Podia Review 2021: Is It Really Worth The Hype ? (Pros & Cons)

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Ease Of Use
User Interface


  • Instant payouts so you never have to wait to be paid
  • The platform is really easy to use
  • It is decently priced for the features it offers.
  • Very refined UI, UX, and easy to use
  • Podia offers great support for all its customers.
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Track student progress
  • Hosting for free or paid courses
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Offers free migration to Podia.


  • The membership feature is only available in their Shaker plan
  • Free plan like that of Thinkific and Teachable is not available
  • Their email composer lacks personalization fields

Price:$ 39

In this post, we have featured Podia Review which includes detailed insights into features, support, pricing and pros, cons and more.

Today, I’m presenting you a very in-depth review on Podia.com. Do you wanna sell online courses, e-books, digital-downloads, membership subscriptions, or any other digital products? Creating a membership site, online course, and e-books is easy, but it’s tough to find potential customers when marketing and selling these things.

You might have found several options where you can easily sell these things and earn revenue. If I tell you, there’s a platform called Podia, which is far better than platforms out there in terms of functionality, features, customer support, and pricing.

Bottom Line Upfront: Podia is one of the BEST new digital selling platforms we have seen so far!  The simple, fun, and satisfying interface take almost. With Podia, you have a 0% transaction fee on sales, whereas Teachable charges you 5% even in their premium plan. They are creator-centric. Take Podia for a FREE 14-day test drive here.

Podia is a powerful platform where anyone can easily sell online courses, membership, and digital downloads. Podia lets you create, host, and sell your digital products right on a single all-in-one platform. The best part about Podia is that it doesn’t take transaction fees and provides more value to its customers.

Let’s get started here…

Podia Review: In a Nutshell

Podia is a platform that lets you sell membership, online courses, and digital downloads. With Podia, you can easily sell membership, online courses, and digital downloads right to your audience. Podia is one of the easiest ways to earn passive incomes by selling online courses and sell.

Podia Review- Sell Online Courses Memberships and Downloads

Podia offers a clean and intuitive interface for designing your website. And it’s straightforward for beginners to create a website. It’s only for digital downloads, online courses, and membership; basically, the options are more consolidated for users in those industries.

Now you can easily create a stunning storefront within a few minutes and start selling your digital products. There is no technical knowledge needed, and also there is no need for third-party plugins.

Who should create an online course (3 questions you need to ask)

You can simply handle everything from content creation to sending a newsletter to your audience safely and then securely process the payments.

Features Of Podia

Podia is an all-in-one Digital Storefront as it offers everything that will need to create and sell online courses, digital downloads, and membership. Features of Podia generally breaks int four main categories:

  • Membership
  • Online Courses
  • Digital Downloads
  • Email Marketing
  • Podia Editor

Let’s understand it’s featured for each of the parts given above:

Membership  Site:

Membership site software can help you in a decent passive income to your pocket. Podia really makes it easy to build and manage an online community right without needing dozens of software tools like payments, content delivery, email updates, and many more things out there.

Podia Review- Membership Area

  • Offers Multiple Plans: Just to create various membership levels right with different resources, content, and prices.
  • Creates Member-Only Content: Now, you can easily share text, videos, images, or audio content right with your community. And you paid members will get updates when you share any updates.
  • Interact With Your Members: Your community membership is a two-way street. With podia, you can easily connect with your customers and all.

Online Courses: Now, you can create and sell online courses right with the easiest platform on the planet. Podia really makes it easy simply by putting everything that you need to create, sell, and manage your online courses right in one place.

Podia Review- Online Courses

  • Unlimited Everything: Everything with Podia is unlimited, and here you don’t have to worry about your monthly pricing because your business is growing. All of the plans come with multiple bandwidths, file size, and several courses, sales, or anything else.
  • Drip Course Content: Just give your customers immediate access to your online courses and then deliver it section by section over time. Dripping your course content will definitely give you more control over the e-learning experience.
  • Upload Any File Type: Podia generally supports video, MP3, text, links, PDFs, PSD, PPT, along with many other files too.

Digital Downloads

Just sell digital downloads right without the technical knowledge as here Podia handles everything for you. You can simply upload your files, and you’re ready to sell.

Podia Review- Digital Downloads

  • Sell Anything: You can easily sell digital downloads of any kind that includes eBooks, PDFs, cheat sheets, checklist, audio files, and more. Podia supports many other file types.
  • Speedy Check-Out: Your sales pages in already optimized for the higher conversion rates and customers can easily buy your products and just start their direct downloads in seconds.
  • No Account Required: Your Customers just need to enter an email and the payment info in order to buy the downloadable products. There is no account creation or registration that hinders the process.

Email Marketing: An email newsletter platform is also designed for all the creators out there. As we all know, your email list is your most valuable marketing tool, and herewith Podia, you are getting that feature. Podia will definitely help you in building that list and nurture it and create more. There are some more email marketing tools like LearnWorlds, and here you can check Podia vs LearnWorlds.

Podia Review- Email Marketing

  • Send Drip Contents: Really, Drip campaigns are one of the great ways to build entire sales funnels right within Podia.
  • Send  Newsletters: You can share one-off updates right your entire list, or you can also send more targeted updates right to many other specific segments.
  • Grow Your List: We all know that email list building is one of the most important things right for any creator to do. The better your email list is, the more sales you will be going to generate.

Podia Editor: With the Podia Editor, you will get complete control over the look and the feel of your Storefront and the sales pages.

Podia Review- Podia Editor


  • Live Preview: There is really no switching back and forth between your editor, and there is also a separate tab to preview your content.
  • Customizable Layouts: All the things out there are fully customizable as heer with Podia Editor, you can easily customize every element.
  • Fast and Simple: The best part is that here you don’t have to be a designer or a developer to drag and drop your way for creating your simple and stunning pages right with Podia Editor.

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Pricing Plans: Podia Coupon Free 2 Months

Podia offers simple and quite affordable pricing options. It has straightforward pricing for you to get your online business up and running. The best part is that the Podia platform also offers a 14-Day-Free trial offer that doesn’t require any credit cards.

Podia Review-Pricing

Here’s the catch, if you choose the annual plan as a bonus, you will be getting 2 months for free. And also, if you’re choosing the yearly plans, you are going to get better monthly rates.

Podia isn’t cheap, but the features and interface it offers are great and really make up for the price.  Podia mainly offers two pricing plans; let’s check out what they actually are:

1) Mover ( $39/ Month)

  • Online courses
  • Digital downloads
  • Email marketing
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited everything
  • 24/7 support

2) Shaker ($79/Month)

  • Online courses
  • Digital downloads
  • Email marketing
  • Memberships
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited everything
  • 24/7 support
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Third-Party Code
  • FREE migration

Pros and Cons Of Podia:


  • O% Transaction fees
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited Digital Downloads
  • Unlimited Digital Downloads
  • Prelaunch Product Pages
  • Drip Email Content
  • Customer Tracking
  • A High Conversion Check Out page
  • Offers Data Exporting tools
  • A Payment Protection plan
  • Offers a custom domain to sell items from your website


  • Limitations are there in the starter plan
  • Customer support is not that reliable

Podia Platform Security

We all know that if a website or a checkout page is not secure, nobody will make any transaction. So it’s better to have a secure checkout page so that your customers can easily enter their details and make any purchase.

And here you Podia Checkout is generally protected by Stripe and PayPal. The best part is that Podia doesn’t collect any information right when one of your customers goes through the checkout; all of the checkout pages and interface are completely secured.

You will be amazed to know that all of your transactions are mainly sent through an encryption process protected right by 128-bit SSL encryption. And if you are trying to sell your online courses or digital downloads, it will definitely help you as often people try to game the system to get all the things for free.

One plus point of choosing Podia is that they offer free SSL certificates for both pricing plans to provide an extra layer of security to your transactions.

Podia Customer Service

As we have mentioned above, support matters a lot when it comes to software or tools out there in the market. One drawback of Podia is that they lack the phone support that I think they should provide to their customers. Podia offers emails as well as live chat support.

The Shaker plan will be getting migration assistance if somehow you plan on moving right from a different platform.  But, it’s not the thing that bounds Podia as it also has a Blog where everything is updated on-time, so you can easily relate to that.

Overall I would like to say Podia support is about as good as it can get without phone support and medium.

Customer Reviews:

Hear what people are saying about them

Josh Earl


Working with @podiadotcom to relaunch several courses. Really impressed with the team—very helpful and responsive.

Justin Jackson


I’ve tried tons of membership platforms, and @podiadotcom is the best I’ve found.

Bryan Chappell


Just saw what I thought was impossible. @podiadotcom got memberships done right. It has finally been done.

Health Geeks


Just launched Health Geeks Academy this week using Podia. It is awesome. Super user-friendly.

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FAQ’s Related To Podia Review

💥Does Podia offer a free plan?

No they dont offer free plans like Teachable and Thinkific.

⚡️Does Podia offer demo ?

Yes they do offer demo. Podia comes with 14 complete free trial which enables you to use the toll for free

Does Podia offers any refund policy ?

Yes, Podia do offers refund for their plans within 72 hours of your monthly or annual plans. Also they do not offer pro-rated refunds for annual payments. Refunds take 5-10 business days to process.

🔥Is Podia safe and secure for online transactions?

Ofcourse Podia is safe and secure for doing transactions, and your confidential information is safe there.

✅ Does Podia offers discount coupon codes?

Podia dont have any specific coupon codes, they offer discount on their annual plan and you can save upto $158.

Podia Alternatives:

  • Thinkific

Thinkific is the perfect Podia option for building an online academic empire. The best part is that you don’t need any technical expertise to use it. The Thinkific team is the group of all technical aspects such as hosting, security, & upkeep.

It launched an online learning platform 11 years earlier but now has 40,000+ course developers, 45+ million courses sold, and a revenue of $1 trillion. Using the drag-and-drop creator, you can create quizzes, add content clips, or manage all of your content.

Different payment methods, integration, and marketing strategies are available to help you promote your business, specified value, and educate people.

  • Teachable

Teachable is among the most powerful online learning platforms available, and it’s also one of the most user-friendly. Teachable is indeed a great alternative if you wouldn’t want to offer your lessons on a coaching platform like Coursera and instead want to consciously take your online courses.

Teachable offers all of the advanced characteristics that make it the perfect Podia substitute. The information of students is kept safe and protected using a 2048-bit SSL certificate.

It also keeps an eye on your traditional classroom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure everything is running smoothly. It allows us to create beautiful online courses by incorporating videos, audio, images, text, and PDF files.  

  • Sellfy

Sellfy is simple to set up and operate only those e-commerce platforms. It’s ideal for designers, writers, and companies that want to offer digital items, subscriptions, or actual items to their social media followers or on their website using insert products and purchase buttons.

Additionally, Sellfy provides built-in marketing strategies (such as email marketing, promotions, and up-selling) as well as for analytics.

Zapier also helps you to communicate with over 2,000 third-party users. A 14-day trial period is available from Sellfy (no credit card required). Sellfy has a less expensive plan with added service. Sellfy ensures that you get your money back for everything from online marketing to data statistics.

Constructed online marketing software, discounts with scarcity timers, digital subscription features, a “pay whatever you want” option, but more are among the strengths.

  • Hyax

Hyax has been one of the list’s newest Podia replacements. It’s going to change the way developers, designers, and founders create businesses and monetize online. It has developed a product that is both simple to use and extremely strong. You can create and sell classes, membership pages, and goods using a store or sales channel.

They’ve managed to integrate some key elements that will make your pages look fine, load easily, and transform well. You can use the quick builder to set up stores & locations in seconds, or you can use the custom specialized builder to create exclusive service for consumers and tourists. This makes it incredibly simple to upsell or produce incremental revenue from online resources.

  • Udemy

Udemy seems to be the world’s largest platform for selling courses and monetizing your skills. Udemy currently has more than 30 million learners and 42K tutors in 200 countries and territories.

It offers free courses that will teach you how to build your own Udemy course. It also helps you to build a course in a variety of languages. Udemy is a fantastic Podia alternative because of its many choices. Helps to engage with your students by creating quizzes, tasks, and exercises.

The customer service team will take you through every step of the curriculum development process. They often evaluate your course videos for free and provide suggestions if they notice something that needs to be repaired.

Conclusion: Podia Review 2021 Is It Really Worth To Use It ?

Now you have all the detailed insights about Podia pricing, features, functionality, pros & cons, and more. It’s your time to make a move, but from our side, we would like to suggest Podia to our audience as it can really help you in selling your online courses, membership, digital downloads, and more. Also, check the Podia Discount Coupon

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to tell us which platform do you use to sell your courses, membership, and other digital downloads right in the comment section below. 

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