Best NetNut Proxy Alternatives 2023: Residential Proxies Like

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Looking for Best NetNut Proxy Alternatives, here are some of the best alternatives.

1. Bart Proxies:

Bart Proxies is a well-known private Internet service provider in the Surge Proxies, Space Proxies, and Leaf Proxies categories.

This proxy service is committed to supplying high-quality dedicated ISP proxies to the proxy market, specifically for sneaker copping.

It provides customers with limitless bandwidth, which means that once a proxy subscription is bought, users may access the internet indefinitely.

brat-Best ISP Proxies

A monthly membership to their service costs $ 62.5 for 25 proxies. When considering the monthly membership fee for Bart Proxies, it can be concluded that they are rather reasonable.

Bart Proxies use IP authentication as for their authentication method since this is the only sort of authentication they support.

Bart Proxies is simple to use since there is no time wasted signing in, and their interface is uncomplicated.

One disadvantage of Bart Proxies is that the maximum number of threads that may be formed, as well as the countries and proxy count, are not specified.

2. Space Proxies :

Space Proxies is another private ISP supplier in the proxy industry that offers high-quality private ISP proxies.

They provide consumers with a choice of two ISP proxy solutions.

They provide a variety of ISP proxy solutions, including typical ISP proxy packages.

Users get access to about 100 proxies and bulk ISP packages with this sort of proxy bundle.

space proxies

Between 200 and 500 ISP proxies are included in the bulk ISP packages. The remaining ISP proxy packages are for sneaker copping.

Their proxies are currently only accessible in the European Union and the United States.

This is a key disadvantage of Space Proxies, since they, unlike many other premium proxies, lack extensive geographic coverage.

Additionally, their proxies are seen as being pricey in comparison to other sneaker proxies. Their monthly membership fee begins at $ 68 for 25 proxies.

Space ISP proxies perform well on sneaker websites such as Finishline, Footisites, Yeezy Supply, and Shopify, to name a few.

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3. Surge Proxies:

Surge Proxies is one of the proxy service providers that offer dedicated ISP proxies to proxy customers.

Apart from their ISP proxies, they also provide excellent data center and residential proxies.

Surge Proxies’ proxy prices are rather reasonable in comparison to other ISP proxies, beginning at $ 32 weekly for 25 proxies.

While the monthly fee may seem to be high, the pricing is reasonable due to the flexibility of weekly subscriptions and unlimited bandwidth.

surge-Best ISP Proxies

A fundamental disadvantage of Surge Proxies is their limited coverage of locations. Their proxies are now only accessible in one location of the United States: Ashburn, Virginia.

Surge Proxies’ website, on the other hand, claims that its proxies are ideal for sneaker copping and are compatible with websites such as Supreme, Foot sites, Shopify, and Yeezy Supply, among others.

Their customer service is excellent, and they also offer a Telegram channel for rapid response to consumer needs.

4. Leaf Proxies:

Leaf Proxies is a reasonably reliable proxy service for sneaker collecting. Its services are limited to the shoe copping sector.

Leaf Proxies offers proxies for both data center and residential use.

Their ISP proxy bundle is one of the packages they provide under their proxy categories.

These ISP proxies operate at a rate that would lead one to believe they are data center proxies.

leaf Proxies-Best ISP Proxies

Leaf Proxies, on the other hand, are called unmetered residential proxies due to their unrestricted bandwidth.

They are also one of the more affordable proxy service providers for ISP proxies, with a monthly plan starting at $25 for 10 proxies.

The disadvantage of Leaf Proxies is that they lack enough location coverage and are thus ineffective for geo-targeting.

Their proxies are based only in the United States, in the northern Virginia area.

5. Astroproxy:

Astroproxy is a well-known proxy company that specializes in providing high-quality ISP proxies.

The Russian proxy company is well-known for its low-cost proxies and offers the cheapest ISP proxies.

Users may subscribe to Astroproxy ISP proxies for as little as $3 for 1GB, depending on the bundle selected.

Astroproxy provides a reasonable geo-targeting and ISP-targeting solution, as their proxies are available in 12 countries.

This is concerning in comparison to premium proxy services such as Bright Data and Soax.

Another disadvantage of Astroproxy ISP proxies is that the size of their proxy pool is unknown since it is not specified on their website.


Apart from the issue with geographical coverage, Astroproxy is a great proxy service with a plethora of use cases, particularly for online data scraping and managing numerous accounts.

Surprisingly, ISP proxies are more widely utilized and popular in the sneaker copping market than in any other proxy use case.

This is because ISP proxies are ideal for sneaker bots; hence, the sneaker copping market places a high premium on them.

To ensure the efficiency of sneaker copping, certain locational conditions must be met by servers and proxies utilized for sneaker copping.

If these locational conditions are not satisfied, these proxies may become sluggish, reducing your chances of success.

This is why a large number of ISP proxy providers locate their data centers in these regions and also get their residential IP addresses from them.

The ISP proxies listed below are optimized for sneaker copping, and although they are not the finest on the market, they will provide an accurate result.

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