Voluum Coupon Code February 2019: Exclusive Discount Offer 45% Special

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  • It is very easy to use
  • Voluum may accompany its own detailing suite
  • With Voluum, advertisers and promoters can anticipate live updates
  • It's effectively created and refreshed


  • Pricing is High

Voluum is one of the reliable ads tracking software in the market. And an All-In-One Ads Tracking Software that can help you in managing, tracking and optimizing all of your advertising campaigns in one place.

Basically, it’s a cloud-hosted tracking software that generally provides data analytics insights along with AI-powered optimization tools that generally makes advertising easier and more profitable.

Voluum Coupon Codes- The Ad Tracking Software

With Voluum you can easily track your campaigns right in one place. You can get extensive data analytics right from all paid organic sources. Also, you can simply manage traffic & teams and simply control the distribution of your traffic on your own or using your team.

You can optimize for more conversions along performing A/B tests manually or use AI tools to improve the campaign performance as well.

Benefits if Using Voluum:

  • Fast Redirects
  • Voluum API
  • Direct Tracking Pixel
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Custom Conversions
  • SSL For Custom Domains
  • Traffic Distribution AI
  • Reporting Speed at Scale
  • Up to 30 Data Points
  • Multiple Cost Models
  • A/B Testing for Flows
  • Data Grouping & Drilldown
  • Advanced Targeting and Rules

In this post, to start with, we will give you access to the Voluum Coupon Code and offers for sparing cash on its best administrations

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Voluum Coupon Codes- Voluum Ads Tracking

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Voluum Coupon Code and Offers February2019

What Is Voluum?

Voluum is one of the reliable ads tracking software in the market. And an All-In-One Ads Tracking Software that can help you in managing, tracking and optimizing all of your advertising campaigns in one place.

Voluum can process continuous information, which enables it to give prompt data to clients. It is likewise available from the cloud and can be utilized on any gadget, enabling sponsors to keep a heartbeat in their exercises.

With Voluum, clients can rest guaranteed that their information is sheltered. The stage is ensured by high-review encryption and confirmation techniques like those of worldwide money related foundations.

Overview of Voluum Benefits

Continuous Data Processing

With Voluum, advertisers and promoters can anticipate live updates in regards to their crusades. That is on account of the framework is controlled by a design that enables it to process a large amount of information continuously. Thusly, clients can examine, streamline, and in the long run additionally adapt their battles with the assistance of granular information.

Hearty Security

Voluum gives clients affirmation that their information is heartily secured. The application uses comparable frameworks as those utilized by worldwide money related associations, which implies confirmation and encryption strategies are solid. What’s more, on account of a server timeout in one area, the arrangement’s movement is diverted to the nearest server farm to verify that crusades are constantly live and interactive.

Adaptable Traffic

Notwithstanding the volume of activity, Voluum keeps on handling information. As a result of the way its framework is outlined, it can scale up or down contingent upon the need. This implies no information limits and a consistent stream of data for clients.

Revealing API

Voluum may accompany its own detailing suite, however, for the individuals who need more out of the arrangement; they can utilize the API to associate revealing frameworks to their following application. Along these lines, clients get every one of the information they need and need without leaving the stage’s interface.

Portable Tracking

Voluum comprehends that not all advertisers and publicists are on their PCs constantly. That is the reason the framework has versatile applications accessible, for consistency in a hurry promotion battles following. This enables clients to stay up with the latest in regards to their exercises regardless of where they are.

Outline of Voluum Features

  • Tracking
  • Recurring Campaigns
  • Granular Reporting
  • Integrated DSP
  • Mobile Apps

What Amount does Voluum Cost?

Voluum Pricing Plans:

Voluum offers four SMB and endeavors evaluating choices for clients to browse. Give the points of interest a look, and select the best arrangement for your business:

Voluum Coupon Codes- Voluum Ads Tracking


Basic – $99/month

  • 1 Million Included Events
  • $0.04/1,000 Events Average Charge
  • Pro Support
  • 6 Months Data Retention
  • Reporting API
  • 3 Custom Tracking Domains

Advance  – $449/month

  • 10 Million Included Events
  • $0.036/1,000 Events Average Charge
  • Pro Support
  • 1 Year Data Retention
  • Reporting API
  • 5 Custom Tracking Domains
  • 2 Additional Users

Premium – $1124/month

  • 30 Million Included Events
  • $0.03/1,000 Events Average Charge
  • Premium Support
  • 2 Years Data Retention
  • Real-Time Reporting API
  • 20 Custom Tracking Domains
  • 5 Additional Users

Custom – By quote

  • Epic – 100 Million+ Included Events
  • Legendary – 1 Billion Included Events

For more insights with respect to the plans, contact deals by means of email or web shape.

Voluum gives you?

  • Involvement in partner showcasing

Voluum was established by the proprietor of zeropark.com, a promotion arrange.

This implies it prospered from a subsidiary showcasing business and it depends on the necessities and solicitations of offshoots.

Additionally, it creates tuned in to new market patterns.

Voluum Coupon Codes- Performance Marketing Tracker

  • Fast

Voluum is one of the quickest arrangements in the market, for the most part on account of its 4 server farms situated in 4 mainlands, which enables it to divert clients to the nearest server farm.

Voluum Coupon Code- Affiliate Tracking Software

This clearly impacts both speed and snap misfortune.

Also, on the off chance that one server farm encounters a specialized issue, there are 3 more which can supplant it to prop it up smooth.

·       No investment in additional equipment

Another incredible element of Voluum (not at all like numerous other tracker arrangements which are Self-Hosted) is Cloud facilitating.

Voluum Coupon Code- Affiliate Tracking

This can be critical for the apprentice Media Buying amateur that is just currently beginning to make the primary strides in the business.

In Cloud arrangement, you don’t have to contribute on particular servers where you’ll introduce a self-facilitated tracker.

  • This will spare you a great deal of cash.

Moreover, you can utilize the Cloud arrangement so as to keep running in any nation since it has CDN around the world.

Presently we should envision you were to utilize a self-server tracker and your server was situated in Europe, however, your intended interest group was in Asia.

What happens at that point?

A redirection postponement can keep going for a few seconds, which will contrarily impact your benefit.

There are two downsides to Cloud arrangement, however.

To begin with: it just stores information for a restricted timeframe.

Considering checking one-year-old details? Don’t worry about it.

Voluum Coupon Codes- Performance Marketing Tracker

  • Secure your information

Aside from that, Voluum positions itself as a protected arrangement. It shields your activity from outsiders, ensuring it’s not hacked or stolen.

  • Easy to understand

This is so valid. Voluum is intelligent and extremely simple to work with. It enables you to run gigantic measures of movement.

  • Assortment of details

It gives you point by point information on your details. You can have organized information on your group of onlookers – nation, administrator, OS, kind of gadget, transformation hour and even IP. On account of it, you can improve your cost.

In the event that you see that a particular gadget is just losing you cash and not conveying enough changes to take care of costs, you can cut it from your focusing on and center around beneficial gadgets.

  • Split-tests

In the event that you work with Single Offers, Voluum gives you a split-testing choice, which implies that a similar movement will be diverted to a few unique offers or even accomplices and you can see which one is more gainful for you.

A short time later, you can drive all your movement to the best offer or set the rate lead on which measure of activity will go to the most gainful offer while whatever remains of the activity can continue being tried with another offer.

  • This approach will build your productivity later on.

Greeting pages’ tests

Voluum likewise gives you the chance to pivot distinctive presentation pages for various offers. In fact, you can simply test, streamline and furthermore adjust this parameter.

Why Choose Voluum.com Over Other Tracking Platforms?

Prosper202 was the first following programming created around 2008. In the next years, different choices arrived, for example, CPVLabs, iMobiTrax, Bevomedia, and the sky is the limit from there.

Voluum.com is the most recent tracker accessible and is by a wide margin the best.

What’s extraordinary about it is that it is anything but a development of other following stages. It’s an insurgency. The folks behind it reconsidered what following ought to resemble in 2014.

Voluum Coupon Codes- Stats

A portion of the other following stages is utilizing old, obsolete innovation. Member advertising continues advancing. Shouldn’t your innovation develop too?

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  1. It can deal with HUGE, HUGE measures of movement. You don’t need to stress over your server smashing since you sent excessively movement. I complete a great deal of portable battling, and Voluum.com diverts the snaps the FASTEST.
  2. Everything’s quick. There is the farthest point to the measure of information some different sorts of programming can hold. In the event that you have excessive information, your product backs off. The main answer to this issue is to DELETE your valuable information. With Voluum.com, I don’t need to do that.
  3. It’s effectively created and refreshed. They have 20+ individuals in their group, who take a shot at Voluum.com consistently. That implies it’s continually refreshed and is advancing. I don’t know about some other following stage that is remotely near the labor that Voluum.com has.
  4. It has the best outline. I’m in my tracker a couple of hours daily, and I need my eyes to take a gander at an excellent plan. This is effectively the best outlined following programming by a wide edge.
  5. It gives the best discovery and sidetracks. The product logs data about every one of your guests. This incorporates their working frameworks, their IP addresses, their nations, and so forth.
  6. It has the most minimal change error. Voluum.com has relatively idealized change precision. In the event that I have 500 transformations appearing in my partner arrange, Voluum.com will indicate near 500 also. Different sorts of the following programming may just show 440 changes. Those 60 transformations are valuable information I need keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade viable.
  7. It deals with facilitating needs. When you’re beginning off, you require a server for your points of arrival and an extra server for your facilitating. With Voluum.com, you don’t have to pay a couple of hundred dollars every month for a devoted facilitating server.
  8. They right now have 4 server farms (Sydney, Ireland, USA, and Singapore) and will move up to 8 soon. This implies Voluum.com will identify where the movement’s from and will recourse the client for ideal speed. Your guests from Asia will get activity from the data center in Singapore, for instance.
  9. It enables you to have your LPs on a CDN as there are no unique contents that you require on your LPs – only a solitary snap URL for all LPs.
  10. It consolidates overhauls in view of client input. What I adore about the group is the means by which straightforward they are. They enable you to post proposals and vote on them. They keep you educated about their updates. Some different trackers have zero correspondence with their base.

The Downsides of Voluum.com

The greatest drawback to the product is that it’s not self-facilitated.

There are a couple of explanations for this choice:

  • SaaS (facilitated arrangements) is the eventual fate of programming improvement. Every single effective organization does it, be it Adobe, Microsoft or HasOffers. It considers adaptable and secure arrangements that utilization the freshest innovation and can be redesigned whenever without influencing the clients. It’s not down to earth to assemble PHP contents for cash making wanders. Envision if your managing an account programming was self-facilitated!
  • It’s more secure. They’re utilizing an indistinguishable secure innovation from banks do. I trust a 2-factor validation is underway.
  • It’s more versatile. The bottleneck of self-facilitated arrangements are simply the servers. When you’re sending a great deal of movement to Voluum.com, it can distinguish and convey extra cloud servers to deal with your activity.
  • Thanks to its propelled server foundation, downtime is not anymore an issue, and your guests are diverted through the closest datacenter. Speedier sidetracks = more cash.
  • It enables Voluum.com to discharge new highlights on the fly without you installing another variant. I detest experiencing the inconvenience of putting in new forms of programming, and I’m generally stressed over a mistake influencing my current battles. This keeps it straightforward.
  • Most vitally, it permits you, the partner, to center around doing what you’re best at. Disregard server downtime and about erasing your information. Invest 100% of your energy doing associate advertising.

There are a lot of self-facilitated trackers out there. I don’t think any tracker is genuinely self-facilitated except if it’s open source and I can see the code myself. On the off chance that the code is scrambled, how would you know it’s not sending your information back to the tracker’s servers?

The Voluum group put in two years building up this product and contributed more than 7 figures. Their plan of action is strong, and it doesn’t bode well for them to experience this work to jack crusades.

Neither I nor whatever other partners who have been running Voluum.com have ever observed any fooling around. Nothing is more essential to me than my notoriety, and I would not prescribe Voluum.com on the off chance that I felt there was any hazard.

Toward the day’s end, you need to assess the masters and the cons. All I know is utilizing Voluum.com gives me an immense upper hand in the partner space.

Expectation you will appreciate the Voluum coupons and Offers and furthermore share it with your companions and relatives.

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