Google Ads Agency Account 2023: #1 Ads Agency?

Despite the difficult situation and the restrictions imposed by Google, arbitrageurs continue to use the Google Ads Agency Account platform to drive traffic around the world and scale up.

The benefits of this platform include its intuitive interface, the popularity of Google around the world, and its plethora of functions that open up opportunities to create new strategies and scale up faster.

Following the ban on direct replenishment of the ad platform, agency accounts began to rapidly gain popularity. In addition to the legal use of the service, they provide several advantages over self-registration.

At that, the cost of detailed services can be completely minimal. Many services charge only an initial fee for opening an agency account and a maximum 20% commission for replenishment.

In this article, we will explain in detail the main characteristics of Google Ads Agency Accounts and their benefits, as well as look at the most popular services provided by agency accounts.

What Is A Google Ads Agency Account?

Agency accounts are cabinets offered by special services that provide a number of benefits when driving traffic. These types of accounts can be opened not by an individual, but by a special company that is in partnership with Google Ads.

Services that provide agency accounts cooperate directly with the platform on its terms. They are then given cabinets with an increased level of trust, provided that the service partners will drive exclusively white ads.

Agency accounts have priority during moderation and an increased level of trust because the service guarantees white and honest advertising.

This cannot fully guarantee the advertiser protection from the ban and the platform white traffic, but the service acts as the guarantor in such cases.

The service solves issues to do with the banning of accounts and unscrupulous partners who choose to bypass the system.

Working with agency accounts serves as a kind of boost not only for the arbitrageur but also for companies, for example, game or app developers, which helps scale up quickly and glitch-free.

At that, it is much easier and cheaper to start driving traffic with agency accounts than with a self-registered account. To launch a successful campaign, all you need is about £100, but many services allow you to top up your cabinet with half that amount.

Most importantly, you will not lose money when your account is banned. If your agency account is banned, the service will refund you the entire amount.

You use the money you receive to top up the balance of another agency account and begin driving traffic again. Easy-peasy! Say goodbye to complex schemes with anti-detect browsers and replaceable proxies!

After you have selected the service, fully registered on it, and granted access to your account, the service will help distribute the money deposited between accounts.

This is especially beneficial right now when Russian residents are finding it extremely difficult to replenish their Google Ads and Russian cards are not accepted.

In the next paragraph, we will look at all the advantages of an agency account.

Why Do You Need A Google Ads Agency Account?

1. Ad account to top up

The very first and most important thing is that an agency account helps you top up your Google Ads ad cabinet quite easily. Right now, this is not just a convenience, but a necessity.

To be fully registered, the user deposits the amount specified by the service or more, after which he/she is given an ad account and can have an investment budget as provided for by the rules of the service.

Typically, you can only top up your agency account using crypto. While this condition will not be any problem for an advanced arbitrageur, for a beginner, this top-up method offers a significant advantage.

The service still charges a minimal commission when topping up your agency account using crypto. For example, the Yeezypay commission is only 10% of any deposit. Agent cabinets in this service can also be replenished using WIRE

2. One dashboard for all accounts

Services that provide agency accounts link them to your account. Since developers tend to have multiple apps or games, multiple accounts will be used.

From a single panel, you can view the current balance of all advertising accounts separately and manage them.

Many people use this feature to experiment and try out new strategies, as it is much easier to monitor traffic metrics and the effectiveness of customized ads on a single dashboard.

In any case, this greatly simplifies the procedure, allowing you to not have to switch between windows, work on one Google account, and not have to create multiple self-registrations.

3. Unbanning of accounts and reimbursement of funds from a banned account

As mentioned earlier, agent cabinets are a guarantee that after your account is banned, you will be reimbursed your funds in full. An agency account getting banned is a very rare occurrence. It occurs either by accident or by violating the rules established by the site, for example, by using grey schemes.

4. Priority moderation

Agency accounts have an increased level of trust in Google Ads moderation. For this reason, ad campaigns have a much lower chance of being rejected than self-registration, which does not have any level of trust at all.

This allows you to scale up faster, collaborate more effectively with customers, and therefore earn more.

5. Wide selection of GEOs

Since the geography of apps provides for the flow of traffic to the countries of Europe and Asia, it is desirable for each advertiser to create an account for a specific GEO, which takes time, and in some cases may be extremely difficult.

Services that provide agency accounts give their users a list of the available countries for which an account can be registered.

6. Ability to start with minimal investment

Beginners with little to no knowledge of the intricacies of buying traffic on Google Ads will especially appreciate agency accounts for the opportunity to develop with a minimum starting budget.

It’s no secret that when an arbitrageur is still starting, a significant part goes towards unavoidable mistakes. Your account gets banned, you carry out an unsuccessful campaign, you implement a wrong strategy – and your money sinks.

Agency accounts will not insure the user against all failures; however, the increased level of trust of the provided accounts will provide the described benefits.

The experience of many arbitrageurs working with agency accounts has shown that you can easily start with a £50-100 budget.

7. Analytics

Since the services have access to your accounts, they can assess the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

The personal account of many services has an analytics section providing reports in the form of metrics and graphs on the success of ad campaigns.

We will tell you more about which service offers this function later.

Can I Create An Agent Cabinet On My Own?

If an agency account is that profitable, can I create one myself? The answer is an unequivocal – no! As mentioned at the beginning, agency accounts are created by special services that are in partnership with Google.

Many people confuse the concept of a personal account on Google Ads with an agency account. Such accounts were mentioned above.

They are called manager accounts or, colloquially, self-registers. Agency accounts will be linked to the manager account. However, the manager account does not have any trust level, and as such, it will be more difficult to scale up using it.

Google Ads Agency Account Creation Service


Looking for Google Ads trust agency cabinets?

We recommend YeezyPay – a service with excellent conditions, easy registration, and customer-focused technical support!

Some of the benefits you will get to enjoy include:

  • agency cabinets with excellent trust;
  • balance protection – you are reimbursed funds from blocked accounts;
  • the ability to pour on gambling and betting, trust-based moderation;
  • user-friendly interface and registration in a couple of clicks;
  • tech support that really cares about your connections;

Connect to the service and get trust accounts with the most convenient conditions!

Yeezypay: Google Ads Agency Account

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