11 Best French Proxies 2023: Paid & Free French Proxy Services

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best French Proxies, most individuals find SmartProxy and  Bright Data are the best options.

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It is past time to say goodbye to an Internet in which what you see in the United States is identical to what others view in Australia, Japan, or even France.

Websites consider geographical disparities and accessible local material for certain nations when serving them to visitors from those areas.

Certain websites are even built just for audiences in a given place.

As a result, they see no reason why an individual from another place should be permitted to visit the website and squander their time.

If you’ve encountered an issue with location restrictions and content localization in France but are not physically present in the country, say hello to French proxies.

What Exactly Is a Proxy Server?

Any machine that converts traffic between networks or protocols is referred to as a proxy server.

It is a server that acts as a middleman between end-user clients and the places they explore.

Proxy servers provide varying degrees of functionality, security, and privacy, depending on the application, requirements, or organizational policy.

If you’re utilizing a proxy server, traffic is routed via the proxy server to the requested IP.

The request is then redirected through the same proxy server (exceptions apply), and the proxy server then forwards the data received from the website to you.

What Is The Operation of a Proxy Server?

Each machine connected to the internet requires a distinct Internet Protocol (IP) Address. Consider this IP address to be the street address for your computer.

Just like the post office understands how to deliver mail to your street address, the internet uses the IP address to send the proper data to the correct machine.

A proxy server is essentially an internet-connected machine with its own IP address that your computer recognizes. When you submit a web request, it is routed via a proxy server.

The proxy server then sends the web request on your behalf, gets the answer from the web server, and transmits the web page contents to your browser.

When a proxy server sends your web requests, it might alter the data you submit while still providing you with the information you expect.

A proxy server may mask your IP address, obfuscating your location from the web server.

It is capable of encrypting your data, rendering it unreadable in transit. Finally, a proxy server may deny access to certain websites depending on the user’s IP address.

What Are French Proxies?

French proxies are synonymous with France proxies. They are proxies that provide users with IP addresses assigned to French-based devices.

Their suppliers may be based in France and maintain a server there, as is the case with data center proxies.

For some, such as residential and mobile proxies that run a peer-to-peer network, having a server in France is unnecessary since the peers’ devices will act as servers and give them the necessary IP addresses.

French Proxies Buying Guide

Certain proxies assigned to a nation or continent have a restricted number of data centers located across the country or continent, which enables the proxies to establish quick and consistent connections without encountering network blockages or dangerous malware assaults.

This article will assist you in purchasing the finest proxies with France-based servers.

These high-speed proxies use patented French IP addresses that are provided by the country’s local data centers.

These IP addresses are advantageous for unblocking regionally accessed material without attracting the attention of the French authorities or the ISP that supplies you with the internet.

What Considerations Should Be Made When Purchasing French Proxies?

Considerations When You Purchasing French Proxies:

1. Collecting Data: The French proxies will provide you with access to material that is specific to that location, which is advantageous for those looking to build their internet companies by gathering data on clients in that nation.

2. IP Addresses That Are Unique: Each private and residential proxy supplied by these proxy providers has a unique IP address that will work diligently to mask the user’s identity in order to enable safe access.

By getting these IP addresses, one may circumvent restrictions on streaming platforms and local news stations in order to keep informed about local events.

3. Parallel Connections: Two critical variables to examine before purchasing these France premium proxies are compatibility and connection. They should be interoperable with all devices and allow for parallel connections between at least two or more devices.

11 Best French Proxies 2023

1. Smartproxy:

With Smartproxy you can enjoy a pool of more than 1.5 million French proxies. These proxies allow you to connect to a French IP that belongs to a real device and are really hard to detect.

Enjoy France-specific content, scale your business, and scrape the web without restrictions.


With French proxies, you can enjoy:

  • Advanced rotation
  • 0.61s avg response time
  • 99.47% success rate
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Pay As You Go option

There is no free trial, but Smartproxy offers a 3-day money-back guarantee. Cancel in 3 days and you will get your money back.

2) Bright Data

Bright Data one of the greatest proxy providers on the market, is a step away from mobile proxies.

Although it provides a variety of proxies, we will discuss the residential ones.

They have a pool of IPs that contains about half a million French proxies, which is impressive given the size of the nation and the need for French proxies.

bright data

Being the greatest in this field entails a premium price for services.

Even though Bright Data is a pricey provider, if not the most expensive, when you consider all it provides, it may not be all that awful.

You may pick from a variety of pricing options to ensure that you only pay for what you use.

While they all provide unlimited bandwidth, you do receive certain powerful geo-targeting features that other providers do not.

If you’re unclear if this service is ideal for you, you may try the proxies for seven days before making a choice.

Additionally, bear in mind that if this is your first time using the dashboard, it may seem to be a little complicated.

3. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire began two years ago when the virus made people stay home. This proxy service caught my attention, even though many people prefer tried-and-true options.

ProxyEmpire reviews

The company is new, but the about us page shows they have proxy expertise. They had considerable proxy expertise and started a company.

The service delivers 3 million IP addresses from 150 countries. ProxyEmpire offers home and mobile proxies to protect internet privacy. I liked their customer service and trusted them to protect my data.

ProxyEmpire is a good proxy service. No regrets!

4. Shiftproxy


In the field of data-driven decision-making, web scraping has emerged as a crucial method of information collection and pattern discovery. But it can be daunting to wade through the seemingly unending streams of data that make up the web, such as the volume of information there.

To that end, you should try Shiftproxy, the best web scraping tool available today. Shiftproxy’s cutting-edge technology and robust algorithms make it simple to scrape data from any website.

No longer is it necessary to manually sort through mountains of paperwork. Shiftproxy makes it easy to set up an automated web scraping operation and get the information you need in a flash. Web scraping is now safe and anonymous because of the software’s ability to randomly change its IP address.

Yet, Shiftproxy is much more than a simple web scraping tool; it opens up a world of opportunities. Shiftproxy gives you the freedom to roam the web and find insights that can revolutionize your business with its user-friendly UI and flexible settings.

The question is, then, why hold off? Take your web scraping to the next level by joining the millions of companies that have already discovered Shiftproxy’s full potential. If you have Shiftproxy, the entire internet is your virtual oyster, just waiting to be plundered for its hidden treasures.

5. IPRoyal:

The selection of premium French proxies is somewhat larger than that of free proxies. Here is our list of the top suppliers to investigate:

IPRoyal is a 2020-founded Lithuanian proxy service company. With a focus on sneakerheads, it provides data center, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies to a diverse customer base.

IP subnets were initially leased by the business to other proxy providers. Later on, though, the company switched to selling proxies directly to customers. The prior service is still provided, but it is no longer the main focus.

IPRoyal Review- Overview

IPRoyal made the decision to cast a wide net, amassing every kind of proxy readily available, in contrast to other suppliers who start off specialized. Even while some of its services still have rather few features, if they meet your needs, they can still be effective.

IPRoyal has an undisclosed number of data center proxies, but judging by the fact that the provider rents out subnets to others, there must be a lot. The proxies are exclusively for your use, therefore no one else will be utilizing them concurrently.

IPRoyal places a lot of emphasis on residential proxies as a product. You couldn’t tell from the webpage that there are two whole distinct residential proxy pools.

Premium Residential Proxies are ranked first. With some cool features like city targeting, this pool has more than 50 million IP addresses. It mixes the IPs of three different providers, according to what we were told.

Royal Residential Proxies is the name of the second pool. This one has IPs acquired through the Pawns app, where users may exchange traffic for beers. With only 25k monthly proxies, the pool is currently quite small, although they too are spread over more than 150 countries. But I really doubt you’d have a positive experience aiming for regions other than North America and Europe.

IPRoyal asserts that its Royal proxies operate more quickly and effectively than Premium IPs. However, you can activate a high-end pool if you still think they aren’t sufficiently performant. Even fewer but higher-quality IPs are included in this subgroup of the Royal proxies.

6. Proxy-cheap:

This list begins with an unexpected French proxy provider and an unexpected proxy type. Proxy-cheap is a mobile proxy service, and as the name implies, this is a reasonably priced choice.

On top of that, the amount of accessible proxies is not revealed on their website, and there are no sophisticated geo-targeting options.

In other words, you’ll get a random selection of mobile proxies from around France. The price structure is not ideal; there is just one pricing plan available.

On the other hand, the price is reasonable even by residential proxy standards. Additionally, you get limitless bandwidth and all proxies are 4G capable, which is a rarity in the residential or mobile proxy industry.

Proxy-cheap asserts that its proxies are virgins who have never been used as proxies and offer no free trial or money-back guarantee.

7. SSLPrivateProxy:

As implied by the provider’s name, they value privacy.

SSLPrivateProxy also supports specific proxies in addition to the standard proxies it supports.

Instagram proxies, classified advertising proxies, and Pinterest proxies are all examples of specialized proxies.

Pricing-wise, these specialized proxies are more expensive than conventional proxies – but they are better suited to the tasks for which they were created (private and shared proxies).

ssl-Best French Proxies

8. Rayobyte:

Rayobyte is a reputable supplier of data center proxy services.

Because datacenter proxies need additional infrastructure, datacenter providers do not offer as many locations as residential proxy providers do.


Rayobyte, on the other hand, is one of the few providers that supports a wide variety of locales.

Rayobyte has proxies in thirteen different countries, including France.

One of the features you’ll like about Rayobyte is its compatibility with complex use cases such as SEO and sneaker copping.

You may use them to access an endless amount of bandwidth and threads.

9. Shifter:

If you visit the Shifter’s site, you’ll see that it touts itself as the world’s biggest proxy network.

While I believe this is a marketing ploy in light of the fact that there are larger providers with a wider pool, I can confirm that their proxies function.

Their proxies may be used for a variety of Internet marketing jobs.

The primary difference between Shifter and Smartproxy is that, unlike Smartproxy, Shifter is charged per port and offers limitless bandwidth to its consumers.


The proxy pool’s size is estimated to be over 31 million.

Apart from France, Shifter is supported by a large number of other nations and big cities worldwide.

10. HighProxies:

If you’re looking for a different choice for French datacenter proxies, you should check out HighProxies.

As with MPP, Paris has a single data center with the same amount of proxies — 1024.

The server is linked to a 1-gigabit connection, which is unique. While this should not be an issue in most cases, it is something you should be aware of.

highproxies-Best French Proxies

When it comes to pricing, HighProxies follows a similar model.

There are still private and shared proxies accessible here, and all kinds and all subscriptions include unlimited bandwidth, but there is no trial period.

You may buy a bundle, test the proxies, and request a refund if you are dissatisfied.

11. MyPrivateProxy:

If residential proxies are entirely out of your budget or you just do not have a need for them, you can check out MyPrivateProxy’s French datacenter proxies.

Although the corporation mostly operates data centers in the United States, there is one in Paris that is worth highlighting.

The server hosts 1024 proxies on a server linked to a gigabit network, which may be insufficient, but the speeds will be outstanding.

mpp- Best French Proxies

You may pick shared or dedicated proxies, and the cost of each plan is determined by the number of proxies you want to acquire.

Each of them includes unlimited bandwidth and a new set of non-sequential IP addresses each month.

To evaluate MPP’s proxies, you must buy a package. There is no free trial period, and you have three days to get a refund.

What Should You Keep an Eye Out For?

Now you have a list of proxies of various types. This may leave you perplexed as to which one is the best fit for your application.

Interestingly, you may be interested to learn that not all of them will work for the proxy use case for which you are looking for proxies.

To determine if a provider’s proxies are suitable for your use case, contact the provider’s support staff and request a free trial.

Whether the service does not provide a free trial, check to see if they have a return policy in place in case the proxies do not function for you.

FAQs On Best French Proxies

Will proxies allow me to access French content?

Yes. Certain websites restrict access to their material to the inhabitants of the nation in which they are located. Similarly, some streaming services provide material tailored to certain nations. Because the primary purpose of proxies is to mask your actual IP address and present a new one to the website or service, utilizing French proxies will surely provide you with access to local content. To do this successfully, it is advised that you employ residential or mobile proxies.

What are the regulations regarding the use of French proxies?

At the time, there are no laws in France prohibiting the use of proxies. If you are not a resident of France but want to utilize French proxies, you should verify your country's legislation. Almost all nations, including France, will permit the use of proxies. One thing to consider is the websites on which you want to utilize the French proxies. Some have rather tight regulations, and violators will be blacklisted.

Will the use of French proxies conceal my true location?

Yes, proxies are supposed to do this, but it is not that straightforward. When you use a proxy, data transmitted from your device is routed via the proxy server rather than directly to the target server. Determining your true location may be simpler or more difficult for the website's server depending on the sort of proxy you use. Consider proxy servers in datacenters. For instance, they will not give you the anonymity to conceal your true location in most circumstances. This will need the use of residential or mobile proxies.

Why Should You Use a French IP Address?

A French IP address will provide you with limitless access to localized French material, just as if you were a French person surfing the internet. Localized content may take several forms, ranging from on-demand streaming services to local news and data repositories. You may also purchase items at pricing intended for local residents.

Why Should You Avoid Using a Free France IP Address?

While free French proxy services may seem appealing, there are many compelling reasons to avoid them. Due to the fact that a proxy server may process data that passes through it, free proxies are often set up by criminals or other malicious actors with the intent of effortlessly stealing your data. Each supplier on this list has been a stalwart of the business for a lengthy period of time. They have won the confidence of the public for a reason. With regards to the major suppliers on our list, you should be informed that both Bright Data and Oxylabs watch its users' activities for legal purposes. That is the expense of conducting business on a large scale.

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Conclusion: Best French Proxies 2023

Choosing the best French proxy company may not be as straightforward as you believe.

There are several options available, but finding one that is a good fit for your requirements may be challenging.

We hope that our list of the finest French proxy servers assists you in your quest.

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