Social Rabbit Review 2023: (Coupon Code 10% Off)

Social Rabbit


  • Non-stop social traffic to your site
  • No management required: save up to 40 hours per week
  • Reduce the repetitive time-consuming busywork
  • Instant growth of sales and profits
  • Rapid indexing of your site by search engines
  • Auto-posting


  • A little bit expensive


Price: $ 209

Looking For Unbiased Social Rabbit Review. We’ve Got You Covered.

I cannot stress this enough: When it comes to social media, the more you know about your audience, the better you’ll be able to advertise and market your business.

I’ve been using on a daily basis for several years now, and in that time I’ve learned a lot about my audience and what they like. In this Social Rabbit Review , you will find answers to your questions about the social media automation tool. How it works and what it has to offer your company!

We all know that every online business needs social media awareness. It does not matter if you have a dropshipping business or an action.

It could even be a simple blog or a small shop. In fact, all businesses need a social presence and are critical to the success of your business, regardless of the niche of your business.

Its social media platforms help you connect with your customers, increase your social awareness, and increase your income.

I think that not investing in social networks in your business can have a negative impact on your business. This is very true when you consider that more than 3 billion people worldwide use social networks.

Bottom Line Upfront: Automate your social media with Social Rabbit and enjoy constant traffic and sales. Social rabbit automated promotion on 4 top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram And Pinterest.

Social rabbit also works best with Shopify store, Experience a giant spike in traffic and orders from social media with Social Rabbit.

Social Rabbit Review

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Before you start with the Social Rabbit Review  you should take your social media platforms very seriously for the following reasons:

Attract attention: Social networks increase your visibility to potential customers and enable you to reach a wider audience. In addition, it is free to create a corporate profile in all major social networks.

Encouraging Engagement: Social media lets you publish engaging content that encourages communication between you and your customers and increases your revenue. For example, you can also post educational content. Video about a product you sell.

Free Traffic: This is one of the best features for high-quality social media accounts. You can get many values ​​for your ads in your social media accounts. Especially those who have a large clientele.

Easy support: Social networks have helped bridge the barrier between customers and businesses. Rather than looking for the company’s service line, customers can now easily use Facebook to solve their problems.

That sounds interesting, right? Yes

However, updating your social media accounts to meet the previous standard requires a lot of work. That’s why we’re looking for an automated social media tool like the Social Rabbit add-on. It’s very hard to get traffic on your blog, you have to be active on various social sites, forum, Q&A sites, no worries our BuzzBundle review take care of all check it out now.

Social Rabbit Plugin Review 2023: Is It Legit Plugin? (Learn Truth)

The Social Connectivity plug-in is essentially a WordPress plug-in that integrates your website into multiple social media platforms. Who includes:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • twitter

It’s an automated tool that can save you time and reduce the stress of publishing content on your social media platforms. With the add-on, your social media platform is organized as if it were managed by a social media specialist.

Imagine having four social media accounts for your business that should be updated daily. The efficient organization will probably take more than 24 hours.

social rabbit review

However, the add-in does this in a few minutes according to the basic configuration you have planned. This, in turn, can motivate your subscribers and force your casual reader to buy their products for the first time.

Even if your social media platforms are properly managed, your loyal customers can keep coming back to get the latest content on their social media platforms. This can even be for a funny article or just for a new, elegant article that invariably generates traffic for your store.

With an automated social media tool that complements social connectivity, you have plenty of time to work on key aspects of your business.

And keep in mind that your social media platforms are constantly being updated without you having to pay tons of money for social media marketing.

Social Rabbit Plugin Review: How does it work?

With the add-on, you can publish your content, products, or services on your social networks. That way, you can promote your social media platforms worry-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Social Rabbit leaps through its niche communities and draws attention to its business by tracking and enjoying publications and the user’s account.

Basically, he worked with 4 major social networks; Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Depending on the selected configuration, you can then do the following:


social rabbit review - detail

# 1. Publish your products and services

Depending on your configuration, you can create multiple publications for specific products or services in your drop shipping or professional website.

Therefore, the plugin can automatically publish a product image or a random article image with price, title, and link.
In this way, you can enjoy social awareness through various social networks and also benefit from free organic traffic.

# 2. Looking for thanks partner

This feature only applies to the Instagram account. The plugin will help you find possible Instagram pages that can be used as a full partner and send them via message.

However, for this to work effectively, you need to specify the keywords for your products and services. Then write a unique message template that the plugin uses to request a business connection without searching for spam.

In this way, the supplement can function as if a real person had done so. This saves you a lot of time and saves you the search for potential partners.

# 3. Improve your social media account

The Social Rabbit program also searches several social media pages that contain keywords about your niche.
The Rabbit Addon automatically follows these pages as your post and even as your comment. That way, you can focus on your social media platforms and profiles.

These are options that can be enabled and disabled. The add-on has several options. You can also activate it at the same time or just use it individually.
It’s up to you to decide how you want it.

social rabbit review - comment

# 4. Entertain your social subscribers

The bunny can also entertain his social media followers with a fun message if he so wishes. This can be done using the text template and the images you previously added to the add-in.

With what you have added to the add-on database, you can create an attractive and attractive post on your social media platform.
All of this can be done automatically while sleeping or eating, but only with what you have previously added.

# 5. Publish and publish blog posts

If your business or e-commerce business has a blog, you want your social subscribers to know more about what you sell. This is where the Social Rabbit comes into play.

The social connectivity add-on can randomly select an article from your blog with relevant information such as the title, a link, and a brief description of the product, and then publish it on social networks.

# 6. Share the content of other users

The social connectivity plug-in can automatically search for multiple social networks for publications that contain the keywords you specify.

Find the publication and reposition it on the same social media platforms. Contributions copied to Twitter are not published on Instagram. They can only be re-published in the same social network.

social rabbit review - share detail


Spending is of the utmost importance to any business. As a result, we have decided that it is worth considering this aspect in our comparison.

As you probably guessed, we listed the skills an SMM PROFESSIONAL administrator should have. Of course, such a highly qualified specialist will receive a good salary. After all, he knows almost everything about promoting social networks.

You can calculate how much you spend each month: The average rate of an SMM administrator in the US is $ 22 per hour. And he or she works 40 hours a week.

social rabbit review - tools

In the meantime, the rabbit only costs $ 69 for a license. You will receive an add-in that can perform the same job as the SMM Manager and provide a number of additional features.

You even get lifetime updates of the plugin for free.
All of this means that Social Rabbit saves your money and delivers results that match those of a professional. If you still do not believe, just read this case. Here we join the Rabbit with 70,000 subscribers per year.


Another important aspect that we would like to draw attention to is working time.

Every specialist is human and needs to rest. Social Rabbit is operational 24/7 and supports your business. This helps to get a great result faster, right?

Was spam sent to the Social Rabbit plugin? |  Social Rabbit Review

Obviously, it’s common to think that a tool that works automatically is just spam. Well, the social rabbit has a different perspective.

In fact, each job must have been previously configured by you. It’s up to you to decide how well the content shared by the plugin should be.

You must have prepared a database that contains multiple message options to use because the add-in uses only the records you specify.

Even when it comes to pictures. You must have downloaded high-quality images designed for your business or e-commerce. This gives the add-on the privilege to display high-quality images.

Be careful, once the plug-in is installed, no more random accounts on social networks will be tracked. Just follow a niche account associated with your business.

social rabbit review - timing

That way, you can choose the type of people who are interested in what you sell. That way, your social media account will not be as spam and scary to your potential subscribers.

In addition, with the Bunny plugin, you can adjust the publishing frequency so that your social media accounts do not look like spam.

You can easily schedule the publication in multiple time periods you define, and keep updating your social media accounts.

How do I use the Social Rabbit plugin correctly?

Once the plug-in is properly installed on your website, you must integrate it into the main social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also create the account if you do not already have it.

Afterward, you should add templates with which the plugin starts to work.

For images, you’ll need to add high-quality images to the rabbit social gallery on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This should be of high quality and attractive pictures. This gives your social media account a brand image and a professional look.

You also need to assign a unique publication configuration to each of the social networks for publication. In general, however, they all cover the same parameters.

The parameters include:

social rabbit review - poster

Articles View-

This setting allows you to define a specific number of days, hours, and minutes that form the periodic sequence of the publication.
Your social updates will not be sent by spam if you have specified a specific order for each of your posts.

The Randomizer Post Time –

The randomness of the release time makes the publication even more realistic. This setting allows you to select a time interval in which each of your publications can be published at a slightly different time.

The reason for this is that if you publish any of your publications at the same time, your subscribers will feel that it is a mechanical action.
Therefore this method is real and no spam is sent.

Hashtags –

The hashtag configuration allows your publication to reach a wider audience of people interested in your products because of their hashtags.

For example, on the Social Rabbit Add-in configuration page, you need to write the hashtags that are relevant to your business or business niche. The addition makes it even easier to suggest the right hashtags based on their learning characteristics.

Text templates

The text template is very important because the add-in works automatically. And I’m sorry, there is no artificial intelligence, so you have to work on the template text.

The main reason for this is that the post and the comment are as human as possible. This will make your message spam-free and look normal.

In addition, you can write labels next to your text, each representing a link for a specific action. For example, the% URL% tag displays the product link in the post.

The price is% PRICE%, which includes the price of the product.

social rabbit review - analyste

Notable features of the Social Rabbit addon:

  • Automated advertising on the most popular social networking sites.
  • Ensure a constant organic data flow from social networking sites.
  • This saves a lot of time and money.
  • Use an image database to publish photos for your business.
  • Easy to install and it works 24-7.
  • Automatically add hashtags, descriptions, and links to every comment and post.
  • A dedicated support administrator who will assist you in using this tool.
  • Free life updates for this add-on.

What makes Social Rabbit Add-on useful for your ecommerce business?

The Social Rabbit Plugin is a reliable solution for attracting organic traffic from social networking sites.

This WordPress plug-in allows you to promote and automatically run a social media campaign on a number of popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

This add-on automatically generates and publishes publications on social networks that appear human. Use the web content of your online sales page to post publications on social networks.

social rabbit review - task

This add-on keeps your business active in all major social networks. It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your business and increases the chances of capturing new perspectives on specific social media platforms.

This add-on not only uses your company’s social media calendars but also the following pages. Find communities related to your business, post comments to gain new perspectives, and interact with your audience.

For convenience, the Social Rabbit plug-in follows links and comments to the publications created by the target users. It significantly improves your conversions on social networks and generates a lot of traffic on your online sales page.

Pricing Plan: Social Rabbit Review

Then the price of a site is $69. If you need a license for three sites, you’ll need to pay $149 and five licenses for $209.
Use the coupon code ali25 to buy Social Rabbit at a discount.
With a single purchase of $ 69, you have a powerful advertising tool at your disposal.

social rabbit review - pricing

What exactly do you get with Social Rabbit?

  • Continuous social traffic on your WordPress site
  • The immediate growth of sales and profits.
  • No administration required: save up to 40 hours per week
  • A supplement instead of a complete SMM department
  • Free support and lifetime updates.
  • Quick indexing of your website by search engines

Pros and Cons of Social Rabbit


  • Convenience: The Social Rabbit plug-in allows you to create content and schedule it to appear on different
  • social media accounts at any time. Reach More Enthusiasts: With the add-on, you can schedule your publication to have the best time of the day. It helps you to publish when your supporter is most active and dedicated.
  • Traffic to your website.Content Delivery: Helps with the daily updating of your subscribers. Consistency contributes to customer loyalty.
  • Highest turnover up to 1000%
  • Full automation
  • Quick indexing of your website by search engines
  • Free support and lifetime updates.
  • Reduce working hours by 70%
  • Enjoy constant traffic


  • This can lead to spam if it is not programmed correctly
  • Limited to 4 social media platforms

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Conclusion: Social Rabbit Plugin Review 2023 Social Rabbit Discount Coupon

Social Rabbit helps you create effective promotions across all active social media accounts. This add-on does its job by automatically promoting your website in all popular social networks. If you want a stable organic traffic reach of social networks, the Social Rabbit add-on is the answer.
Imagine using four social media accounts for your business that need updating every day!

The Social Rabbit Addon manages all this and gives you more time for other projects. Their number of social networks will increase dramatically.

The Social Rabbit add-on also works perfectly with the add-ons AliDropship and DropshipMe.

So grab this opportunity without thinking with Social Rabbit. For further information on courses and course prices. Also, share your opinion in the Comment Section.

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