Nexcess vs Bluehost 2023: In-Depth Comparison (TRUTH Revealed)

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In this post, we have shared the Nexcess vs Bluehost 2023, comparison between the two amazing WordPress managed hosting platforms. Here is a head-to-head comparison.


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Pricing Nexcess Bluehost
Best for

Anyone looking for a reliable web host with services from free site migrations to CDN services, and 100% uptime to around the clock support

Anyone looking for the Fastest Managed Wordpress hosting.

  • Auto-scaling Nexcess Cloud platform
  • Web hosting services by SSDs and RAID
  • Enhanced Verification (EV) SSL Certificate
  • Dozens of site tool add-ons
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Cloudflare integration (speeds your site loading)
  • Out of the box e-Commerce solution
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cloud infrastructure with auto-scaling
  • Free Site Builders
  • Free domain-specific email addresses
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Some complaints of downtime.
  • Poor Backup Options
Ease of Use

Nexcess promises superior loading speeds and server performance, particularly for Magento or WordPress websites.

Bluehost makes it a breeze to set up your website and manage it. The enhanced cPanel interface is as easy to use as it gets.

Value For Money

Nexcess gives good value for money though it is a little overpriced.

Free domain name, but website migration is expensive

Customer Support

Nexcess support staff is available 24/7/365 to resolve issues you have quickly. You can reach support through client portal, via email, or by phone.

It has reliable, fast, and affordable with friendly 24/7 customer support.

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Over the past few decades, the advancement in technology affects each and every area of our life. If we talk about various businesses, all companies nowadays concentrate more on digital marketing and online selling. 

As people are now closer to the digital world, every business has to build its online portfolio and services. With that concern, the growth of Software developers and Hosting platform companies rise significantly day-by-day. 

If you look at the Internet for website hosting platforms, you will find hundreds of various companies that actively offer hosting and security services. However, hosting is not the only requirement as a business also needs a perfect and suitable domain name. 

Today in this article, we’ll look at one of the best platforms that provide all hosting, Security, domain name, and legal certification services. The platforms are Nexcess and Bluehost. We’ll also compare it in depth. 

If you aren’t intimate with these two words, then, Let’s start with some basic introduction of both providers. 

Table of Contents

Nexcess vs Bluehost: Overview


Bluehost Overview- Nexcess vs Bluehost

In the Web hosting competition all over the world, Bluehost became one of the biggest and trusted hosting providers in today’s market. There are around more than 2 million websites supported by Bluehost worldwide. 

Not only this, but their pricing also catches everyone’s attention. Bluehost offers the highest amount of discount with all functionalities. Currently, Bluehost gives 63% of an exclusive discount value on hosting, which comes with a free domain name.  


Nexcess a liquid we brand- Nexcess vs Bluehost

Nexcess is mainly used for the e-commerce website business. They have recently launched WooCommerce, which is a fully managed service. The only provider who gives you the source code to customize their designs and layouts or add newly implemented features to the website.

They actively worked to make partnerships with various companies and build bundles of features and functionality for their clients.

I hope you all probably understand what these two providers are and what they are famous for.  

Let’s begin comparing both providers based on various ten criteria, including dedicated IP, unlimited domains, endless disk space, integrated caching service, and many more.

Nexcess vs Bluehost Comparison: Dedicated Best IP Support

A dedicated IP is nothing but a unique IP address that your site is only owned on the entire Internet. For example, if you have a dedicated IP (, which is Google’s IP, and you type it on the web browser, you will see the Google homepage site come up. This action is because this is Google’s unique IP address on the entire Internet. 

Bluehost: Of course, Bluehost provides the service of dedicated IP support. You can always find all the additional details related to Dedicated IP on their service customer page.  

Nexcess: As of now, Nexcess does not offer a dedicated IP support feature. For additional details, you can refer to the customer service information page. To keep an eye on their future features, you can go to their homepage to keep an eye on whether they post any dedicated IP update.

Nexcess vs Bluehost comparison: Endless Domain Support

Bluehost: Compared to all other hosting providers, Bluehost performs exceptionally well in domain support. As per the unlimited domain, their plans mostly vary on the amount of domains add-on. It counts the unique websites hosted on the server. 

Currently, they have three preliminary plans – Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus. Where in the Basic plan, you will get limited resources, unlike Plus and Choice Plus. All the above three programs allow users to manage their domains, sub-domains, and parked domains.

According to one of the reviews, Bluehost is the most affordable shared hosting server plan for a particular domain that costs less than 4 dollars per month. By adding a little more, we are able to get unlimited support for domains and subdomains.

Nexcess: According to research, currently, Nexcess does not provide any kind of continuous domain support service.

Comparison: Unlimited Disk Space

Bluehost Overview- NEXCESS VS BLUEHOST

Bluehost: In the hosting market, Bluehost performs exceptionally well in the concern of unmetered disk space compared to its all peers. 

Most of Bluehost’s plans include domain hosting, email generation, bandwidth, and endless disk storage. However, the program Basic only offers 100 MB per domain.

Nexcess: Likewise, dedicated IP support and endless domain support, Nexcess also not offering the unlimited disk space service. They may post any update regarding Unlimited Disk Space on their homepage, so keep an eye on it.

Comparison: Traffic Scalability

Bluehost: Compared to all other hosting providers, Bluehost performs exceptionally well in Traffic Scalability. 

Bluehost gives every user access to a satisfying delivery network, called Cloudflare, which helps keep the site running in a high traffic situation and keep the site faster.

If you have a hard-core reputation and are looking for a perfect web hosting platform for your business, then Bluehost is the best option for you to look no further. Their cheaper pricing and scalable plans, which you can easily customize as per your solutions, and a straightforward setup. You can effortlessly host your website, and with a couple of times, you are up and running.

Nexcess: Compared to other hosting peers, specifically Bluehost, Necess in terms of traffic scalability performs moderate, in other words, average to the batter than average. 

From lots of reviews on the various review platform sites, Nexcess marked as a reasonable average for the traffic scalability to other hosting providers. 

For traffic management and Scalability, Nexcess provides features like, Cloud auto-scaling, Load balancer, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, a cloud accelerator, and many others. 

Comparison: Integrated Caching

Bluehost: Likewise, with all other services, Bluehost also gives integrated caching. You can always visit the official website for more details, specifically on the customer service website page.

Nexcess: According to research, currently, Nexcess does not provide any kind of advanced integrated caching feature. You can go through the Nexcess official site for more information regarding this topic.

Comparison: Load Times 

Bluehost: In terms of loading the website, Bluehost has its records. They have the best website hosting speed time. Websites hosted on the Bluehost server work efficiently and more fast than usual hosting providers.

 In one of the reviews of HostingFacts, they mentioned the page loading speed on Bluehost is 424ms (4.24 sec). Another noticeable thing is that in the month of December 2017, the average server’s page loading speed monitored 399ms (3.99 sec).

Moreover, WP Beginner also reviewed the Bluehost speed and came out with interesting statistical data. He found that Bluehost takes less than two seconds to load quicker than around 80% of websites.

Nexcess: We are continuously working on finding an accurate date for Nexcess loading speed as currently, we don’t have data. You can always go through the Nexcess homepage for any updates regarding this.

Comparison: SSL Certificate

Bluehost: Of course, Bluehost provides the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. For more options, you can go to the homepage of Bluehost.

Nexcess: Like Bluehost, Nexcess also offers the SSL certificate. On the customer service page, you can find additional details regarding the SSL certificate.

Comparison: Cpanel Support

Both Bluehost and Nexcess have featured Cpanel support. To stay with the update, you can keep an eye on their websites.

Comparison: Compatibility of Programming Language

There are lots of web hosting providers that exist across the world. However, not all provide programming languages like Python, Java, and Ruby compatibility. Hence, most of the hosting companies only allow Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP). 

Bluehost: Admittedly, Bluehost provides language compatibility for their client. Bluehost currently supports Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, CGI, and databases like – MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Nexcess: As I already mentioned above, not all hosting providers support language compatibility. However, Nexcess does but is currently not supported by Python at all. But, you can keep an eye on their website for any updates regarding it.

Comparison: Easy Return Policies

Bluehost: Apparently, Bluehost does not offer an easy exchange or free return policies to their customers. However, I think they believe and are confident about their services as no one wants to change their plan after joining Bluehost. 

Nexcess: There is no option for free return or easy exchange on the Nexcess website. However, you can keep an eye on their homepage for any updates on it.

Comparison: WordPress Support

If we talk about WordPress hosting support, then both Bluehost and Nexcess support this feature. You can always go through their customer service folio for more information regarding this.

Comparison: Automated Backup System

It’s very important to add an automatic backup system feature to any website and hosting server to prevent data losses. Fortunately, both Bluehost and Nexcess do the automated backup system. Moreover, both founded the equal well and good for this particular service.

Comparison: International Transportation Policies 

Unfortunately, both Bluehost and Nexcess do not provide international shipping currently. However, it can be changed over time, so we suggest you keep an eye on their websites for additional details on this.

Comparison: Paypal Support

Bluehost: To accept and make payments, Bluehost has support from Paypal to do safe transactions. You can also use Paypal to pay bills to Bluehost. 

Nexcess: Likewise, Bluehost and other providers, Nexcess also do accept Paypal payment transactions.

Comparison: Prepaid and Debit Card Support

Bluehost: For doing online transactions, Bluehost is supported by various banks for using prepaid and debit cards on their server. You can also add these cards to their billing system to pay bills regularly. 

Nexcess: Unfortunately, Nexcess does not support or accept any of the prepaid and debit cards to do online transactions. However, I’m hoping they soon understand its importance and add this primary feature to their server.

Comparison: Google and Apple Pay Support

As Online transactions are now outreached using BHIM UPI transactions, Many Paymentgateway like Google, Paytm, Apple, PhonePay are continuously used by users. From this, lots of hosting servers included these features on their server.

Bluehost: However, Bluehost does not provide support for paying using Google or Apple pay. 

Nexcess: Unlikely, Nexcess also does not accept transactions using Apple or Google pay. 

Comparison: Support for Discount Coupons

Bluehost: User always looking for a discount, whether it is shopping or web hosting. Luckily, Bluehost has understood their clients’ needs and makes an extra separate page only for Coupon codes.

In our survey, we found that the user feels quite well with this feature by Bluehost. You can visit Bluehost’s official site to learn about different pricing and coupons. 

Nexcess: Unfortunately, Nexcess does not offer the official coupons featured page on their website. However, they occasionally give some excellent deals on their plans for keeping their clients active on the server.

Comparison: Discount Policies for Student and Teachers

Bluehost Pricing- Nexcess vs Bluehost

As of now, both Bluehost and Nexcess hosting service providers do not provide any additional discount for teachers and students. But, you can always find a great deal on their respective websites.

Comparison: Availability of Contact Information Page

Bluehost: To keep in contact with their clients and never make them frustrated by errors or server problems, Bluehost has a wide range of ways to contact the company directly. 

The first and foremost option is from their website’s customer service page by filling the contact us form. Secondly, you can go to their social media platforms, where you can find the button “Contact us” and can send a direct message. Bluehost has its account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube Channel, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

They also accept and respond to queries on phone and mail address (google and Hotmail). Apparently, we don’t have that information. So if you have, then share with us, and we’ll share with everyone so that everybody can take a benefit from it.

They also have a wide range of FAQs on their websites and a quick guide.

Nexcess: Currently, we don’t have much knowledge of Nexcess customer support service. But, to interact with the company and to solve your issue, they have a wide range of FAQs on their website. Moreover, you can also find Contact us from there too.

Comparison: Privacy and Security Policies for Website

Luckily, both Bluehost and Nexcess offer security certificates and privacy policies to their clients. For additional details regarding this, you can go through their respective official website.

What are the various types of web hosting?

There are several types of web hosting options that are available to suit your website needs:

Shared Hosting: If you’re starting your website or blog, you can go with shared hosting as it is the most reliable option. It is affordable as the server space is shared amongst websites.

WordPress Hosting: If you have a WordPress blog or a website, WordPress Hosting is the recommended option.

VPS Hosting: VPS Hosting is the updated version of the Shared Hosting. Although you can share website space with other websites, the resources are not shared.

Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated Hosting gives complete control over your website. You neither share your website space nor the resources with any other website.

Reseller Hosting: If you want to start your own web hosting business, Reseller Hosting allows you to resell hosting space and services offered to you by your parent hosting provider.

Managed Hosting: Managed hosting is a subtype of hosting solutions available. A managed service provider (MSP) provides you with infrastructure support, hosting plan, and hardware management and maintenance.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud computing and hosting have gained notable popularity in 2021. Cloud technology enables on-demand access to computing resources like RAM, CPU, storage, security services, and the Internet. Like VPS, you can rent a “slice” of a data center hosted by the cloud services provider (CSP) to run web applications on their infrastructure, consisting of distributed servers.

As a web hosting provider, Bluehost offers dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and VPS(Virtual Private Server) hosting. And, Nexcess provides cloud as well as managed hosting for hosting your website.

What are some alternatives?

During the comparison of Bluehost and Nexcess, you can also consider the following products:

GoDaddy – GoDaddy offers to register Domain Names fast, simple, and affordable. Discover why so many business owners select GoDaddy to be their Domain Name Registrar.

Pantheon – The professional website program for Drupal and WordPress sites.

Hostinger – Hostinger offers Free Hosting in the UK – 100GB Traffic, 2000MB Space, PHP and MySQL, Site Builder, No Banners or Ads.

SiteGround Web Hosting – SiteGround offers shared hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting.

A2Hosting – If you Need Fast and Reliable Web Hosting, then A2 Hosting Is The Leader In Optimized Hosting for Any Need! 

HostGator – HostGator is a leading provider of VPS hosting, web hosting, and dedicated servers. Explore why over 9,000,000 websites trust HostGator for their hosting needs.

Customer Reviews

Nexcess reviews- siteground vs nexcess Nexcess reviews

Frequently Asked Questions On Nexcess vs Bluehost

👍Bluehost or Nexcess? Which one is better?

-> This is why I have written the article. Kindly go through it. Still, the key points are Bluehost giving much more features as compared to Nexcess. However, implementing a Bluehost server is relatively more expensive than Nexcess.

✔ Which one has the highest user positive review?

-> As per one of the review platforms, our team marked that Bluehost gained 55 points out of 100 while Nexcess was only able to get 53 out of 100 from users.

✌What are the parameters of calculating TCO?

-> TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) has included many things to calculate the actual final price. TCO contains Software hosting, Security and other licenses, software training, subscription fees, other extra customizations, active support and maintenance, and finally, all the hidden costs.

🔥 Is Nexcess cheaper than Bluehost?

-> Of course, Bluehost is costlier than Nexcess. However, we also have to look at the services and features provided by Bluehost.

👓Who contains better features?

-> As of now, from our available data, we can say that Bluehost provides better features as compared to Nexcess. Bluehost offers Data Import & Export, Online Customer Support, and Basic Reports. On the other hand, we are still working to find the services and features that provide by Nexcess.

💥 Does any of offering discount for senior citizens or Government employees?

-> Unfortunately, no. Neither Bluehost nor Nexcess provides any kind of special discount for aged people or authority workers.

😎 Who are the target customers of Bluehost and Nexcess?

-> Bluehost accumulate all the individual users and all size of business. While Nexcess's target small, medium, and large volumes of business.

👀Which hosting server provider gives more discount?

-> Bluehost has a separate page for discount and coupon codes. However, they are not that much of a discount. On the other hand, Nexcess does not have any page like that but still often gives a great deal to their clients.

💥Which web hosting providers have the better performance in terms of unmetered disk space?

Based on the number of reviews on different websites, Bluehost operates really well in terms of unmetered disk space compared to other server hosting brands. There is no limit to your bandwidth, disk space, and the number of websites you can host under your account. Most of the plans include unlimited domain hosting, disk storage, email addresses, and bandwidth. You can find more information about it on the company's website.

✨Is there any free return policy provided by Bluehost or Nexcess?

Until now, neither Bluehost nor Nexcess may not offer free returns and exchanges at this time. You may find further information related to the return policy of both Bluehost and Nexcess on their respective service page for customers. As well, for updated information about the return policy, visit their homepage.

✔What payment options are offered by Nexcess and Bluehost?

Bluehost and Nexcess accept PayPal. You can find further information about them about their PayPal support on the customer service page. You can also visit their homepage to see if the web hosting provider has posted any additional information on their PayPal support.

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Nexcess vs Bluehost Conclusion: Which is the Best Web Hosting Platform?

To conclude, I would like to say that both Bluehost and Nexcess are some of the best hosting service providers. They are performing excellently in their fields and domains. Bluehost is perfect for all kinds of hosting, where Nexcess is specialized for hosting and managing e-commerce websites. I would suggest you first know your requirements and then decide on the hosting platform. 

Still, If I have to choose or mark anyone more, I definitely go with Bluehost as it has everything Nexcess doesn’t have or any other hosting providers. 

Whereas, on the basis of research done by several sites, Nexcess may not offer unmetered disk space at the current time. Moreover, You can find additional information about Nexcess’s unmetered disk space on their customer service page. And, You can also go through their homepage to see if they have posted any updated information about their unmetered disk space.

Bluehost accepts debit and prepaid cards. But, Based on our research, we have seen that Nexcess doesn’t accept any debit and prepaid cards at the current time. 

For any further updated information related to the payment method if posted by the hosting provider you can visit their homepage to check that information.

Bluehost is perfect for all kinds of hosting, where Nexcess is specialized for hosting and managing e-commerce websites. I would suggest you first know your requirements and then decide on the hosting platform. 

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