[Best Trick] How to Save Photos From Instagram Easily In 3 Ways


Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing application as this application will allow users to share pictures and videos on its awesome platform. No doubt, Instagram is trending nowadays whether it’s a celebrity or a sportsperson everyone is using this amazing photo-sharing platform so-called Instagram. In this platform, millions of users have uploaded ten of millions of photos to Instagram.

Sometimes it happens that we really want to save the photo we have just edited in the Instagram before posing it. It sounds a little bit tricky, I am here to help you out how to Save Photos From Instagram Easily. Instagram provides you option like to bookmark a photo so you can easily revisit them later.

Instagram- Save Photos From Instagram

But here it will prevent you from downloading ultimately any other users photos like the ways you may save an image from the regular web page. Just because there is no download button, it doesn’t mean that you can no download photos from Instagram.  Don’t worry here in this post you will get some of the basic ways to Save Photos From Instagram.


How to Bookmark Photos on Instagram

Recently, Instagram has added the facility to organize saved the post. Just by simply using the bookmark feature, you can Save Photos From Instagram that you may like to recall later. Like you can bookmark your favorite celebrity photos on in one folder along with your favorite athlete photo is another separate folder. This feature really makes your favorite Instagram easy to access. But here unlike downloading them, you will still need an Internet connection. So let’s start the steps to bookmark photos on Instagram easily.

How to Save Photos From Instagram- Bookmark Photos from InstagarmStep 1: To bookmark any photo on Instagram or the image you want to save, just tap under bookmark icon on the right.

Step 2: Here your photo will be saved, but if you are willing to organize your Instagram photo then here you will have to tap on the “Save to Collections” that pops up. On the screen just click the plus icon to create your own collection.

Step 3: In case you want to view, edit or organize your Instagram saves in future then just navigate to your profile and here tap on the bookmark icon right above your images. Now here you can simply tap to the plus icon to add a new collection or basically moved save to new collection.


Ways to Save Photos From Instagram Easily


 Save Photos From Instagram on Android Device

Most of the population most probably prefer using Android device overs some other devices. And no doubt many of using are currently using Instagram on Android devices. So here, you will get some method through which you can easily Save Photos From Instagram on your Android device using INSTASAVE.

Instasave- Save Photos From Instagram 

Step 1: First of all you will have to download Instasave from Google Play Store. Just after downloading it you can simply log in to your Instagram account just by using the username and password.

Step 2: In this step just launch the app and toggle the slider under the Instagram Logo.

Step 3: Now here you will have to open Instagram and just locate the photo you are willing to download or you are willing to save.

Step 4: Just tap on the Options button in the upper-right corner of the photo.

Step 5: Now select Copy Share URL to download the photo.


Save Photos From Instagram on your iOS Device


Here in this method, you will know how to download photos from Instagram using INSTASAVE on your iOS Device. Just to prevent image theft, Instasave on iOS will only allow you to save your own photo from Instagram. Don’t get involved here in buying features that app may ask you to give pro-access as this totally against Instagram’s terms and condition.

Instasave HD Lite- Save Photos Form InstagramStep 1: To get started with it you will have to download Instasave from App Store. And after downloading it just log on to your Instagram account.

Step 2: In this step tap on the person icon in the bottom menu just to access your own photos.

Step 3: Here just select the photo you would like to save.

Step 4: Now tap the arrow download icon on the bottom right just choose “save” from the pop-up menu.

Step 5: Now select Copy Share URL to download the photo.


Save Photos From Instagram in Windows and Mac OS

So here in this section, we will cover how you can easily Save Photos From  Instagram in Windows and Mac operating system. You can easily use DownloadGram on your Windows and Mac.

DownloadGram- Save Photos From InstagramDownloadGram

Step 1: Just to get started with it you will have to navigate to Instagram’s website.

Step 2: In this step just find the Instagram picture you are willing to save and simply click on it.

Step 3: Now copy the photo’s URL from the web address bar in your browser.

Step 4: Here, go to DownloadGram’s website.

Step 5: In this step just copy the photo’s URL into the box with the auto-generated an Instagram link.

Step 6: Now click the download button. And then click the resulting Download Picture button to save your image.

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EndNote: Save Photos From Instagram

Now you can easily Save Photos From Instagram using your Android, iOS along with Windows and Mac. Here all the methods which are listed above will work best for that will really help you’re to Save Photos From Instagram Easily.

Don’t ever use other users Instagram’s photos on any other website as it really has copyright issues and here Instagram never promotes such acts neither we too. I hope this post suits your purpose well. Don’t forget to share this post on all trending social media platforms.


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