Tailor Brands vs Wix 2024: The Ultimate Battle For #1 Logo Maker Who Wins ?

How do you recognize a brand or a company? Of course, you do it with the help of its logo. This logo may seem like a small thing but it is of a big deal to a company owner as it is the mark and the recognition sign of its business.

This logo has to be attractive and creative enough to catch the sight of its possible customers. So today in this article we are going to discuss and compare Tailor Brands Vs Wix two such wonderful platforms that can help make this logo designing business a lot easier for you, be it, anyone. But before that let’s get to know what actually a logo is and what is the work of a logo designing platform. 

Bottom Line Upfront :🔥

Wix offers a variety of plans and packages, but their most basic option costs more than Tailor Brands Premium plan. If you only need logos though there’s no difference in pricing between the two companies since Wix doesn’t offer an Exclusive Subscription Package for just your company logo like Tailor Brands does!

Wix Logo Maker offers more options for customizing font, color and text which ensures that your final logo design will be unique to you. The one-time payment option also makes it a better choice in many ways as well!

Both tools are easy to use, but Tailor Brands has fewer editing options than Wix Logo Maker.


A logo may contain things like text, image, shape, illustration, or even a mixture of all of these things. A logo helps to identify a brand and is the main part of the symbolism of a brand. A logo metaphorically or simply helps deliver the information to the potential customers about what is the main work of a brand, what is its value, and what is its aim.

Thus showing how a small thing like the logo is of so much importance. At times the logo is much more than just a recognition thing. If looked within deeper it even tells about the company’s story, it’s main aim and some logos even have hidden messages in them. 

A perfect logo does the following work :

  •  attracts customers and makes a great impression on them about the brand. 
  •  creates a brand identity different from others and helps you stand out. 
  •  a logo helps people remember your brand and recognize it just by having a glance. 
  •  it distinguishes the brand from its significant competitors
  • a logo helps improve brand image, status, and loyalty as well. 

A logo is categorized into various different components 


Colors not only make your logo aesthetically pleasing but also help to convey your message as different colors depict different skills. They tell them about the mood if it is playful, serious, funny, angry, or whatever. They help to deliver your main message to your target consumer base. You can add in either a single color or a variety of colors to your logo. Thus colors really play an important role so you should choose your colors accordingly 


Typography in layman’s language is usually termed as a font. It includes the letters and its style that you include in your logo. You can choose from various types of designs and select the best one for your logo. The logo may have a single letter, maybe initials of business, or even the full name of the business. 


The image that you add can be a small abstract figure from a simple arrow or line to a monkey or a pizza or a human figurine and what not. This picture or image can be related to your work, what you sell, or your main aim. While designing a logo you should use an image that is clear and scalable as well. 


A tagline is placed right below your logo. This tagline is a single line consisting of few words. This line tells about what your company does and has something written that immediately captures the viewer’s attention. 

What makes your logo stand out? 

  • – A logo is appropriate if it also takes into consideration the consumer’s approach. It should resemble its target audience. Say if you want a logo for a child’s party then you should add in some creative colors. 
  • – the logo should be easy to read and should not contain long words
  • – the logo should be different from other logos and should not resemble any. Only then will it be able to leave its own mark. 
  • – the logo should be able to fit anywhere and should be versatile and scalable enough. 


A logo maker is a platform, application, or website that can help you to make your logo easily. It makes the logo building job really affordable and easy to understand. It provides various designs, templates, colors, and fonts to choose from thus allowing you to make your logo in less than a few minutes. 

There are many such logo makers available in the market but how do we choose between them? Today we have two very popular logo-making platforms Tailor Brands and Wix. These platforms are known for their services and performance. We are going to do a Tailor Brands vs Wix comparison on the basis of features, pricing, ease of use, and much more. This Tailor Brands vs Wix comparison will help you decide on which one to choose based on your needs. 

So let’s get going!! 

Tailor Brands vs Wix: OVERVIEW 

Tailor Brands vs Wix Logo Maker

Tailor Brands Overview 

Tailor Brands is a logo designing platform that has various tools related to branding and designing. These tools are machine powered and can even be used by freshers and nontechnical users. They help companies, businesses, enterprises, and other platforms to create their logo and establish their brand identity. It helps make your project look appealing and, be it on business cards, social media, flyers, posters, and more. The Tailor Brands was founded in the year 2014.


In order to make the brand look that you want and making it appealing, they take the help of software and artificial intelligence. Its main aim is to help simple people to build the logos for their extraordinary brands online and in a really affordable way. It has a consumer base of over three million consumers. This brand should definitely get a try if you are looking to make some logos. 

WIX Overview

Wix was launched in the year 2006 and from the time of its launch, it has established itself as a popular and famous platform in its domain. It has a consumer base of over 100 million users. Since the time of its launch, it has established itself in 190 different countries. It is a really great platform for logo and template making which is easy to use and understand,  hassle-free to use, and really economical. 


Logo building was a really tough and intricate job but since the time Wix came out, it has been really easy. Wix offers various designs and templates to its customers to choose from and if you choose it for its job, trust me you are never going to regret it. 

STARTUP WIZARD : Tailor Brands vs Wix Logo Maker

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is based on artificial intelligence, and this requires a startup wizard in the beginning. The startup wizard helps to get to know your preference and ideas and thus makes a more personalized logo for you. Once you enter into a  the first thing that you have to enter is to put in some information about your business, what it is all about, and what you do. This helps the system to finalize what kind of logo will best suit your niche and also it takes out the keywords related to your business from the information you enter. 

Next, what you have to do is choose the logo whose design and structure you like the most from a given set of logos. This will help give them an idea about your likings. The logos can be icon based, initials based, or name-based. For icon-based you will be given an image, you can even select the image you like from the variety available in the image gallery. After selecting the icon, you have to choose the design or font of the text that will be used in your logo. You will be given various options in this as well. 

Once all this is done the system will generate a logo based on your choices. You can further customize this logo on the basis of your likings and needs. 


Wix also, just like the Tailor Brands is based on artificial intelligence. Once you enter it you first have to select the type of your business from the various options available. You have to select the words that best your business. This will help the system to choose the logo that will suit your business in the best possible way. 

Then you will be shown two logo designs and you have to select the one that you like the most. This will further filter your preferences. The last screen will show the logo that artificial intelligence made on the basis of your preferences. You can further customize your logo if you want to. 


Both the platforms have somewhat similar startup wizards and related steps. They are user friendly and easy to use. When you use Tailor Brands, you get a variety of options to choose from and the end result you get is strongly based upon the choices you make. On the other hand, Wix also gives a variety of options but the end logo that you receive is not really connected to your choices. Tailor Brands results are more precise and are strongly based upon the information you fill in. 

Both the tools are equally well working and easy to use but the Tailor Brands provides a result nearer to what we really want. Thus the winner is Tailor Brands

  • Check this dedicated article on Tailor Brands Review and get to know whether it is worth your money.


Tailor Brands

Once you are done with the startup wizard, you get to customize the logo that you get based on AI. You can further customize and change your logo according to your needs. 

Tailor-Brands- Logo Maker


You can customize your font and you get a variety of options to choose from. You can make it. it is smooth, bold, handwritten and classy as well. All this helps to add in your personal touch. 


You can change the colors used in the logo. And this change in color can be done by just a single click. The colors can be selected by the suggested palate, you can select it manually and you can even make a new color by merging different colors


You can change the background of your logo only when the logo initially given to you has a shape or color. If it does not include. these things then you will not be able to change the background and it will remain the same. 


You can choose the icon that you want to use from the variety of icons available in the icon library. You can select abstract icons as well. But you will be able to customize icons only when you have chosen an icon-based logo from the starting itself. If no, then you can not do it. 


The customization option of Wix is pretty much similar to Tailor Brands. The thing that makes it different is that Wix supports the drag and drop feature. This feature makes the work a lot easier and organized. 

Wix - Template


Wix offers a lot more fonts to its consumers than Tailor Brands offers. These fonts are ordered alphabetically. It makes it a little difficult. But other than that it offers consumers to change the font, curve it, and rotate it as well. Tailor brand offers none of these. 


In Wix you get a variety of colors to choose from. Just like Tailor Brands The colors can be selected by the suggested palate, you can select it manually and you can even make a new color by merging different colors


Wix offers a variety of creative background options to choose from. Unlike a Tailor Brands, the background can be changed in whatever type of logo that you select. 


Wix has a built-in option in it for the preset layouts. Tailor Brands just has a single option but Wix offers a variety of alignment options to be precise 24 of them to choose from. 


Both these platforms offer a lot of customization options to choose from. These options are really easy to use and understand. It can be used even by non-technicals. Other than the options that Tailor Brands provides Wix also provides additional options like opacity,  background, and shadow. All this helps make the logo a lot more creative. In case if you are a fresher and will do with a little variety, then the Tailor Brands is right for you. But if you want your logo to be more precise and want more options and features then you should definitely go for Wix.

LANGUAGE : Tailor Brands vs Wix Logo Maker

Tailor Brands

 Tailor Brands does not support any other language other than Latin. Even if you try to enter other languages like Latin or French it will show an error and will not support it. It does not even support any special characters. Having just a single choice of language is really a turnoff but if you just have to work with the Latin language then tailor brand may do for you. 


Wix not only supports many different languages but also offers a variety of fonts for each language. For example 85 fonts for Russian language, 18 fonts for Hebrew and 19 for Greek as well. 


No doubt, the winner is Wix logo maker as it offers a variety of languages to choose from. It even offers fonts for various different languages which is way much better than a Tailor Brands that does not even provide an option of entering special characters. 

SOCIAL SHARING  : Tailor Brands vs Wix

 Tailor Brands

With the help of Tailor Brands  you can share your logo with your friends and colleagues on the platform of email, Twitter, and Facebook. You can do this by simply clicking the share icon and select if you want to share send tweet or post. 

Tailor-Brands - Social Sharing


Wix offers no option of sharing the logo on any platform. If you want to do so you first need to download the free sample and then share it further. Only after downloading will you be able to share the file. 

Wix - Home Page


The winner clearly is Tailor Brands. You can share the logos bit sharing logos on Wix is a lot more time consuming as you first need to download the file and then share it on the respective platform. Whereas on Tailor Brands you get a built-in sharing option and you can share it from there directly itself. 


Tailor Brands

When you take on the premium subscription of Tailor Brands you get to experience various new tools and features. These tools are not available on the free version. Some of the features are

Master design tool

Using this tool you get various pre-made templates and even a plain blank canvas. On this canvas, you can edit and customize it accordingly. This can be used for creating graphics as well.


These graphics can then be used for making social media posts, flyers, posters, advertisements, and more. You can even upload your very own image in it as well. 

Social media tools 

These tools can really prove to be beneficial for companies or businesses who want to increase their organic reach. The add on fools for social media include –

Tailor-Brands - Social Tools

Over 1000 social media templates that have already been made, you can create a post based on your preference and then select a time and date to get it posted on the social media media, this tool can also be used to track the engagement of people and growth of your post on social media. 


If you are eager to purchase only logo files, then you should go for the Wix logo maker as it offers more than 40 different versions to your logo. These logos are changed according to various different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 

Wix - Domains

When you go for the premium logo+website plan in Wix you get a branding that matches your logo and you also get free access to its custom domain for one complete year. Other add on services that you can get are touch up service on your logo ny professionals and faster customer response to the priority customers. 


IT is really difficult to select which one of the following platforms will lead over the other. It is almost impossible to select one as both of them provide great functionality, features, and tools too. If you just want to focus on your brand logo and do not need a website then you should go for Tailor Brands but if you want both websites and a brand logo then Wix will be the best option for you. 

According to me, it will be a tie between Wix and Tailor Brands in this round. 

PRICING Tailor Brands Vs Wix 

Tailor Brands

 Tailor Brands allows you to make your logo, use all the features from startup wizard to customization all for free. Once you are done with your brand logo and want to use it for your branding, only then you will have to pay according to the different payment options offered. 

 Tailor Brands offers a variety of plans for its consumers to choose from. These payment options vary according to the logos and the additional features that you get. The plans offered are subscription-based and you can avail a discount if you pay in bulk annually or Biannually. 

 Tailor Brands - Pricing Plan

If you select the most basic plan of Tailor Brands then you will get logo files based on JPEG and PNG. These logo prices can be black and white or be fully colored you can get access to transparent logo files, full commercial rights, a logo resizing tool for creating logos for various social media platform, logo watermark tool in order to use your logo in various documents,  seasonal logo generator to edit your logo based on various seasons and holidays and a brand book as well. 


In Wix, the payment can be done on a per-product basis and on a subscription basis as well. If you just need to build in some logo files then you can opt for the pay per products option but if you want to avail all the additional services as well then you should go for the subscription-based payment option. 

_Wix - Pricing Plan

In the most basic plan of Wix, you will be getting 8 different PNGs both colorful ones and black and white ones as well. You can choose according to your preference. Other than that you get transparent logo files and full commercial rights on the logo that you make. 


coming to the verdict, I personally think that Wix would be a better option as it’s pay per module option is really affordable. You only need to pay when you make a logo and not otherwise. Also you don’t have to keep any track of when you pay, the time for paying, or if you want to cancel any previous subscriptions. When we come to Tailor Brands its subscription is really affordable and it’s basic plans a lot more tools, features, goodies and, ad on tools as compared to the Wix logo maker. 

Pros AND Cons Tailor Brands VS Wix


 Tailor Brands

  •  easy to use 
  • offers great website options 
  •  great and easy to use features 
  • great customization features 


  •  brilliant templates 
  • flexible and easy in usage 
  •  offers automatic site backup
  • allows animations of texts and elements 


 Tailor Brands

  • editing features difficult to use at times 
  •  customer service not good enough
  • layout keeps changing 


  • templates can not be loaded easily
  • price is high at times 
  • loading speed is really slow at times 

FAQs on Tailor Brands VS Wix

👉Can one get a refund on the Tailor Brands platform?

The Tailor Brands does not offer any refund for the brand logos which have been purchased from logo creators. They do this as they give the customers full freedom to view their design a lot prior to actually making the payment. The refunds are available only in special cases.

👉Is it possible to increase the size of your WIX logo? If yes, how?

After uploading your , you can change its size and make it smaller or bigger, depending on your needs.To customize your logo size you need to follow the below steps Click the Edit option which is present right next to your header. Click the option of Edit & Replace. Drag the size slider to adjust the size of the logo.

👉 What are the main principles to make an appealing logo?

Only use three or less than three colours while making your logo. Include only those things that are really necessary to include. -The font should be easily understandable. -The logo should be recognized from far away itself. – The shape and layout of the logo should be unique and should not resemble any other logo at all. – Don’t take into consideration unnecessary advices. – Take suggestions from others about whether the logo is really appealing and attractive. – Don’t take in parts or ideas from any of the popular logo available. Use your own ideas. – never ever use clop art while making your logo. -The logo should be good looking in monochrome as well. – The logo should be recognizable from whatever direction we look at it. – The logo should be easily resizable. – Each and every element of the logo should complement each other well, be it text, image or tag line. No words matched in that link

Testimonials Tailor Brands Vs Wix

 Tailor Brands Customer Review

Tailor-Brands- Testimonials

Wix Customer Reviews

Wix customer reviews online

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FINAL VERDICT: Wix Logo Maker vs Tailor Brands Logo Maker

It’s a really difficult task to select which one of the logo makers is the best among the two. But when we look into a detailed study of both of them we found out that. 

Creating a logo is an important part of branding. When you are designing your own brand, think about what type or feeling that will convey to customers and get started.

If you want to get a unique and one of a kind logo and have some money to spend on it as well, then Wix logo maker is the right choice for you. Wix logo maker offers a great variety of options in customizing fonts texts and colors. All this helps to ensure that your logo is really unique and will definitely stand out in the market. The pay as per usage is also a great feature that attracts a lot of customers. 

Tailor Brands, on the other hand, is a little confusing option and the designing options that we get are comparatively less. Plus we can not even add on any graphics. The customer support is not that good as well.

Wix has a strong add-on in its website integration, but Tailor Brands offers more comprehensive services for building brands and logos. The AI of WX beats out the competition to help you create amazing brand identities on social media or by creating new designs that will look excellent across all platforms!

So according to me the winner of this battle shall be WIX!!! 


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