Best Sylius Cloud Hosting 2023: Which One Should You Choose?

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Looking for the Best Sylius Cloud Hosting service? Here is our top three.

Sylius is a Symfony-based open-source platform published under the most lenient MIT license. It is fully open and is operated by a vibrant developer and business community. It’s made up of elements that are fully decoupled.

As a result, all of its features, such as merchandise, catalogs, shipping engines, promotion systems, and so on, can be reused in other applications.

Existing framework integration with Sylius is also simple and takes less time if no configuration is needed.

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Bottom Line Upfront: In our opinion, Nexcess is undeniably the best Sylius cloud hosting services with a host of features and benefits. Its reliable, scalable and flexible platform come with unmetered fast servers and 24/7/365 customer support. It is one of the most popular providers.

What Is Sylius?

Sylius is developed to be there at the core of the new e-commerce system, connecting all the dots to provide a wonderful customer experience. Without the need to reinvent the wheel.

Users can use the feature right away or substitute specific puzzles with the incorporation of their favorite PIM, CRM, or marketing automation apps. Choose the best in each segment to avoid being stuck into legacy, clustered solutions due to vendor lock-in.

Sylius - Overview

Sylius is an excellent e-commerce site for creating convenient, small shops in a small period of time. The process would last one or two months.

It’s also a great fit for highly customized online retailers that have a unique shopping experience compared to conventional e-commerce sites like Magento. For example, if there are highly customized goods with complicated specifications or a fully customized buying mechanism without checkout or a shopping cart.

It’s been designed with checking in particular and code consistency insight. Sylius is both versatile and easy to use.

Sylius has a better coding ecosystem in contrast to Magento, which makes adapting to Sylius e-commerce production even simpler than learning other sophisticated self-hosted systems like Magento.

Sylius’ testing environment is still very extensive, so the developer won’t be able to monitor any critical components when making improvements. Sylius also needs fewer configuration steps; in particular, in dev mode, the page load time without cache protocols is just 0.5 seconds.

It’s a platform that’s supposed to address 70-80% of popular e-commerce problems. The rest of the 20–30% is what distinguishes the Sylius platform.

It differs from other platforms in a way that if the local features aren’t enough for you, you can use API or HTTP protocols to extend or combine these functions with other applications such as CMS, DAM, PIM, or automation tools.

Let’s get a better understanding of this platform…

Why Choose Sylius?

  • Conceptualization and Design

Both of these features are important for the effective expansion of your e-commerce store. You will develop a stunning and original design for your e-commerce website using the template framework. It gives you complete control over the appearance of your e-commerce store.

It encourages you to give your consumers a completely new look and feel by combining style and versatility in the shopping process.

  • Built for any device

It has built-in e-commerce APIs that render and develop native smartphone apps for iOS and Android, as well as Progressive Web apps, an easy process.

  • Flexible Admin Panel

The admin panel is completely customizable to your work process. It is made up of reusable and conveniently configurable parts that can be customized to suit the particular market specifications.

  • Hosting & Scaling Made Easy

Sylius can be installed on a variety of cloud platforms, including Google Cloud, Heroku, and others. It takes less time to add new functionality and scale the system, and also, enhanced performance is guaranteed.

  • All Significant Payment Providers Supported

Sylius provides out-of-the-box interfaces with the majority of the common payment gateways. And if you have a somewhat unique payment processor, it can be included with minimal effort.

  • Upgrade in a Blink

The semantic versioning principles of the Sylius have been carefully considered, and the developer would always be presented with clear update guidelines that make the whole process simple. It was recently updated from Symfony 3 to Symfony 4, which was a significant improvement.

Following each small Symfony release, it is currently one of the most advanced eCommerce solutions. Upgrading a Sylius-built program will take as little as one week.

Sylius is the best in business because it has-

  • Over 2 500 MERCHANTS
  • Over 6280 GITHUB STARS
  • More than 45 881DOWNLOADS in a month
  • Providing 250 PLUGINS
  • Around 3900 SLACK USERS

Features of Sylius :

Features- Sylius

  • Enable multiple currencies to be used.
  • Latest multi-store management
  • Modern user Permissions 
  • Delivers top management
  • Inventory from several sources
  • Product cataloging made easy
  • Options and features for the product
  • Taxation easily controlled
  • Formation of Customers groups
  • Addresses
  • Can be sold on a variety of platforms
  • Cart, Payment, and Billing
  • Shipment Management
  • Configurate the  checkout phase 
  • Discounts and Offers
  • Integration of payment systems
  • Specialized in Social Media platforms

Let’s see some of its other advantages in detail-

  • The authentic API-first method

Many companies have chosen to create Sylius APIs using API Platform, a system for developing modern API-driven projects that are embraced by all Symfony developers, to stay on top of the frontline e-commerce technology competition.

Create one-of-a-kind consumer journeys using any platform and channel through Native Mobile Apps, SPA, or PWA There are no boundaries, whether it’s a remote kiosk or a display screen in an airplane seat.

  • Multi commerce facilities

It makes no difference whether you’re trying out a new market model locally or spreading globally. Sylius is based on a versatile system that can manage cross-border transfers, various currencies, agencies, countries, and more.

  • Open Source tools for technical leadership departments in the business

Sylius is the perfect choice for experienced in-house or company teams that are tired of over-engineered enterprise applications and respect creative freedom.

  • High standard of Sylius

Sylius specializes in the sharing economy, which is why Sylius is creating an Open Source platform and a community around it full of passionate and innovative people.

  • Sylius Plus

Sylius offers a premium version that includes much of the benefits of Open Source and even more things to help facilitate the most difficult ventures like-

  • Features that are business-grade
  • Professional assistance supported by a service level agreement
  • A customer experience that is dedicated
  • Project Completion assistance


  • Testing and research-friendly

With Continuous Integration and Delivery, you can detect and repair bugs until they affect your clients and revenues. Sylius is a leader in e-commerce site automated testing and incorporates this technique into the projects.

Behavior Driven Development focuses the staff on providing value to your customers rather than simply writing code. Additionally, greater coordination between the enterprise and the engineers is an added benefit to the whole company.

  • Enhancing Ecosystem

With a group of dedicated developers and marketers working hard to deliver the best technologies on the market, the Sylius ecosystem is rapidly expanding. To improve the e-commerce game, tap into a network of device integrators, technology suppliers, extensions, and community activities.

On Sylius, you can create any kind of e-commerce website, like B2C, C2C, and B2B. Since Sylius’ architecture is separated, you can use either the entire Sylius stack or only a few of its components. This makes creating a personalized e-commerce app easy.

Sylius is an e-commerce website, which means it’s a program that lets you create an online shop.

It is widely referred to as a platform because it includes a technical basis as well as a series of methodologies to assist businesses and IT teams in the development of medium and wide e-commerce programs.

It was designed with several integrations in mind, including CRM, PIM, and ERP, with Sylius playing a key role. The first official update (1.0.0) was launched in 2017, and since then, their community has grown to over 3300 Slack users. Sylius is entirely open-source and published under the MIT license.

Best Hosting Services offering Sylius 

Sylius is becoming a more identifiable figure in the e-commerce market with time, thanks to its rising number of contributors (600+) and nearly 6000 stars on GitHub. As the e-commerce Sylius platform increases in popularity, even more, enterprises are choosing to put their confidence in it.

By opting for Sylius, these businesses will start with a blank sheet and add only the modules that are important to their operations, integrating them as per their workflow.

Hence, they will receive a flexible solution that meets their requirements, is quick to implement, pleasing to the eye, and maximizes conversions.

When the right platform is in the hands of skilled developers, it performs best. 

We’ve mentioned the best companies to recruit for your next Sylius e-commerce project below. By delivering highly profitable projects to their customers, these firms have developed experience in operating on the Sylius platform.

Nexcess a liquid we brand- Nexcess vs Bluehost

Adaptable integrations, instant development pages, and better workflow planning are all characteristics of the Nexcess Sylius hosting solution that considers the specific needs of marketers and developers.

We have also shared the detailed Nexcess Review. Read further to know about its services and hosting benefits.

Choose Nexcess because it offers-

  • Improved Workflow Management

Via your Client Portal, you can manage several users with permission sets and special SSH keys.

  • A Friendly Atmosphere

A SSAE-18 and PCI DSS supported environment that is audited regularly so that your customers can have faith in your store’s security.

  • Cloud Acceleration with Sylius

Adopt a software stack designed specifically for e-commerce at the business level. Your store would be stable and performant thanks to modular PHP models, backend database caching, and flexible technologies.

  • Adaptable integrations

Get a first look at the best features and solutions, help influence their growth and release, and help determine the future of e-commerce and content hosting. If you join the beta program-

  • You’ll get a unique, free approach to the latest solutions before other websites
  • Have the potential to impact the advancement of emerging technologies
  • Get the capacity to research and refine solutions before their commercialization.


  • Platform-assisted development

Nexcess construction sites are identical to the live site and environment. While using development and staging environments is recommended, the mechanism for facilitating improvements to a live site differs. Nexcess Dev Sites are designed to provide developers with the tools they need to excel and execute their own methods.

  • Beta Stage Product

Sylius is presently providing itself in the form of a Beta product. As we create a stronger and more stable approach, you will have the opportunity to improve and evaluate with Sylius.

Nexcess is the best because it has the following features-

  • Install with a single click

Take advantage of a fully optimized e-commerce experience by installing Sylius with a single click during the checkout phase.

  • Email Hosting and Integrated Services

For a stronger e-commerce experience, handle both your email and your shop in one location.

  • Backups are made every day.

Backups of the Sylius environment are taken every day and archived for 30 days.

  • A Friendly Atmosphere

A PCI DSS and SSAE-18 compatible environment that is audited regularly so that your customers can have faith in your store’s security.

  • Cloud Acceleration with Sylius

Adopt a software stack designed specifically for e-commerce at the business level and an adaptable PHP version. With Nexcess, your store is secure and performant due to backend application caching and scalable technologies.

  • An adaptable e-commerce provider

When the traffic spikes, Nexcess Auto Scaling, a scalable e-commerce platform, comes to the rescue, ensuring that speed, security, and a positive customer experience are maintained.

We’ve all endured getting trapped in traffic, where a 15-minute trip will turn into a 30-minute one.

When someone uses the site at the same time, the same backups happen on your web server. Although seeing a lot of traffic to your website is a positive thing, if you aren’t organized, it will ruin the customer experience.

2. Emizentech 

Emizentech-eCommerce Solution

Emizentech is an e-commerce software firm with a team of professionals for each technology, including Opencart, Sylius, Shopware, Shopify, Salesforce, Magento Commerce, and others. The firm serves a diverse range of domestic and foreign customers in a variety of sectors.

Emizentech is a well-known IT firm that specializes in providing top-quality e-commerce services for a variety of business verticals. They build eCommerce company websites and apps that are functional, flexible, and cost-effective, boosting overall market success by generating huge traffic, revenues, and referrals to your digital business. The primary areas of their services are as follows:

  • CMS and e-commerce (Drupal, Woo Commerce, Magneto, Shopify, Opencart, WordPress Joomla,)
  • App Development (IOS, PWA, Android, Wearable, Native, Hybrid)
  • Web development (web portal design, responsive design, user experience design/user interface)
  • Web services (Php, Node JS, Laravel, React JS, Angular JS, Python)
  • Cloud services (Magento Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Cloud,)

3. Webkul

Webkul services- best sylius services

Webkul is one of the most well-known brands in the Sylius production industry. It has a long list of reputable companies as customers in a variety of fields. Getting committed Sylius developers on staff will provide you with dependable solutions to your needs.

4. Inchoo

Inchoo services- best sylius hosting providers

Inchoo is a well-known company for its Sylius and other websites E-commerce services. The firm has 11 years of experience in various e-commerce platforms and offers services in all areas.

5. Velox Softech

Velox software company- best sylius platform providers

Over the last few years, Velox Softech has developed itself as a top software firm, delivering efficient and high-performing development services to a wide variety of customers with different demands and specifications.

6. Itristan Media Group

iTristan sylius cloud hosting services

Itristan Media Organization has created some of the world’s most lucrative, creative, and high-performing Sylius ECommerce Websites. They’ve incorporated CRMs, payment authentication, personalized feature extensions, and cutting-edge mobile interface interfaces aimed at achieving conversion targets.

7. Xigen

Xigen- best sylius hosting

Xigen is dedicated to developing high-performance e-commerce platforms for corporate and small-to-medium-sized market customers looking to expand their operations. Their data-driven strategy means that the e-commerce solutions, multimedia templates, and marketing material they produce are user-friendly.

8. Bay20

Bay20- best sylius cloud hosting

Bay20 employs dedicated Sylius developers and programmers. The firm offers project conception, planning, creation, and testing services.

9. Brandcrock

Brandcrock services

Brandcrock has a track record of completing projects on schedule and delivering them to its valued customers. The firm does not compromise on the product’s intelligence, consistency, or sharpness.

10. Treolabs

TreoLabs- best sylius cloud hosting service

Treolabs is professional and innovative enough to manage projects of all sectors and complexities, whether it’s Sylius store production, performance enhancement of a business, or some other necessity.

11. Tallum

Tallium Inc. is a reliable industry growth partner. They specialize in developing high-quality smartphone and online apps for both startups and established businesses, supporting our wonderful clients and suppliers from idea to launch and maintenance.

Qualified graphic designers, top-skilled architects, QA engineers, program managers, communications consultants, and industry analysts make up our tight-knit team of 45 IT experts.

They have a broad knowledge of AI, game-based mechanics, geo-marketing, and VR/AR technologies, as well as comprehensive experience, designing functional and significant marketplaces, sharing media, and interactive mobile apps.

They are very happy to share knowledge of developing reference creation systems and offer staff enhancement services to strengthen current teams with their best experts.

12. Codiant

Codiant has been described as “a trustworthy collaborator, a reliable service provider, and inspiration.”

It has been a major source for the world-class development of mobile applications, web apps, UI/UX, business mobility services, and application management services across different platforms.

Codiant- sylius cloud hostiong serives

Codiant is recognized as the most favourable mobile applications firm, with a strong world presence in the USA, UK, Australia, and India, which supports the innovative ideas of startups, small and small enterprises, and large organizations, through a qualified mobility team and web experts, with solid experience in a range of vertical areas such as Travel, Fitness, Tourism, Healthcare, BitCoin, Digital Wallets, Augmented Reality, Cryptocurrency, Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and world-changing industries.

13. Techmango

Software resources offered by Techmango are acknowledged as the Best Offshore Software Development Company in the United States and Australia. They are a full-service web and mobile technology development company. Techmango is driven by the motto “Clients’ Vision is Our Mission.

Techmango services- sylius dev platform

They have a proclivity to hang on to the most recent trends of the software world. They are the most technologically innovative and well-liked company in the country, delivering high-quality, cost-effective services while concentrating on long-term customer relationships.

Techmango’s services include artificial intelligence development, mobile app development, software designing, testing and quality assurance, graphic and web design, infrastructure management, Integration programs, support and servicing, migration from legacy technologies, Brand building, and research & development

They are a prominent IT service and consultancy firm that provides both regulated and specialist services.

14. Galaxy Weblinks

Galaxy Weblinks was founded in 1998 as specialized web development and mobile application development firm. With over 1000 projects completed with over 200 customers, they provide strategic advice and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Best sylius cloud hosting platform

The first and most critical task is to assist our clients in comprehending the whole technological world and developing, designing, implementing, and supporting technologies that meet their requirements – and finances.

They specialize in-

  • Apps for Android, iOS, and hybrid devices
  • Development of Open Source Software
  • Website designing and production

15. Maticz

Maticz is a well-known corporate software development agency in India providing an end-to-end market solution that will help you ascend the performance ladder for your venture.

Maticz- best sylius platform

They have an in-depth understanding of Blockchain, AI, cloud services IoT and is an established blockchain software company.

They also offer a variety of business applications, including artificial intelligence, AR/VR, Blockchain, Fintech, IoT, Data Analytics, AI, BI, and cloud services.

They have a team of highly qualified tech professionals who can provide top-quality software services that add value to your company.

16. Fexle

Fexle Services was established in 2013 and has a strong team of engineers, programmers, Salesforce advisors, market analysts, and QA practitioners with a combined background of more than 25 years.

fexle- sylius cloud hosting service

Their staff of 120+ professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality services that are designed using the most up-to-date technology platform, such as AI, AR/VR, beacons, blockchain, and more.

They are a Salesforce Silver Outsourcing Affiliate and provide high-quality Salesforce-based technologies such as salesforce integration, process platform, marketing cloud, and more.

Below are some of the most important things they provide:

  • Mobile Application Development Services, e-commerce Development Service,
  • CMS Development Service Digital Marketing Service,
  • Enterprise Software Development  CRM Development Services,
  • Web Development Services, and
  • Web Design.

FAQ’s on Best Sylius Cloud Hosting:

⏰How much time did it take to make Sylius?

Sylius has grown over time, but major milestones indicate that it took around six years from its first pieces of code to its stable release in 2017.

👓 What was the inspiration for the word Sylius?

It's a mix of the names Sylwia and Justyna, the mother and sister of Sylius' owner, respectively.

🔥 What projects are Sylius designed for?

Sylius is ideally suited for mid-sized B2C merchants and all types of Enterprise ventures, from large-scale B2C to the most bizarre ideas like B2B2B2C (yes, 3x B) highly personalized marketplace services.

💥 How does Auto Scaling work?

When the website's traffic continues to rise more than the website’s user capacity, auto-scaling tracks it and causes a scaling event. The PHP method cap (also known as PHP workers) is adjusted during a scaling event to handle bursts of user concurrency on your platform. And you should be confident that your platform can accommodate something that comes its way as you advertise flash deals, see activity from a viral tweet, or plan for seasonal peaks like holiday shopping.

✔ What do we mean by Database Scrubbing?

By swapping personally identifiable information (PII) with placeholders, database scrubbing ensures the users' confidentiality. When a third-party agency or administrator is in charge of implementation or research, or when modifications need access to Personally Identifiable Information, database scrubbing comes in handy (PII).

👍 What exactly is Sylius Plus?

Sylius Plus, a commercial version of the software, is available. Sylius Plus has all of the benefits of Open Source plus a lot more. It provides a collection of enterprise-level features as well as technical assistance from the developers. It eliminates risks and raises ROI as a cutting-edge e-commerce site.

😎 What are Sylius' Three Natures?

Sylius is made up of PHP e-commerce modules that are entirely decoupled and scalable. It's also a set of Symfony packages that combine the various components into a full-stack structure. Furthermore, Sylius is a full e-commerce platform composed of all of these elements. It's all up to you how you want to use Sylius. You can use the components for any system, embed selected packages into a new or existing Symfony program, or create your software on a Sylius platform.

$$ What is Sylius' licensing and pricing procedure?

Sylius chose to introduce equal, value-based pricing instead of basing it on variables like the number of servers, customers, or goods. It enables them to assist smaller companies while still meeting the demands of perhaps the most difficult programs by allowing us to reinvest wisely in product growth. The annual subscription price is determined by the number of purchases processed by Sylius, with no variations in selection.

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Conclusion: Which Is The Best Sylius Cloud Hosting 2023?

Sylius’ major advantage is that it is extremely flexible, even though it is not a solution that comes with all features out of the box. Setting up projects is a couple of times easier than on Sylius than other platforms due to the developer-friendly ecosystem (based on the PHP framework – Symfony).

Sylius offers stability, fast updates, and a rigorous monitoring process to guarantee the highest standard. Behaviour-Driven-Development (BDD) is at the heart of Sylius.

Tests are an important aspect of the production process because they maintain the best degree of consistency and efficiency. BDD is an extension of TDD (Test Driven Development) in which the specification arrives first, rather than writing the code and then checking the process.

Nexcess is undeniably the best Sylius cloud hosting services with a host of features and benefits. Its reliable, scalable and flexible platform come with unmetered fast servers and 24/7/365 customer support. It is one of the most popular providers. 

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