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Ease of Use
Cpanel include
Free SSL


  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Fast support, available 24 / 7 / 365
  • Anonimity and reliability
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Bitcoin accepted


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Price:$ 19

Are you looking to find out the best Off-shore Web Hosting? If you are a keen blogger or just someone who wants to Create a website with security, chances are that you already know just how efficient AlexHost is!

Today I’m going to cover all information about AlexHost Off-shore Web Hosting and the accompanying features that will help you decide how you can maximize the security of your website with this web hosting.

Try it yourself as these help me to become an efficient Web developer/ blogger.

Whether you are new or already using AlexHost. This is your go-to guide for all things related to the pricing and features of Alexhost.

In this article, You will know why AlexHost is the best DMCA Ignored hosting platform currently in the market. AlexHost has its own data center and provides utmost security and ignores DMCA. It provides the best hosting service along with domain. AlexHost provides service to its clients 24/7 for 365 days. They also offer 30 days cash back policy for some of the plans. I strongly suggest trying out AlexHost and in building your websites.


Overview AlexHost Review Trusted Offshore Hosting (DMCA Ignored)

Alexhost reviews

AlexHost is an offshore hosting network that offers services like its own data center, domain, hosting, security, anonymity, and even ignored DMCA. Offshore hosting is defined as the exercise of hosting a website, application, or data on servers that are not located in your own country.

It is often done to achieve certain aims like independence from cyber laws, more exposure, anonymity, extra back-ups, freedom of speech and press, avoid local restrictions, etc. People prefer offshore hosting as it is more difficult to shut down and contact legally. The major reason to choose this hosting is that prevailing laws in the host’s region might consider their content unlawful. If you are looking for a network that can help you host websites offshore, AlexHost is a good choice.

Top Features of AlexHost

DMCA Ignored hosting

AlexHost began its work on 17 May 2008 and acquired its own data center in 2013. They promise a 20% faster service as compared to other hosting providers. They boast of multiple certifications like multiple Certificates of conformity and Quality Management System Certificates.

On the site, you can see the availability of four plans that are available at affordable prices. They guarantee that their data center is equipped with the latest technology and offers an uptime of 99.99%. Other highlights include 30 Gbps total channel, 1.6 MW total feeder capacity, and 1 Tbps anti-DDoS attacks. 24 * 7 chat support and customer services are offered.

Their overall services include domain, hosting, security, DMCA ignore, SSD virtual hosting, SSD VDS/VPS Servers, Colocation, Dual-core DDR, etc. They also provide an affiliate program that offers 5% to 10% commission per sale. Once the affiliate signs up with them, they’re provided with an affiliate link. By the number 51, receive 5% commission and 51 sales, the affiliate gets 10% commission.

Services Offered by AlexHost Offshore Hosting Provider


Alexhost review plans

Services like registration, restoration, renewal, transfer, etc are available for domain names. AlexHost offers a variety of extensions like .com, .org, .net, .me, .at, .fr, .it, .mobi, .us, .co, .biz,, .pro, .pw,, .love, .ca, etc. Most of them come with paid Whois contacts privacy. They offer 6 free services as an incentive for domain registration.

The 6 free services are user friendly control panel, 2 mailboxes, e-mail forwarding, unlimited number of subdomains, full control over the DNS settings and forwarding your visitors thanks to domain forwarding. The domain .com costs 16.50 (EUR) for 1 year’s registration and 25.30 (EUR) for Renewal whereas .net costs 20.90 (EUR) for registration ( 1 year ) and 30.80 (EUR) for renewal.



Alexhost shared hosting plans

There are three plans available for shared hosting – PROMO basic hosting, PROMO advanced hosting, and PROMO expert hosting. They cost 10 EUR, 20 EUR, 70 EUR annually, respectively. Three offers come free with all three plans- unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email account, and free SSL Certificate and Backups.

There is also an offer for a 30-day money-back guarantee. VPS hosting also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and has the following highlights – dedicated IP, full root access, SSD disk drives, 100 Mb/s networks, and IPv6 support. 11 VPS/VDS plans are provided.

AlexHost VPN service review


AlexHost provides users with SSL certificates from Thawte, Symantec, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Comodo, InstantSSL, Enterprise, Essential, and PositiveSSL for one or two years. The site describes every certificate option in grave detail for its users.

According to AlexHost, the GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium is an efficient solution that covers one fully qualified domain. It costs 71.98 EUR for 1 year and 125.97 EUR for 2 years.

The GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN will allow you to secure four extra single-level subdomains. There are 7 other GeoTrust SSL certificates available to choose from. The Thawte SSL web server is recommended to medium-sized e-commerce sites.

On the other hand, Thawte SSL web server Multi-domain wildcard claims to be one of the most versatile ones available today in the market. It is suited to medium or large-sized companies. There is an excessive number of other options to choose from. The user should pick the certificate most suited for them.

Quick Links :

Quick Links:

DMCA Ignored Hosting Service

Best DMCA Ignored Hosting

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and it implements 2 world intellectual property organization treaties (WIPO performances and phonograms treaty and the WIPO copyright treaty).

It is applicable in the USA and other companies that are a part of the world intellectual property organization (WIPO). For people looking to avoid copyright issues, ignored DMCA is a threat. AlexHost offers DMCA ignored KVM VPS. This also helps users to secure their data from third parties and enjoy the freedom of speech. They also offer customization.

Own data center

Alexhost offshore hosting

A data center is a physical facility with hardware that companies use to store their applications and data. A data center’s key components are routers, firewalls, servers, switches, storage systems, application delivery controllers, etc.

AlexHost owns a data center located in the Republic of Moldova in a former military plant’s bomb shelter. This guarantees data security and efficiency. Some companies outsource data centers, but in 2013, AlexHost decided to acquire a data center of their own. This lessens third-party intervention in the data that you host via them.


AlexHost VPN service review

AlexHost provides VPN (virtual private network )services. A VPN is capable of providing you with anonymity with Europe IP, a secure connection, and internet. VPS is supported on operating systems like ubuntu, fedora, windows, cent, etc.

The collocation hosting is also secure as it provides anti-DDoS attacks, which provides security for up to one TeraByte per second. As described above, the site also offers users to acquire a wide variety of SSL certificates. A few of them include GeoTrust, Thawte, Symantec, RapidSSL, Comodo, InstantSSL, Enterprise, Essentia, etc.



Alexhost affiliate program

AlexHost has an affiliate program as well. They offer 5% and 10% commissions to their affiliate workers. Once a person registers with them as an affiliate, they are provided with a link. Any purchases made with that link ensure a commission. 5 % commission is available for the first fifty-one purchases.

The commission increases to 10% after that number is crossed. An affiliate program is a creative and intelligent way to earn extra bucks while recommending products and services to your social circle.

Pros and Cons of AlexHost

Offshore hosting comes with its fair share of pros and cons.


There is both physical and virtual privacy. Users are given anonymity when AlexHost ensures payments can be taken via bitcoin.

There are stricter protocols for offshore data centers and hence the hardware is sheltered from causes of failure like power shut offs.

When a user uses offshore hosting, the data published does not come in the jurisdiction of the user’s home country. The user enjoys tax relaxations as well as can publish things that are not legal in their country.

Most of the offshore hosting networks actually are run by a small staff and it does not match up to large businesses. The problem faced by people is that response is delayed. AlexHost, on the other hand, offers 24*7*365 support and proclaims a 20% faster response rate.


There is not a good reason to offshore host if the rules and regulations of your area are satisfactory for you. Offshore hosting is costlier. AlexHost provides a relatively costly domain restoration (100 EUR).

Speed variety
It is common for people living far off from your website’s server to faceless speed. This also means that location and speed of your server matter.


Alexhost pricing plans
Offshore hosting often costs more because of added privacy and other benefits. If the user is willing to pay extra to achieve such facilities, there should be no problem. AlexHost offers great deals and discounts on their plans.

Pricing is affordable except for maybe a few of their programs. Domain registrations can cost 17 (EUR) for 1 year’s registration and 25.30 (EUR) for Renewal for .com whereas .net costs 20.90 (EUR) for registration ( 1 year ) and 30.80 (EUR) for renewal. There are a number of other domain names to choose from as well. Their three base plans of shared hosting cost 10 EUR, 20 EUR, 70 EUR annually for PROMO basic hosting, PROMO advanced hosting, and PROMO expert hosting.

FAQ’s On Offshore Hosting

What is offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting is defined as the exercise of hosting a website, application, or data on servers that are not located in your own country.

What is the need for offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting provides more privacy, anonymity, and freedom of speech. People who want to be exempted from their countries' publication laws/ regulations use this service.

What is DMCA ?

Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA implements 2 WIPO (world intellectual property organization) treaties. It is applicable in the USA and other companies that are a part of the world intellectual property organization (WIPO).

Can I cancel Hosting Plans With AlexHost Anytime ?

You can cancel anytime with AlexHost. Its easy and super smooth.

Is AlexHost Rreliable Services ?

AlexHost has been professionally engaged in hosting services for over 11 years.

Conclusion: AlexHost Reviews 2021 Is It Best Offshore Hosting (DMCA Ignored)

Alexhost testimonials

This article explores all pros and cons of offshore hosting on AlexHost and describes their services and products in detail as well. We were able to discuss the prices of different plans and the services they offer. We discussed domain, hosting, security, DMCA ignore our own data center and their affiliate program.

Their claim of 24*7 customer service is impressive, and many of their plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. The overall review we want to present is that AlexHost is a reliable offshore hosting network and if the prices and location suit you, you should go for it.

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