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In this post, we discuss Pinterest Statistics 2023

The company was founded in March of 2010. Ben Silbermann is the CEO of Pinterest. Their headquarters are in San Francisco, California. 2545+ employees are currently employed in the company.

Pinterest Brief Statistics

  • Total number of active Pinterest users each month: 478 million+
  • 50% of Pinterest users are from outside the United States.
  • Users have saved 240 billion pins in total.
  • Pinterest has more than 5 billion boards.
  • Pinterest had around 1.22 billion total visits between October 2020 till March 2021
  • Pinterest is worth $49.13 billion.

Pinterest Statistics

  • Monthly Active Users (MAUs) increased by 30% year on year to 478 million.
  • Females account for 77.1 percent of Pinterest users.
  • Males account for 14.5 percent of Pinterest users.
  • Pinterest users are mostly between the ages of 18 and 29.
  • Pinterest users aged 30-49 make up 34% of the total.
  • The age bracket with the most Pinterest users is 50-64 years old, accounting for 38% of all Pinterest users.
  • Over half of Pinners live outside of the United States.
  • With 17.5 million users, the second-largest Pinterest market is Germany.
  • Pinterest is used by 46% of adult females in the United States.
  • Pinterest is used by 89 percent of users for shopping ideas.
  • Pinterest is used by 80% of internet-using mothers in the United States.
  • Thirty percent of American Pinterest users are mostly from the suburbs.
  • The average Pinterest consumer is 40 years old, yet the majority of avid pinners are under 40.
  • Around 34 percent of Pinterest users make somewhere around $50,000 and $74,999 a year.
  • Pinterest is used by 25 percent of social media marketers.
  • The number of people who can be reached by Pinterest advertisements is 200.8 million.
  • Pinterest is used by 28% of all social media users in the United States.

Pinterest Statistics

Financial Statistics on Pinterest

  • Revenue in the first quarter of 2021 increased by 78 percent annually to $485 million.
  • Revenue for 2020 increased by 48 percent annually to $1,693 million.
  • Revenue in Q4 2020 increased by 76 percent annually to $706 million.
  • Pinterest decided to go public on April 18, 2019, with an initial public offering (IPO) price of $19 per share.
  • Pinterest’s total revenue in the United States increased 67 percent year over year to $582 million.

Interesting Tidbits

  • Over half of Pinners live outside of the United States.
  • 90 percent of weekly Pinners use Pinterest to make purchasing decisions.
  • On Pinterest, 77 percent of weekly Pinners have found a new business or product.
  • 98 percent of Pinterest users follow through on their ideas.
  • Every year, 439 million pins are kept for Valentine’s Day, & 183 million pins are stored for New Year’s.
  • 97 percent of Pinterest queries are unbranded.
  • According to Pinterest, 85 percent of their users use their smartphone app.
  • 9 out of 10 Pinners said Pinterest is full of positive energy.
  • Brands and items are represented by two-thirds of the pins.
  • Food & Drink is the most popular Pinterest category, followed by home décor.
  • Each month, the typical Pinterest user conducts eight searches.
  • The most popular Pinterest search category is “Holidays.”
  • Upon seeing a promoted pin, 50% of people have made a purchase.
  • Pins with images of people utilizing a service or product are 67 percent more likely to result in offline sales.
  • Pins that indicate a particular promotion or offer increase email conversion by 61 percent.
  • Promoted pins are how Pinterest generates money.
  • When it comes to starting a new project, 85 percent of Pinterest consumers use the site.
  • Pinterest is a trusted source of ideas, products, and services, according to 64% of Pinterest users.
  • Pinterest was viewed by 47 percent of social media consumers as a medium for product discovery and shopping.
  • Pinterest receives 2 billion monthly searches on average.
  • Pinterest is among the top ten most popular brands in the United States.
  • 98 percent of Pinterest users say they try new things they discover there.

(Editor’s Pick) Pinterest Statistics 2023

1. Statistics on Pinterest users

Pinterest boasts 478 million active monthly users, making it one of the most prominent social networking platforms on the planet (Pinterest, 2021).

It is presently the world’s fourteenth most popular social networking platform.

Despite having far fewer users than industry leaders like Facebook, which has 2.8 billion active monthly users, Pinterest’s user growth trajectory has been fairly spectacular when considered to other social media heavyweights like Twitter, which was founded only a few years ago.

Global Monthly Active Users (MAUs) rose 30 percent year over year to 478 million, climbing from 400 million active monthly users the previous year.

2. Gender demographics on Pinterest

Gender demographics are one of the most important Pinterest statistics to examine. According to statistics, Pinterest is a largely female platform, with seven out of ten users being female (eMarketer, 2018).

As per recent research, female users make up 77.1 percent of the entire audience on the network (Statista, 2021).

Females are not just the majority on Pinterest, but they are also highly active, with males accounting for only 7% of total pins.

Women are more inclined to have a sentimental relationship with something, which is one of the main causes behind this trend. Pinterest is primarily used for motivation and inspiration, which is one of the key reasons that women are more engaged on the site.

Because this has been the norm for so long, it appears that the tide is turning, and we will soon see a new wave and a shift in these Pinterest demographics.

The number of guys using the platform has increased significantly according to Pinterest. In 2020, male audiences increased by 40% year over year, bringing a surge of new pinners to the website.

3. Geographical demographics on Pinterest

Pinterest’s greatest user base is in the United States, where it was developed and is headquartered, but its reach has now expanded globally.

And over 50% of Pinterest users are from countries other than the United States (Pinterest, 2020).

4. The primary motivations for using Pinterest

There are several reasons for Pinterest’s success, and a large part of it has to do with what users use it for. According to studies, 49% of those who use Pinterest do it primarily to be entertained (Statista, 2019).

One-third of Pinterest users in the United States say they use this platform to track brands and other businesses, which is the 2nd most prominent factor.

85 percent of Pinners said they utilize the platform to brainstorm new ideas.

Pinners are planners in large numbers, and they typically utilize the platform in the early stages of a project.

Other popular causes for Pinterest’s popularity include:

Some people want to expand their professional networks.

Obtaining information and maintaining contact with friends and relatives

The majority of people who use Pinterest do so for the purpose of buying. Our next point goes through this in further detail.

5. Pinterest’s impact on purchasing decisions

Pinterest’s tremendous influence on consumers’ purchase decisions is one of the principal factors marketers should consider as a go-to platform.

If you’re still not convinced, consider this interesting Pinterest shopping statistic: 82 percent of active Pinterest consumers claim to have purchased things based on the brand’s content on the platform. In a different light, that’s eight out of 10 Pinners!

Regardless of what you’re selling: traditional stuff like the finest presents for employees or unusual products, Pinterest is for you.

Furthermore, 97 percent of all Pinterest searches are unbranded (Pinterest, 2019).

This means that nearly all Pinners don’t look for particular brands when surfing the website, making it simpler for new and small eCommerce businesses to compete on an equal footing with the “giants.”

After all, the large number of people looking for unbranded material suggests that the bulk of Pinners are seeking fresh ideas and inspiration.

Users can use the platform to not only discover new things but also to shop for those they already own.

When compared to other platforms, Pinners are 55 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a picture or video on Pinterest.

98 percent of Pinners said they’ve tried new goods they’ve seen on Pinterest, indicating that Pinterest consumers are willing to try out new and different products (or brands).

Pinterest has a devoted website where they offer ideas to businesses wishing to advertise their products and brands on the platform in order to inspire more companies to market on the platform.

6. The popularity of Pinterest among marketers

According to research on the top social media platforms utilized by marketers worldwide, 25 percent of marketers utilize Pinterest to promote their brands (Statista, 2020).

It is among the most widely used social media networks, following only Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram.

Pinterest, however, is chosen over other prominent social media platforms such as TikTok & Snapchat, which together account for 5% of the market.

Pinterest’s main selling point is its referral possibilities, with 33 percent higher referral traffic to individual websites than Facebook.

Pinterest’s weekly conversions increased by 300 percent year over year, with a rise in attributed conversions such as “add to cart” and “checkout.”

Part of this success is due to Pinterest’s recent features that make shopping on the platform easier.

7. Use of the Pinterest app

Pinterest has a web and mobile app, but the mobile app accounts for 85 percent of all traffic, according to the business.

This isn’t surprising, given that mobile devices account for more than 50% of all internet traffic.

These figures serve as a clear warning to brands & marketers to make sure their content is mobile-friendly.

8. Pinterest is becoming more popular among younger generations.

Pinterest demographics are rising 40% for Gen Z Pinners & 35% for Millennials year over year.

As more firms race to curate their products & services to target the youth, this demonstrates that the website has become more appealing to the younger age.

Furthermore, according to recent statistics, the proportion of Pinners under the age of 25 grew twice as quickly as users over the age of 25. (Pinterest, 2020).

Pinterest cites several causes for the rise in the number of younger Pinners, including the following:

  • Inspiration for beauty.
  • Wardrobe concepts
  • Family-friendly ideas.
  • Advice on how to acclimatize to the new ordinary.
  • Future expansion.

Furthermore, research shows that 80 percent of Millennial women in the United States use Pinterest.

Approximately four out of every five Millennial American women are using the platform. According to the same report, 80 percent of all US mothers are also avid Pinterest users. (2020, Pinterest)

9. In 2020, Pinterest’s overseas income nearly doubled.

Pinterest’s global sales increased by 48 percent annually to $1,693 million in 2020. As the platform grows in popularity, this appears to be the new trend, as revenue for Q1 2021 increased by 78 percent annually to $485 million.

Pinterest has achieved substantial advertising momentum in international countries, in addition to worldwide user growth.

“We plan to increase our foothold in existing foreign markets and are delighted to enter new regions in Latin America during the first half of [2021],” the company writes in a letter to shareholders as it identifies Western Europe as its biggest and rapidly growing user base. (2020, Pinterest).

10.38% of Pinners have completed a college education.

While Pinterest is used by 28% of US adults, it’s worth noting that 38 percent of individuals have a college diploma or have completed some college courses.

This is a higher percentage of people than the 20% who use Snapchat, the 32% who use Twitter, and the 15% who use Reddit ( as per Pew Research, 2019).

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