MindValley Free Trial 2023: Get Unlimited Access For 7 Days

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Are you confused about whether MindValley offers a free trial or not. Do you want to know whether you can take benefit of the MindValley free trial or not? If you have these questions, I can help you out.

First of all, you must know that MindValley does not offer any free trial. However, they do offer a 15-day money-back guarantee. You can simply pay in full, take benefit of all their premium courses and simply as them for your money back. Let us check MindValley in a little more detail.

MindValley Overview – All You Need to Know Before Buying 

MindValley is an online personal development platform that teaches individuals how to live incredibly meaningful and joyous lives by assisting them in identifying the most important aspects of life. Over 12 million students from 80 different nations use the site.

Vishen Lakhiani, a New York Times bestselling author, founded MindValley to foster individual spiritual growth and lifelong learning. He started his career as a computer engineer and senior leader at a Silicon Valley business, but meditation transformed his life, and he wanted to study and teach it across the globe.

Vishen is committed to revolutionizing how the world views business, education, politics, and spirituality.

MindValley is a respectable, well-established corporation created over two decades ago, in 2002. Its headquarters are in New York City.

The MindValley curriculum is oriented on developing your body, mind, and spirit to their greatest potential, achieving success at work, connecting with people and communities, and sharing your unique skills with the world. MindValley aspires to be more of a lifestyle than a business, and its genuineness has attracted world-renowned lecturers to the site.

MindValley provides classes on quantum leaping, which teaches individuals how to delve deeper into their feelings and thoughts to overcome trauma. There are hundreds of MindValley Lectures on YouTube, which are films that vary in length from two minutes to more than an hour and similarly explain subjects to TED talks.

You may enroll in a free MindValley masterclass. Once you’ve determined that MindValley is a suitable match for you, the next step is to pick a subscription option, such as MindValley All Access, or to pay for individual courses. Additionally, MindValley offers various free masterclasses that impart essential information and provide an overview of each mission.

My Experience with MindValley:

Mindvalley Free Trial Benefits

I was first suspicious about MindValley’s Quest approach. When it comes to online education, I’m more used to a quantity-over-quality approach, which means that I study diligently. However, intrigued by the prospect of trying something new, I decided to join MindValley.

I’ve been on the platform for many months and can attest that MindValley’s “do less, achieve more” philosophy works for me. I’m now enrolled in many classes, and it takes around an hour every day to accomplish all missions. I’m not going to use the term “life-changing,” but truly, MindValley is incredible.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance helped me recognize that for most of my life, my limiting belief that I am not good enough to have it all has been holding me back. Additionally, it assisted me in reprogramming my subconscious thoughts.

I’m gaining valuable knowledge on conscious parenting, which is assisting me in being a better father to my kid. He is now three years old, and it is a challenging age to raise. However, I believe that it is simpler for me to maintain my composure during his outbursts today and that I am more equipped to manage most circumstances than I was before. And, maybe most importantly, it enhances our friendship.

I’ve quit keeping myself busy for the sake of being busy and am instead concentrating on critical tasks. I’ve seen an increase in my self-awareness and relaxation.

I’m more productive now than I was before. I completed various tasks during the last month. I’m

outsourcing more, which enables me to do more and expand my firm more quickly.

In terms of exercise, I’ve never felt more motivated, powerful, or secure in my body than I do right now. The training is just 10-15 minutes long, yet I receive greater results than I do after an hour-long gym session. Regular exercise also enables me to retain a pleasant mindset and concentrate throughout the day.

I was able to not only develop new behaviors but also to make them stay. I’m now getting up at 5.30 a.m. every morning, which gives me plenty of time to exercise and enjoy some quiet time before my kid awakens.

All of these modifications took time. It required effort and devotion. However, believe me when I say that it is well worth the effort. Additionally, MindValley’s approach simplifies the process of developing new habits and establishing a new routine in your life.

We have covered detailed Mindvalley Review if you’re looking for comprehensive features review.

MindValley Pricing Plans:

MindValley Worth The Price

The cost of a single course may be too expensive unless you plan to complete it all. However, I find that buying the MindValley All-Access pass is a much preferable option than purchasing individual courses.

For a single price, the MindValley All-Access pass permits you to enroll in any course (or several courses) now available or that may become available in the future.

This means that you just need to pay for an annual membership and enroll in as many courses as you choose.

A one-year membership to All-Access is $ 300. This yearly subscription offers access to over 30 courses, the MindValley communication forum, and groups, as well as access to new courses each year (if MindValley adds).

Taking into consideration your choice to enroll in two courses within the same academic year. If you buy digital access to each course separately, the cost will be higher, but an All-Access subscription will save you much on only two courses.

Enrolling in four courses over a year may result in further savings. Isn’t that intriguing? The MindValley All-Access pass, on the other hand, is a cherry on top of the deal, since it provides year-round access to the courses.

You may also purchase a monthly subscription to MindValley All-Access for around $ 59 per month. This is too expensive if you want to take classes for an extended period.

I would rather purchase the MindValley All Access bundle than individual classes. It enables you to enroll in as many courses as you choose without incurring substantial financial charges.

Additionally, for the same fee as digital access, MindValley will help you in completing all 30+ courses.

MindValley offers a monthly and a yearly membership as follows –

  • Monthly Membership: This one will cost you $ 59 per month (paid monthly).
  • Yearly Membership: This one will cost you $ 25 per month (paid yearly).

Is MindValley Worth the Price?

Mindvalley Testimonials

Yes, MindValley is definitely worth the price. The Membership gives you access to all of the site’s quests (excluding partner programs).

If you’re searching for an unlimited year of study, Membership is a great option. You may enroll in any of the courses and save money on Quests when compared to buying them individually.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to newly released Quests. I subscribed as soon as the new Charlie Morley Quest on Lucid Dreaming became available. I’m looking forward to a few more future Quests that I’ll be able to access for free as a member.

When you log in to your MindValley account, you’ll see your dashboard, which includes a list of all completed tasks.

When you initially enlist in a quest, you begin by choosing an enrollment date. Following that, you’ll immediately have access to the warmup lessons.

Certain Quests feature more warmup lessons than others; for example, Ronan Diego de Oliveira’s 10X Quest comprises five, while Ken Wilber’s The Integral Life contains just one. On the other hand, all warmup lessons become instantly available upon participation in a Quest.

In comparison, the Quest lessons are provided sequentially. MindValley does not immediately unlock the whole Quest, since it is preferred to learn in little increments throughout the day.

I’ve noticed that when I finish a Quest every day, I retain more information than when I skip days and binge courses to compensate.

Each individual’s style of learning is unique, but since I spend my days reading books and taking courses, I’ve acquired that ability.

Each lesson has a video, written text explaining the key themes, and assignments to complete. These activities range from writing to mini-exercises such as meditations or guided audio.

Each film lasts between five and thirty minutes. The bulk of them last less than 10 minutes, so they won’t take up a significant chunk of your day.

Additionally, the assignments at the bottom of each lesson may be checked off to indicate that the lesson is accomplished. This enables you to keep track of the tasks you’ve completed.

Additionally, there is a Discussion option at the top of each lesson page that allows you to speak with other students about what you’ve learned and share opinions.

Then, for each Quest, a full community is formed from all of the students that participated in that round of the program.

You may discuss the Quest, ask questions, connect with like-minded individuals, and even make new friends. It’s akin to a social network for those interested in education and self-improvement.

Additionally, when you join, you get a host of other incentives. –

1.   Learn Anywhere, Anytime with The MindValley App:

MindValley simplifies course navigation. Classes are accessible through the website or the Android or iOS app.

When you join a Quest, Mastermind, or Membership, you have immediate access to the MindValley app. Simply download the app and sign in using the credentials provided after registration.

The main app allows you to complete courses on the move, listen to lectures while driving and enhance the overall learning experience.

While the bulk of sessions is delivered through video, you are not compelled to see them; instead, you may choose to listen to the lessons. You may watch a movie as you work, exercise, conduct household chores, or drive.

The videos will continue to play even if the screen of your mobile device is turned off, saving battery life.

The app functions identically to the web version. You may check courses off as they are completed and even participate in lecture discussions.

My only criticism of the app (on Android), is that it often freezes when I attempt to watch a movie in fullscreen mode. While the music is still playing, the software remains frozen till I restart it.

I’m not sure whether this is an Android bug or a device-specific one, but I reproduced the issue on another older Android phone.

This is not an issue for me since I seldom use my smartphone to navigate through lessons, but I do like viewing some on occasion on my television.

This requires me to launch a web browser and cast my gadget to my television. An Android TV app would be a better alternative. I’m hoping they keep developing this.

2.   MindValley Connections App:

Connections, MindValley’s private social media network, is owned and operated by MindValley. Membership now offers the chance to connect with others who are enrolled in the same Quests as you and share your experience and path of personal change.

Additionally, the app has a search tool that allows you to find people in your nation or local region. Fellow students may see your profile and learn more about your trip and the courses you’ve signed for; you can establish friendships and help one another be responsible.

3.   Advanced Meditations with Omvana:

Additionally, members have access to the meditation program Omvana. This app simplifies the process of accessing meditations linked with missions you’ve joined. As a consequence, the Omvana app’s meditations will match the Quests you accomplish.

Additionally, you may like to investigate various meditations based on your desired outcomes, which may include life vision, purpose discovery, enhanced concentration, and a deeper mind-body connection.

I like the option of listening to the mediations’ voices alone or in conjunction with ambient sounds such as fire, a river, or complex binaural beats.

Additionally, you may independently control the volume of speech and sound effects to make one louder than the other.

4.   MindValley Mentoring:

MindValley Mentoring is mostly comprised of interviews or “mentoring sessions” with Vishen, the MindValley inventor. MindValley membership includes 100 hours of mentoring.

These interviews started as Skype conversations with the world’s most talented persons in every industry and swiftly expanded into full-production interviews shot across the world.

MindValley Pros and Cons:

MindValley Pros:

The platform features world-renowned educators such as Ken Wilber, Robin Sharma, and Neal Donald Walsch, in addition to over 200 additional writers, presenters, and activists.

Each course is broken down into manageable video segments. You can do a great deal in only 10-20 minutes every day. And, unlike many online courses, MindValley’s missions are succinct.

  • The films are interesting and were created by accomplished filmmakers and educational specialists.
  • The library contains courses on useful subjects that you can immediately use in your life.
  • You may share your MindValley account with household members.
  • New quests are provided continuously at no cost to current members. I’m thrilled about a couple of future missions at the moment.
  • If you’re prepared to pay the price, there are enjoyable, opulent networking gatherings available.
  • On the website, there are many free courses offered.

MindValley Cons

The first is, of course, the cost. On the one hand, I wish it were less costly, but on the other, I recognize that superior quality comes at a cost.

  • Individual courses are almost as expensive as the All Access Membership.


MindValley is a market leader in the self-improvement course industry. There is no other platform that enables you to reshape your life and become closer to your real self like MindValley. While not all of the 50 courses will be suited for you, there are surely many that will be.

If you take the courses seriously, they can completely transform your life. Additionally, MindValley is well worth the price of the all-access ticket. If you want to explore MindValley, the all-access ticket is the best option.

Since I began taking MindValley classes, I’ve discovered several significant and impactful hacks that have aided in my evolution.

Finally, I suggest purchasing the all-access membership and giving MindValley a try without fear of losing money. I hope that this article helps you have a better understanding of MindValley. How do you feel about MindValley? Kindly inform us in the space below.

Mindvalley Free Trial FAQs:

Does MindValley offer certificates?

Is MindValley Legitimate?

Because MindValley has evolved into a well-known and established platform since its inception in 2002 and expanded to encompass global events, you may be certain that MindValley is neither a hoax nor a scam. One of the telltale signs of a scam is a short history and a small number of social media followers; however, MindValley has a reputable 19-year history and a sizable social media following, with nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers, over 4 million Facebook fans, over 56,000 LinkedIn followers, and 1.4 million Instagram followers.

Is the MindValley app free?

The MindValley app is available for free download but includes in-app purchases. However, some subscriptions, such as MindValley Mentoring, provide unlimited access to the app. The MindValley app enables you to discover MindValley activities taking place in your city and on Zoom, as well as other students in your neighborhood. The MindValley app was updated lately. It has been expanded to include live events and meditations. I appreciate the app since it keeps all of my materials in one location and makes it simple to locate what I'm looking for.

Can I get MindValley classes for free?

No, MindValley courses are not free. However, MindValley offers several free seminars. They provide weekly free seminars. These seminars last around 60-90 minutes and are completely free.

Is there a MindValley app?

Yes, a MindValley application exists. You may get it from Google Play or Apple App Store. The MindValley software is completely free to use. Additionally, you may enroll in any masterclass using the app.

Is MindValley good for me?

Each MindValley Quest will present you with unique advantages not available in a typical classroom setting. It's an excellent way to boost your general well-being and develop into a more productive person. This is the way to go if you need to make some changes for personal growth.

How can I pick which MindValley’s quests to take?

Once your membership is confirmed, you will have access to the whole MindValley quest collection from which to choose. To further simplify matters, the program includes a 22-minute life assessment exam. The examination will determine which areas of your life demand the most attention and improvement. Then, quests from MindValley that compliment your evaluation results might be selected.

Is there a podcast for MindValley?

Yes. The MindValley podcasts cover a variety of subjects, including mind work, money management, parenting, relationships, and the mind, soul, and body. They are developed by a variety of coaching professionals and let users leave comments or mark them for further listening.

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