10 Best Skincare Affiliate Programs Of 2023

Skincare and cosmetic products have been a part of our societal makeup for at least 7,000 years.
This is likely to continue for the next century or two.
The skin care goods market is expected to surpass the cosmetics industry as the most valuable sector.
In reality, its total value will exceed US$180 billion within the next 3–5 years.
They are also prepared to pay for it.
You can make money by identifying a niche in which you can match people’s desires with a solution.
That is exactly what we want for you, but you can only achieve such results if you use the right products and programs.
As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 skincare affiliate programs for you to advertise.
Let’s get started at what we have discovered.

Top Skincare Affiliate Programs: Overview

  1. Juice Beauty
  2. Atolla Skincare
  3. SkinStore
  4. Apoterra Skincare
  5. Sephora
  6. First Aid Beauty
  7. Exposed Skincare
  8. Circcell
  9. OSEA
  10. Jenette Skincare
  • Juice Beauty :

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty‘s skincare products are created with the goal of promoting skin health, being effective at what they’re supposed to accomplish, and being luxurious to use. The cost of a single item ranges from roughly $10 to $300 for a complete skincare program. Some items can be auto-ordered, allowing customers to get regular shipments of their favourite things.

The Green Apple collection and the Stem Cellular collection are the company’s signature product lines. Malic acid from organic apple juice, resveratrol from organic grape juice, and citrus components from organic lemons are among the ingredients. Clinical trials are used to verify the efficiency of any product.

Customers can shop by collection, concern, or product type, such as moisturisers or eye cream. Natural cosmetics is also available at Juice Beauty.
LinkShare is used by Juice Beauty to manage their affiliate program.
For some shoppers, the natural ingredients may be a selling point.

  • The commission is 6%
  • Cookie lifespan: unknown
  • Atolla Skincare:


When it comes to skincare, the bulk of cosmetics take a “one-size-fits-all” attitude.
A few skin kinds are usually available, but the approach taken to treating skin diseases is very simple.

A customised skin serum is what Atolla delivers to your visitors.
Skin serum is redesigned based on the information you provide them, using information from an app that records your actions (including hormone levels).

Consequently, your cosmetics complement your lifestyle, rather than the other way around.
Their products are entirely manufactured from plants, so you don’t have to worry about putting harsh chemicals on your skin.
Commissions are based on a percentage of sales in the majority of the skincare affiliate programs we’ve come across.
On the other hand, Atolla rewards you with a $25 commission for every sale you bring in through your affiliate connections with their service.

As of now, they only ship to the United States, which means that international affiliates are out of luck for the time being.

  • $25 commission per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 10 days
  • SkinStore:

The Skinstore

Cosmetics and skin care goods from SkinStore include high-end spa and clinical products. Makeup, hair care, bath and body products, as well as masks, peels, exfoliators, moisturisers, creams, and serums for facial care are all included in this category. Some of these products can be used for sun protection and self-tanning.

These guys have over 800 different product lines from over 300 different companies. Customers can shop based on their favourite brands, ingredients, or types of products. Shipping to the United States is free for orders over $49.

It’s important to promote SkinStore because it has a huge product selection, which could lead to a higher shopping cart value.

  • upto 5 percent commission
  • Cookie lifespan: unknown
  • Apoterra Skincare:


Dominique Caron, the founder of Apoterra, has struggled with skin issues for years.
As a result, she launched her own cosmetic line.

An entirely new company was created to cure the skin of its consumers in a more holistic way as a result of this.
This program is unique in that it sells both liquid and tactile skincare products.

Their “Gua Sha Tool” is designed to complement their topical skincare range by increasing blood flow and removing dead skin cells.
So, what are their plans for your target market?
You can help your visitors find their optimum skincare treatment program by asking a few simple questions about their skin type.

Free shipping on sales over $75 and a tree for every transaction are two of their affiliate marketing program’s primary selling points (aside from the merchandise).

As a percentage of sales, you’ll earn 10 percent.
Your profit per transaction would be $15 because an Apoterra kit costs $150. That’s $11 each Gua Sha Tool sold.
A ten percent commission is paid on each sale.

  • EPC: $35.73
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days
  • Sephora:


Known for its high-quality cosmetics, Sephora has a wide variety of well-known and boutique brands from around the globe. Their rewards program is well known and they deliver directly to your door! As a result of my wife’s fondness for Sephora, it makes this list. Her return policy is very excellent, which keeps her coming back.

In Rakuten, however, they only list the affiliate programs for Australia and Brazil, not the United States. Although it appears that the United States has a visa programme that may be applied for, you must contact them directly in order to apply for it.
On the other hand, Sephora’s affiliate managers appear to be very active. Also, make sure your website will be accepted by the company before creating campaigns around its products.

Just the company’s reputation is reason enough to consider promoting Sephora. There isn’t much of a commission to be made, but clients are likely to order more than one item at a time.

  • The commission is 3 to 8%.
  • Cookie lifespan: unknown
  • First Aid Beauty:

First Aid Beauty

First Aid Beauty is a fun and rewarding affiliate program to promote because of its unique branding and unique USP. The fact that they are promising to restore and fix your skin rather than merely “make you beautiful” strikes me as a highly innovative concept. If you’re looking for a fab pharma rescue mask, bump eraser, or ultra repair cream, you’re in luck.
Students can enter contests to help them pay off their student loan burden.

There are over 1,300 ingredients that First Aid Beauty refuses to use, and the ones that they do use are ones that improve your skin naturally, rather than trying to change it through the introduction of chemical components.
The company’s focus on skin care is one of its most enticing features. This could offer you an edge in sales because marketing is entertaining.

  • The commission is 5%
  • Cookie lifespan: unknown
  • Exposed Skincare:

Exposed Skincare

Acne was, for the most part, an annoying element of adolescence that you eventually outgrew.
Acne, on the other hand, is a chronic skin problem that affects millions of people well into adulthood.
Exposed Skincare claims that their acne treatment kits will help you clear up your acne in 30 days or less.
Although that is an arrogant claim, they do have a lot of social evidence on their website.

What is the usability of their products?
By mixing “…the best components of science and nature working together to improve your skin,” as they put it.
So, what does the program have to offer a beauty influencer or affiliate?
Their affiliate program is quite active on ShareASale, almost breaking into the top 100 of the network’s hundreds of affiliate programs.
And it’s easy to see why when you consider their conversion rate of 25%.
By concentrating on programmes that convert your visitors into sales, you can make your affiliate marketing life a lot easier.
Exposed Skincare is the website address.

  • 15 percent commission.
  • $317.88 – EPC
  • 45-day cookie duration
  • Circcell :


It is a luxury skincare brand that employs natural ingredients and avoids toxins, dyes and other artificial smells, superfluous fillers, etc. Aside from animal experimentation, the company aims to create “transformational changes” at the cellular level.

For affiliate marketers, this might be good news because the skincare products are pretty expensive, especially with the 15 percent compensation rate.

ShareASale is the company that manages the affiliate network. The average order value is $270, resulting in a commission of $40.50 each order.

The reasonable commission rate, as well as the focus on luxury, make Circcell an intriguing option. On top of all that, Ciccell strives to appear trustworthy and high-quality.

  • 15 percent commission
  • Cookie lifespan: unknown
  • OSEA:


First to sign on to the ‘Compact for Safe Cosmetics’ Initiative in 2002, OSEA was the first. It is the mission of OSEA to provide non-toxic, vegan-based skincare and body care products.

Bioavailable seaweed is a key element in OSEA products. It is also possible to employ essential oils that have been cold-pressed. OSEA goods are a little on the pricey side, but they’re worth it. There is a $68 price tag on the Vitamin Sea Serum, while the Simple Skin Care Set is priced at $142.

Because of the increased price value, you can earn more money as an affiliate. This company’s commission rate, on the other hand, isn’t published, so it’s hard to get a sense of how much you could make with this company.

  • The commission is unlisted.
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days
  • Jenette Skincare:


When Jenette Serrins suffered from severe hormone imbalances for years, she was desperate for a cure that didn’t involve pumping her body full of medicines.

Years of research into Eastern and Western healing arts led to a comprehensive solution that she found to be highly successful.
Due to her positive experience with natural medicines she chose to further her education in this subject.
When she decided to start her own skincare line in 2012, it was because of this.
Exactly how does she differ from the rest in terms of her plant-based therapy?

If you expect mass-produced chemical goop with a “organic” label on the outside, don’t buy them.
Moreover, all of her items are sourced from ethical and environmentally friendly sources.
This means your guests are helping the environment by purchasing these things.

On all sales made through affiliate links this program pays a 10% commission, which is much more than the average commission rate for all affiliate programs in this roundup.
For every $186.58 in sales, you’ll earn an additional $18 in commission.
Moreover, this scheme has a 10 percent conversion rate, meaning that one in ten affiliate hits is worth around $18 to you.
A ten percent commission is paid on each sale.

  • $215.31- EPC
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days

Skincare Affiliate Programs: Final Verdict

These ten affiliate programs are only the starting in terms of what’s possible. There are hundreds of ways for your website to make affiliate commissions, including product reviews, top ten lists, how-to instructions, and much more.
Some of you may be thinking, “But niches like this are sometimes oversaturated”.

In my perspective, that’s a bunch of crap.
When I used Ahrefs, I found almost 4,500 keywords with a KD score of 20 or lower in in about 30 seconds.
A motivated beauty affiliate or influencer can make a lot of money in this industry.
What we’ve learned about affiliate networks for skincare is just the beginning.
There are hundreds of affiliate programs looking for people like you.
Do not get ahead of yourself, however.
How well does affiliate marketing work in the real world? Probably the majority of you are still curious.
You bet it does, and we’d be more than happy to teach you how.

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