics
      • Backlinks
      • CEO Dashboard

      6) WebCEO

      WebCEO is a cloud-based SEO platform with 15 professional SEO and marketing tools. The WebCEO feature includes a keyword search tool, a ranking tracking tool, SEO Audit, a linker, and web analytics and social media modules. WebCEO’s affordable packages are ideal for internal SEO teams and digital agencies as well.

      WebCEO- Best Backlinks Checker Tools

      This is one of the best and reliable backlinks checker tools to make sure they are powerful, relevant, diverse and suitable for hummingbirds. Just take a look at the toxic links that can penalize Google Penguin and replace the backlinks as quickly as possible with the help of backlinks checker tools.

      With the white label domain function of WebCEO, users can set up their own domain where SEO tools are hosted with their own logo, header, footer, and custom design and that’s quite impressive.

      WebCEO- Best Backlink Checker Tools And the best part is that your colleagues and clients can participate in projects and collaborate or use SEO tools for their own projects hassle-free.  You can even set restrictions right for anyone who connects to your domain and allows them just limited access. With a white label domain, you can also publish your SEO reports. Your clients can log in with reading rights and see the SEO reports themselves without putting any efforts.

      Key Features:

      • Unlimited Keyword Suggestions
      • Keyword Basket with tags
      • Rank Tracking
      • Local Rank checks
      • Technical Audit
      • SEO Analysis
      • Site Structure Optimization
      • Landing Page Analysis
      • Daily scanning on demand
      • Multi-user logins simultaneously
      • Backlink Quality Check

      7) Majestic

       Majestic- Backlinks Checker Tools - Best Backlinks Checker Tool

      Here Majestic SEO will provide you all the data you need to know about Backlink Analysis. This is the paid Backlink Checker Tool, but you can just use the free account facility just for accessing the Backlinks information. It will be helpful for SEO professional, Media Analyst along with the Developers,

      It comes with loaded powerful SEO Tools like Backlink History Checker, Site Explorer and many more. The link checker software you will be getting here is top-notch. All the backlinks, subdomains and URLs will be detected by its web robots.


      • Bulk Backlink Checker
      • URL Submitter
      • Site Explorer
      • Keyword Checker
      • Rank Tracker

      8) SpyFu

      SpyFu is a cloud-hosted system focused on search marketing. Therefore, online marketers receive the secret formula of search marketing they need for their online marketing campaigns at a reasonable price and SpyFu is the great option available out there.

      SpyFu- Best Backlink Checker Tools

      SpyFu provides valuable information about the keywords and the most profitable natural search and payment ads used by competing vendors and provides users with competitive insights. And here the SEO and CPC professionals benefit from the advanced technology of the platform and create a more effective online marketing strategy that increases sales and attracts more customers as well.

      With SpyFu, you can search for any domain and see where those domains appear on Google: all keywords purchased from Adwords, all organic rankings and all ad variations in the past 9 years.  Even the best part is that anyone can easily scrape the data of your competitor’s backlinks easily.


      • Domain Searches
      • Keyword Searches
      • Backlinks Searches
      • Organic Keywords
      • Paid Keywords
      • Data Exports
      • Unlimited Backlink Results
      • 9+ Years of Organic Ranking History
      • 9+ Years of AdWords History
      • Export Advanced Contact Info
      • Filter Sales Leads
      • In-Depth SEO Reports
      • AdWords Advisor Reports
      • Add Your Own Keywords
      • Backlinks Exports

      9) Link-Assistant

      Another top class Backlink Auditor Software and its SEO-SpyGlass features are the most powerful tools in the industry of backlinks analysis. Just by using this too you can easily find, monitor, analyze and compare the backlinks. The best mode of this tool is you can spy on your competitor’s link building.

      LinkAssistance- Best Backlink Checker Tools


      • Rank Tracker
      • Website Auditor
      • SEO SpyGlass
      • Link Assistant

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      10) Rank Signals

      Rank Signals- Backlinks Checker Tools

      Rank Signals is comprehensive Backlinks Checker tool as well as SEO software as undoubtedly the best tool for discovering the SEO Backlinks. Here this tool will also help you track the traffic source of your customers.

      This Amazing tool will let you do competition analysis, identify your backlinks along with detecting Deleted and the Broken Links. It enables you to view Page rank, Alexa Rank and finding the Dofollow & Nofollow links.


      • Inbuilt Competition Analysis
      • Identify the Bad Links
      • Links Signals & Metrics
      • Rank Signal (Social Metrics)
      • Quick SEO Chrome Extension

      11) ClearVoice

      This one ClearVoice is another powerful Backlinks Checker tool. Here this tool will provide the best and comprehensive Backlink Analysis that will be good for new as well as old websites.

      ClearVoice- Best Backlink Checker Tools

      The best part about ClearVoice is it’s very quick and having a User-friendly interface.


      • Backlink Research
      • Keyword Research
      • Rank Tracking

      12) Moz

      Moz- Backlinks Checker tool

      Moz is the most popular and undoubtedly the best Backlinks Checker Tool on the market. It will easily enable you to build high-quality inbound link profile. Here with this tool, you can do the accurate Backlink Research along with finding the link building opportunities along with discovering the harmful links with its Open Site Explorer Tool.

      This tool will show the Blog Domain Authority along with the Page Authority. The best part this tool is trusted by the Search Engines which clearly shows that it will show only those Backlinks which are still active and getting clicks.


      • Rank Tracking
      • Keyword Research
      • Backlink Research
      • SEO Audit & Crawl

      13) OpenLinkprofiler


      If you really want to get quick and the best Backlinks Checker Tool for your blogs/websites then this one is classically built for you. It monitors the all the Backlinks on your site. This one is truly empowered with powerful and Backlink Monitor Tool.

      Free link analysis tool- OpenLinkProfilerFeatures:

      • Immediate Backlink Analysis
      • Free Link Research Tool


       14) Backlink Watch

       Backlink Watch- Backlinks Watch Tool

      Here, this one also a free web-based Backlinks Checker Tool. This will provide the quick and easy backlink analysis, you should use this amazing tool. really it makes Backlinks checking tools really easy and probably the best Backlink Monitor Tool.


      • Link Building
      • Build Quality Backlinks
      • Web-Based Tool

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      EndNote: Top Best Backlink Checker Tools In 2020

      In this post I have tried my best in listing the best and the top Backlinks Checker Tool which is basically used by most of the successful bloggers, Webmasters, and SEO Professionals.

      Now you are having the list, just choose one and build quality Backlinks and get the best ranking on SERPs. I hope this post suits your purpose well. Share this post with your friends on all the trending Social Media Platform.

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