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27/mo $39/month
Best for is a reliable online platform allows you to create a complete funnel for selling your products and services easily.

podia is also an online community to offer digital learning services for people who are keen to learn and grow from educational videos

  • Educational Opportunities
  • Management of Contacts
  • Webinars
  • Built-in course player
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Good support
  • Analytics and affiliate program integrated
  • Simple and uncomplicated design
  • Excellent client service
  • A receptive community willing to assist
  • Effectively and instruct your pupils.
  • The platform is really easy to use
  • Track student progress
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Podia is an excellent value for the features
  • Podia charges no transaction fees
  • Beginners must invest time
  • Their email composer lacks personalization fields
Ease of Use

Simple and uncomplicated design. easy to use

It is easy to access and hence extremely convenient to use

Value For Money is affordable in terms of pricing and the features and tools are good. it is a really great platform and worth investing in.

Podia have had lower costs and more appealing schemes. not lower than

Customer Support

Excellent client service and assistance

Both students and educators can attain great support in the overall learning procedure

In this detailed guide, we have analyzed Vs Podia with their respective Pros & Cons.

To run a successful internet company, you’ll need an excellent platform for marketing and selling your services and goods.

The software must ensure that you save time and energy while growing your internet company.

If you’ve been in the internet marketing field for any time, you’re probably aware that a system is required to manage and expand an online company in today’s digital landscape.

For that reason, I’m sure you’ve heard about

It was intended to integrate all of the tools necessary for running a good internet company into one system, eliminating the need for intricate combinations.

This blog article will contrast Podia vs. and explain why is the superior option for entrepreneurs looking for an all-in-one company software. Vs Podia: Overview

What Is

According to the Technology Industry Trend Report, the typical firm uses 175 different tools and applications in its daily operations.

It may be intimidating at times – fortunately, there is a platform like! is a one-stop shop for creating sales funnels, webinars, and membership sites.

Additionally, you may operate affiliate programs, send emails to your consumers, and offer actual things.

It is offered to businesses of all sizes, whether small, medium, or big. is a dependable all-in-one marketing tool that enables you to create sales funnels.

Sending emails is simple, and the greatest thing is that you can manage your whole company in one location, making it a one-stop marketing platform. Vs Podia- Overview

After you’ve begun using, you won’t need to pay for several platforms to meet your marketing demands since will take care of all of them. is one of the simplest ways to start and develop an internet company quickly and effectively.

This website is entirely dedicated to small companies and entrepreneurs selling their items online.

The greatest thing is that you do not need any technical experience or skills to use this platform.

What Is Podia?

Given the slightly peculiar nomenclature, this seems to be a required component of a Podia evaluation.

Podia is the plural version of the word “podium,” which refers to a visible and audible platform.

The plural form is quite suitable in this context since Podia is a fully complete digital marketplace for hosting and selling online courses, downloads, and subscriptions.

It’s a platform that prioritizes creators and assists entrepreneurs, small company owners, and creatives generate residual revenue.

While Podia is a younger company than some of its big rivals (e.g., Kajabi), it has quickly acquired popularity in the e-commerce space due to its creator-friendly practices.

There are very few internet stores that provide quick payouts on purchases with no transaction costs! That appealing characteristic, in and of itself, is a significant selling factor for many! Vs Podia- Podia review

Nonetheless, the platform’s intuitiveness and comprehensiveness are a significant pull for the majority.

You may be a passionate creative with several brilliant ideas but lack the technical expertise necessary to design and run online courses. Another daunting obstacle may be determining how to get your digital items to market.

Of course, Podia is also very helpful if your digital material is already hosted on a website or another selling platform.

Perhaps your firm is quickly increasing, putting excessive demands on your website’s operation.

Or maybe your current platform is “overkill” in terms of the features you pay for but never use.

Perhaps you’re interested in integrating your membership site with your e-commerce platform.

Your membership site would have to be hosted independently from your goods in most other circumstances.

However, Podia is almost the only platform that supports both.

Simplifying this procedure for your clients enables you to increase your conversion rate! Indeed, Podia’s interface and checkout procedure have been carefully tested to achieve excellent conversion rates.

Major Features and Benefits of

Here are the features of

1. Affiliate Administration: can help you develop dependable partner programs for your services and goods to increase monthly revenue.

If your business adapts well to this version, you may create customized partner programs to increase awareness for your product and brand while boosting website traffic and sales.

You may immediately increase your income by setting up multi-tiered commission-based programs for associates.

There is no obligation to connect other systems to begin seeing results.

Essentially, other participants will be able to market your products and track your costs, clicks, volumes, and returns.

Collaboration is another way to increase the sales of your courses.

The more affiliates you have, the stronger and fewer affiliates will provide you with an affiliate plan.

Associate advertising establishes a far more solid base for your business. It is critical in this niche.

2. Website For Subscriptions:

Additionally, enables you to create a completely working subscription website in minutes if you’ve never built a website before.

No prior knowledge of coding is required. Drag-and-drop the elements you want to include on your pages, and also choose from pre-built design templates to avoid starting from scratch.

3. Webinars Delivered In An Automated Mode:

With, you may host a webinar without having any coding experience.

Systeme io offers perpetual webinars. Webinars and automated webinars are available live, but webinars remain eternal.

You’re likely to have discovered evergreen webinars in a variety of industries.

These are efficient ways to build email lists and generate revenue while you sleep. Vs Podia- Automation

Having the proper webinar system in place may make all the difference in your industry, and provides the exact tools you want.

The software makes it very simple to organize evergreen webinars, which will help you generate leads and revenue.

You may automate the process of creating your email list and marketing your services or goods.

You create webinars that have no resemblance to versions.

The webinar cannot be created as a custom funnel from an existing webinar but must be created from scratch.

It’s excellent that, once again, you can customize your webinar to fit your brand’s concept.

4. Courses Available Online:

You may use to quickly and easily create and deploy an online course without the need for extra third-party software.

Additionally, includes all of the tools necessary to advertise and sell your online course, which means that all of your administration will be handled via a single, easy-to-use control panel.

You may also manage associates for your courses from the same platform, allowing you to boost your promotion and sales performance easily.

5. Email Marketing and Advertising:

Email marketing is a critical component of the success of any online company.

If you are one of them and desire to do email marketing, can aid.

With scalable and customized email automation, you can effortlessly fulfill your advertising and marketing objectives.

You need a solid platform that will effectively deliver your message to your customers’ inboxes.

The system’s integrated email advertising features will undoubtedly enable you to send personalized emails, and you can also scale and automate the whole process.

Marketing Through Email

You may generate email newsletters and an endless number of emails through a simple interface.

Due to its ease, the word processor simplifies your work.

The efficacy of your mailing list is contingent upon your ability to communicate with your subscribers.

The easiest way to improve email advertising is to modify the subscriber list.

Additionally, provide many complimentary points to prospective customers.

6. Dropshipping and Ecommerce:

Another critical feature of is that it enables you to sell directly to your audience.

Whether you’re selling digital or physical things,’s built-in eCommerce functionality enables you to do so.

There is no need to integrate third-party products or payment gateways; everything is conveniently accessible from a single dashboard and can be activated with a few clicks.

If your company is based on dropshipping, provides all the functionality necessary to create high-converting funnels for selling your physical products.

7. Conversion Funnel:

Any marketing expert would attest to the difficulty of developing an efficient sales funnel. simplifies the process of creating premium funnels with only a few clicks. Pre-built pages have been precisely engineered to increase conversions, allowing you to promote much more effectively with less effort.

Now, you can effortlessly construct sales funnels with a few clicks and promote more with fewer efforts.

With, you can easily design sales funnels. You may use this fantastic selling funnel functionality to build your marketing strategy.

systeme Funnel

It may be used to sell both digital and physical goods.

You may create a landing page and a thank you page and do A/B split testing, collect sales data, and automate business operations.

The tool includes a drag-and-drop customization editor.

The greatest part is creating an advertising web page that is customized to your company.

The sales funnel builder was created just for your needs, and it assists in increasing transaction rates.

Additionally, it tracks your progress and drives your clients to purchase from you.

Major Features and Benefits of Podia:

Here are the features of Podia:

1. Procedures For Checkout:

Podia’s payment method is a multi-step process that is very well optimized.

Your clients do not even need to create a profile to make a purchase; they only need to provide a few pieces of information to complete the transaction.

There is no dedicated payment page; the whole procedure occurs inside a window.

The benefit of this kind of transaction is that your consumer may complete it without leaving the website.

Additionally, you may utilize this shop experience on websites not part of your Podia domain.

As a consequence, you may put a buy key, a product card, or a textual link on your main page, and your consumers will be able to complete the purchase process without leaving the page.

Another feature I like about Podia’s buying procedure is that it allows you to generate EU VAT for your apps.

If you activate the “Collect EU VAT” function in the setup, Podia will automatically update the relevant VAT amount to your courses.

Finally, you may want to include a one-click upsell and a discount into your transaction and checkout pages.

The nicest feature is linking several upsells to a single item.

2. Pricing And Payment Processing For Products:

Podia accepts payments through Stripe and PayPal, allowing students to pay with a credit/debit card or PayPal.

Additionally, the payments are instantly paid into your account (instant payouts).

Podia’s “Products” and “Memberships” provide various price options. Your “Products” (Courses, Digital Downloads, and Product Bundles) may include both a one-time fee and a payment plan.

A limitation of Podia’s pricing of “Products” is that several price points are not feasible.

Consequently, there is no straightforward method in Podia to offer your course’s ordinary edition for $99 and the premium version for $199.

When creating a “Membership,” you may create many plans and specify which Products and Posts are included in each.

However, this feature is only accessible for subscriptions.

Additionally, you may charge a monthly or yearly membership fee and give a free trial.

Coupons, which enable you to reduce the price of your items by a certain amount or percentage, are one handy tool that Podia offers for product pricing.

You may create coupons for all of your products or just a few of them.

Additionally, you can create direct connections to your sales page that instantly apply the offer after checkout, which is excellent.

3. Podia Page Creator:

If you’re looking to modify your Podia shop, landing pages, or sales pages, you’re going to love the Podia page builder.

The page builder includes many pre-built components that you can easily add to your website with a single click.

Consequently, you can build a product banner, course overview, author biography, FAQs, and testimonials rapidly.

Additionally, several standard elements may be utilized to create bespoke components for your sales page, such as “Image with Text,” “Video with Text,” and “Columns.”

Additionally, they offer section themes, which enable you to alter certain sections’ backgrounds and text colors, which is a really helpful tool.

In general, the website builder is quite easy to use, and even those without design or coding skills can quickly create a professional-looking sales page.

4. Themes For Websites:

Site themes are typically the first item to consider when it comes to website construction.

Podia does not provide website design services at the moment, and all stores built on the system use the same design by default.

The only variable that may be changed at the website level is the color scheme.

You may choose the backdrop color, as well as the title, word, and key colors.

podia Themes For WebsitesYou may change the default fonts for your text box and headers.

Apart from them, you have no control over the layout or appearance of your site.

You cannot customize the style of your site’s header or other elements such as the navigation bar or keys.

Additionally, if you are a power user, there is no way for you to access your site’s database or add CSS code to modify the design.

The good news is that the default design is clean and basic, which means that your store and sales pages will look fantastic.

5. Design & Customization of The Website:

This section will examine how Podia functions to enable you to develop a brand on the website.

The primary advantage of adopting a hosted system such as Podia is that you will not have to worry about separately procuring a hosting provider or an SSL certificate or even about technical issues such as security, updates, or maintenance. Vs Podia- podia editor

Additionally, each Podia-created school gets a free subdomain (for example,, and you may also use your domain name (like

Now, let’s have a look at the tools available to you via Podia for developing and personalizing your site.

6. Tools For Email Marketing:

To begin, Podia offers a few straightforward lead-generating options.

You may collect email addresses by including a previously launched registration form on your product pages or a newsletter registration form on your marketplace’s product pages.

Podia enables you to send both one-time and automated messages when it comes to email marketing. Vs Podia- Podia Review- Email Marketing

Consequently, you’ll be able to send an automated email campaign to both program customers and those who join the waiting list for the program.

Utilizing their campaign designer, you may create many messages, schedule when they should be delivered, and choose the method for when the emails should be sent.

Additionally, you may define admission and leave criteria for your project.

You could, for example, sign up everyone who fills out one of the already published email forms for the project and then erase them till they buy one of the things.


Features Verdict: Vs Podia

As you can see, the features of both and Podia are very competitive.

However, on the detailed analysis, we found that the features of are better than that of Podia.

Also, user reviews of were better than Podia.

Hence, we can clearly say that is better than Podia.

Pricing Comparison: Vs Podia 

Here is the pricing of Vs Podia: Pricing:

They have four plans to offer –

  • Free ($ 0 per month): This will include 2000 contacts and many more.
  • Startup ($ 27 per month and $ 228 per year): This will include 5000 contacts and a lot more.
  • Webinar ($ 47 per month and $ 396 per year): This will include 10000 contacts and more.
  • Enterprise ($ 97 per month and $ 828 per year): This will include 15000 contacts and a lot more.

You can also customize for more than 15000 contacts.

Podia Pricing:

They have three pricing plans to offer –

  • Mover: This will cost you $ 39 per month and $ 390 per year.
  • Shaker: This will cost you $ 89 per month and $ 890 per year.
  • Earthquaker: This will cost you $ 199 per month and $ 1990 per year.


Pricing Verdict: Vs Podia

As you can see, offers a free plan while Podia doesn’t.

Also, the pricing plans of are cheaper than that of Podia.

Hence, we can clearly say that is better than Podia in pricing. Vs Podia: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros & cons of Vs Podia: Pros:

  • Utilize marketing automation capabilities to streamline your processes.
  • On your website, you may quickly contact your pupils.
  • It enables you to generate money from your online courses quickly.
  • The program will assist you in developing an online course framework.
  • is a one-stop shop for marketing and selling things online.
  • With, you can create a productive sales funnel.
  • Effectively and instruct your pupils.
  • Allows you to construct a membership website without learning how to code.
  • Contributes to reaching a broader audience. Cons:

  • Beginners must invest time and experiment with features to optimize all available capabilities.
  • Does not integrate with third-party tools and services.
  • Limited design freedom is available.

Podia Pros:

  • Podia charges no transaction fees on sales, while Teachable charges 5% even on its premium plan. They are centered on the creator.
  • The pre-launch mode enables you to generate hype.
  • Integration with Zapier that includes a plethora of triggers and actions
  • Email marketing integration with drip functionality (even not present in Teachable or Thinkific)
  • Embedded checkout options that enable customers to complete their purchase without leaving your site
  • It provides you with the storage and bandwidth necessary to store your movies, eliminating the need to utilize Vimeo or Wistia.
  • Possibility of establishing your affiliate program via which your followers may earn money by marketing your items
  • Podia is an excellent value for the features.
  • With Podia, you can create courses, subscriptions, and digital items with access to a single platform.
  • It provides you with the storage and bandwidth necessary to store your movies, eliminating the need to utilize Vimeo or Wistia.
  • Comes includes an infinite number of courses and products, in contrast to Kajabi, limiting the number of items you may build.
  • The very sophisticated user interface, user experience, and ease of use

Podia Cons:

  • The absence of a free plan similar to those offered by Thinkific and Teachable.
  • Membership and one-page checkout are offered solely on their Shaker plan.
  • It does not include landing page builders or funnels, making it an insufficient substitute for Kajabi or Kartra. You may need to design your sales funnel using WordPress or ClickFunnels.
  • There is a shortage of design versatility (at the very least, custom CSS options might have been included). At least one of them has contributed many themes.
  • It lacks the certification component that Teachable offers and native connections with services like Accredible that Thinkific offers.
  • Absence of several of Teachable’s more comprehensive course compliance elements
  • Their email composer is deficient in terms of customizing fields.

Customer Reviews:

Here are the customer reviews of Vs Podia:

Podia Customer Reviews

Podia Review- Customers Review Customer Reviews

Systeme customer reviews

FAQs About & Podia:

Is a legitimate company?

Given that you're receiving everything for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the tools separately, there's no question that is well worth the investment for anybody trying to operate a successful internet company without breaking the bank.

What is all about? is a cloud-based software platform that enables you to distribute information to your clients. Systeme is a cloud-based platform that enables you to create a fully functional website for selling and conducting online courses. Schools may utilize blogs and, most importantly, established enterprises to educate their audiences.

What is the purpose of podia?

Podia is a global leader in the online sales of online courses, subscriptions, and digital items. The organization also provides various additional services to assist you in earning money, ranging from affiliate marketing to drip programs.

Quick Links:

Final Thoughts: Vs Podia 2024

It would be best to have a firm grasp on Podia vs. Systeme.Io and

It is a reputable online tool that helps you easily design a comprehensive sales funnel for your goods and services.

Along with sales funnels, has a course builder that enables you to easily create an online course and publish it on a separate domain.

Additionally, if you’re serious about scaling your business and want an all-in-one marketing platform, you should give a go right now.

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