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Today we have featured Voluum Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal, so let’s start. Losing your campaigns as an affiliate Marketer will cost you time and money.

Latest Voluum Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2021

No doubt you should have all the data of your campaign and nothing will help you if you miss data.

And if you really want to become an affiliate marketer, you should also consider all the parameters of your campaign such as offers, themes, recommendations, operators, browser versions, and device models.

Tracking all events is very important because, without data, inaccurate decisions can result, leading to a loss of budget and time…

Voluum In Detailed : Voluum Black Friday Sale

Here is a reliable and powerful advertising tracker: Voluum, Voluum is one of the most reliable advertising tracking programs on the market. It’s complete tracking software that lets you manage, track and optimize all your advertising campaigns in one place.

With this tracking, you can easily track organic and paid traffic, every event, every click, and the conversion that will help you get a better traffic flow. , All of this allows you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your efforts for a higher return on your investment.

What Is Voluum?

Voluum is one of the most reliable ad tracking software on the market. It’s an Ads Tracking Software that lets you manage, track and optimize all your ad campaigns in one place.

Benefits of Using Voluum

  • Track all your advertising campaigns with the fastest redirect
  • Analyze key data on each visit, click and convert to get actionable information
  • Optimize the performance of your ads with tools based on artificial intelligence
  • Expand your affiliate business with a reliable infrastructure
BloggersIdeas - Voluum Affiliate Tracker
BloggersIdeas – Voluum Affiliate Tracker

More Voluum offers innovative features that can not be found on any other platform.

  • Market Offers The revolutionary new feature that lets you search, compare and request the best deals from Voluum’s most important affiliate networks.
  • Anti-Fraud Kit: Detect suspicious visits and clicks and protect yours
    Bot campaigns and get solid evidence of reversal procedures.
  • IA Traffic Distribution: Test your campaigns automatically and send more traffic to conversion offers and more landing pages.
  • Notification: Get notifications for mobile and desktop if your performance changes suddenly. Add your own rules and conditions.

Voluum - Take Advantage Of Unique Features

We have reached an exclusive agreement with Voluum to help you save even more for a significant ROI.

Detailed Overview of Voluum Benefits

The fastest redirects

Do not you hate to load a page? As with all others, the redirection speed is also important here. If it takes too long, they will go somewhere else. With less than 1 ms redirects thanks to cloud hosting, Voluum prevents click losses.

Ample security

The security of your data is important, which is why Voluum has invested in security. They use the same security frameworks as the international monetary authorities. Data is securely encrypted and AWS is constantly innovating to meet security standards.

Voluum Black Friday Cyber monday sale

Detailed information about every impression, every click, every visit, and every conversion

With over 30 indicators in every interaction with your advertising campaign. This information can show you what is profitable and what you need to repair. It is also useful for volume optimization tools.

Spy on the best-performing ads and get all their details. Check the link below to read out a comprehensive guide on spying on other’s ads and thereby, improving your own ads. https://www.bloggersideas.com/adplexity-review-coupon/


Micro-target your traffic

Policy-based routes allow you to use different criteria to redirect traffic to different landing pages, offers, or routes (from landing pages and offers). For example, you can redirect Windows PCs from one country to one landing page and the Windows download page, and ask Mac computers in another country to access another landing page and download page. ,

This means you can buy cheaper segmentation traffic and then optimize your segmentation for lower costs and higher ROI.

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Conclusion: Voluum Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2021 Get 45% Off

Starting with Voluum can cost more than a self-hosted solution, but it can change quickly with time and money. If you want to run larger campaigns, you will need to add extra space on the server and perform the migration. You may need to pay for two hosts at the same time.

In addition, any dead time means unnecessary conversions. With cloud-hosted tracking, they manage the (and all other execution costs) for you.

Your costs will be more consistent and once your transfer is complete, your system will no longer lock up or burn.

You can try several self-hosted trackers, but I have not found one that matches Voluum. The numbers you pay at the beginning can be scary, but it’s an investment that saves time and money.

If you want to invest in the monitoring of bets in the market. Click the button below and get your exclusive discount.


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