Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Live Chat 2021

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As per econsultancy, live chat has the highest satisfaction level.  Though the number of customers using the live chat amounts to only 24% but out of them 73% says they are satisfied with this method.

So, it is the time to reconsider your strategy and connect with your customers easily and instantly using the following 10 best live chat support software that could help you to increase your sales number and generate more loyal customers.


Check out our Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Live Chat 2021

Live WordPress chat Plugins

1) Tagove:


This live chat offers you the chance to interact with your potential customer and solve their query in no time so that you never have to lose any business. The visitor can easily start to chat with support personnel with the help of the widget. The software is mobile optimized and thus offers a convenience to the potential buyer. Also, the representative can chat with multiple people at the same time. This saves time and money both.

There is also a feature known as advanced analytics which lets the business form strategies based on the data collected regarding the visitor’s flow and usage pattern. The interesting features like video chat, voice call and co-browsing make this software as one of the preferred live chat options.

Get Tagove HERE and Tagove website

2) Formilla Live Chat:


Formilla live chat gets easily and quickly installed and is up for the chat immediately. The live chat button will appear on your WordPress or WooCommerce site after you have installed and activated this plugin. Availing the premium version gets you the chance to live chat via your mobile phone or tablet. It offers you the real time visitor monitoring option where you can check the number of active visitors on your website.

Get Formilla HERE and website home page

3) Tidio Live Chat:


This is also one of the easy to use live chat plugin for the WordPress. Install it and you are online to chat with your customers instantly. Specially designed for the WordPress users, this plugin is very simple to use. The colour of the chat window can be adjusted as per your choice. Also, get an email from your visitors when you are not online. And, in case you don’t know, this software’s integrated widget supports 140 languages!

Get Tidio HERE and website

4) Zopim Live Chat:


If you are having an online business and want to assist visitors in the purchase then this is one great live chat to use. The software can be used to chat with the visitors on your website in real-time and answer the query and thus help them with their purchase. The software comes with mobile optimization feature that assists you to easily connect with the visitor even through the tiny screen.

Get Zopim HERE and website

5) WP Live Chat:


WP Live chat allows you to chat with the visitors and the helpdesk allows you to answer their query. You can try this live chat free for the 30 days before you buy the premium version for a reasonable amount. The WP live chat software is completely customizable where you can take the full control of every feature like adding the company logo or the text field.

Get the WP live chat HERE and website

6) Pure Chat:


Live Chat Plugin (Free & Paid Plans): This live chat software is simple and can be absolutely customized for your use. Now you don’t have to worry about the mobile device your customers use as there is a chat app for iOS and Android that makes it easier for you to talk with your customers. So, go on to increase your business with the use of this amazing system. The pure chat is designed purely for the small business.

Get the Pure chat HERE and website

7) Subiz Live Chat:


This allows the representative to proactively interact with customers and keep them involved. The interaction tilts the buying decision in your favour and thus sales escalate. The live chat offers a chance to offer a human touch and when you are present to solve their query, they are surely going to stay and buy the product/services offered on your website. The interaction between the potential customer and the sales rep happen in real time with the help of the live chat widget.

Get the Subiz HERE and website

8) YITH Live Chat:


This amazing Plugin offers a strata to dispense critical information to customers which yield more sales.  The chat platform is used by customers to uncover the key information like a sales person at the actual store, thus making the purchase process  warm and closing more sales. Let the customer get rid of the query that he may be facing and expedite the sales. The live chat can be customized as per the need. Also, there are different tabs and multiple chats available.


9) MyLiveChat:


This is a high performance and faster live chat plugin that can be used to interact with the website visitors other than monitoring the site traffic  and getting the data regarding the web activities. It’s free and simple to use- when the visitor clicks a live help button they get connected to the representative and then the visitor is guided and given the required information. The software is provided on an Application Service Provider(APS) and thus needs no hardware to install. The software is free, but the premium one can be availed at a minimum price.

Get the MyLiveChat HERE and website

10) iFlyChat:


This wonderful live chat is fit to use for the community and social networking websites. The users can engage themselves in one to one private chat, group chat or in chat rooms (different chat room on separate pages). There is also a facility to add the anonymous user and one of the most interesting features of this software is that all the chat related processing for your website is handled by the cloud servers. The features like deleting the messages, theme customization, and file sharing are easily done with this live chat support.

Get iFly LiveChat HERE and website

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  1. Great Blog post thanks for insight. Am currently using WP chat its saves multipurpose and functional features.Live-Chat-Support&Sales by seems extremely amazing you can check it out.

  2. What about implementing the AI bots that are now booming? e.g. Many Chat or
    Could you feature an article on that?
    When to use live chat or AI bots?
    Which ones are implementable on website and/or social media platforms?

  3. Great article Sawaram, I love it how detailed and up to date you keep it. Regarding future updates, have you tried looking at Paldesk? We have a Free plan which includes a bunch of cool stuff and integrations, and a Pro plan that complements it with a variety of advanced features – like agent chat.

  4. Great article Robert, I love it how detailed and up to date you keep it. Regarding future updates, have you tried looking at Paldesk? We have a Free plan which includes a bunch of cool stuff and integrations, and a Pro plan that complements it with a variety of advanced features – like agent chat.


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