Top 10 Richest Women 2023: Who Tops the Financial Charts this Year?

In this article, we’re talking about some incredibly wealthy women who have done amazing things in business.

Welcome to a glimpse of the financial landscape of 2023, where remarkable women have risen to claim their spots among the richest.

This year showcases women breaking barriers and accumulating immense wealth.

Join us as we explore the stories of these successful women who are not only changing the game but also inspiring others along the way.

We’ll be looking at the richest women in 2023. If you’re curious to know who these successful women are, you can skip ahead to the part where we list them.

Who are the Top 10 Richest Women of 2023?

#1. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers:

Number one on the list is Françoise Bettencourt Meyers & family, with a net worth of $80.5 billion. She is 69 years old and comes from France.

Her wealth comes from L’OrĂ©al, a big cosmetics company. She’s been the richest woman in the world for three years in a row.

That’s because the value of L’OrĂ©al’s stock went up by 12% compared to last year.

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers

Besides being super rich, she’s also done some good things.

She gave $230 million, along with L’OrĂ©al, to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral. She’s also busy with her own investment firm called TĂ©thys Invest.

This company supports different projects, like a private hospital in France called Elsan.

#2. Julia Koch:

Ranked second is Julia Koch & family, with a net worth of $59 billion.

A 60-year-old American, she comes from the United States. Having lost her husband in 2019, she inherited his wealth from him.

She owns 42% of a big company called Koch Industries, and her three grown-up children share it too. Julia is in charge of something called the David H.

Julia Koch

Koch Foundation, which has given about $1.8 billion to different causes.

These causes include helping with poverty, addiction problems, making justice fair, and education. In January, she got a new role as a trustee at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

#3. Alice Walton:

With a net worth of $56.7 billion, Alice Walton is 73 years old and from the United States. She inherited a stake in Walmart from her father, who helped start the company.

She’s known for creating the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, showcasing artworks from famous artists like Warhol and Rockwell.

Alice Walton

She was appointed to the position in recognition of her philanthropic work, her commitment to the arts, and her experience in business.

She is the first woman to serve on the Board of Trustees of the museum in over a century, and her appointment was seen as a step forward in diversifying the museum’s leadership.

#4. Jacqueline Mars:

At 83 years old, Jacqueline Mars holds a net worth of $38.3 billion. She and her brother share ownership of Mars Inc., a huge company known for candies like M&M’s and Snickers.

The company has a long history, founded by her grandfather.

Jacqueline Mars

For example, in her new role, Mars will lead the museum’s strategic planning, governance and financial oversight, and bring in her experience with Mars Inc. to diversify the museum’s leadership.

#5. Miriam Adelson & family:

With a net worth of $35 billion, Miriam Adelson, aged 77, is based in the U.S. She’s the main shareholder of Las Vegas Sands, a big casino company.

After her husband, Sheldon Adelson, passed away, she inherited this role. Apart from business, she’s made significant donations for medical research.

Miriam Adelson & family

For instance, she donated $200 million to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Medicine, the largest donation in the school’s history.

This donation was inspired by her late husband’s struggles with cancer, and her desire to help find a cure for the disease.

As such, it was a way for her to honor her husband’s memory, while also helping to fund medical research.

#6. Rafaela Aponte-Diamant:

Rafaela, 78 years old, is from Italy and worth $31.2 billion. She co-founded MSC, a shipping giant, with her husband. They started with just one ship, and now they’re among the richest women.

Their story shows how small beginnings can lead to big success.

For instance, Rafaela recently donated $1 billion to establish a research institute focused on medical advances and treatments for infectious diseases.

Rafaela Aponte-Diamant

Rafaela and her husband’s hard work, dedication, and determination to succeed is what allowed them to turn their small business into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

Their success has enabled them to give back to society by donating to worthy causes and making a lasting impact.

#7. Susanne Klatten:

At 60 years old, Susanne Klatten from Germany owns 19% of BMW, a famous car company. She inherited her business sense from her family, who played a key role in building BMW’s luxury reputation.

She’s also involved in the chemicals industry.

For instance, she has donated over $100 million to the University of Munich to establish the Klatten Institute for Social Impact, which focuses on research on social and environmental issues.

Susanne Klatten

Her family’s background in the automotive industry enabled her to develop a keen understanding of the luxury market, as well as the chemicals industry.

She has used her knowledge to make a significant impact in both areas, donating money to research social and environmental issues.

#8. Gina Rinehart:

Aged 69, Gina Rinehart from Australia is worth $27 billion.

She’s known for leading Hancock Prospecting Group, a company in mining and farming. Although her wealth decreased due to changes in iron ore prices, she’s still the richest person in Australia.

Gina Rinehart

For example, she donated $7 million to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to help protect the endangered species in the country.

Her philanthropic contributions are a testament to her resilience and determination to help others, despite the fact that her wealth decreased due to changes in iron ore prices.

This shows that she is a generous and caring person who is committed to making a positive impact on society.

#9. MacKenzie Scott:

With a net worth of $24.4 billion, MacKenzie Scott, aged 52, inherited a share of Amazon after her divorce from Jeff Bezos.

She’s using her wealth to make a big impact by donating billions to various charities through her organization.

Back in May 2019, shortly after she revealed the details of her divorce on Twitter, she made a commitment called the Giving Pledge.

This promise means she plans to give away at least half of her wealth during her lifetime.

MacKenzie Scott

Through a website named Yield Giving, Scott shares information about the incredible $14.4 billion she’s donated since 2020. This money has gone to nearly 1,600 nonprofits.

What’s interesting is her approach to giving. She likes to keep things simple.

She gives with “no strings attached,” which means the nonprofits she supports have full freedom to decide how to use the funds in the best way.

It’s worth mentioning that Scott is not just about giving. She’s also a writer.

She has written two novels. Plus, she had the chance to learn from the famous author Toni Morrison while studying at Princeton. In fact, she even worked as a research assistant for her.

#10. Iris Fontbona & family:

Iris Fontbona, aged 80, is worth $23.1 billion and hails from Chile. She’s the wealthiest woman in Latin America and took over her late husband’s business empire.

Iris Fontbona & family

She’s a major player in mining and holds significant stakes in various industries.

For example, Iris Fontbona’s business empire includes stakes in the Antofagasta copper-mining company, as well as in the Banco de Chile.

Iris Fontbona has been actively involved in managing her late husband’s business empire, and has gained significant experience in various industries.

She has invested in copper-mining and banking, and has also taken a keen interest in research and development, as evidenced by her work as a research assistant.

What have I learnt from the lives of the Richest women ?

Here’s what I learned from studying the lives of the richest women:

  1. Diverse Paths to Success: Their stories demonstrate that success can be achieved through various paths – from inheriting businesses to creating their own ventures.
  2. Impactful Philanthropy: Their commitment to giving back to society showcases the power of wealth in making a positive impact on communities and causes.
  3. Overcoming Challenges: They faced challenges like business complexities, economic fluctuations, and personal setbacks, but their resilience and adaptability helped them overcome obstacles.
  4. Passion Drives Innovation: Their deep passion for their businesses or industries fueled innovation and sustained their commitment to growth.
  5. Social Responsibility: Many of them prioritize social responsibility, using their wealth and influence to address societal issues and drive change.
  6. Balancing Family and Business: Successfully managing their family responsibilities alongside business endeavors reflects their exceptional organizational skills.
  7. Long-Term Vision: Their ability to plan for the future and make strategic decisions played a crucial role in building and preserving their wealth.
  8. Global Outlook: They operate on a global scale, breaking geographical barriers to leave an impact on a worldwide level.
  9. Learning is Lifelong: Their pursuit of education and learning underscores the importance of continuous personal and professional growth.
  10. Empowerment and Equality: These women are trailblazers for gender equality in business, inspiring others to challenge gender norms and stereotypes.
  11. Legacy Through Giving: Their commitment to philanthropy ensures that their wealth leaves a lasting legacy, creating positive change even after they’re gone.
  12. Holistic Approach: Balancing business success with personal fulfillment and philanthropy shows that a holistic approach to life yields profound rewards.

In essence, their journeys teach us about determination, resilience, the significance of giving back, and the transformative power of wealth when used for the greater good.

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Conclusion: Richest Women

As i conclude our journey through the lives of the world’s richest women, i’ve discovered inspiring lessons.

They teach us that success comes in many forms and from various paths.

Giving back is a treasure, and challenges can be overcome with determination. Let’s take these lessons with us – dream big, work hard, and make a positive impact.

Their stories inspire us to create our own remarkable legacies.

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