Best Managed Website Services 2024: What Services Are Included In Website Maintenance?

Best Website management services encompass all tasks associated with the creation, maintenance, and protection of a website.

In general, managed websites are an excellent done-for-you solution for small to medium-sized enterprises that lack the resources to develop a dedicated team but desire a quality website that is constantly monitored and updated with syndicated content.

What Is A Managed Website?

When analyzing and selecting a web design firm to provide your website, decision-makers must sift through proposals and attend meetings with the goal of identifying a consensus on how to choose an agency.

This typically involves showcasing the agency’s greatest work and discussing the Content Management System (CMS) to implement.

Whether it be a custom CMS, WordPress, or another prepackaged solution. Frequently overlooked is the possibility of a managed solution.

Best Managed Website Services

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Managed websites may still be established using a CMS or even from scratch with static HTML by your firm’s web developers, but it doesn’t matter because the continuous content changes in a “Managed Website” are handled by the web agency and not by you.

Then, you decide that you want to modify some of the material and possibly add a few new pages. Now you are on your own.

A CMS is never foolproof

A decent CMS will assist you as much as possible, but it is not foolproof. You likely lack sufficient knowledge of search engine optimization and digital marketing approaches to implement them in your content.

You may not be exceptional at modifying images in Photoshop. You may not be taught how to use meta tags and descriptions, as well as how to include these elements into your digital marketing approach.

Do you know enough about digital marketing?

It is normally suggested to acquire a website with a content management system – I propose this to many of our own clients – so that continuous updates to the website’s content do not incur additional fees. But when has not invested in marketing ever been profitable?

 Content management systems may seem like a smart idea since they allow you to make changes whenever you want. You may be harming your website in Google’s eyes every time you use your content management system, so you must be careful how you use it.

Managed Website Costs

Managed websites typically have a lower initial investment and higher monthly charges. However, this implies that all of your modifications will be handled by a web professional.

This should be carefully studied if you want your website to update frequently and to have the best search engine performance on an ongoing basis.

My top choice for Best Managed Website Services is Brand Builders. 

Brand Builders are rapidly becoming a one-stop shop for all affiliate, specialty, and authority site-related needs.

brandbuilders Managed Website Costs

When they first began, all they offered for sale were ready-made affiliate websites. These are freshly constructed websites with existing content, ready for you to take over and expand.

Alternately, they can create a personalized affiliate website from scratch for you.

Additionally, Brand Builders offers a premium content service. They employ native English authors and manage the entire article creation process. Everything is completed for you, from keyword research to writing, editing, and optimization, to uploading to WordPress.

In addition, they offer an outreach link-building service. You pay per DR, and they perform outreach, write the guest post, and guarantee the link. Order whichever many or few links every month you desire.

In addition to these services, Brand Builders now offers website administration. They may entirely handle your website, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Brand Builders Website Management

Unfortunately, owning a website frequently necessitates giving up a portion of your website’s revenue.

Typically, the firm administering your niche website will charge a monthly fee and retain up to fifty percent of affiliate revenue. It can be quite costly, and you’re not always sure what you’re getting.

The alternative to employing a corporation to handle your website is to engage a freelancer or full-time employee. The issue with this is that the greatest website managers are already occupied with their own sites.

In addition, freelancers and editors may not necessarily possess the depth of knowledge required to fully manage a website. They may be proficient in certain facets of the operation, but not all.

Brandbuilders review

It is difficult to find someone with expertise and experience in all areas, including web design, content writing, link building, and marketing!

Therefore, a website management business is frequently the best option. They have a staff of experts in the various aspects of running a niche website. But you don’t want to share a portion of your affiliate revenue, correct?

Brand Builders provides a significantly more advantageous model for website owners. They work on a basic monthly fee basis and will not seek a revenue share. It’s not even that pricey, with monthly rates beginning at only $500.

As part of the lowest tier package, you will receive (per month):

  • 5000 words worth of content
  • Backlink: 1
  • Revenue optimization and SEO
  • Updates to the rankings
  • Finding affiliate opportunities
  • Plans for growth
  • Monitoring websites
  • Monitoring affiliates and ads

And as you move through the pricing tiers, you gain access to additional content and links.

Brand Builders is also willing to tailor a plan to your specific needs. They also declare that “almost all of our managed clients have a tailored package of some type.”

Brand Builders know that your website and circumstances are unique and that you may require something exceptional.

Who Needs Website Management?

Brand Builders receive requests regarding their website management services from a wide variety of individuals and circumstances. Essentially, any owner of a specialty website can take advantage of this possibility to have less work!

However, the following are some of the most typical types of individuals and situations that benefit the most from website management outsourcing.

1. You’ve Bought A New Site

If you have purchased a specialized website from one of the internet marketplaces and require assistance with the next steps, please contact us.

It may be the first specialty site you’ve owned and operated, and you’re unsure of best practices and the best way to proceed strategically. Website management could be the solution to keep things moving.

2. You Don’t Have The Time

You might have all the experience that you need to run a website, but you’re all out of time!

Having a website manager who has experience with your type of website is one of the main reasons for hiring one as it frees you up to do other things. As managing a site takes a lot of time, it’s nice to be able to delegate some (or all) of this work.

3. You Don’t Know What To Do

You have either recently launched a new website or taken over an existing one, but you are unsure of what to do next.

A website manager can assist in generating content/keyword plans, evaluating affiliate opportunities, and formulating a growth strategy for the site. This may be the solution if you need someone to steer you in the proper direction and assist you along the way.

4. You’re Not Making Money

If your specialized website is not profitable, you may require website management to turn things around.

The proper business can assist you in identifying and resolving difficulties with your present website’s design, content, or strategy. There may be a simple solution to why your website is not producing money, or it may require some effort over time.

5. You Want To Set Things Up Right

Perhaps you already have a niche idea, keywords to target, and a general understanding of link building, but you need assistance with the initial setup.

Brand Builders, for instance, begin by asking what your objective is, They work from there to achieve the desired objectives.

6. You Want Passive Income

You may have the necessary skills, time, and income, but you want your website to be as passive as possible. Hiring a business to handle your website is one solution!

The potential for passive revenue is one of the reasons why affiliate marketing is so prevalent. You could realize this desire more fully by outsourcing the management of your website.

Why Consider Brand Builders?

Brandbuilders Review latest

You are looking for a person or organization to handle your website, but why should you pick Brand Builders?

I’ve already mentioned that the pricing is really fair, transparent, and won’t take a cut of your affiliate earnings or site ownership.

This is fantastic in and of itself, but there is more to BB than this – you don’t just want a reasonable price, you want to know you’re employing an expert!

Brand Builders has ten years of expertise, a 96 percent client success rate, and a team of individuals working around the clock to ensure that every client is delighted and successful.

They are seasoned specialized website developers, content authors, marketers, and SEO professionals who know how to achieve results. They endeavor to work ethically and transparently with all clients.

As the quotation suggests, they will only continue to receive your business as long as you are satisfied. Therefore, they will do all it takes to secure the success of your specialty website.

1. Interactive Dashboard

Each website management client of Brand Builder has its own interactive dashboard.

This makes it extremely simple to determine whether or not their efforts are bearing fruit. It tracks impressions, page visits, clicks, and additional traffic statistics.

It also monitors the placements and changes of keywords.

It is a useful tool for monitoring your website while Brand Builder fixes errors, posts content, and creates backlinks.

Additionally, they can assist with site speed and other technical concerns as necessary.

The accompanying screenshot depicts one of their client’s websites before and after their work. Site velocity and other essential web factors are significantly enhanced

2. Brand Builders Approach

Building and running a site for Brand Builders is a great experience. 

They create content the right way, for instance:

  • Their writers and editors are native English speakers
  • Using SurferSEO, outline content
  • After the first draft, writers should meet with proofreaders
  • Final touches are made by the editorial team
  • Surfer’s final content optimization
  • Add meta titles, descriptions, images, etc. to your website

The same holds true for link-building, which, together with content production, is the most essential component of site management. If done incorrectly, the repercussions can be severe.

Brand Builders specializes in outreach link-building, which results in links on actual sites as opposed to link farms and private blog networks. You may select the pages you wish to link to, the anchor text, and the domain rating, and they will take care of the rest.

Or, if you have opted for website administration, this step is unnecessary. They will take care of link building to the degree permitted by your strategy.

They are designed using the most preferred themes, such as Astra, and are a delight to visit.

They can work with you regardless of the theme you’re using or how old or new your website is. Their sample sites provide a taste of the type of websites they create and demonstrate that they are on the right track!

How Hiring the Best Managed Website Services will benefit you?

By relieving business owners and managers of their tech duties, outsourced website management services enable them to concentrate on growing their primary business.

1. Web Design & Development

Designing and launching your site is the most fundamental component of website management solutions. However, should you hire a web management staff prior to or after your website’s development?

The cost of an all-inclusive plan is typically less than employing two separate teams to code and assess your website.

Web Design & Development

In addition, outsourcing businesses such as Seadev with the ability to supply you with both website design and administration services will be able to produce for you a website that is more efficiently optimized than those created by one-time developers.

2. Domain Acquisition

The competition for quality domain names is intensifying. This initial step in establishing your internet presence may feel difficult, as the reputable, domain name most suited to your organization has probably already been taken

Website management businesses will do the legwork for you by searching for and recommending the best available domain name, as well as acquiring the domain on your behalf.

3. Hosting Plan

Hosting is technically difficult. Among the eight types of hosting are shared web hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated server, self-service, colocation, and managed WordPress hosting

Does that sound confusing? With a managed website package, you can eliminate the stress of trying to make sense of everything.

Typically, web design and management companies can offer their own hosting, with restricted bandwidth and storage capacity. A reliable web management company will also offer 24/7 site monitoring and configuration of redundant sites.

4. Content Updates

The most fundamental service associated with website management packages is support for content changes.

The web development business should integrate your website with a CMS (Content Management System) so that you can make proactive changes to your website, but they should also be available to make the changes at your request by email, phone, etc. Under no circumstances should you ever need to be concerned about the code

A web management service should also be able to assist you with integrating new features into your website, such as installing new plugins, making the site multilingual, or including an e-commerce store with payment gateways

5. Security and Maintenance

You may be surprised to learn that the number of cyberattacks against organizations nearly doubled in 2017 to 159,700. Thus, it is crucial that you have a qualified professional monitoring your website for hackers and malware, installing firewalls and doing frequent backups, and most importantly, acting promptly.

Best Managed Website Services: Security and Maintenance

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Since the web is always evolving, it is essential for webmasters to monitor compatibility and apply constant patches to the various software that powers your website, such as CMS, plugins, and programming languages.

6. Analytics and Reporting

Website Analytic Tools assist you to discover why clients visit, remain on, and leave your website, allowing you to optimize your efforts. If a web management business never communicates with you about your website’s performance, you might as well have tossed your money out the window.

Website administration for small businesses should always include dependable analytics reporting and advice.

7. SEO

If you choose a managed website plan, you should anticipate that your site will be optimized for search engines from the early stages of its creation. Typically, these optimizations take the following forms:

  • Keywords should be used properly in HTML elements, including titles, meta descriptions, h1, and image tags
  • A well-structured sitemap will make your site easily searchable
  • Redirects should be used correctly
  • Relationships between pages that are canonical
  • How to secure HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)
  • Quality of inbound links
  • Social media signals
  • Tracking SEO performance over time with benchmarking

Also included in site management services, SEO content production is typically available as an add-on or as part of a more comprehensive package.

The service includes creative blogging based on business-specific keyword analysis, the creation of syndicated material, and an audit of the content inventory. A well-developed blog may do wonders for your website’s visitors and, consequently, conversion rates.

8. Digital Marketing Campaigns

Web design and management services that are truly effective should always employ modern digital marketing strategies, such as Paid Ads (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Paid Social, and Email marketing.

The top website management businesses should be able to supply these services, relieving you of the responsibility of digital advertising.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Occasionally, I encounter business owners who have a website but have not taken the time to learn how to administer it effectively.

The consequences include unused software updates, abandoned content, and security vulnerabilities. The website is simply abandoned.

Why Consider Maintenance of Your Site Imperative

Maintenance is essential to establishing user trust in your company and providing them with a consistent user experience.

Cyberspace harbors opportunists who flourish in these circumstances. They seize on unprotected, well-known domain names, which can now be acquired for a fraction of their value to business owners. These deceptive persons then propose to repurchase the domain at an exorbitant price. 

If you are a business owner who has spent years creating your brand on a website where all of your business communications and product transactions are handled, you have no choice but to pay the fee they want.

This is only one example of what might occur when you maintain your own website. Consider a handful of the typical responsibilities related to online support:

1. Application Updates

CMS applications from third parties require frequent updates, along with security revisions. Can your team handle this?

2. Backup

It’s a good idea to back up your website daily, including the database and files. Web hosting companies will at best provide limited support if your site gets hacked or the server crashes.

3. Track Site Speed

In the time it takes for your site to load, you have already lost business. In order to ensure a flawless user experience, this area must be closely observed and maintained.

4. Fix Crashes

Crashing occurs more often when than if. It is inevitable for any website to experience downtime at some point. Even major sites like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple have experienced downtime.

A crash can have multiple causes (code, malware, or web host issues), but pinpointing the source is only half of the job. Fixing the problem is the other half. Downtime means less traffic and fewer potential customers.

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Conclusion: Best Managed Website Services 2024

It is not a good idea to go it alone. There is too much risk involved.

Self-maintenance may seem like a good idea, but a single mishap can cost you thousands of dollars, not to mention many hours of lost work. 

You need search engine-friendly management for your online business – the kind that isn’t marred by turnover, random fees, or losing control.

You will be free to focus on other things by hiring BrandBuilders as your website operator. Your website will also be taken to the next level.

Your site’s technical aspects, site speed, and SEO Optimization are all addressed, along with content and backlinks to make sure your traffic and revenue are as high as they can be.

It only takes a monthly fee, and you don’t have to worry about revenue splitting or management headaches.

The best part is that packages start at an affordable $500 per month. You have the option of being hands-on or hands-off. Thus, my best choice for Best Managed Website Services provider goes to Brand Builder HANDS DOWN! 

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