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HighProxies is a proxy service that offers fast and dependable proxies, 24/7 customer care, unlimited bandwidth, and 1Gbps servers. They have a number of price levels available, starting at $2.30/month with no setup fee.

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  • Email, live chat, and customer support requests are available from HighProxies.
  • When linked to one server, HighProxies lets you share networks and download files.
  • Most US cities and European countries have HighProxies servers.
  • HighProxies is one of the fastest data center proxies at 1000mbps.
  • A minimal interface and basic functionality characterize HighProxies. The HighProxies website has a proxy server tutorial.
  • You get one monthly IP refresh to eliminate leaks and blockages from outdated IP addresses.


  • HighProxies accepts payments through PayPal, Payza, or Coingate.
  • Sneaker website scraping is not possible with HighProxies.
  • As safe as HTTPS is, SOCKS utilizes sophisticated encryption technologies. Additionally, socks platforms are quick.


Price: $ 1

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient proxy provider? My HighProxies Review might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Numerous proxy services have risen to prominence in recent years. However, only a select few suppliers have been able to maintain client happiness along the way via superior service.

Highproxies is unquestionably one, offering highly anonymous dedicated HTTP/HTTPS proxies with fast connection speeds and a simple setup process.

I just conducted a comprehensive evaluation of their proxies and can confidently state that they are one of our top three preferred proxy providers. Consider some of their good and bad characteristics.

HighProxies Review

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

If you’re new to the world of proxies, you may be left scratching your head trying to figure out which provider to go with. Look no further than HighProxies.

Their exceptional service has changed the game in the proxy industry, and has been doing so since 2015.

Their dedicated customer service team is always there to help you out, making sure you’re always getting the most out of your proxies.

When it comes to a reliable and efficient proxy service, it’s hard to beat HighProxies.

What is HighProxies?

HighProxies is one of the finest private proxy service providers, providing data center proxies in the United States of America, California, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Italy.

Customer service is very responsive and quick, and HP’s Private Proxies are extremely fast and stable, supporting both user/password authentication and IP-Auth.

Why I Choose HighProxies?

HighProxies Review

When it comes to proxies, HighProxies is one of the most popular on the internet today, with millions of clients worldwide.

HighProxies began in 2015 as a proxy vendor and has gradually evolved. They have been delivering high-quality proxies across the globe for over four years. They provide both US and international proxies.

They operate over 22 data center sites across the United States. They have the following sites for their International proxies: Toronto, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Rome, Sydney, and Madrid.

They have gradually grown their proxy company across the globe and have undoubtedly established themselves as one of the top proxy vendors.

Since 2015, HighProxies has been one of the top proxy vendors, offering high-quality proxies.

Although their individual proxy prices are higher than those of other proxy sellers, the quality of their proxies is well worth the additional money.

HighProxies provides high-speed and high-quality HTTP/HTTP proxies that ensure privacy and security.

HighProxies has been in the internet proxy industry for almost four years, offering high-quality proxies. Their proxies are HTTP/HTTPS compliant, which means they provide the fastest speeds available on the internet.

They do not presently support Socks5 proxies, which is another disadvantage.

My Favourite Features and Benefits of HighProxies 

HighProxies features

As with other reputable proxy service providers on the market, this one attempts to simplify the process of accessing online material and collecting data for its customers.

The service has some features that contribute to its attractiveness and help it maintain its position as one of the most popular brands on the market.

1. Simple To Use

One of its most incredible features is its simplicity of use and accessibility. You are not required to jump through hoops or endure an extended waiting time.

Signing up is straightforward and may provide access to proxies within a few minutes.

2. Customized IPs

HighProxies offers affordable proxy packages for Instagram and Craigslist. Because many websites need fresh or unused proxy IPs, the service provider distributes its proxies carefully among clients.

Customers may safely visit specific websites with the assistance of these proxies. Currently, High Proxies does not have any proxies accessible for shoe websites.

3. Responsive Customer Support

Customer retention is critical to the success of any company. The majority of consumers are often dissatisfied when they are unable to get sufficient support after the purchase of a service.

With 24-hour customer support, High Proxies ensures that its customers get prompt and attentive service. You can quickly get answers to your questions or obtain resolutions in the event of a problem.

Customer service is speedy and accessible 24 hours a day to address unexpected issues and inquiries. Additionally, there is a thorough FAQ area that may assist you.

4. Guaranteed Refund

High Proxies’ services come with a three-day money-back guarantee. Purchasing proxies without a trial period may arouse consumers’ suspicions and possibly dissuade them from using the service.

Many prospective clients may use the money-back guarantee to determine if the proxies are sufficient and a good fit for their requirements.

While the time limit is very short, you may still request a refund if dissatisfied with the service.

5. Fast Delivery

After payment is received, the proxy IPs are delivered automatically. You do not have to wait long for the registration to complete before using the proxy IPs.

6. 99.9% Uptime

As previously stated, High Proxies guarantees 99.9% uptime. Rest confident that you can enjoy uninterrupted online browsing and high-performance activities.

7. Limitless Bandwidth

All subscriptions offered by High Proxies feature unlimited bandwidth. However, since many users use proxies, the performance may suffer, and certain users may encounter delays.

There is also a danger of being banned while using shared proxies since your network is also dependent on the behavior of other users.

8. Proxies Renewed

Regarding fresh proxy IPs, High Proxies does not automatically supply them each month. They do, however, provide them upon request and under regional regulations.

The only disadvantage is that the proxy may be renewed once a month. The service provider does not support automatically randomized proxies.

How To Install/Use The Proxy Servers? 

Highproxies’ website offers video tutorials on setting up proxies for different applications on your PC.

Generally, you may be able to add a proxy in an application’s settings area. Occasionally, this may also be found under Network settings.

When you purchase a plan from Highproxies, a username and password is assigned to you. You’ll be prompted for your login and password when connecting to the proxy. Additionally, this procedure differs according to application.

Occasionally, the username and password must be provided with the proxy settings, while in other programs, most notably browsers, a pop-up box requesting the login and password is shown.

Setting up the system proxy settings is preferable to ensure that all programs utilize the same proxy settings. This may be found in the Windows start menu for Network Proxy Settings.

Customer Support And Refund Policy At HighProxies 

HighProxies Review - Hp customers

HighProxies does not offer a trial period or the ability to test the proxy’s quality before purchase. However, this disadvantage is amply compensated for by the availability of a refund policy.

HighProxies currently offers a 3-day money-back guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with the experience provided by HighProxies, or if you believe the proxy is unsuitable for your needs, you can easily request a refund within three days of purchasing the proxies.

Not only do they provide one of the best proxies on the internet, but they also provide excellent customer support. They have a ticketing system in place.

If you have any questions about their website or proxies, you can submit a support ticket, and they will respond within approximately 10 minutes.

Additionally, there is a live chat option where you can communicate with a member of their customer support team.

HighProxies Social Websites Test 

We examined those social media platforms using specialized social media proxies. All social media platforms reacted quickly when we created numerous accounts or scraped their data using HighProxies.

Our goal for this trial was 80%, exceeding all platforms except Twitter.com and Reddit.com.

Because Facebook and YouTube are two of the most challenging sites to scrape, we began experimenting with them. YouTube, in particular, had the most remarkable response rate and the smoothest connection.

We could obtain more data from YouTube by creating multiple channels and accessing banned videos. The only bottleneck was occasional connection problems and timeouts, which were resolved over time.

As was the case with YouTube, this was also the case with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch. They exceeded our 80% threshold and experienced minimal network difficulties.

Even though we encountered several Captcha requests and problems along the way, we utilized error and Captcha resolvers to maintain a stable connection.

However, we used to make multiple accounts on these websites and send spam messages without detection.

With Twitter and Reedit, performance was below average due to timeouts, Captchas, and 404 (not found) problems. HighProxies is one of the few companies that offer specialized social media proxies.

We like its sophisticated encryption system, intelligent routing, and peer-to-peer connectivity, which allows quicker downloads, uploads, and scraping of social media sites.

HighProxies Speed Test 

We purchased five private proxies to test HighProxies‘ speed, and the results are shown in the table above. We utilized the speed test site to determine the responsiveness of these data center proxies in this case.

You may also use a timer to determine the speed of connections in this experiment, although we did not. Ping, download size, and upload time are the variables in this experiment.

Here, we sought to determine which of the five HighProxies proxy servers would need the least ping time while downloading or uploading material at a higher Mbps rate.

Based on the table’s study, we appreciated the performance of HighProxies proxy three. We saw a steady flow in those proxies that performed well regarding Internet connection.

The sole disadvantage is that fewer internet disruptors such as blockages, timeouts, internet problems, and captchas would compromise such a seamless connection.

On that point, the worst-case scenario included services such as HighProxies Proxy Five and others that required a larger ping or latent time to download tiny files.

These examples included a variety of mistakes, blockages, and Captchas. However, you may avert disaster using Captcha resolver and error remover. In general, we credit HighProxies’s speed to its high-quality servers.

The servers have 32GB of RAM and are powered by Intel Xeon CPUs. The servers’ large RAM capacity allows multitasking of hundreds of concurrent threads, while the Xeon CPUs provide increased performance.

HighProxies Protocols And Authentication 

If data security is an issue, HighProxies includes the HTTPS protocol, which protects and secures your identity.

On the other hand, HTTPS utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which encrypts your online requests, ensuring they cannot be tracked. Second, HTTPS is compatible with the majority of HTTP and HTTPS websites.

Additionally, it allows a fault-tolerant TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection, which speeds up internet transmission. Keeping them from obstructing you.

Finally, whether discussing peer-to-peer torrenting or HighProxies network subnets, the HTTPS protocol plays a role.

Once you’ve registered and paid for a package on HighProxies, the dashboard will provide authentication choices. You may choose IP authentication or username/password authentication in that section.

Authentication through username or password is utilized chiefly here. After you purchase a package from HighProxies, you will get an email with this information.

Following that, you must configure the system’s password or username authentication. Eventually, the system will load your password or login and automatically connect you to websites.

The second kind of authentication is IP authentication, often known as IP Whitelisting. Here, the system connects you to websites through IP Addresses.

These IPs may be your ISP addresses, or they can be whitelisted IPs provided by HighProxies.

HighProxies Geo-Location Test 

Users of High Proxies may choose between proxy server locations in the United States of America and Europe.

A geo-location test, similar to the speed test, was also conducted utilizing proxy servers in the United States. High Proxies informs the user of the server’s location and IP address.

Individuals were able to validate that the locations correspond to what the website shows via testing.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not High Proxies is the best option for you and your company, let’s look at some of its key features to get a better sense of the proxy quality you can expect.

HighProxies Locations Of Proxy Servers 

Apart from the United States of America, they have data centers in other nations. You may get a private United Kingdom IP address through their membership service.

Additionally, the business operates data centers in the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, and Spain.

Apart from that, High Proxies is constantly growing and adding new locations, which makes it a very valuable service provider.

Their extensive reach enables them to service a diverse client base. As the business expands, customers can be certain that they will continue to get superior service in the future.

High Proxies offers an excellent network that is very secure and protects against breaches or viruses. They are well-known for using Squid, a program that improves and increases the dependability of their services.

Their stringent anonymity requirements enable the service to offer customers high-speed connection and secure surfing.

High Proxies educates their visitors about their proxy servers by showing the locations of their proxy servers on a digital map on their website.

So that a potential client may determine if a proxy server is close and whether it would benefit them.

This data is publicly accessible to meet consumers’ needs in various places. High Proxies operates a network of proxy servers across the United States and Europe.

A very good aspect of Highproxies is that they inform visitors about the locations of their proxy servers by including them on a digital map on their website.

This is open and accessible to the public, so a prospective client may determine if a proxy server is nearby and whether it would be useful to the user.

With over 55000 proxy IPs distributed over 75 servers in over 30 locations and 11 countries, Highproxies maintains various proxy servers spread throughout the United States and Europe to satisfy client demand.

Highproxies maintains servers in Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy, in addition to the United States.

Additionally, Highproxies claims the specs of their highly configured and current hardware and software setup, which ensures 99 percent uptime while maintaining a high level of anonymity.

Additionally, they have very fast connections and Squid software to ensure the network does not have bottlenecks. Additionally, consumers may request particular locations upon registration.

Another unique feature of Highproxies is that they have a dedicated page on their website that displays the real-time status of their servers.

This is very helpful for users to determine if the IP address they are using has been blacklisted, or the server is down.

However, throughout the test time, we experienced no such problem with their servers being down, demonstrating their excellent service again.

Different Types Of Proxies At HighProxies 

HighProxies offers excellent proxy packages on its website, and you can pick from various proxy kinds, such as Instagram proxies and ticketing proxies. Their website provides the following proxy products.

Ticketmaster Proxies:

If you’re utilizing a ticketing website to purchase a large number of tickets, there’s a good possibility that you’ll wind up with a blacklisted IP address from that website.

Ticketing websites are suspicious of unusual activity, and if you fall into such a category, your IP address will be blacklisted. Fortunately, HighProxies also offers proxies optimized for usage on ticketing websites.

Craigslist Proxies: 

Like Instagram Proxies, HighProxies offers unique proxies for classified advertising websites like Craigslist. Using the unique Craigslist Proxies decreases the likelihood of your IP being blacklisted significantly.

Instagram Proxies: 

Even if you purchase Private/Dedicated Proxies from HighProxies, you cannot access the famous social networking platform Instagram.

To utilize proxies on Instagram, you must get the unique Instagram Proxies from HighProxies.

Shared Proxies : 

Shared Proxies are proxies that are not exclusively utilized by one user. Rather than that, they are utilized by a few paying users. In general, shared proxies are less expensive than private proxies.

They are not, however, appropriate for use on social networking platforms. Three people are now utilizing a shared proxy on HighProxy.

Private Proxies: 

Private proxies are proxies that are configured with a dedicated IP address that is assigned to a particular user.

Private Proxies are the finest because they provide you more control and because you are the only one utilizing the proxy, unlike shared or open proxies.

It should be noted, however, that these private proxies will not function with any sneaker website or social networking platform like Instagram.

HighProxies Pricing Plans 

HighProxies Review - HP plans

They have 4 pricing plans to offer – 

  • Social media proxies: This will cost you $ 2.60 per month.
  • Private Proxies: This will cost you $ 1.40 per month.
  • Classified AD: This will cost you $ 2.45 per month.
  • Shared Proxies: This will cost you $ 0.64 per month.

They have more than 55,000 happy customers, 75 datacenters, spread across 11 countries, and more than 5 years of experience.

HighProxies Mobile Compatibility 

Additionally, proxies may be used on smartphones. Regrettably, smartphone applications cannot yet be set separately for each application. Alternatively, you may configure a system proxy via the settings.

To add a proxy on an Android or iOS device, open the Settings app, go to WiFi or WLAN, and click on the connected WiFi. You can add the proxy IP and port address by scrolling down.

Because Highproxies supports both username and password-based authentication, a browser pop-up will display when you save the settings and begin using the proxy.

HighProxies IP Types 

Given that HighProxies is a datacenter proxy, you would anticipate it would feature private or shared proxies. These are the organization’s primary branches.

Private proxies, on the other hand, have some specialized private proxies. Whether you utilize private or specialist-dedicated proxies, you use the proxy network exclusively.

Private proxies are not dynamic, although they do update once a month. In HighProxies, you may utilize private proxies for various reasons, including web scraping.

On the other hand, we provide specialized proxies such as those for social networking sites, classified advertising, and shopping platforms.

Finally, there are the common HighProxies kinds. These proxies may be used with other users on the same network.

Nonetheless, shared proxies do not guarantee data security since if one user is banned, you risk being blacklisted as well, as you share IP addresses.

Pros and Cons Of HighProxies 

Pros Of HighProxies Cons Of HighProxies
Multiple Contact Support Options Limited Payment Options
Shared Networks and File Downloads Inability to Scrape Sneaker Websites
Wide Server Coverage Encryption and Speed Comparison
High Speed
User-Friendly Interface
Tutorial Support
Monthly IP Refresh
Specialized Proxies for Specific Sites

Customer Testimonials | HighProxies Review 2024

HighProxies Review - Customer Review

FAQs On HighProxies Review 2024

✅How long does it take to set up?

Please wait 2-4 hours after placing your purchase to check your proxy control panel

🤩Do they provide customized plans?

Yes. To make a special request, please contact their Support Department.

🥳What is the maximum number of concurrent connections that may be used?

We enable up to 100 concurrent threads by default. Though, in reality, operating many threads may naturally degrade performance. They recommend experimenting with the actual number of threads to see what works best for you.

🤷🏻‍♂️Is it possible for me to upgrade or reduce my package?

Yes, at any moment you may increase your plan. Simply submit a ticket indicating which plan you want to upgrade. They will provide a prorated invoice to you.

👌Is it possible to get test proxies?

There are no accessible test proxies. You may attempt one private proxy server for testing purposes. Bear in mind that they also provide a 3-day money-back guarantee.

🤔How much anonymity do their proxies provide?

Their proxies are classed as High Anonymity proxies, which means that they provide the maximum degree of protection available. They are completely anonymous.

🤫Which proxy types do High Proxies offer?

They exclusively sell HTTP/HTTPS proxy servers. They are hosted on top-of-the-line dedicated proxy servers.

😜Can these proxies be used on websites that host classified ads?

Yes, that is permissible. Their recommendation is to use Craigslist Proxies.

Conclusion: HighProxies Review 2024 

As soon as I started reviewing Highproxies, it became clear that they genuinely value their customers. Their website is elegantly designed, informative, and user-friendly, demonstrating their dedication to user contentment.

The positive feedback from users on reliable forums such as Blackhatworld and others also surprised me. These reviews confirmed that Highproxies is one of the best dedicated proxy services available.

When I invest in a service, I expect to receive value, and I can confidently state that Highproxies provides me with superior service and complete satisfaction. Highproxies is unquestionably progressing in the right direction despite the need for auto-randomization and a wider variety of server locations.

Their commitment to providing an exceptional user experience is evident, as they have already established themselves as a prominent proxy service. Highproxies has proven to be an excellent choice, and I can confidently recommend them to anyone seeking dependable and high-quality proxies.

Overall, I rate Highproxies with a score of 4.2 out of 5.

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