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For the major part of the on-going decade, AdSense has ruled the global market when it comes to providing advertisements for websites and CPM and CPA and other such mechanisms which help generate website revenue.

propellerads review

Over the recent few years numerous AdSense Alternatives have turned up which have given the option to people all across the globe to gain the advantages of a more competitive ad market in terms of higher CPC rates, increased networks and better revenue potential. Many have had their own success stories. I was looking for such alternate networks when I came across Propeller Ads.

The network was founded in 2011 with the basic idea for providing clickable ads for website audience and in turn generating revenues from them. They have come a long way in their ordeal and are currently providing more than 650 million daily ad impressions for desktop and mobile visitors. That is a wonderful achievement.

They have a plethora of formats when it comes to ads. Direct links, banners, sliding banners, pop-under ads and many more formats can be availed here. In fact they are the leading pop-under network globally. You can more info here

After thoroughly analysing what it had to offer, I came to a conclusion that this was an ad network which to cater to a more diverse group of clients and help them generate increased revenues from their pages. Technically speaking I found Propeller Ads to be a worthy alternative to AdSense.

Why do I say that? Let’s look into my review in detail now

propellerads ad network review

1) It is open to all

People who are already sworn to other networks can add it for some extra passive income and so can those people who have been rejected by AdSense for any legally authentic reasons possible like content terms and payment terms etc.

People who have only worked with Cost per Action or CPA networks before can also take benefits of this ad network and expand their monetization strategy.

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This is a big plus for me as the network keeps its promise to make the benefits of online marketing available to anyone.

2) It is publisher friendly

propellerads retargeted ads

Many ad networks have many constraints and restrictions when it comes to placing and formatting ads. Such is not the case with Propeller Ads. As discussed above there are multiple formats from which the publishers can choose for both desktop and mobile. The CPM rates are high and the fill rate for international traffic is a 100%!

Their system also has built in algorithms which tests numerous CPA/PPI/PPC affiliate programmes and finds the one which is most useful for your website. That means a lot of time and energy is saved!

Another huge plus with this network is that there is no threshold traffic. This means that even if your website is new and not gaining the traffic to the desired level you can still apply for ads here. This is not the case with AdSense or other ad networks. The registration is quick, easy and hassle free. To top it up, the referral program offers 5% of corresponding referral revenues to publishers for life. Attractive isn’t it?

3) It is advertiser friendly too!

propellerads payments

The network has a huge international reach of websites which provides quick reach to your target audience, no matter where they are. Plus it targets web and mobile traffic alike to boost your sales and engagement.

The entire spectrum of target opportunities is huge and simplified here instead of being small and complex. All programmes ranging from CPM or CPA or CPL or PPI are performance based. On top of that each advertiser gets a personal account manager which makes communication more open, transparent and productive.

They also use BRANDSAFE defence technology to protect the name of your brand.  The target traffic is also superior as it involves targeting by geographic location, day parting, by frequency capping and by Operating System recognition.

4) On Click ads

propellerads onclick ads

This feature is quite interesting. Here user initiated full page advertisements that may be implemented anywhere on the page are provided. So, there is no use of high click ads through creative. The user or visitor is automatically directed to the offer.

5) Video ads friendly

They provide in-banner video ads in the form of pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls and pre-game. These are only 10 to 30 seconds of video advertisements which run at the start of video content or flash games.

propellerads video ads

This host of features do make it a very strong and attractive choice for both publishers and advertisers. It provides publishers to earn increased passive income from their websites and posts ads which are relevant to the content of these websites.

It assures you of the highest CPM rates possible and also has easy payment and withdrawal options. You can choose from the various payment options, whichever goes in sync with your resources.

Payments Proofs : 


But there are some negative attributes they should be working on. I have discussed them below:

  • The time lag between two payments is large as in 30 days. This can be tedious some times.
  • Although it has a lot of payment options, it still does not have PayPal which is the most common of all. This is a big demerit as it leaves many of the publishers and advertisers stalled.
  • It pays 20% less than AdSense does
  • CPM rates for banners are not as excellent as for pop-under but this can be equalised by increased traffic.
  • There may not be a traffic threshold but still the ad network is not suitable for an extremely new site which has like 1000 views daily then the revenue generated will be virtually cents per day which is not beneficial. Thus, it is advisable to opt for it at a later stage. If you still wish to opt due to the other benefits then pop-under and mobile ad units will provide you with a better revenue potential.

Learn How To Get Commenced With Propeller Ads Network

If you are new to Propeller Ads network, and looking for ways to get a start, then there is no need to worry about it. You have come to right place. Here, potential users will gain enough information about getting started with it conveniently.

Basically, you need to sign up for Propeller Ads network and move forward according to it. Most importantly, it is recommended that avoid promoting adult stuff or never try to generate fake traffic. Otherwise, you will end up getting blocked and will face disappointment.

In addition, in order to set up your exclusive or new advertisement, users are required to follow some steps. So, follow it in a perfect manner and get started with Propeller Ad Network without making too much effort. Without wasting any more time, let’s begin with the instruction that users need to follow.

  • To begin with, you need to visit the official website of Propeller Ads Network.
  • Afterward, there are two different ways available to sign up for this network. First of all, Login as Publishers and other one is as Advertisers.
  • It is advisable that to log in for a Publisher according. It will benefit you in long term.
  • Enter your email ID and link your currency website, which you desire to attain Propeller ads.
  • Select the checkbox and then tap on “Start Now” option. At last, you will gain access to the dashboard.
  • Now check out all the available options such as Earning, Clicks, Impressions, CPM, which users will attain via a connected website.
  • Go to User’s profile setting and choose your payment mode. Propeller offers payment through Wire, EPESE, Payoneer, Webmoney Z and many more.
  • The minimum criteria to get paid are 100$. So, give your best shot and start earning with Propeller Website easily.
  • Lastly, choose your comfortable advertisement and link it to your website to commence process with ease.

Advantages of Propeller Ad Network

The fame of Propeller is enhancing day by day. In the present time, there are over hundreds of thousands of users using it conveniently. It offers a variety of things, which makes people earn a great amount of money. There are several sorts of benefit Propeller provide, which you can access easily. Some of them are given below, check them out and know more about it.

  • As we know, it is quite easy and straightforward to get commenced with it. Propeller also activates user’s account instantly after getting signed up.
  • The tabular form also helps to display a user’s earning. It also supports to set a goal of earning money through Propeller media Ad as well.
  • There are numerous modes of payment available, which you can choose according to your comfort and redeem your amount without facing too many hassles.
  • Do you want to start extra earning? If yes, then Propeller allows users to refer their mates in order to earn 5% additional amount. So, don’t waste any more time and start attaining profit now.
  • You can also use another affiliate network such as Info links, CJ, Google ad sense and other without facing any sort of hurdles.
  • Users can grow they’re earning by monetizing the website with Propeller Ad media.

Disadvantages Of Propeller Ad Network

On the bright side, there are always some bad impacts, which create hassles for users. There are cons of Propeller Ad Network, which you need to know and avoid to moving forward conveniently. Some of the cons are listed below, so read it and get success by obtaining a huge amount of cash easily.

  • One of the big drawbacks is that PayPal payment mode is not supported, which creates a problem for some users.
  • You will get low CPM if your traffic quality is bad. So, try to give your hundreds percent and earn better amount.
  • The final earned amount will be based on Advertisement inventory. Generally, it is calculated after converting it with CPM.
  • There are some issues noted, in which people are facing hassles regarding pop-up ads and full-screen ones. Due to this, people started ignoring website, which offers these sorts of irritating stuff.

The above mentioned are some of the disadvantage, which you need to avoid. If you are a beginner, then it is advisable that to consider few things to earn better amount rather than wasting time.

However, there is no need to worry regarding any issue related to payment method. Each and every method is secure enough to offer you great amount of ease. But as mentioned earlier, the calculation of final amount is basically based on a conversion of CPM into Ads inventory.

In addition, it will not reach your desired amount and users might feel disappointed. Overall, Propeller is a better option, which is available for the user to utilize in order to commence earning a good amount. So, don’t waste any more time and grab the golden opportunity by getting started with Propeller Ads Media with ease.

My final opinion of the website is positive. They are working on the PayPal addition and after that is done I guess this site has to be an attractive choice for both publishers and advertisers.

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  1. i dont know about propeller ads… according to your payment proof.. i recently got approved by google adsense.. after reading this as a new blogger and my site is not generating 1000 organic visitor may be i have to wait for some days as you suggested.. thanks for the post and review on propeller ads.

  2. Hello,
    I just have added this ad network and I found adds placed on my website. But my website is new born and it is not gaining not so much traffic. Will still propeller add media pay for adds on my website? And How does it work? CPC or CPM or anything different?
    Please help!

  3. could you please explain me how to do withdrawal request from propeller ads media ? and when the will paid payment ?

    Thank understanding .

  4. bro i make 160 $ from propellerads . my question is how many time take proellerads to my 160 $.

    i have done this in january 2016 & i set minimum payout 160 $

  5. Propeller ads are very clean ads and they pay well
    I have only monetized my site with two types of ads but still they generate revenue

  6. Thanks a lot for the informative article. What is the basic difference between PopAds and PropellerAds. I have PopAds which is not helping me much. I wish to earn some cents fast with my poem website. Can PropellerAds help me do that?

    • If you’re posting poems on your website, then I don’t think you’ve to use pop ads because it only make your site look awful.

  7. Hi Jitendra I created an ad unit in propeller ads and I added ad code into my blogger blog. But the ads are not showing. Waiting for a reply

  8. hello sir,
    thanks for the review of this network, but popunder ads are so annoying to the visitors, whenever user click on anywhere on our website it opens two or more popunder ads, can you review some other networks like, popcash, carbonads and publicityclerks…

    thanks 🙂

  9. Hi Jitendra,

    Thanks for the review. What would be your thoughts about Propeller ads as an advertiser? Would you consider using them for advertising your business?

    Waiting to hear back from you.


  10. What is the CPM rate of Propeller ads. I am looking for the best cpm ad network for US traffic which pays at least 1$/1000 views (no popups/popunders) . Please suggest me one.

  11. I heard propellar ads have malware ,is it true? and can you earn good money if you receive 10k page views daily?

  12. Hi there.
    It’s a Good post by the way i got very bad first impression of PropellerAds because i only get $0.05 for 1,634 impressions and 118 clicks with CTR around 7% but my CPM is as low as $0.03 which is too low. My website got Organic Indian Traffic.

  13. I heard they already added PayPal?

    Anyway, I use RevenueHits and only got $0.10 for 3000 impressions with 12% CTR, I want to change to PropellerAds but I read some comment here that earn roughly the same as me. I’m confused.

  14. I don’t think Propeller ads is a good ad network. It pays good only if most of your traffic comes from Western countries. Also they are currently not serving banner ads of any format. So I think Propeller Ads is not a good choice. Instead of it , Chitika and Adnow are doing well.

    • Propellerads currently serving mainly 4 kinds of ad formats namely Native subscription ad,pop unders,push up(dialog box) and smart link(Direct ads).so do not say anything about banner ads,Because they are not currently available.

  15. I am owner of tech blog named which is 1.6 year old. I have tried 3 attempts of adsense but unlucky.

    Could i get good income as adsense with proppellerads. Please suggest any other ad network.

  16. I wanted to know about their CPS (Cost Per Subscription) scheme, they are saying that they give around $90 for 1000 subscriptions. But that subscription should be from the United States. Is this legit?

  17. Asslam o Aliakum
    Sir Can You Tell me Why My website reject by Propeller Ads After 6 Month How To Find Fact of rejection.
    Please Sir Can You Help Me.


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