MyPrivateProxy Review 2023 Is MPP #1 Private Proxy Network?

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Proxy Network


  • Fast Delivery
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • HTTPS protocols
  • 24/7 Support
  • High Reliability
  • Proxy Rotation


  • Customer support needs improvement

With MyPrivateProxy you can choose your own proxies based on your needs and destinations to protect your anonymity from Internet predators. It is extremely fast and no useless data will be collected or shared.

Price:$ 2.49

In this blog, I am going to share my honest MyPrivateProxy Review.

What are your thoughts on MyPrivateProxy? For our part, we have a great deal to talk with them and their representatives.

Come in right now to learn everything we discovered about them, including their benefits and drawbacks.

Are you looking to purchase private proxies and have MyPrivateProxy on your shortlist? Then this review is for you.

The industry has grown saturated with proxy providers, making it difficult to choose the right one for you.

We are, however, here to give you honest evaluations based on our review team’s exhaustive research.

Today, we’re going to concentrate on MyPrivateProxy, and the conversation will mostly be about their data center proxies.

Before we get started with the evaluation, let’s have a look at a quick summary of MyPrivateProxy.

MyPrivateProxy is a Seychelles-based proxy service.

This company is one of the market’s leading private proxy providers, having established a reputation for itself since its inception in 2011 – without a question, it remains one of the finest in the business.

It provides internet connection speeds that are unmatched in the market.

Notably, their proxies are very successful at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media management.

However, you’ll be disappointed to learn that they do not give free trials and that you must pay to use their service.

What is MyPrivateProxy?

Myprivateproxy, often known as the MPP Group, is a proxy market relic.

Founded in 2011, their Twitter account was shut down a year later, however, the proxy network has remained operational.

MPP proxies is a well-established business model based on the sale of data center proxies with a variety of access choices.

For example, shared proxies from Myprivateproxy are somewhat less expensive than private or dedicated proxies, and the price per proxy decreases as the number of proxies purchased increases.

Their network is not geographically extensive: just 24 sites with a total of 220 servers. Unless you secure a unique contract with MPP Group, the maximum number of subnets you may purchase with a private proxy plan is 42.

As far as I am aware, they have 520 accessible subnets – a respectable quantity for a dedicated proxy supplier.

MyPrivateProxy Review

Even if Myprivateproxies boasts that their network is staffed by ‘industry professionals’ (aren’t they all?) The webpage seems to be from the early 2000s. Simplicity, I suppose, works for some of us.

Technically, the network has an API and a simple proxy control panel.

MPP proxies do have some unusual proxy name conventions.

If you visit their website, you may be perplexed by the fact that they provide both dedicated and private proxies as distinct items.

Additionally, if you attempt to access the dedicated proxies website, you will be presented with price options for sneaker, PokemonGo, and ticket proxies.

Is it perplexing enough for you?

In general, MyPrivateProxies offers several attractive features, like unlimited bandwidth and 100 threads per proxy, as well as one free proxy replacement every subscription cycle.

However, even if you use private proxies (which means you are the only one who can access your IP addresses at any one moment), there is no assurance the proxies have not been misused earlier by other customers.

If this is the case, replacing the proxy once every billing cycle may not be sufficient.

5 Major Proxy Packages Offered by MyPrivateProxy

MyPrivateProxy offers excellent products at an affordable price.

A striking pattern in their proxy packages is that the larger the package purchased, the lower the price per proxy in that bundle becomes.

This allows you to save money while increasing the number of proxies available to you.

The following are the proxy packages presently available from MyPrivatProxy.

1. PokemonGO Proxies: 

There are several locations in which PokemonGO is either not legal or is not playable owing to geo-restrictions. In this case, PokemonGO proxies may be used to access the game without encountering any limitations.

MyPrivateProxy Review-pokemon

2. Ticketing Proxies: 

Proxies for Ticketing assist you in purchasing tickets in bulk from ticketing websites.

Ticketing websites permit the sale of a limited number of tickets per IP address, and you cannot purchase further tickets from a single IP address once the limit has been reached.

Due to the rigorous regulations governing ticketing companies, the ticketing proxies supplied by services such as MyPrivateProxy are fresh, virgin proxies.

3. Sneaker Proxies: 

Have you ever desired to get much footwear from your favorite foot stores but were unable to do so due to an IP restriction? Sneaker websites are highly careful about having a large number of shoes associated with a single IP address.

This implies that you can only purchase a restricted number of shoes from the sneaker website, which is often one.

Following that, the website will disable your ability to shop for shoes on discount days.

MyPrivateProxy Review-sneaker

This is where sneaker proxies are advantageous. Multiple IP addresses are possible using sneaker proxies.

This implies that you may utilize these various IP addresses to purchase further shoes over the allotted quantity.

Additionally, MyPrivateProxy’s website sells top sneaker proxies.

4. Shared Proxies: 

Shared proxies are identical to private proxies except that they share a single proxy server across several users.

The number of users varies according to the company supplying these proxies.

These proxies are likewise far less expensive than private proxies but provide significantly less privacy and security.

5. Private Proxies: 

Private Proxies are the bedrock upon which every proxy vendor firm on the internet is built.

They are the most simple but vital proxies that individuals use to conceal their IP address on the internet and browse the web using a new IP address.

MyPrivateProxy, like every other proxy supplier on the internet, offers top private proxies on their website.

Additionally, you may see that as the number of proxies included in proxy packages grows, the price per proxy reduces.

As a result, it is cheaper to purchase a larger quantity of proxy servers in bulk, as the price per proxy is lower.

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6 Major Features and Benefits of MyPrivateProxy

Here are the Features of MyPrivateProxy:

1. Outstanding Customer Support:

Because of MyPrivateProxy’s customer care service, you will never be alone.

One thing you’ll find useful is their FAQ website, which has a wealth of information regarding their service.

If your query is not addressed on this page, you may then contact their support by email or via live chat if an agent is available.

Their customer service representatives are responsive and helpful in this area.

mpp support

2. Simple to Use:

MyPrivateProxy adheres to the lean philosophy, and as such, using their service is a breeze due to its simplicity.

Their website design is quite straightforward and intuitive. Registration is a simple process.

To make things simpler for you, they will even inquire about the reason for which you wish to use their proxies and will choose the suitable proxies for you.

They accept payment through PayPal and credit cards.

There are two types of authentication available: username/password and IP authentication.

To utilize any of them, you must set up them using their website’s dashboard.

The interface shown above is where you should input the password for your proxies and the IP addresses to whitelist.

myprivateproxy features-MyPrivateProxy Review

3. Appropriate Server Distribution:

MyPrivateProxy does not have proxies located in every country. The majority of their proxies are based in the United States and Europe.

Given that these are their primary areas of concentration, let us evaluate them based on their coverage in these areas.

They do have servers in around 30 sites in this area.

In the United States, servers are located in nine states and twelve major cities.

Apart from the United States, they also have servers in other countries. Visit this website to discover where their servers are located.

Apart from the fact that their servers are distributed throughout what is considered as Tier One nations, they also have a sizable proxy network.

They now have more than 150,000 proxies. In comparison to residential proxies, this is a small number.

However, for data center proxies, this is an acceptable amount.

4. Provides the Industry’s Best Speed and Security:

MyPrivateProxy was designed from the start to be fast. Their proxies are housed on dedicated XEON servers equipped with 8 GB RAM.

As a result, their proxies perform well in terms of speed. Indeed, MyPrivateProxy proxies enable you to connect to the Internet at speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.

As a result, they are among the quickest proxies available.

5. Numerous Offices and Datacenters:

MyPrivateProxy has undoubtedly grown into a large internet enterprise, with many data center locations across the globe.

They now operate data centers in 16 major US states and eight European nations.

The expansion of these data centers into Europe delivers increased speed and low latency on their proxies for users located outside the United States.

Additionally, you may verify the location of their data centers on their website.

MyPrivateProxy has strategically located data centers around the United States and Europe.

These data centers also give more coverage and exposure to remote regions, which means you won’t have to worry about proxy speed if you’re in a nation that is farther away from the United States.

6. A Reputable and Professional Company:

MyPrivateProxy is one of the world’s largest proxy firms.

They have a large number of satisfied clients worldwide who provide thought-provoking evaluations regarding their superior proxy quality and customer service.

When we purchase proxies, we seek firms that are well-known among their customers, to ensure that the money we spend on proxies is not wasted.

MyPrivateProxy has been in the proxy industry since 2011 and has undoubtedly accumulated sufficient expertise in its sector to be trusted.

MyPrivateProxy is a reputable firm that has been offering the highest quality proxies for an extended period.

It is one of the few businesses on the internet that has a very high level of trust.

Since its inception, its slogan has been quality above quantity, and I believe the majority of their satisfied clients would agree.


MyPrivateProxy Test on Sneaker Sites

To conduct a trial of sneaker sites, we acquired a sneaker site proxy from the specialized MPP platform.

In this situation, we sought to learn how this proxy circumvented sneaker site bans and problems.

The findings were favorable since none of the shoe websites failed us, even though sneaker websites are among the most difficult to scrape.

Additionally, we investigated how to establish several sneaker accounts and acquire various shoe pairs on each of the five sneaker platforms (as from the table).

Even though,, and Foot Locker all had a few Captchas and mistakes, we scraped these sites without incident.

However, on such sites, we employed the internet error remover and captcha resolver was the only site that encountered higher bottlenecks throughout the scraping process.

However, Nike’s response rate was also high due to mistake removers and Captcha resolvers.

To summarize, MyPrivateProxy ranks among the top in terms of sneaker performance.

Consider a more expensive bundle on these shoe websites for greater outcomes. Additionally, the availability of modern encryption such as SSL in sneaker proxies facilitates anonymous browsing.

MyPrivateProxy Test on Social Media

The second test was conducted on social networking sites, which much exceeded our expectations.

We calculated the percentages of each social networking site using data such as connection failures, timeouts, Captchas, and blocks.

In general, Facebook was our top choice due to its seamless connectivity. A few network disruptors, such as Captchas and timeouts, were present.

Additionally, Facebook experienced two to three connection failures and no blockages.

Another advantage of Facebook is that we could easily harvest its data and create many profiles under the same identity.

Similarly, similar outcomes were seen on Twitter, Instagram, and Reedit.

However, the more network disruptors a site had, the more points were lost.

However, we were concerned about YouTube and Twitch, since their scores were lower than normal.

We utilized a higher ping to download and submit movies on such sites.’s response rate was significantly lower.

The bottom line is that MyPrivateProxy is one of the greatest scraping tools available, owing to its speed and data encryption.

If you’re a marketer looking to promote your brand on social media, try utilizing MPP to conceal your online presence.

MyPrivateProxy Speed Test

The most remarkable feature we discovered in MyPrivateProxy was its speed. We began our experiment with the smallest possible amount of 2.49 dollars.

At the very least, this sum was reasonable and would not result in a significant loss if the test failed.

However, the outcomes exceeded our expectations. We even discovered that the more money you spend on a more expensive bundle, the better the performance.

This experiment was conducted on five MPP Proxies samples. We utilized a stopwatch and speed test software to evaluate these samples. The table above summarizes their findings.

MPP proxy 3 was our top performer because of its low latency while downloading or uploading huge files.

The connection was seamless and had a greater request rate in this sample.

Additionally, there were no interruptions such as Captchas, connection issues, timeouts, or blocks.

On the downside, MPP Proxy 4 required a longer ping time to download or upload files of optimal size.

That variable had a reduced response rate and an unpredictable connection speed. Our premise is that MPP Proxy 4 is linked to websites located outside of an MPP station.

In other words, the closer you are to an MPP station, the faster your connection will be.

Additionally, we tested the other four samples for their proximity to a proxy server. As a result, we utilized to determine their ping time from a certain area.

The findings indicated that servers located near an MPP hotspot performed better.

Additionally, MPP proxies are fast because of their XEON servers, which operate at gigabyte speeds. Additionally, you may multitask connections with these servers due to their 8 GB RAM.

How do I approve

My Private Proxy’ enables you to effortlessly switch between IP-based and username-based authentication from the control panel.

There is no need to contact assistance if you want to switch between methods. You may permit a maximum of ten IP addresses.

Regardless of the kind of authorization you pick, you’ll need to set up the proxy settings in your web browser or another program that will utilize the proxy.

Typically, the option to install a proxy IP address and port number is located in the Network panel of the Settings menu.

If you utilize IP authorization, you must first approve your current IP address in My Private Proxy’s proxy management panel to use the proxies.

Only the username and password are required for username-based authentication. Additionally, you may configure the system proxy to avoid configuring each application individually.

Additionally, you may utilize the proxies built into your smartphone. You may add proxies in your mobile’s Wifi Settings menu.

MyPrivateProxy Pricing

MyPrivateProxy charges based on the number of proxies included in the bundle.

Because they are all from data centers, the only distinction is the number of subnets included.

The prices for ‘dedicated’ Pokemon Go, tickets, and sneaker proxies are higher, while shared proxy plans are somewhat less costly.

Even though the price per proxy decreases as the number of proxies purchased increases, open a calculator to avoid being duped by their website’s numbers: for example, the MPP 20 plan is $44.20 for 20 (plus two bonus) proxies, which works out to $2.21 per proxy ($2.01 if you include the bonus proxies), but the website states the price per proxy as $2.00.

MyPrivateProxy Review price

This becomes more problematic with bigger schemes.

MPP 2000 charges $2,500 for 2,000(+200) proxies, which implies that each proxy costs $1.136, while the advertised price per proxy is $1.13 – not much of a difference, right? If the 2,200 proxies cost just $1.13 each, the whole plan would cost $2,486. That’s a $14 difference!

I’m not sure where you’re from, but that’s plenty to get you a decent supper where I’m from. In any event, these little inaccuracies in pricing give me the impression that MyPrivateProxy is not entirely trustworthy.

MyPrivateProxy Pros and Cons

Here are the pros & cons of MyPrivateProxy:

MyPrivateProxy Pros 

  • Their customer care is available through email and contact centers.
  • MPP’s features are simple and intuitive. Their registration process is straightforward, and they walk you through the process of selecting a proxy.
  • You may create up to twenty subnets, which enables you to efficiently route network connections without fear of being blocked.
  • Servers are located in 21 US cities and ten more locations around Europe.
  • Through its HTTPS protocols, the MPP system encrypts data. Additionally, it is compatible with all authentication methods.
  • MyPrivateProxy’s speed is outstanding due to its Xeon servers.

MyPrivateProxy Cons

  • Before performing a test, you must pay the firm. They do, however, provide a three-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with their services.

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FAQs About MyPrivateProxy Review 2023

Can MyPrivateProxy Scrape Amazon?

When I tried MyPrivateProxy on Amazon, I had a decent success rate of more than 82 percent, but the remainder of my connections encountered the same issues as with Google and Yandex: 503 and 200 error codes.

How Quickly Does MyPrivateProxy Operate?

I have no issues with response times: MPP proxies are lightning-fast. At 300 concurrent (simultaneous) connections, the response time averages 1.58 seconds. No other comments are required.That means you can use MyPrivateProxy for almost everything without experiencing significant delays. However, as you are aware, speed is not everything - you must also have a high success rate with your contacts to complete the work.

Conclusion: MyPrivateProxy Review 2023

To summarize, despite a few performance glitches, a non-functional live chat, and rather ambiguous pricing, MyPrivateProxy private proxies functioned well in my test.

While employing data center proxies is not the optimal solution if you want to make a large number of connection requests, MPP may be a viable choice for a sluggish Amazon price scraping operation.

In general, these proxies are quick, albeit their performance degrades as the number of concurrent connections increases.

In most circumstances, your success rate will be close to 100 percent.

The only two significant red flags for me were Yandex, which is nearly entirely banned, and Google, which receives a lot of captchas, thus I would never recommend using MPP for SEO unless you can negotiate a unique contract for unabused proxies.

MyPrivateProxy is an established proxy service, as seen by its website, dashboard, and proxy administration.

It meets your needs, but if you’re used to an easy-to-use interface for filtering and managing proxies, you may want to investigate alternative providers.

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