Adtelligent Review 2023: Is this Ad Bidding Platform Worth the Price?


Overall Verdict

Adtelligent provides publishers with top-tier ad management and yield optimization solutions. Their comprehensive platform is handy for ad serving display, native and video formats, getting ready with header wrapper, and server-side ad insertion functionality.

Out of 10


  • Very simple implementation
  • Great ad operations team
  • AI yield optimization algorithm
  • Unified reporting tools
  • Free customer support
  • Access to top buyers (advertisers)
  • Support of video formats
  • Fast payouts
  • Great fraud detection
  • Bi-weekly payments


  • Reporting was a bit inconvenient
  • Had limited payment methods (Ask for a new one)


Price: $ 99

Looking for an Unbaised Adtelligent Review, don’t worry, I got you covered.

Adtelligent is a leading ad monetization platform specializing in helping publishers to get more revenue from their traffic and to increase ad yield. 

The company is based in the United States and offers worldwide support in multiple languages. Adtelligent develops all of its products in-house and has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing independent technological companies by Inc. 5000 in 2016 and 2017.

They were also recently rewarded with the Deloitte 2022 Technology Fast 500™ and Inc. Best in Business 2022 awards in the Software as a Service Category.

This review aims to provide a detailed overview of the Adtelligent Header Bidding solution, including its main features, ease of use, performance, and pricing.

By the end of this review, readers will have a good understanding of what Adtelligent has to offer and whether it is a suitable partner for their ad monetization needs.

What is Adtelligent? – A Little About The Company


Adtelligent is a company specializing in offering high-quality advertising technology services to online media companies, digital sales houses, and ad networks, so they can improve their revenue from website and app advertisements.

They were recognized by Deloitte 2022 Technology Fast 500™ and Inc. Best in Business 2022 in Software as a Service Category. These awards demonstrate their market leadership and highlight the high-quality technology, advertising solutions, and services they offer to their clients.

The user interface of Adtelligent is intuitive and easy to navigate. They offer multiple integration options, making it easy for publishers to monetize their inventory. Resources and tutorials are also available to help users to get started.

Header Bidding Platform


Adtelligent Header Bidding is a turnkey solution allowing publishers to easily monetize their inventory through programmatic advertising. The platform is designed to eliminate common issues associated with header bidding, providing a straightforward setup process that gets publishers up and running in minutes.

One of the key benefits of Adtelligent Header Bidding is the increased yield it provides. Switching from a network waterfall to a header auction can increase programmatic yield by 120% for Tier 3 GEOs and up to 50% for Tier 1 GEOs, significantly boosting revenue. Additionally, the platform grants access to the world’s largest buyers, allowing publishers to connect directly with top-demand partners.

The solution is also compatible with Amazon UAM and enables a fair auction between all parties, including Google Ad Manager, UAM, and HBMP. This integration allows for an easy and painless integration process.

This header bidding solution also provides built-in bidder management, which allows publishers to boost their profit by using the Adtelligent Marketplace or connecting with their advertisers.

Additionally, it offers real-time insights into revenue with full transparency and customized views. It also grants access to advertiser-level data, allowing publishers to better understand the brands willing to pay the maximum CPM for their inventory.

The platform supports a variety of banner and video formats and allows for client-side, server-side, and hybrid implementations to achieve maximal yield and minimal latency.  It is built on a prebid framework and allows for the integration of unlimited demand partners as prebid bidders or via RTB.

They have a white-label feature in the platform to make it look like your own business.

How To Start Using Adtelligent Header Bidding Platform?

How To Start Using Adtelligent Header Bidding Platform

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Adtelligent Header Bidding Platform, scroll down, and click ‘Get Started’. 

How To Start Using Adtelligent Header Bidding Platform 1

Step  – 2: Fill up the information asked for, check the boxes, and click ‘Get Started’.

How To Start Using Adtelligent Header Bidding Platform 2

Step – 3: You will soon get the approval. 

How To Start Using Adtelligent Header Bidding Platform 3

That is it. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours, and you will receive access to your Free account.

You can also contact them using their contact form or email at support[at]

Header Bidding Platform Payment Rules & Conditions

Adtelligent offers two main payment options, PayPal and wire transfer/check, with withdrawal minimums of $150 and $100, respectively. Payments are processed according to a NET 30 or bi-weekly schedule.

It’s worth noting that while Adtelligent doesn’t charge for withdrawals, the payment systems themselves may have fees; for example, PayPal’s fee is typically 3-5% of the transaction amount. The fees for wire transfers and check payments can vary in different banks.

Adtelligent does not accept websites using advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, online gambling, or adult content and websites utilizing malware or programs for artificial traffic increase.

Adtelligent also does not accept websites that generate traffic through specific unsolicited means, such as mass mailings, chat room postings, or websites that use fraudulent techniques to increase traffic. Furthermore, sites that contain illegal or offensive materials, such as gambling or pornography, will not be accepted.

Users must also install and use Adtelligent’s JavaScript code on their website when publishing ads through the platform. For free accounts, ads will be automatically activated on the user’s website. Users must also agree to the Platform’s Terms of Services for releasing statistical information and accept that real-time data is not always available.

Before joining the program, new publishers must have their websites approved, and the platform reserves the right only to accept new publishers with specific requirements.

Adtelligent for Sellers – Additional Solutions

Supply Side Platform

Adtelligent Supply Side Platform (SSP) is an advanced ad-serving platform designed for publishers to maximize their revenue.

The platform provides comprehensive tools for programmatic yield optimization, allowing publishers to effectively manage and monetize their inventory across multiple channels and devices.

Adtelligent for Sellers - Additional Solutions

The Adtelligent platform is a full-stack platform that includes SSP, DSP, and oRTB infrastructure, providing both brand awareness and performance opportunities.

The platform also features an AI yield optimization algorithm, Adtelligent Intelli, which analyzes real-time data from managed and programmatic demand in conjunction with historical data.

Adtelligent is a white-label platform built on a fully featured API, enabling customers to create a custom, out-of-the-box solution. The platform also offers scoring as a service, a full-scale malware detection solution that helps protect publishers from ad fraud and fraudulent traffic.

In addition to these features, Adtelligent also provides a programmatic bidder, allowing publishers to trade with supply and demand partners in true server-to-server logic.

The Adtelligent platform also offers custom player builds and supports the most popular and custom video advertising formats. The platform is designed to be publisher-focused and easy to use, providing a unified platform that enables publishers to manage their inventory across multiple channels and devices effectively.

With Adtelligent, publishers can use robust tools to optimize revenue and protect their inventory from ad fraud. It offers state-of-the-art AI, an optimization algorithm, programmatic and custom bidding, and a transparent and unique ad operation platform that maximizes overall revenue.

Ad Exchange (Ad Marketplace)

Adtelligent Ad Exchange is a global programmatic ad marketplace that provides access to a high-quality pool of buyers and sellers.

The platform utilizes brand-safe technologies to reach more demand and increase the value of all impressions. It supports various ad formats, including display, video, and native, and offers multiple integration options for advertisers and publishers.

Adtelligent Ad Exchange offers a powerful monetization solution for publishers, providing access to a growing ad marketplace with inventory from desktop, mobile, over-the-top, and connected TV devices. 

Adtelligent also offers a header bidding adapter, connecting publishers with premium and the world’s largest It supports all popular ad formats and ad placements and allows multiple bidding strategies to help publishers get the best business outcomes from their ad inventory.

The platform also offers unified reporting, allowing publishers to have a complete overview of their performance and revenue; it also allows leveraging CTV/OTT header bidding capabilities. It’s an innovative monetization platform for online TV app publishers.

Adtelligent for Buyers

Demand Side Platform

Adtelligent Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a self-serve advertising platform that helps media buyers boost their performance and reach their target audiences with high-quality display, native, video, and pop traffic.

Adtelligent DSP offers self-serve media buying, allowing you to launch and optimize advertising campaigns through a single interface quickly. It also provides access to multiple exclusive worldwide sources, allowing you to reach the right audience for your campaigns.

The platform offers granular statistical reporting on click-through rates, website traffic, page view, engagement rates, and more, which gives full control over campaign settings, budget, targeting, and creatives. With Adtelligent DSP, you can refine campaign settings, adjust the budget, edit your targeting, and test creatives in just a few clicks.

Adtelligent DSP also provides access to premium inventory, allowing you to reach your target audience that matches your offers best. The platform also has anti-fraud protection, automatically blocking any bot or suspicious activity and providing only real users and live audiences for your campaigns.

Adtelligent DSP offers a variety of advertising tools for media buyers, including audience forecasting, conversion tracking, precision targeting, advertising schedules, and enhanced reporting.

The platform supports various ad formats, including display, video, native and push notifications, and pop-up ads.

In conclusion, Adtelligent DSP provides an easy-to-use platform for media buyers to increase their performance and reach their target audience through multiple exclusive worldwide sources, anti-fraud protection, audience forecasting, conversion tracking, precision targeting, and many other features.

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Conclusion – Adtelligent Review: Should you go for it?

Adtelligent is a powerful monetization solution for publishers. With its global programmatic ad marketplace, brand-safe technologies, and multiple integration options, the platform provides access to a high-quality pool of buyers and sellers. 

The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and performance data suggests that the platform can increase the value of all impressions.

While pricing is different and depends on the publisher tier, and is not publicly available, it is fair and reasonable compared to similar platforms. Overall, Adtelligent Header Bidding Platform is a solid choice for publishers looking to monetize their inventory.

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