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  • It is very easy to use
  • Voluum may accompany its own detailing suite
  • With Voluum, advertisers and promoters can anticipate live updates
  • It's effectively created and refreshed
  • Direct Tracking Pixel
  • Tracking Domains with SSL
  • A/B Testing for Flows
  • Custom Conversion Tracking


  • Need To Improve The Basic Plan
  • Pricing is bit high


Price: $ 49

Data is useful for any marketer, but for affiliate and performance marketers, it’s vital. The more you know about what is working, and what isn’t, in advertising campaigns, the more informed decisions you can take.

Basically, you need ad tracking software so you can gather and analyze all the data from all your advertising campaigns. Voluum is one of the most reliable and feature-rich trackers on the market. Not only can you get data analytic insights from the near-instant tracking but you can also optimize your campaigns from inside the tracker with its in-built AI optimization tools.

Basically, it helps make your advertising easier and more profitable.  

{Updated} Voluum Coupon Code September 2023: Exclusive Discount Offer 45% Off

Voluum review Pricing Plan
Voluum review Pricing Plan

Voluum review voluum discount coupons




Voluum Coupon Codes- Affiliate Marketing Tracker



Voluum Coupon Code and Offers September 2023

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What Is Voluum?

Voluum is one of the most reliable ad tracking software in the market. It’s an All-In-One Ads Tracking Software that can help you manage, track and optimize all of your advertising campaigns in one place.

Benefits of Using Voluum

  • Track all your advertising campaigns with the fastest redirect
  • Analyze key data on every visit, click and conversion for actionable insights
  • Optimize your ad performance with AI-powered tools
  • Scale your affiliate business with a reliable infrastructure

Plus Voluum has innovative features that aren’t found on any other platform.

  • Offers Marketplace – the revolutionary new feature, which lets you find, compare, and apply for the finest offers from selected top affiliate networks inside Voluum
  • Anti-Fraud Kit – Detect suspicious visits and clicks, protect your campaigns from bots, and get firm evidence for chargeback procedures.
  • Traffic Distribution AI – Automatically A/B test your campaigns and send more visitors to the most converting offers and landing pages.
  • Notification – Get mobile and desktop notifications when your performance suddenly changes. Add your own rules and conditions.

We’ve managed to secure an exclusive deal with Voluum to help you save even more cash for a great ROI.

Voluum provides instant information with real-time data processing so you can take immediate action. Because it’s cloud-hosted, it doesn’t slow down no matter where your traffic is and you can access it on any device. In fact, there’s even a mobile app that can deliver custom notifications on your campaign’s performance.

This isn’t any fools cloud hosting, it’s the industry-leading and security standard setting AWS. Your encrypted data is safer here than with your own self-hosted system.

Overview of Voluum Benefits

  • Track all your advertising campaigns with the fastest redirect
  • Analyze key data on every visit, click and conversion for actionable insights
  • Optimize your ad performance with AI-powered tools
  • Scale your affiliate business with a reliable infrastructure

Track all your campaigns in one place

No matter what traffic source you are using, even those which don’t like redirects and organic traffic, you can track them in Voluum. Voluum’s infrastructure is rock solid and handles 25 billion events a month, no matter how much traffic you throw at Voluum. It can handle it.

The fastest redirects

Don’t you hate it when a page takes time to load? So does everyone else, and that’s why redirect speed matters. If it takes too long then they will go elsewhere. With redirects in under 1ms thanks to cloud-hosting, Voluum prevents click loss.

Hearty security

Your data security matters which is why Voluum has invested in security. They use the same security frameworks that international money regulators use. Data is securely encrypted and AWS is constantly innovating to raise security standards.   

Deep Insights on every impression, click, visit and conversion

With over 30 metrics on every single interaction with your advertising campaign. That information can show you what’s profitable and what you need to correct. It is also useful for Voluum’s optimization tools.

Micro-target your traffic

The Rule-based paths let you redirect traffic to different landing pages, offers or paths (made of landing pages and offers) depending on certain criteria. For example, you can direct Windows PCs from one country to one landing page and the windows download page and have Mac computers from a different country go to a different landing page and download page.

This means you can buy cheaper broad targeting traffic and then refine your targeting for a lower cost and a higher ROI.

Time-saving optimization tools.

Instead of constantly hitting refresh and scrolling through report after report, you can use Voluum’s optimization tools to save time and optimize like no human can. Their AI feature analyses and redirects traffic to the most converting option. Just set up two different options, turn on the AI and the system handles the rest.

Scalable infrastructure

Because Voluum runs on cloud servers with their own special database, it can handle a lot of data. This means they can adapt instantly if you need to expand. If you get more traffic than you expect this month, you can pay for overages. If you want to upgrade to a higher plan, that’s easy. They even have custom plans if you are tracking a serious amount of traffic.

Portable tracking

Voluum knows that you have a life and so you aren’t always stuck at your PC. That’s why they have created a mobile app so you can check your performance on the go and take some actions (with integrated traffic sources). Plus you can set up customized notifications that alert you when your ads stop working or any other condition you want.

Outline of Volume Features

  • Traffic Distribution AI
  • Anti-Fraud Kit
  • Offers Marketplace
  • Recurring Campaigns
  • Granular Reporting
  • Integrated DSP
  • Mobile Apps

What Amount does Voluum Cost | Voluum Coupon Codes 

Voluum offers four subscription plans for different needs from beginners to pros. The right plan depends on how many campaigns you are tracking and if you want the pro features:

Voluum reviews

Entry – $44/month

  • 1.000.000 Events
  • 1 custom domain
  • 1 dedicated domain with SSL
  • 3 month’s data history

Tracking Essentials:

  • Group Onboarding Webinar
  • Marketplace with exclusive offers
  • Organic/paid pixel tracking
  • Mobile App with Basic Notifications

Basic  – $119/month

  • 3.000.000 events
  • 3 custom domains with SSL
  • 1 dedicated domain with SSL
  • 6 month’s data history

Includes ALL Entry features, plus:

  • Individual Onboarding
  • Comes With Anti-Fraud Kit for bot detection
  • AI Automation for the optimization process
  • Custom Notifications for Mobile & Desktop as well
  • It has the traffic Cost Integration with Taboola and Revcontent

Advanced – $248/month

  • 10.000.000 events
  • 5 custom domains with SSL
  • 1 dedicated domain with SSL
  • 12 month’s data history

Includes ALL Basic features, plus:

  • 2 Additional Users
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Real-time Routing API

Custom – By quote

  • Epic – 100 Million+ Included Events
  • Legendary – 1 Billion Included Events

For more insights with respect to the plans, contact deals by means of email or web shape.

What does Voluum give you?

Voluum Coupon Codes- Affiliate Tracker

  • Fast

Voluum is one of the fastest providers in the market, for the most part on account of its 7 server farms situated in 5 continents, which enables it to divert clients to the nearest server farm.

Voluum Coupon Codes- Analyze Data

This clearly impacts both speed and server issues. In the unlikely event that one server farm encounters an issue, there are 3 more which can supplant it to prop it up smooth.

  • No hosting hassle

Self-hosted trackers are cheaper to set up, but the cost of supporting them (in servers, downtime, and your own time working out how to keep them running smoothly) can be far greater than a cloud-hosted system. With Voluum, you don’t have to migrate everything to a new server if you want to track more than your current set up can handle.

Voluum Coupon Codes- No Hosting Hassle
Voluum Coupon Codes- No Hosting Hassle

Plus your system is up to date with the latest features, patches, and security updates whenever they come out. You just focus on running your business.  

  • Easy to understand

Data can be confusing but Voluum makes it as simple to understand and work with as possible. There are templates and even a simplified campaign form to help beginners get set up faster.

Voluum Coupon Codes- Track Everything

  • All the data you need

Voluum lets you see all sorts of information about your visitors. Including – nation, ISP, OS, kind of gadget, transformation hour and even IP. You can then organize your data by these criteria to find what is profitable and not.

Voluum Coupon Codes- Optimize Everything

In the event that you see that a particular gadget is just losing you cash and not converting enough changes to take care of costs, you can cut it from your focusing on and center around better gadgets.

  • Split-testing built-in

Want to check if one offer is better than another, or what the best call to action? No problem, Voluum has built-in split testing. You can choose multiple landing pages, offers or paths made of landing pages and offers. When one converts more, you can send more traffic to that option. You can split 50/50 or any custom amount you like so you don’t waste traffic but still find optimization opportunities.

Voluum Coupon Codes- Scale Your Affiliate Business

Unique features not found anywhere else

Voluum includes four unique features that help advertisers to increase their profits and save time. These include

  • Traffic Distribution AI – Their AI tracks your campaigns and then sends traffic to the options which convert the most (landing pages, offers, or any combination of the two)  
  • Anti-Fraud Kit – This tool gives you insights into traffic behavior so you can identify bots. You can then optimize your campaigns or use that evidence to get chargebacks.
  • Offers Marketplace – You don’t have to mindlessly hop between different browser tabs of all your affiliate networks. Trying to remember facts about different offers only to find that you’ve been comparing the same in two different networks. Instead, you can filter and compare offers from all your networks in one place.    
  • Notifications – you never know when a campaign is going to stop converting or unexpectedly take off. When it does happen you want to be there right away so you can prevent any losses or milk any opportunities. Voluum’s mobile app lets you set up custom alerts when your performance changes so you aren’t tied to your computer.

Voluum Coupon Codes- Take Advantage Of Unique Features


  1. Voluum gives you the deepest insights and redirects – Voluum provides you with over 30 data points on every impression, click, visit and conversion. Things like the country they were from, the device type they used, if they were using a wifi connection or cellular data, the ISP and more. You can then redirect based on that to optimize your flows.   
  2. It can handle all the traffic you can throw at it – You don’t have to worry about your server going down or slowing down when you scale your campaigns. Speaking of slowing down
  3. It is super fastest – Voluum has the fastest redirects (in under 1ms) and generating reports will not slow down either. If you have a ton of information in your account, you can still drill down into the specific details to find those small optimization opportunities that can make a big difference.
  4. It has the best design – Voluum has a simple to use interface that is also beautiful. It’s easy and enjoyable to navigate into the details of your reports. That matters when you invest several hours in your tracker looking for those optimization opportunities.
  5. It is the most accurate tracker I’ve ever used – If my affiliate network says I had 500 conversions, Voluum reports that I’ve had 500 conversions. Even when there is data missing, it can be corrected with manual updates. Other trackers miss a higher percentage and that means vital optimization data.        
  6. No Hassle Hosting – Self-hosted trackers require you to supervise them. Keeping them up to date, adding more infrastructure when you need it, worrying about your own security. Voluum handles all the technical side for you so you can focus on advertising.
  7. It is constantly developed – Voluum is built by a team of over 100 employees who are constantly working and improving Voluum. Plus
  8. They deliver community-driven updates – They collect feedback all the time from customers and deliver the features they want. You can see the benefits with new features like Anti-Fraud Kit, Offers Marketplace and Traffic cost integration in the first three months of 2019. I don’t know any other tracking company working in this way.

The Downsides of using Voluum

Personally, I don’t see any downsides of Voluum but I know there is a downside for some users. It’s SaaS and not self-hosted.  

For some affiliates, self-hosted is the only option for them as they are worried about

  • Security
  • Costs

While I understand that some advertisers will never trust another company, there are some strong reasons why you should reconsider. You may even come to the conclusion that neither of those points is true.


If you run your own hosting, it’s your responsibility and you have to invest in your own security systems. To get the latest protection, you need to keep your servers up to date with the latest software patches, but also follow the news if there are any new bugs from a software update. Worst of all, if you do have a security breach, you have to sort it out and repair the damage.

Unless you are building your own software then you have to trust that the company behind it hasn’t placed some malicious code so they can monitor your activity.  

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Conclusion: Voluum Coupon Code September 2023: Exclusive Discount Offer 45% Off

Starting with Voluum may cost you more than a self-hosted solution but that can quickly change with time and money. When you want to run larger campaigns, you have to sort out adding extra server space and migrating across, you may need to pay for two hosts at the same time plus any downtime means wasted conversions. With a cloud-hosted tracker, they handle that (and any other running costs) for you.

Your costs become more consistent and when you do go over, your system won’t crash and burn.

There are lots of self-hosted trackers you can try but I haven’t found a single one which matches up to Voluum. The numbers you have to pay at the start might be scary but it’s an investment that will repay in both time savings and money.

If you want to invest in the bet tracker on the market. Click the button below and get your exclusive discount.

Affiliate Tracking
Website Interface
Team Performance


  • It is very easy to use
  • Voluum may accompany its own detailing suite
  • With Voluum, advertisers and promoters can anticipate live updates
  • It's effectively created and refreshed
  • Direct Tracking Pixel
  • Tracking Domains with SSL
  • A/B Testing for Flows
  • Custom Conversion Tracking


  • Need To Improve The Basic Plan
  • Pricing is bit high

Price:$ 49
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