CPA Marketing: The Complete Guide for Beginners That You Need NOW

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You may have already heard the word CPA Marketing many times when you read about blogging and making money online. You might think that how CPA Marketing is different than Affiliate marketing.

So here we are going to talk about CPA and how is it different from affiliate marketing.

Difference between CPA and Affiliate Marketing:

Working of CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is straightforward in this you get paid for completing any particular action that could be as simple as getting a user to fill up a form or take a survey or any other desired effect.

While in affiliate marketing, you get paid when somebody makes any purchase through your link. CPA is considered to be more comfortable than affiliate marketing; here you get paid for sending a lead. Once the traffic you send converts into a lead, after that it’s the job of the particular network to convert into the sales. Anyhow, you would be paid for the lead.

If you already understand the term and features of Affiliate marketing, then it is the right time for you to learn about CPA marketing and understand how CPA is different than affiliate marketing. And start building your base strong in CPA marketing.

Here are some more differences between CPA & Affiliate marketing is:

  • You will get your payment fast in CPA Network.
  • In CPA network you will be provided with an affiliate manager who guides you for best offer and shares ways to help you make more money while in Affiliate network you are on your own
  • Most of the affiliate networks quickly provide the affiliate links to promote. Whereas in CPA, it takes time to become a part of the system.


Choosing between CPA and Affiliate Marketing:

CPA has its own benefit and downside also. One advantage of CPA is it converts well & you can drive traffic from various sources, where it pays quickly, but it pays less at the same time.

I recommend that as a beginner you can start with CPA and in the long run, you can shift to affiliate marketing.

With CPA, you can see immediate results as you will start seeing some money in your account with simple steps such as submission of emails

At the same time, the downside of CPA in comparison to Affiliate Marketing is, it pays less.

Thoughts that may come to your mind about CPA:

Money one can earn with CPA:

 Through CPA you can earn you as low as $0.10 to $10. There are also some people who are making millions with CPA marketing. In some cases it can earn you a tremendous amount of money like when the user has to enter credit card details for the trial of the product, you can get paid up to $50.

Traffic generation methods:

Without any traffic to your offer, you will not be making money. In CPA, you have to be aware of the promotion details before starting the promotion. Many CPA offers are limited to particular location, and you can use only selected source to drive traffic.

CPA Traffic Generation Source

Now, when it comes to traffic, there are many different ways you can go about this. You can either choose the free traffic path and stick to build Niche Sites or YouTube marketing.

Reversal and holding period for the commission:

CPA is not like affiliate marketing where you have a holding period of 40-60 days, but on the contrary in CPA, you get paid instantly with no refunds unless you are violating any TOC such as making traffic from an illegal method.

Once you reach out the minimum payout for CPA network that you are signed up with, you will be paid instantly.

How about scam offers?

One of the most significant downsides of CPA is scam offers like you will find a lot of fraud offers to pay $1-$2 for a simple task. I’m sure you are smart enough to know such offers are mostly scam & something you don’t want people to fall for it.   

Avoid Such Spam Offers - CPA Marketing

Avoid offers such as make money quickly; online flash games, Sex or dating & many others. Use your own judgment and avoid promoting something that you look scam or might hurt somebody.

List of the best CPA Networks:

Conclusion: CPA Marketing- The Complete guide for beginners

If you are a professional blogger, I would recommend you to take part in both ways making money online, CPA as well as Affiliate Marketing. Both methods are useful for making money online and have some pros and cons associated with them.Give your valuable feedback in the comment section and also share if you are using affiliate program and CPA for making money online. Share this article on all the trending social media platform and show your love and support.

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  1. I’m very involved in CPA marketing and the work involved to make it work is worth it. The most difficult part about it is generating traffic. But once you learn how to do this, everything else is a cinch.

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  7. This one is a good insight for beginners who have no clue about the affiliate marketing approaches. This blog is an good learning place for beginners who aim to fly high with their blog.

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