Top 12 Mobile App Affiliate Programs 2023: What Is The Highest Paying Affiliate Program?

In this post, we’ll explore some of the Mobile App Affiliate Programs 2023

When you’re working in a profession or business, your main goal is to make money. It isn’t it? That’s exactly how we feel about it.

What should a business owner do to maximize their return on investment and generate leads? In order to make informed judgments in the future, you’ll need a complete dashboard. If you don’t, all your hard work and effort will be in vain.

Are you also trying to get more people to download your mobile app or game? There are several ways to enhance your business’s revenue, such as attracting more visitors to your website. It looks like you’ve found what you were looking for.

As a mobile app developer, you’ll be able to connect with direct advertisers or mobile affiliate networks that can help you save time and increase your mobile affiliate marketing earnings.

Direct advertising’ major job is to gather a collection of offers from various marketers and present you with the most practical one. Most importantly, you won’t have to deal with any third-party sponsors or advertisers directly.

Top Mobile App Affiliate Programs

What Are Mobile Affiliate Programs?

It is advantageous for both advertisers and affiliates to use the top mobile affiliate networks as intermediaries. Business owners and mobile app developers can team together through affiliate marketing in order to promote and sell a service or product online. Affiliates earn money by directing customers to the retailer’s website through their links.

Using this affiliate network, you may track and measure the total number of transactions done by your app’s users, including purchases, leads, sales, and conversions.

Affiliate networks for mobile apps can advertise a wide variety of apps, including dating, utility, and music apps. Both ad networks and developers who use mobile affiliate networks to drive CPI traffic can make good money by selling CPI traffic to ad networks.

App developers and app affiliates alike will benefit from using this network before we announce the best mobile affiliate networks.

Benefits of Mobile Affiliate Network

1. For Businesses or Mobile App Owners

  • Tools for reporting
  • Processing of payments
  • The huge publisher base can be accessed
  • Technology for tracking
  • The market is relatively unsaturated despite its highly competitive nature.
  • Potential customers can easily reach you
  • The traffic is growing rapidly

2. For Affiliates

  • Tools for reporting
  • Using APIs to access products and aggregating payments
  • Providing merchant affiliate program registration assistance
  • Payouts on many different offers are lucrative
  • Increasing conversion rates maximizes profits

Drawbacks of Mobile Affiliate Networks

  • It is time-consuming.
  • Due to fierce competition in the market, it can be difficult to grow initially without strong business connections.
  • An affiliate network may charge you a setup fee or a recurring membership fee.
  • It is possible for affiliate marketers to perform poorly, resulting in no improvement in traffic.
  • Mobile-friendly tools are rare among the tools available.
  • The number of affiliate ads you can display on smaller screens is limited.

12 Best Mobile App Affiliate Programs 2023

Here Is the list of Mobile Affiliate Programs:

1. iCubesWire

A product of Quotient Four Technologies, the Bengaluru-based corporation has its headquarters there.

iCubesWire Mobile App Affiliate Programs

iCubesWire is one of the fastest-growing mobile affiliate networks. Coupons and deals for numerous programs can be found on this network.

Aside from affiliate deals from Amazon, Flipkart, and other retailers, you can also find CPA and CPS offers on the app.. Another service provided by iCubesWire is mobile marketing.

  • Notifications by push
  • Using SMS in marketing
  • Mobile marketing via in-app push
  • APK, iOS, and Android app installation campaign
  • A mobile solution that is innovative
  • Branding for WAP and m-sites

Payment is made within 60 days of the task completion date on the network, which is secure and trustworthy.

The fact that it is affiliated with more than 15000 publishers around the world, including many well-known names like Go Air and Etihad Airways as well as Honda and Ford, as well as McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza, as well as American Express and ICICI and Axis banks, as well as the Kotak and Tata groups, may please you.

2. Mobiglide

In terms of product development and advertising, Mobiglide is among the finest mobile affiliate networks. There are many areas of expertise for this network, including e-commerce, mobile lead generation, cost-per-acquisition, trial campaigns, app installation, innovation, and creativity.

Mobiglide’s primary goal is to make social media advertising easier for small and local businesses.

Among the specialists at Mobiglide are affiliate managers, business development managers, and account managers who assist you in improving your portfolio, increasing revenue, and expanding your market.

When it comes to new product releases, this mobile affiliate network has emerged as a mobile pioneer in a number of regions throughout the world.

Quality traffic and a targeted audience are critical to your business’ success with Mobiglide. There are also over 3450 publishers registered, and over 6700 active offers on the site, in addition to the more than 20 verticals covered by the platform.

3. Leadbit

The Leadbit CPA network was established in 2012 by highly skilled affiliate managers with extensive experience in building websites, apps, and blogs.

Leadbit Mobile App Affiliate Program

With Leadbit, you can deal with traffic from all over the world because it doesn’t limit you to a specific geographic area.

It’s a reputable mobile affiliate network with members in over 50 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (Commonwealth of Independent States).

In addition, the network offers a variety of lucrative affiliate programs that are constantly updated. The service also includes a personal manager and a team of experts available around the clock. It’s a lot simpler to set up than other networks, and you won’t need much help doing so.

4. ClickDealer

Advertisers, agencies, and publishers all rely on Click Dealer, a GDM group firm, for their performance marketing needs.

ClickDealer Mobile App Affiliate Program

One of the most popular platforms for making money is ClickDealer. This network allows you to create all of your promotional files and convert them into any language, which can improve your passive income.

In addition, the company offers a variety of advertising services tailored to the needs of individual clients.

As of this writing, it has partnered with more than 1800 advertisers from across the world in 12 lucrative verticals: Health and Beauty; E-commerce & Retail; Dating; Mobile Utilities; Software; Travel; and many more.

5. CrakRevenue

As a CPA advertising network that connects publishers and advertisers, Crakrevenue has become a popular choice.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Programs

Affiliates can make a substantial amount of money by taking advantage of a 5 percent lifetime referral scheme. Affiliates can also make money through three more plans, including:

  • VIP Affiliate
  • Active Affiliate
  • Elite Affiliate

All of the above-mentioned plans come with a Help Desk and a slew of benefits.

There are a lot of advertisers in this affiliate network, from Adult Gaming to Health to Cams to Dating, and so on.

If you choose the VIP or Elite plan, this completely vertical affiliate network provides a dedicated affiliate manager as well as enticing specials and promotions. Unexpected annual reward increases are another perk of having a working affiliate program.

6. DGM

Among the many internet marketing services provided by DGM are marketing experience, high-quality supplier sources, modern technologies, and proprietary procedures. Email, social media, and search are all supported by these marketing tools.

This affiliate network has partnered with a wide range of businesses in order to achieve quantifiable outcomes on the internet.

Affiliates who use this platform can give a larger audience across a variety of website genres, including video content and video commercials, as well as internet and mobile audience depending on demographics, all from the same platform.

7. Komli

You can use Komli’s programmatic buying capability to make the advertising process completely transparent and smooth. More than 4000 advertisers are part of this extensive affiliate network. In addition, this prominent digital media platform has extensive industry experience spanning over seven years.

Reviewers have dubbed the platform as one of the greatest worldwide mobile affiliate networks because it has helped many large and small brands expand their audience reach, exceed performance goals, and give efficient solutions.

Komli’s net payment mechanism is trustworthy; the net is paid within 30 to 50 days of the due date. What I like most about this network is that it emphasizes teamwork and values the input of all members.

Many of the world’s major corporations, such as Microsoft, MSN, Yahoo, eBay, and Mckinsey, are represented on the board of this global affiliate network, which may please you.

8. MobxNetwork

There are a lot of high-payout GEOs available at MobxNetwork, and there are a lot of unique incentives. More than 100 marketers from around the world are part of this CPI worldwide network.

MobxNetwork Affiliate Programs

Your app or website gains a significant amount of high-quality traffic from a top network, which generates new leads for your organization. MobxNetwork is unique in that it brings proven traffic sources to the table.

If you run into problems throughout the integration process or with your payment, the platform’s responsive customer support team will be there to help you out.

The app’s owners would receive support in analyzing traffic and immediate feedback from the advertiser, which will help them improve their product.

9. PayV

Before PayV, this network was known as WapEmpire, but it was later rebranded as PayV by the corporation.

PayV Affiliate Programs

Since its inception in 2013, PayV has gained the trust of media buyers, webmasters, affiliate networks, and affiliates as a safe haven and trusted business partner.

Conversions on a CPS, CPA, and RevShare basis are well-known for the corporation.

Aside from prompt reimbursements, full-proof customer assistance, and an in-house tracking platform with precise statistics, the platform offers a wide range of options for affiliates to pick from.

10. AdsMain

In 2010, AdsMain was founded and established. Many businesses have come to trust this digital media platform since then.

AdsMain Affiliate Programs

AdsMain is regarded as one of the greatest mobile affiliate networks since it has built a strong partnership between app developers and publishers. All of the CPA network’s affiliates have been well taken care of as well.

AdsMain’s major goal is to produce money and profit for both advertisers and publishers alike and to do it efficiently. Easy-to-use and well-supported by a comprehensive tracking system, this network makes it possible to conduct payments quickly and easily.

11. OGAds

In the field of mobile advertising, OGAds is one of the pioneers.

OGAds Affiliate Programs

Publishers may make a good living from their mobile content by joining this fantastic affiliate network. OGAds has a strong focus on mobile marketing and a well-developed support structure to go along with it.

Once a campaign is completed, publishers get paid based on the number of campaigns they finish in a given period of time. Additionally, this affiliate network has a wide range of traffic sources that are accepted. OGAds might pay you well if you have a lot of social media traffic.

12. Clickbooth

For CPA mobile marketing, it is one of the most well-known affiliate networks in the world. This network has been in existence for more than 15 years. Since it provides a lucrative possibility for both the affiliates and the merchants, many publishers have become rich.

In addition to being a top-rated CPA network, it was recognized as the finest mobile affiliate network. It is also widely regarded as the best in the business because of its flawless performance and unwavering customer service.

All of these attributes point to Clickbooth’s extensive knowledge and intimate understanding of the industry.

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