MonetizeMore Review 2023– How Web Publishers Can Take their Ad Revenue Optimization To The Next Level?

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Value for Money
User Interface


  • Technology on the cutting edge.
  • A global team that can work across all time zones.
  • Reporting that is both transparent and adaptable.
  • DFP and header bidding setup by a concierge.
  • Each publisher's premium publisher offering is unique.
  • Flexible price plans based on the publisher's most critical indicators.
  • Great YouTube and blog material available


  • Customer support needs improvement

MonetizeMore, as one of the industry's oldest big outsourced ad operations companies, has established itself as an expert in ad optimization, similar to how SEOmoz established itself as an authority in SEO.

Price:$ 99

In this blog, I am going to share my honest MonetizeMore Review.

MonetizeMore, a fast-growing ad tech company, has shown to be the authority in ad revenue optimization with over 700+ publishers that they manage. It’s excellent that they provide AdX demand, and they do a solid job of vetting sites, onboarding, and improving site layouts, but their unique capabilities for larger publishers outweigh that.

So, if you are curious to know more about MonetizeMore, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will give you an in-depth review of MonetizeMore, highlighting its features, prices, benefits, and more.

monetizemore review

What is MonetizeMore?

Kean Graham founded MonetizeMore in 2010 and has since grown to become one of the leading ad optimization firms. Hundreds of publishers have worked with them to optimize their ad inventory.

MonetizeMore has been recognized as an authority by Google, in addition to being well-known in the ad tech business. They were named a Google Certified Publisher Partner for the North American region in 2020.

In 2020, they were also awarded the Publisher Innovation of the Year Award for their work on Traffic Cop, an invalid traffic solution.

monetizemore ad ops

Growth & Recognition

MonetizeMore stood out as pioneers of their strategy by increasing ad sales by millions of dollars at one of Canada’s major online classified networks, UsedEverywhere.

After proving their success during the initial years, MonetizeMore applied their perfected methodology to more and more premium publishers.

MonetizeMore’s gratis product and continuous performance drew Google’s attention, and the two companies teamed to give MonetizeMore direct access to a master account for Google Ad Exchange (AdX). MonetizeMore was able to give AdX demand to any publisher partners on their list as a result of this.

Since AdX is one of the greatest display ad monetization platforms, MonetizeMore was able to boost its publishers’ ad performance even more. MonetizeMore was officially named a Certified Partner for Google in 2014, as the cooperation between MonetizeMore and Google grew.

Google certified MonetizeMore as a partner they could vouch for because of their leadership in the field of outsourced ad operations as well as professional utilization of Google AdX, Google AdSense, and DoubleClick for Publishers (now Google Ad Manager combining DFP and AdX).

Features & Functionalities of MonetizeMore

MonetizeMore provides publishers with a full suite of ad optimization services and ad tech solutions, ranging from hands-off to self-serve. MonetizeMore provides the following services:

Actionable Ad Revenue Platform

Including source, campaign, and medium, compare your ad revenue across ad networks, web pages, and UTMs. To continually enhance your publishing business, identify revenue differences and act on their wise advice.

Access to Premium Ad Networks

Expand the reach of your ad inventory with their exclusive Premium Ad Networks agreements. MonetizeMore will improve your revenue splits and payment terms, save you time, and provide you with access to exclusive ad networks that demand billions of monthly ad impressions.

Transparency and full ownership of ad inventory

Don’t worry, MonetizeMore’s technology has been designed to work with all of your accounts. There’s no need to give in to black box technology by switching to our accounts, transferring your DNS, and hoping for the best. Instead, your team maintains control while obtaining reliable data without sacrificing performance.

Increase Long-term RPMs

Instead of burning your customers’ eyes with hundreds of irrelevant advertising, MonetizeMore combines cutting-edge ad technology with best-in-class optimization strategies to create a better experience for your website’s users.

Your RPMs will climb more steadily as a result of this. Their technology not only helps you grow, but it also protects you from the unexpected. In the event of upstream insolvency, they insure 90% of your header bid revenues.

Header Bidding Wrapper

In 2017, MonetizeMore launched a header wrapper called PubGuru Header Bidding. For premium publishers, it focuses on high page RPM performance, rapid page load times, and a hybrid approach to header bidding.

Publishers have witnessed regular high-page RPM improvements thanks to the combination of AdX, PGHB, and their premium publisher offering.

The PubGuru Ad Ops Platform

PubGuru is a business intelligence software designed exclusively for Ad Ops teams to manage their day-to-day operations. Publishers can analyze ad network performance with Google Ad Manager at a glance, manage revenue discrepancies, monitor Google Policy violations, and produce granular multi-dimensional reports using an advanced reporting engine.

MonetizeMore’s PubGuru platform allows publishers to monitor and manage their ad optimization operations in one place. Publishers can use PubGuru to access a variety of reports and tools, including:

MonetizeMore's PubGuru platform

Ad Networks Report

Get a comprehensive picture of their entire ad network’s performance and compare the results in a single report.

Discrepancy Report

Investigate ad network differences in greater depth and save hours of manual labor.

Report on Revenue Attribution

Individual campaign ad performance can be tracked and compared using UTMs.

Smart Notifications

Notifies you when there are mistakes in your ad setting, as well as how to remedy them.

Content Policy Report

AdSense flags any potential content policy violations and assists in resolving them before account suspension.

The PubGuru Ad Inspector Chrome Extension

MonetizeMore’s PubGuru Ad Inspector is a free tool that helps publishers troubleshoot any ad arrangement for any website. It’s also completely free, which is fantastic!

You can look at adverts, bidders who won the header bidding auction, look at technical logs, check for GDPR compliance, and much more using this Chrome extension. It’s a swiss army knife for publishers that want to better their troubleshooting jobs and spend less time on out-of-date tools.

Traffic Cop

monetizemore traffic cop benefits

MonetizeMore’s invalid traffic identification and prevention technology are called Traffic Cop. This technology connects with PubGuru to provide publishers with access to the IVT report, which displays the percentage of suspected and prohibited invalid traffic.

What makes Traffic Cop so great is that it uses machine learning and fingerprinting algorithms to identify and block illegitimate traffic from seeing advertising creatives.

The majority of solutions just detect erroneous traffic. This one genuinely prevents it from happening. As a result, publishers maintain their hard-earned ad revenue and are no longer at risk of being banned by Google owing to invalid traffic. Traffic Cop was also awarded the Google Innovation of the Year Award, demonstrating its success in the fight against ad fraud.

Their award-winning (GCPP Innovation Award 2020) invalid traffic identification and blocking software solution is called Traffic Cop.

They use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and prohibit sophisticated bots from clicking/interacting with publisher ad inventory, which helps publishers reduce bogus traffic violations and revenue clawbacks.

Reporting Interface

Publishers can also request to personalize the reports in any custom way they want with MonetizeMore’s reporting. This is particularly handy for publishers who want to separate their metrics by traffic source in order to determine which is the most profitable.

They also have automated header bidding reports with clear real-time reporting by header bid partners and will be able to measure income and impression disparities with the publisher’s DFP account.

MonetizeMore Paymentpricing plans

They serve a wide range of publications in the following tiers with their ad optimization services:

  • Starter: Suitable for publishers having monthly revenue of more than $1,000
  • Professional: Suitable for publishers having monthly revenue of more than $5,000
  • Premium: Suitable for publishers having monthly revenue of more than $20,000
  • Enterprise: Suitable for publishers having monthly revenue of more than $100,000

Available Payment Methods include PayPal, wire transfer, and ACH. The AdX Payment Terms is Net 30 with a minimum payout threshold of $100.

3 reasons why we love MonetizeMore 

With its header container solution and premium publisher offering, MonetizeMore truly stands out from the competition. The PubGuru Header Bidding header container was designed to be fast. Because it delivers the following header bid innovations, it obtains greater page RPMs than alternative header containers:

  1. Testing for multivariate header bid partner: Every single combination of header bid partners is examined, and in case a header bid partner doesn’t provide the publisher with greater RPMs, it is removed from the header bid stack.
  2. Testing for multivariate timeout: It’s not a good idea to use random timeouts for header containers. PubGuru Header Bidding uses data to determine the best timeout for each device type.
  3. Bid scaling that is frequently updated: It is critical to scale header bid partner bids based on revenue differences. Other header containers, on the other hand, have bid scaling left on the page, which is unavoidably not updated. PubGuru Header Bidding constantly monitors and adjusts the bid scaling of each header bid partner and placement.

Benefits of using MonetizeMore

Here is a quick overview of the major pros of using MonetizeMore:

  • Demand from MonetizeMore has the greatest page RPMs of any header container we’ve tested.
  • Willing to be compensated only on the basis of performance.
  • Technology on the cutting edge.
  • A global team that can work across all time zones.
  • Consultation tailored to your needs for ad placement, ad pace, and Google compliance.
  • Reporting that is both transparent and adaptable.
  • Each publisher’s premium publisher offering is unique.
  • Ad optimizers and support staff who are passionate about their work.
  • Flexible price plans are based on the publisher’s most critical indicators.
  • Contracts do not necessitate any kind of commitment.
  • DFP and header bidding setup by a concierge.
  • Great YouTube and blog material to assist publishers with ad inventory optimization.
  • Dedicated ad optimization teams deliver exceptional assistance and premium publisher performance, which no other firm has yet to offer.

MonetizeMore Customer Reviews

customer testimonials

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FAQs related to MonetizeMore

👉 What are the publisher requirements for MonetizeMore?

Since MonetizeMore is an advanced header bidding ad network, all publishers must have a minimum of 500,000 monthly traffic. Publishers must also submit their website for manual approval, and illegal content is not permitted on websites.

🙌 What is the income share of MonetizeMore?

MonetizeMore offers a revenue share model to publishers, and they are one of the few ad networks that truly report your revenue share percentages in their monthly reporting. The majority of ad networks just report your portion of the revenue. The revenue split differs by publisher.

🙆 What is the PubGuru Header Bidding feature?

MonetizeMore has had a header container for 4+ years called PubGuru Header Bidding. For premium publishers, it focuses on high page RPM performance, rapid page load times, and clear reporting. Publishers have witnessed regular high page RPM improvements thanks to the combination of AdX, PubGuru header container, and premium publisher offering.

👍 What are the payment options for MonetizeMore?

MonetizeMore provides publishers with three payment options: PayPal, ACH, and wire transfer.

What is the minimum payment level for MonetizeMore?

For MonetizeMore publishers, the minimum payment barrier is $100.

Conclusion – MonetizeMore Review 2023 Should you go for it?

MonetizeMore, as one of the industry’s oldest big outsourced ad operations companies, has established itself as an expert in ad optimization, similar to how SEOmoz established itself as an authority in SEO.

MonetizeMore has created high-quality ad optimization and web monetization content in the form of blogs, eBooks, infographics, and videos.

We applaud MonetizeMore for its consistent goal of empowering a community of bloggers, webmasters, and publishers to better monetize their content while providing an excellent user experience.

It’s evident that MonetizeMore is the best option for large publishers because of its customization, connectivity with publisher ad accounts, and detailed reports. They have the highest minimums of any ad ops company and appear to appeal to a more sophisticated publisher.

PubGuru, Traffic Cop, and even PubGuru Ad Inspector appear to be solutions designed to supplement in-house ad ops teams. They not only assist ad ops teams in identifying revenue-boosting opportunities, but they also help them avoid clawbacks, policy issues, technical issues, and account suspensions.

The AdX product from MonetizeMore is good, but it doesn’t stand out much from the other AdX players. MonetizeMore and its technology, as well as the knowledge of its ad optimization team and performance pricing, confirm MonetizeMore as the finest alternative for any large publisher looking to outsource their ad operations.

Unlike the competition, MonetizeMore is motivated to drastically boost the ad income of each premium publisher they partner with, rather than simply managing an ad inventory. 

If you are looking for actionable strategies to boost your ad revenue, then you can get in touch with MonetizeMore here

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