8 Best Social Media Proxies 2023: 🚀 99.3% Uptime

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Social Media Proxies, most individuals find SmartProxy and IPRoyal to be the best options.

Internet platforms such as social media are often abused. Their anti-spam system minimizes the occurrence of scams and spam, ensuring compliance with the law.

Due to this, social media marketers are limited in their ability to grow their businesses. Proxies are the perfect solution when it comes to unblocking restrictions placed on websites by social media marketers.

By using proxies, you can access geotargeted content, unblock IP restrictions, and exceed request limits. Despite the fact that they can be quite useful, you need to make sure you choose a reliable provider.

It is not possible for some providers to access all social media sites without being detected and blocked. Our list of trusted social media proxy providers will help you avoid ruining your project.

What Are Social Media Proxies?  

Using social media, you can learn a lot about your customers. What they like and dislike, how they perceive your brand, and what they think about your competitors.

Plus, the social media sphere is constantly changing, so it can be difficult to keep up with all of its comments, likes, and shares. Thus, scraping social media platforms is an effective way to find out what your customers want and improve their experience. 

By using proxies, you can scrape social media platforms for data that will help your business grow without getting banned. We are the quickest way to your goals with our rotating residential proxies!

Recommended Social Media Proxy Providers

The internet is full of providers who offer proxies that can be used for social media activities without having to label them social media proxies. We recommend proxies that aren’t labeled social media proxies, so don’t be surprised.

Here are our recommendations.

8 Best Social Media Proxies 2023

1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy offers a perfect price and quality balance. Their residential proxies are perfect for scraping social media without any blocks. 


If you need the best proxies for social media, Smartproxy’s Web Scraping API should be your first choice.

This supreme scraper can scrape almost all websites (even built on JavaScript) at a 100% success rate! Web Scraping API also has an integrated 40M+  residential and datacenter proxy pool that is powered with an advanced rotation, so you could forget about CAPTCHAs.

There’s also a possibility to scrape content from any country, state, or city worldwide. 

On top of that, Web Scraping API is easy to use and is backed by feasible documentation, along with helpful round-the-clock support. 

Smartproxy won’t leave you broken-hearted without a great deal for scraping – all this is from $50/month + VAT.

2) Oxylabs 

Oxylabs’ private proxies are the perfect solution for businesses that need to protect their data from hackers and malicious actors.

By using Oxylabs’ private proxies, you can ensure that your data is secure while still being able to access external resources such as websites and APIs. Plus, with their advanced authentication system, you can be sure that only authorized users are accessing your data and resources.

Full Anonymity

One of the best features of Oxylabs is their ability to provide full anonymity for users. With their anonymous proxies, you can browse the web without leaving any trace or personal information behind.

This means that even if someone were to try to access your resources or data, they would not be able to do so because it would appear as though it was coming from an anonymous source. This ensures that your sensitive information remains safe and secure at all times.

Super Fast Speeds

When it comes to proxy solutions, speed is one of the most important factors to consider. Fortunately, with Oxylabs’ super-fast speeds, you won’t ever have to worry about slow loading times or sluggish connections when browsing the web or accessing external resources.

They also offer unlimited bandwidth so you won’t have to worry about running out of data while streaming videos or downloading large files.

3. IPRoyal:

IPRoyal is unquestionably a service to take into consideration if you’re looking for a proxy. Datacenter, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies are just a few of the many types of proxies they provide. In addition, they offer a free trial so you can evaluate the service before purchasing.

IPRoyal’s provision of two distinct proxy pools is among its best features. Over 50 million IPs are present in the first pool, Premium Residential Proxies.

City targeting is one of this pool’s distinctive features. Only 25k proxies are available each month in the second pool, Royal Residential Proxies. These proxies, however, are obtained using the Pawns app, where users may exchange traffic for beer money.

IPRoyal Review- Overview

IPRoyal is a fantastic choice for anyone who requires numerous proxies or proxies with special characteristics. The second pool’s modest size, though, might turn off some consumers.

IPRoyal is absolutely worth looking into if you’re seeking a dependable proxy service. You can be sure to discover a plan that works for you thanks to the two distinct proxy pools and the free trial.

Royal proxies are among the best in the market, and their high-end pool is a subset of the Royal proxies that include even fewer but quality-filtered IPs. The customer service at IPRoyal is also excellent and always accessible to assist you with any problems you could encounter. IPRoyal comes highly recommended to everyone looking for a proxy service!

4. High Proxies

You may want to consider High Proxies if you are seeking private social media proxies.

It is possible to purchase 100 social media proxies for only $260 and create multiple accounts using them. 

HighProxies- Best Cheap Private Proxies

Our smallest plan consists of only one social media proxy for a cost of approximately $3. However, you are able to select a variety of plans based on your needs and requirements.

IP addresses are located all over the world, so you do not need to be concerned about being banned from using the service. 

5. Bright Data

Bright data proxy

Proxy services offered by Bright Data are among the best available on the Internet. The services can be used for any purpose.

In addition to their use for social media, they can also be used for sneaker theft and ticket scalping. 

With these proxies, you can do whatever you wish since they are part of a global network of over 40 million IP addresses.

Because you will always use a unique IP address that no one else will use, you will never have to worry about being blocked or banned from any social media platform. 

The only problem is that these services are quite expensive. Individuals may not find this to be the most appropriate option.

The cost of these services is quite high and is generally only affordable for use by corporations. As far as social media proxy services go, they are the best on the internet if you can afford them. 

6. Storm Proxies

There are over two hundred thousand dedicated and rotating private proxies at Storm Proxies. They provide fast and reliable service, and they are quick to deliver as well. 

Upon making the payment, your proxy will be delivered right away. Unlimited bandwidth is also included without any hidden fees. No bandwidth limits will apply to you. 

Best Social Media Proxies - StormProxies

7. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire reviews

ProxyEmpire is a proxy service company that provides high-quality proxies and has a large network of proxies. ProxyEmpire offers both mobile and residential IPs. ProxyEmpire’s interface is user-friendly and their support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re looking for a reliable proxy service, ProxyEmpire is a great option to consider. Their high-quality proxies and a large network of proxies make them an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable proxy solution.

Additionally, their user-friendly interface makes them easy to use, even for those who are not technically inclined. And if you have any questions, their support team is available 24/7 to help you out.

8. Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller

As a relatively new player in the field, this private proxy provider does not mean that the service quality is going to suffer.

Support is available 24/7, so you can resolve your complaints quickly. 

Depending on the location you want to access your social media from, you can pick the right social media proxy. This is one of the best geo-proxies on the web if you’re looking for one. 

What kind of Proxy To use?

It isn’t easy to decide what type of proxy to use when creating bulk social media accounts. Nowadays, we are presented with a number of types of proxies, so people might become confused.

Free proxies

For most people, the first step would be to use free proxies. There are several reasons why that might not be a good idea, including the fact that proxy servers are insecure, rarely work, and are already flagged as proxy servers. The website has already blocked the content, or you are unable to access the internet.

Dedicated proxies

You can find tips on how to create social media accounts by searching the internet for help. That’s a great tip, especially if you plan on creating a social media account using someone else’s IP address. Until you find out how much it costs.

A private proxy is a dedicated IP proxy to which you have exclusive access. Thus, as long as you’re paying for them, they’re yours only. It is expensive to have your own residential proxy. Creating hundreds of accounts can be expensive – it could cost you a lot.

Why use a Proxy for creating Social Media Accounts?

You do not require a proxy if you intend to create a Facebook or Twitter account for yourself only. The IP address of your home will suffice. It is as simple as that.

Increasingly, companies are investing in brand building in the age of social media. In order to display activity on a specific social media account, this is a “procedure” that requires many social media accounts (bots). This involves a number of requirements.

Proxies are the most common. Anyone attempting to create bulk social media accounts from their home or office will certainly be banned if they are using the same IP address. You may see a few accounts go live, but they will disappear soon.

Proxies are needed because different proxies will be used for each account. Consequently, multiple accounts will not be blocked as the social media service will be looking at accounts created all over the world.

FAQs On Best Social Media Proxies

What are social media proxies?

Social media proxies cover users’ IP addresses in order to safeguard their privacy and identity when browsing their friends’ timelines and postings.

What are social media proxies useful for?

Social media proxies, such as those provided by Facebook or Twitter, are useful when setting up multiple accounts, RSVPing to events, accepting friend requests, and ensuring that log activity is kept private from social media platforms. Social media proxies, such as those provided by Facebook or Twitter, are useful when setting up multiple accounts, RSVPing to events, accepting friend requests, and ensuring that log activity is kept private from social media platforms.

🤷‍♀️Why Use Proxies for Social Media?

We are considering social media platforms when we refer to web services such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn, as well as other places where people communicate with other people. As a result of these terms of usage, social media marketers and anti-spam systems will be unable to fully utilize these platforms. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook dislike bot access because bots send too many requests within a short period of time. Additionally, bots are unnatural and reduce the quality of communication. In addition, social media platforms do not permit users to manage more than one account. To ensure compliance with these rules, one’s IP address is used. If you are able to change your IP address with a new one, you are able to enjoy true freedom, something which proxies can provide.

😮What Proxies are the Best for Social Media?

Despite the broad definition of social media, you should be aware that what works for one platform might not be as effective for another. As they are undetectable and compatible with the majority of websites, residential proxies are known to be the most effective tool for managing social media. It is possible, however, that residential proxy servers do not work or are overkill in some cases. Instagram, for example, might not work with residential proxies – you will need mobile proxies. Datacenter proxies can be used for Twitter since the site is not as strict as others.

❓How Many Accounts on a Platform Per Proxy is Safe?

It is important to keep in mind how many of the accounts you manage on the same platform are running on the same proxy as they will all share the same IP address. A separate proxy should be used for each account to avoid giving away their identity to the platform. The same proxy can manage two or three accounts if you plan on managing many accounts, but if money is an issue, you can manage several accounts using the same proxy.

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Conclusion: Best Social Media Proxies 2023

Proxies can be used in a variety of ways. On the other hand, if you need proxies designed specifically for social media, you need to use those.

You can choose from different options at different prices. Be sure to choose the right services according to your requirements and needs. 

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