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Migration Service
Technical Support
100% Uptime


  • Highest Security Level
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Free Re-Migrations
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • 120+ eCommerce Platforms Are Supported
  • Pleasant personal approach and fast response times
  • 60,000+ Worldwide Customers
  • 98% Customer Satisfaction


  • Limited Pricing Options Available

LitExtension is the World's Leading Shopping Cart Migration that let you migrate orders, customers, products from your existing store to your preferred shopping cart in just 3 simples Steps.

Price:$ 29

Looking for an Unbiased LitExtention Review, don’t worry, I got you covered.

Facing a big deadline? With LitExtension, you’ll never be stressed about migrating your store from one shopping cart to another.

You’re looking to switch shopping carts but the thought of migrating all your products, customers, and orders sounds like a lot of work.

With LitExtension, you can migrate your store in 3 simple steps and spend less time worrying about technical difficulties.

looking forward to litextention review

So let’s dive into my unbiased LitExtension Review that includes detailed insights into LitExtension migration services.

The key feature of LitExtention is that it automates the process of migration between two different platforms. So what exactly is LitExtension?

It is one of the greatest platforms where you can migrate your E-commerce platforms. Isn’t it great and way too flexible for the online business to run and make it a wider platform?

 LitExtension Overview

Flexibility gives freedom to the one who owns and relies upon these kinds of E-commerce platforms. One needs nothing when it comes to digital flexibility.

Bottom Line Upfront: LitExtention Review 2022

LitExtension is a perfect solution for those who want to migrate their products and customers from an older shopping cart without having any hassle. LitExtension does all the work in 3 easy steps, so you can focus on what really matters – running your business!

LitExtension is one of the best shopping cart migration services for merchants and eCommerce experts. Founded in 2011 by a group of amazing programming experts, they have delivered 150,000+ successful migrations for 50,000+ customers worldwide. That is what make them one of kind in the market. If you want to migrate your shopping cart then Litextension is the best choice.

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You may have questions related LitExtention review like: I will answer everything for you today

-What is LitExtension?

-What is LitExtension about and how it works?

-How Much Does LitExtension Cost?

-What payment method does LitExtension support?

-Should you go for LitExtention ?

-What are LitEtention Key features ?

-Is there any litextention free trial available ?

-Which is the #1 Shopping Cart Migration Service ?

-What are Customer Service Reviews ?

LitExtension Review 2022 : What is LitExtention ?

Litextension services

LitExtension is one of the renowned worldwide shopping cart migration services for various varied merchants and E-commerce experts. It can only be possible with the dedicated expertise in the firm and LitExtension makes sure that they have the best one which ultimately makes our work easy.

They make sure that there is minimum human interference and involvement so as to avoid any mistakes as well as the hassle for a person to attend. Now, what happens if there is any person who is totally dependent on the E-commerce business? 

Bread and butter are earned from themselves and suddenly face a problem. The whole responsibility is taken care of by the best team working for you. It seems that this whole platform is specially made for such eCommerce expertise.

It is one of the most relevant platforms where expertise can work freely and hassle-free. Due to the strong commitment by LitExtension, there are almost maximum customers relying upon it. This is a huge number and it is not easy to trust easily in terms of business.

As mentioned earlier what is LitExtension about and how it works? Let’s dig into a little more detail about it. It is all about shifting your E-commerce business to the other shopping cart. 

Litextension brand reviews

Reasons may differ and internet fluctuation is a real thing. At some point, you are grown at a level of great height and similarly, sometimes you never know what drags you down? It is nothing but a statistically developed and fluctuated public using the domains. 

We need to keep ourselves updated in terms of statistics value so that fluctuation of the digital world is known by you and can develop yourself in terms of it.

So not only is it in terms of people using it but sometimes the provider quality has to be maintained in a consistent manner so that users can afford to maintain it especially one who has a core business developed on domain factor.

litextension-com reviews by users

How LitExtention Software is helpful to you?

Litextension reviews Litextension migration services

In the initial stage of the LitExtension, it struggled a lot to gather up the website of various people from different platforms which were one of the objections for them in migrating to any domain.

Meanwhile, they resolved and gained the customer’s trust and built a huge network. There are various reasons why people have trust bonding with LitExtension? 

They keep some points in mind if you are above to move your eCommerce platform to another platform and those are mentioned below:

Litextension migration reviews

LitExtention supports the migration of almost different websites where variety will not create a problem and it may be any. This gives a lot of space for people to trust and rely on this platform.

One of the strongest keys to choosing this platform is. There are people varying from various domains and want to opt LitExtension, it will be the best way and there will be nothing but a win-win situation from both sides.

Imagine you are transferred to another city, what problems do you face?

It piles up a lot of work for you in terms of transportation, carrying everything from one place to another and whatnot. It literally drains you out but you don’t have any option and you eventually have to do it.

When it comes to easy application for migration, it feels like there is no more help than this as we have to make sure that every important thing is carried by you.

Similarly, LitExtension hires all the responsibilities of migrating the important data, products, orders, and other important details. Isn’t it great to even imagine this as great help? One of the finest services provided by them and remains stress-free.

Not only do these calming services but it also provides creative other options which you might have not experienced before and might do after using it. It makes your portal powerful and loof great where the ratio of attraction increases ultimately and one can grow by all the freedom.

Here, not only migration of domain takes place but also every saved password and other URLs which is important to you for your use.

This seems like copying and pasting the data on your computer. It works the exact same way. As you find no harm in copy-pasting the data in your computer, similarly this is also a platform where you don’t have to worry about anything which will be left and important to you.

There will be every addition of details for you but on different migrated platforms. A great responsibility for it proves to be trusted forever in terms of everything we need.

Litextension migration services online

As per online business, choosing the right eCommerce platform helps in boosting your business as well as helps your business to look good if mentioned in a good eCommerce site.

Tangled minds of freshers should definitely rely upon it as it guides you in every way possible and literally shows you the difference between comparing the different eCommerce platforms and here is the right one for. 

When you hear migration, you ultimately choose to not do it and you get demotivated from inside just by thinking about the workload in real life. Similarly, digital life isn’t easy though it may work at our fingertips.

It needs high security in terms of preserving passwords, URLs saved, and other important things. They just have a simple goal and that is making the migration as easy as possible when it comes to you being in a better place. 

Isn’t it wonderful when someone takes up every bit of responsibility with proper and perfect care taken? LitExtension cares about your domain more than we actually do.

Litextension review features

How to migrate using LitExtension

Shopping cart migration requires a great deal of effort and focus.  The steps have to be carried out meticulously so that the outcome is perfect. It is absolutely not a cakewalk even for experts.

But surprisingly, with LitExtension the migration process has become super easy. Even if the technology does not fascinate you, you can accomplish the desired tasks. Just a few clicks and your entities are transferred from the source to the target cart. 

Let’s understand migration with LitExtension in a step-by-step process.

Specify Your Target Store

To execute a migration a target store needs to be decided to which the data has to be transferred. The procedure to set up the target store is different for different platforms. If you lack the time or are not a technology geek then don’t worry.

You are in safe hands. You just have to subscribe to LitExtension’s all-in-one plan. There are experts who will set up the target store for you and will take care of each and everything that is necessary. They will take care of the complete migration process.

Take Backup of your source store Data

LitExtension just duplicates your data from one shopping cart to another. Your source store data will not undergo any changes during the migration process.

Nevertheless, it is judicious to take a backup of your data before subjecting it to monumental changes. Keep in mind, the procedure changes in accordance with the platform used. 

Migrate with LitExtension

Create an account with LitExtension. You can either register to a new account or sign in. You can even use your existing Google or Facebook account to log in.  

LitExtension - Target Cart Set Up

Navigate to the migration page. At the top right corner click the Create anew emigration button.

LitExtension - Migrating

Select the source cart type and enter the URL in the blank bar. By following the tutorial video or wizard information you can get an idea of how to receive your password and API info. Fill in the required information in the form. 

LitExtension - Setup

Select the target store and enter its URL in the blank bar. Download the LitExtension connector by clicking on it. Derive the zip file and upload the connector to the root folder of the Target store.

Click Next to configure migration. Then, specify the entities you wish to migrate. They include customers, orders, products. Either all of them are selected together or each is selected individually.

In order to expand the possibility of your migration, select additional options.

You can try out the demo migration before buying the full migration. If you do not want a demo, you can just skip it. 

After the migration is complete, check your store

You can check the migrated data in your store after the process is completed. However, across platforms, the process of checking data varies. 

Carry out Recent Data Migration

In order to ensure that the migration does not have an impact on the performance of your business, the source store is kept active by LitExtension during the migration and after that too. After the setup is finished, the newly incurred data has to be transferred from the old to the new store. This is when recent data migration comes into play. 

There are three steps of doing it with LitExtension:

  1. Visit your LitExtension account.
  2. Choose the additional entities you need to transfer from the migration list.
  3. Click the “ recent migration” button and follow the steps you practice in order to set up the whole process.

Change DNS and switch domain

After the migration is over, DNS needs to be changed and the domain has to be switched to the new store. If you are a beginner, then pay a single fee and LitExtension will provide you with this service too.

You might have got convinced about the ease of this process with LitExtension. No matter whether you are a newbie or an expert, migration with LitExtension will always be hassle-free, easy, and reliable. 

LitExtension Features

LitExtension Features

LitExtension has the greatest features which are of utmost usefulness. LitExtension works on its profound features and makes it the best working migration site for expertise. Mentioned below are some of the important and interesting features of LitExtension.

Fully Automated

LitExtension is a fully automated site where there is minimum human involvement and interference. This makes work look smart and easy to handle.

The world is all about getting work done in a smart and secure way along with the speed of a working system. Hence when it comes to “automatic”, people do not look after anything. A great and smooth way to enhance and rely on the LitExtension for the migration.

Id Retention

When it comes to the migration of a whole domain a person always worries about what and how much will it get migrated?

LitExtension makes sure that every single thing which belongs to your domain in the previous site is migrated fully on the next site which also includes ID RETENTION of yours which is like a world-winning moment. Your ID is retained safely and securely with no involvement of yours.

Free Demo

When it comes to migrating your whole domain it is a risk factor. What happens when you have already paid money but you are not satisfied or even missed some important information?

LitExtension does not get you to that extend the level of it as it provides the free demo migration where you can easily judge and know how it works and what service it provides you.

Customer Password Migration

Isn’t it great when the smallest information gets you into another domain or site and includes whatever you always wanted?

Your password is to migrate from the previous domain to the current domain. The password is securely migrated and you can work as you were already working but with a different site that you chose.

LitExtension - Uptime

Smart Update

Upgradation and update are some of the important things you need to be aware of when it comes to the internet. In the hectic work, you might sometimes slip your mind out to update the software you are even using.

For the update of the software, you don’t even have to worry about it when it comes to LitExtension. It smartly updates your software with new features.

LitExtension - Shopping Cart Migration

Highly Secured Data

Litextension gives you the best-secured data where it acts as a safe locker where you totally rely on putting your data secure.

A trustworthy platform for the secured data presented and maintained untouched. It has various features built-in where it maintains all your data with security. A client needs nothing but its data to be secured and maintained properly.

LitExtension - High Security

We realize that when we buy any E-commerce field, the above-mentioned features are the ones which we all are looking forward to. It does not end you up thinking of taking the high risks for your data.

In Fact, it protects your data in the form of a shield with a high-security alert. Not only security but a trendy and highly demanded solution is something which we all are looking for. Coping up with the trend gives you the best presence of mind to work upon and grasp new creativity you can apply it for. 

Customer Support


LitExtension cares about its customers. It opens up different avenues for the customers to get in touch with them. There are multiple ways to contact them and get your issues resolved. One of the ways of doing that is by submitting your queries to the ticket system. Their official email id is always there for you to correspond.

Besides, when you visit the LitExtension site, you will find a chatbox on the bottom right corner where you can indulge in live chats with them. 

They are available for phone calls, all seven days of the week from 8 in the morning till midnight. You can chat with them through the chat section from Monday to Friday while the timing remains the same. For technical support, they are at your disposal, Monday to Friday, from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. 

Take a note that they don’t extend support through social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. 

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Best LitExtension Alternative

Let’s see who all are the competitors of LitExtension in the market.

Next Cart

Next Cart also deals with providing shopping cart migration service. The tool is designed for business owners of all sizes. Even freelancers can purchase the service. Users can carry out unlimited migrations. It is affiliated with most of the eCommerce software. Besides data migration, it also aids you in setting up your own online store. 

With Next Cart, you can customize your migration of vice. A model database structure is established and it is taken care of that your data is migrated as per your needs.

Different kinds of customizations are also offered for extensions, migration, installation, debugging.  With Next-Cart almost all data types can be migrated. A group of consultants makes sure that the files are transferred effectively.


Users are also provided with assistance for data migration. 100% uptime is guaranteed for the source store.  If you have any technical issues, then you can contact the customer support team, any day, any time. They do not take calls. You can email them, submit your questions to their ticket system, and can chat with them.

The fees vary according to the number of entities in the cart. In case you want to try it out before purchasing, Next Cart offers you a free trial for the purpose.


Cart2Car-Alternative- LitExtension

Cart2Cart is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps you save time on the most tedious part of data migration. It’ll take care of all details like transferring your products, customers & carts while letting professionals focus their efforts on other important tasks related to online business!

Cart2Cart helps you migrate from one shopping cart to another without having to worry about transferring the data. From a technical standpoint, this is what makes it so great because we can help with those important details that would otherwise bog down your site development process in order for us to adapt as quickly and seamlessly as possible!

With Cart2Cart, you can rest assured that your online store will be up-and-running in no time! With their effortless 3 step migration process and fast data transferring speeds, we’re confident this is one of the easiest ways to get started with a new hosting service.

And if anything goes wrong? They’ve got 24/7 live support ready at all times–so don’t stress out about losing traffic because Cart2Cart has it covered.

The Cart2Cart pricing plans are quite flexible. The minimum rate at $69 will depend on the number of Source and Target stores, as well as how many users need transferred across them; those who want to calculate an exact cost can turn towards their Migration Estimator tool which gives estimates by entering information about products sold or customers& orders in order for you know upfront what it’ll be before making any decisions!

X Cart


X-Cart is the perfect eCommerce platform for businesses that want to keep their revenue steady during an online store migration. Our team of experts can help with all aspects, including moving your data over quickly so you don’t have any downtime or headaches!

X-Cart has compiled a Complete 6-Step Guide to Ecommerce Replatforming so you can decide if moving away from your current platform is right for you and what steps are involved in migrating. Get tips on how best practices were implemented by real customers who had done it before, plus lots more insight!

If you’re looking for a shopping cart that can keep up with your busy life, then look no further than X-Cart. With lightning-fast page loads and 99% uptime this software is perfect to help take care of all those pesky little things like inventory management or customer service while also giving users the best possible online experience!

LitExtension Pros & Cons

Litextension pricing and reviews

It is extremely important to see both sides of any service you decide to purchase. The intent behind doing this is to get enabled to make an unbiased decision. And it cannot be denied that estimating the utility of a service based on its merits and demerits is the best way of landing on a conclusion. 

You are in the right section. So let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of LitExtension.  


  • Automated Shopping Cart Migration

The migration service is fully automated. Users don’t have to shoulder the technical responsibilities of migrating data to popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, eCommerce, Shopify, etc. All users have to do is particularize the source and target shopping carts, download the connector and upload it, choose the units to be migrated.

LitExtension will carry out the entire migration process and the users won’t have to do a thing more after migration starts. Once completed, you will be notified through an email.

  • Data remains highly secured

Your shopping cart data remains completely secured as LitExtension applies certain practices and policies to ensure that. Lindon servers that do not save any data are used to execute the migration process.

Moreover, the source code is only accessible to the engineers of LitExtension who are entrusted to provide support to the customers asking for custom migration. 

  • It enables online store owners to maintain the SEO ranking of their stores

LitExtension allows the migration of different data types from the source to the target store. Even URLs can be transferred.  When these URLs of products or other entities are transferred then they help in maintaining the current SEO rank of the store from which the data was migrated.

  • User friendly

since the migration process is fully automated, users don’t have to be tech-savvy to be able to use it. No special technical skills are required to get the service available. 

  • No Downtime

Without downtime, the current stores function as usual and accept the orders normally. 

  • 24/7 customer support

The customer support team of LitExtension is ever-ready to help you out. You can chat with them, call or send an email. There are trained engineers to help you out with custom migration. They highly recommend users submit questions to their ticket system. 

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Even after you subscribe to one of its plans, LitExtension gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to continue taking the service. In case you think better about it, within 30 days, you can stop the subscription and will certainly get a refund. 


  • You need to have impressive network strength to get seamless service.  In developing countries where the case is not so in certain regions, the process gets interrupted by a poor connection.
  • The data transfer is time-consuming.  There is no shortcut to it.
  • It supports only 8 payment methods that do not include popular payment methods like GooglePay and Paytm. This might pose a hindrance to some users.
  • Customers are solely responsible for taking the backup of their data before migrating it. LitExtension does not take responsibility in case your data is lost. 

LitExtension Pricing | How Much Does LitExtension Cost?

One of the most important aspects that influence the decision to avail of a service is the price of it. Nobody wants to be too hard on his pocket, right? After going through the features designed to assist us in performing our desired tasks and gauging the merits and demerits, the time comes to estimate how much the service is going to cost us. 

Since you have already come to this point in the article, you must be inquisitive about the amount you need to spend in order to get the benefits LitExtensionis entitled to provide. So let’s get straight into it. 


LitExtension has a very clear business pricing plan. It allows you to make a one-time purchase and avail of the migration service provided by it. However, the fees do not always remain constant.

They depend on the number of customers, orders, and products in your store.  The exact amount to be paid can be computed by using the migration pricing calculator provided by LitExtension.

You can invest in two ways

One-time Purchase: Under this plan, you will get, complete professional support, fully automated migration facilities, and a migration guarantee for a period of three months. This plan is available at $59.

All-in-one migration Service: This plan is available at $149. It is obvious that you will be bestowed with some additional benefits under this plan.

The further services include personal and technical support, end-to-end shopping cart migration service, and migration assistant which encompasses additional investigations, extra options for migration, free re-migration. Migration results, Pre-migration evaluations, and installation of the Target shopping cart. 

If you want to take your time to decide whether investing in LitExtension is worth it, then you have that privilege too. LitExtension offers three months of free trial where it supports unlimited migrations and re-migrations. Believe it or not, it provides free support twice. And on top of these.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. I don’t think anything should stop you now! Still, the choice is yours. 

LitExtension Reviews & Testimonials by Real Users

Liextension services reviews

Litextension best shopping migration service


LitExtension Reviews

Quick Links:

LitExtension FAQ

👉Can I migrate to the trial store before a real store?

Yes, you can do that. After migrating to the trial store you can re-migrate to the real store. Make sure that you store the trial and real store in one server. While you are re-migrating, three things cannot be changed: The Source cart type The Target cart type The Source cart URL

👉What methods of payment are supported by LitExtension?

LitExtension currently accepts 8 payment methods. They include PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin Cash, Tether USD, Western Union, there. There is a LitExtension Payment Guide which you can refer to to get other details regarding the payment.

👉Do I need to pay an additional charge after purchasing a product?

No. The extra sum will not be charged to purchase their service. A demo is available for free. You can carry out a migration of products, orders, and various entities from your store to the shopping cart you wish to migrate them to during the demo to get familiar with the procedure.

👉What is FTP?

FTP is File Transfer Protocol is an internet protocol that helps to transfer files from one system to another across the internet.

👉Is LitExtension safe?

LitExtension offers a safe way to transfer your store. The entire process is seamless, with no downtime or disruption during the move-in date and time on day one of installation. In addition, you will still be able to receive new customers while completing necessary tasks at your new location - it’s almost too easy being an entrepreneur when Lit extensions have done all this work for you.

Conclusion: LitExtension Review 2022 Should you go it?

LitExtension is probably the smartest software evolved that aids in data migration. While the process was never easy, with LitExtension executing the migration has become everyone’s cup of tea. A bunch of technical consultants and a wonderful customer support team will not let you do a thing. 

Thanks to the user interface the customers find it very friendly. LitExtension also fulfills its promises of automating the shopping cart migration and providing high security to your data that gets migrated. There are a plethora of other features, as discussed earlier which stimulate interest in people to try it out at least once.

Users have stated that even though they have used the competitors of LitExtension, they found it to have an edge over others. It is not only fast and efficient but also extremely affordable. With a three-month free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, subscribing to LitExtension is not much of an issue.

Needless to say, the little weight your pocket loses is going to pay you back in innumerable ways. 

If you have skipped, any part of the article, go back to it, read the things thoroughly, and possibly you can’t help choosing LitExtension to take your data migration process a notch higher.

In Short

Features: Easy to set up, save time and money by automating your shopping cart

Advantages: Automatically migrate shopping carts with a drag-and-drop interface.

Benefits: You can easily switch from one shopping cart system to another. You can migrate any of your products, customers, or orders to a new shopping cart without having to spend hours on the internet. It will help you save time and money.

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  1. We were skeptical at first about using Lit Extension for our third migration. Our previous experience with another company had been nothing short of disastrous. However, we’re happy to report that Lit Extension completely blew us away!

  2. We’ve just performed our second migration with Litextension. This time, it consisted of a tricky migration from an old and badly designed Drupal Commerce to a Woocommerce with fields mappings and Products types changes. Finally, thanks to Litextension.

  3. We were extremely disappointed with our experience with Litextension. The service was terrible, the cost was far too high, and the support we received from Dean was nonexistent. He never responded to our problems in a timely manner, and always seemed to be trying to upsell us on additional services. We will definitely not be using this company again.

  4. We’re extremely happy with the end result, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lit Extension to anyone looking for a reliable, professional migration service.

  5. if you are looking to quickly and easily migrate your data to a new platform, Litextension is the perfect solution! Recommended by multiple youtube videos explaining migration.

  6. I’m so glad I found Litextension! Quick and efficient, their service is top notch. I was having some issues migrating my data myself, but within minutes of contacting customer service, they had resolved my issue. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

  7. The migration was completed by lit extension successfully. Smooth process and great customer service!

  8. Fantastic customer service, along with quality work and quick turnaround is what sets litextention apart from other migration services.
    When you do business with litextention, you know that your company will be handled with care and a possess the friendliest staff around.

  9. Their support team is always on hand to help if you need any assistance, I recommend loading your products into LitExtension’s website first. The video tutorials and customer service are a huge bonus.”

  10. I was so nervous about switching from my old cart to a new one, but with LitExtension’s migration service I barely had any downtime at all. It took them less than few minutes to convert over 5 years worth of products and it was so much easier than I ever thought. Better yet, they were super affordable and used support questions that answered my needs better than anything before!

  11. One of the best customer support team we have interacted with. Really appreciate thier work and help. They do transfer job perfectly and are always their to support you and resolve your pending issues. Thanks again Johnny Dang and team.

  12. I feel like I am a pro with LitExtension. They made migrating my cart stress free and easy.

  13. I am not a coder or a computer whiz in any way, so when I heard about LitExtension’s services and was offered free migration of my site for life, I jumped at the chance. It actually takes very little effort on your end to get this done. You just send them what you want migrated to their platform and they do all the heavy work. When completed you are left with smooth conversions from cart A to Cart B without much human intervention involved (there is a short training video that walks through it). If you have no idea how to convert your online store from one platform into another then don’t worry – take it easy! LitExtension is here for that!

  14. I had a great experience with Litextension because they are highly knowledgeable and did an excellent migrating my site. I am very happy that they migrated my store from Magento to Shopify,

  15. “LitExtension has been in the eCommerce business for years and we know how important it is to ensure that your business moves smoothly. Our team of programmers are not only experienced, but also competent enough to migrate all types of shopping carts into WooCommerce with accuracy. They will take on any migration challenge you can come up with.”
    If you want the best service, then LitExtension is perfect!

  16. A great service for people with Shopify stores. They provided migration services between platforms as well as good customer support. I will be back!

  17. I am extremely satisfied with the excellent customer service provided by LitExtension! Malphite was quick to respond, helpful throughout our migration process, and in the end made sure that all of my data was successfully transferred. I would highly recommend this company for any future migrations you may have planned; they are truly a pleasure to work with.

  18. I used this service for converting from Magento to Shopify. It was easy, they were quick, and my conversion went really smoothly. I appreciated their customer support team, who handled some of the technical difficulties without a hitch!

  19. I really like yall. I’m a transitioning ecommerce merchant and if anyone is feeling uneasy about the transition, they should do a search for this app on google which will show them some of the reviews including mine. It made me feel more confident in my decision to rebuild my site as well as migrate to the new platform from Magento because there were people just like me saying this great app helped ease their stress.

    LitExtension is definitely one of those “WOW” moments when shopping online because it literally gives you cart-liftoff!!! When you finally land, your account has been migrated! Thank you so much for alleviating all the headaches that come along with settling on a new service for our website’s

  20. I was impressed by how smoothly and quickly we finished migrating to Shopify. They really fine-tuned the whole process, from setting up 301 redirects for our links to tagging all of our products with accurate metadata that transferred over during the migration.

  21. I’ve had a very good experience with litextension. their employees showed great patience, knowledge and efficiency. they understood my needs as company owner very quickly and even though the development was not planned in advance, they still managed to satisfy them anyway. also, their prices are reasonable considering the excellent quality of their product – i can’t recommend it enough!

  22. LitExtension marketing team provides an impeccable and supportive service that exceeds your expectations. I was surprised to find my carts migrated in a seamless manner, with minimal disruption to the website’s performance. They used their proprietary encryption system that didn’t do any harm to customer data or sensitive information- it was remarkably well designed and impressive considering how critical this material is for a business like ours. Thank you LitExtension!

  23. Great service, fast. Good customer support. I was able to migrate my e-commerce store from Magento to Shopify with litextention in a matter of hours and the end result speaks for itself. The team communicated every step and helped me learn how Shopify works as I needed it clarified so that the migration would be flawless. And it really was; there is nothing more you can ask for when migrating between platforms than professionalism, quick turnaround times and no surprises – everything we agreed on was what they delivered.

  24. litextention are very efficient, with a personal service that makes you feel at ease. Their customer support is on hand to help deal with any questions or issues and they provided a migration to Shopify without any hassle.

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