Top 11 Tech Affiliate Programs 2023: What Is The Highest Paying Tech Affiliate Program?

In this post, we will provide the list of Top 11 Tech Affiliate Programs 2023, lets start

In just the last 200 years, we went from simple industrial processes to landing on the Moon. This is called a “quantum leap.”

We’re about to start our journey to becoming a species that lives on more than one planet.

On the Kardashev scale, this means that we are at the beginning of a Type I civilization.

We love finding new ways to use technology in our daily lives. This is probably why the tech industry is worth $4 trillion around the world.

And that’s not even taking into account how people buy things.

Because when you do, your affiliate marketing business can start bringing in a monthly income like this: This niche can be very profitable.

As long as you choose the right tech affiliate programs to work with.

But it can be a real pain in the neck to choose affiliate programs. So I looked into everything for you.

Top Tech Affiliate Programs

Top 11 Tech Affiliate Programs 2023

Here is the list of Tech Affiliate Programs:

1. Sonos

How cool would it be to be able to listen to your favorite music in any room of your house?

On any device you want, you can also tell the system what to do by speaking.

Sonos does just that. You can also set it up as an alarm clock.

The only thing Sonos doesn’t do yet figures out how you’re feeling and change the music in your life to match.

You have to be Bill Gates, though, to enjoy that level of automation. Affiliates in this program get a flat 8 percent of all purchases made in the Sonos store.

So that you don’t have to keep track of different rates.

This is also one of the best programs on the Commission Junction affiliate network, which is a plus.

URL: Sonos affiliate program

Commission: 8%

EPC: $34.81

Cookie duration: 1 day

2. Kellyco Metal Detectors

Okay, so metal detectors might not be the most up-to-date technology. But even though they were made decades ago, they’re still cool.

A metal detector today is basically a landmine detector that has been changed.

Kellyco Metal Detectors Tech Affiliate Programs

Something that KellyCo’s founder learned while serving in the Korean War.

Because he was so good at finding coins, rings, and other jewelry, treasure hunters bought up all of his metal detectors.

Prices for the metal detectors they sell range from $69 to £339. Does that seem pricey to you?

The biggest gold nugget ever found with a cheap metal detector sold at auction for $1,553,500.

Through its affiliate marketing program, Kellyco gives its affiliates a 5% cut of everything that is sold through their links.

Bringing in an average of $11 per sale is what you can expect.

URL: Kellyco Metal Detectors affiliate program

The Commission is 5%

EPC: $24.46

The Cookie duration is 90 days

3. Rocketbook

Rocketbook has a lot to offer in terms of marketing. The affiliates should take note of this.

First of all, they can be used over and over again, which makes them good for the environment. And second, they do that with some pretty cool tech.

Rocketbook Tech Affiliate Programs

For this, you’ll need a special pen and paper that feel just like the real thing.

But you can scan each page’s content with your phone, upload it to your favorite cloud service, and then just wipe the pages clean with a damp cloth.

All of a sudden, a brand-new notebook. You can “tag” each page to upload it to a certain cloud storage system, which is a really cool feature.

Affiliates get paid 10% of every sale that comes from their referral links.

Rocketbook is also a relatively new company compared to the other affiliate programs in this list, so being an early adopter here could be a good idea.

URL: Rocketbook affiliate program

Commission: 10%

EPC: $24.17

Cookie duration: 365 days

4. Microsoft

Well, you already know what Microsoft is and that one of its founders is the richest person on the planet.

We can tell you, though, that Microsoft has a lot of different products that you can sell to your audience.

So, there are things like a license for Windows or the latest version of Microsoft 365 that are pretty obvious. But don’t forget about their app store, “Surface” tablets, or the fact that they make the Xbox.

That means that this one program can be used in more than one market, from gaming to digital marketing.

So, how does this offer stack up against the other affiliate programs on this page? I hate it when programs have three or four different payout rates for affiliates.

But there are more than 10 commission rates in the Microsoft program, which could be confusing.

But, just so you know, their Xbox and Office 365 products have the highest payouts.

URL: Microsoft affiliate program

Commission: Up to 7% 


Cookie duration: 14 days

5. GoPro

Just in the last 10 years, technology that can be worn has come a long way.

And GoPro cameras are the best example of this. People who are good at extreme sports and people in the military both like them.

GoproTech Affiliate Programs

letting anyone with a GoPro record each moment in high definition as it happens.

“Bro dudes” in particular. GoPro sells a wide range of action cameras and accessories, with their most basic model costing around $200.

So, besides GoPro’s great customer service, what does this teach affiliate program have to offer people like you?

First of all, affiliates get to promote products that are well-known. And second, you get a 5% commission on all sales that you refer.

URL: GoPro affiliate program

Commission: 5% 

EPC: $55.25

Cookie duration: 30 days

6. Kinsta

You probably only think about hardware when you hear the word “tech.”

But tech products also include services and things that can’t be seen or touched, like web hosting services.

Kinsta is one of the best ones out there right now.

Kinsta affiliate programs

You get WordPress hosting that is managed by professionals and built on a structure that is made to be fast and reliable.

This level of performance doesn’t come for free, though. Their most basic package costs $30 per month.

But when it comes to web hosting, you get what you pay for. Affiliates know this all too well.

I know that you love affiliate programs that pay out a lot of money, the “meaty” ones.

It’s no surprise that affiliates do cartwheels when they learn that Kinsta pays up to $500 per sale to its affiliates.

This makes it one of the best affiliate programs in terms of how much money it can bring in.

URL: Kinsta affiliate program

Commission: Up to $500 per sale


Cookie duration: 60 days

7. Eco Flow

When the power goes out, you might think, “Cool… I’ll just make some coffee and read a book,” but then they realize that they don’t have power and can’t make coffee.

Or turn the lights on so you can read. This problem is solved by EcoFlow’s portable power banks.

Eco Flow Tech Affiliate Network

You just plug them into your wall outlet to charge, then put them away until you need power in an emergency.

Or, you can go one step further and charge your EcoFlow “battery” with solar panels, which will give you access to an endless supply of green energy.

The most basic model costs $499, but it doesn’t come with any solar panels.

These kinds of products are very popular right now, especially since climate change is such a big deal.

Affiliates can make about $73 per sale by helping people cut down on their carbon emissions.

URL: EcoFlow affiliate program

Commission: 3%

EPC: $46.43

Cookie duration: 30 days

8. Garmin

GPS navigation systems for cars and trucks are probably what Garmin is best known for.

But, and I didn’t know this, they also make a wide range of other technology products. In fact, any tech affiliate marketer reading this might think this is a dream come true.

In addition to maps for wristwatches, Garmin sells smartwatches, satellite phones, and satellite “phones.”

But you can also use them for GPS trackers for hunting dogs, fish-finding sonar for boats, and even touch-screen displays for small planes.

That’s in addition to the GPS equipment they usually have for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

You’ve probably already noticed that tech programs tend to do well on their own affiliate network.

Even Garmin is the same in this way.

Affiliates also get 8% of all sales they bring in, which means that if one of your visitors bought a high-end Garmin fishfinder, you would get $119.

URL: Garmin affiliate program

Commission: 8%

EPC: $80.46

Cookie duration: 20 days

9. DJI

Even with all the promises, we haven’t quite reached the point where cars can fly…yet.

But we can get pretty close with drones.

And DJI is one of the best-known names when it comes to online stores that sell drone tech.

This is not just another online store that sells cheap quadcopters.

Using drones also allows you to take professional photos, inspect buildings and plants, and keep crops safe.

Because of this, each of their drones can cost more than $2,000.

So, what can you get from this tech affiliate program?

If you sell DJI drone products or services, you will receive 5% of the sale price.

This might sound sad, but remember that 5% of a sale of $1,000 is still $50.

URL: DJI affiliate program

Commission: Up to 8%


Cookie duration: 30 days

10. Trackimo

For many years, spy and action movies always had tracking devices.

But companies like Trackimo are making them part of everyday life.

This is good because there is a huge demand right now for affordable GPS trackers.

Trackimo Tech Affiliate Network

Trackimo devices can be used to find a lost dog, a crashed drone or lost or stolen luggage at an airport.

You can even use one to find a parent who has gotten too far away from home.

There is a lot of potential in these trackers, which can be used in dozens of different ways and in many different niches.

Nevertheless, they aren’t cheap. At least $198 is the typical cost of a Trackimo device.

As an affiliate, the good news is that they give you a 20% commission on all sales you bring in.

That means that each sale brings in an average of $39.

URL: Trackimo affiliate program

Commission: 20%


Cookie duration: 7 days

11. Epson

Oh God, we’re not going to talk about inkjet printers like they’re high-tech, are we?

Nope. Yes, Epson’s printers are probably what people know it for the most.

But did you know that they also make things like projectors, industrial robots, and AR glasses?

And that the same augmented reality glasses work with DJI drones?

See, there’s a reason for everything they do. So, their projectors are good for people who want to make a home theater, for example.

And nerds all over will want to wear their augmented reality glasses. So the commission rate here stinks since it’s only 2%.

It’s still possible for you to make $18 per referral, even if Epson smartglasses cost more than $900.

URL: Epson affiliate program

Commission: 2%

EPC: $34.05

Cookie duration: 14 days

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