Nexcess Vs. Cloudways 2023 | Which One Is Better Managed WordPress Hosting Platform?

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In this post, we have shared the Nexcess vs Cloudways 2023, comparison between the two amazing WordPress managed hosting platform. Here is a head-to-head comparison.


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Anyone looking for a reliable web host with services from free site migrations to CDN services, and 100% uptime to around the clock support

Cloudways is a platform that is used for the management of several hosting platforms which serves as a base for the teams for development, building, and deployment, scaling as well as managing the phenomenal applications used for a website.

  • Auto-scaling Nexcess Cloud platform
  • Web hosting services by SSDs and RAID
  • Enhanced Verification (EV) SSL Certificate
  • Scalable Performances
  • Provision of 100% Cloud Web Hosting
  • One-Click Recovery and Daily Backups
  • Out of the box e-Commerce solution
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cloud infrastructure with auto-scaling
  • Cloud infrastructure with auto-scaling
  • The team is available on 24*7*365
  • Deploy WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and other apps
  • Some complaints of downtime.
  • Getting web hosting and the domain name is a paid feature
Ease of Use

Nexcess promises superior loading speeds and server performance, particularly for Magento or WordPress websites.

Extremely easy to use, but you have to understand certain technical things for a smoother experience.

Value For Money

Normal servers are an incredible value, as you scale your server up, the premium you pay also goes up and can get pricy

Normal servers are an incredible value, as you scale your server up, the premium you pay also goes up and can get pricy

Customer Support

Nexcess support staff is available 24/7/365 to resolve issues you have quickly. You can reach support through client portal, via email, or by phone.

It’s not perfect though, I have some issues that they didn’t fix properly.

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Are you aware of what is a “managed WordPress host”? 

The terminology “managed” for WordPress refers to the web host’s handling among all server-related obligations and responsibilities on your behalf. This typically entails stuff including WordPress installation, backups, improvements, and scalability and reliability inspections.

Managed WordPress hosting refers to hosting services that oversee essential management services along with WordPress installation, privacy, agility, WordPress upgrades, data backup, high homepage availability, and optimization.

WordPress seems to be a black box that helps users upload their articles, products, posts, etc., mainly on the internet without knowing much about the technical side of things. It should always continue to be that way.

As a result, businesses that provide managed WordPress hosting prove to be a valuable fit for that requirement. Isn’t it?

Throughout this article, we’ll discover it.

Do you think your portals aren’t as simple and effective as they should be? Would you wish to see more from your server?

Cloud hosting, unified benefits for convenience, productivity, safety, and a higher level of customer satisfaction are available with managed WordPress hosting.

Throughout this article, we’ll see the comparison between Nexcess and Cloudways, one of the best WordPress managed-to-host options. In conclusion, we’ll make some suggestions as to which is better by putting up particular usage scenarios.

Nexcess vs Cloudways Overview


It’s critical to know the best hosting with your WordPress website. The wellbeing of your WordPress site is determined by the hosting service you choose.

Nexcess overview- nexcess vs cloudways

This is a WordPress Hosting and Administration Technologies for Interactive Webpage that are Quick, Helpful, and Futureproof.

Nexcess was first introduced in the United States in the year 2000. This is a subsidiary of Liquid Web, which also has branches in the United Kingdom and Australia. The firm has decades of work expertise and provides a high-quality web hosting company.

Advanced innovation brings around a ton of potential. The owners of Nexcess started nearly twenty years ago in a big warehouse in Michigan, intending to become a hosting company that allows customers to create and develop the companies they want.

They now have data centers worldwide that provide the highest efficiency, accuracy, and supervision, and all managed through their offices in Southfield, Michigan.

We’ve started to achieve developments that have permanently altered the course of web hosting diversity on organizational performance by accepting sophistication, delivering stabilization, and collaborating with their customers, investors, and teammates.

They’ve put together a squad of WordPress professionals who are well-versed in the industry. Their work would provide a secure, helpful reference, deploy cutting-edge innovation, monitoring systems, and upgrade operating systems, offer quick access to excellent extensions that boost developer productivity, ensure stability, and provide unwavering assistance.

That’s the guarantee of Nexcess’s managed WordPress hosting. That would be precisely everything they do.

Liquid web, a prominent web host renowned because of its technical support, owns Nexcess. Nexcess might not be as technological as the others, but it would be a worthy foe. There are creative facilities and command posts accessible, as well as email hosting. Multisite WordPress is, however, endorsed.

An auto-scaling aspect is a prevalent tool. Nexcess can gauge your services for free for 24 h when one of your posts makes headlines and requires more simultaneous connections.


Cloudways has been a well-managed hosting provider that provides flexible cloud hosting for perhaps a multitude of PHP-based apps, including WordPress.

Cloudways Overview- necxcess vs cloudways

Vultr, Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud are among the cloud hosting companies available via Cloudways.

The company was established in 2011. Nonetheless, mainly as a newer version of Cloudway 2.0, it dominated the industry. It was released as the latest iteration of Cloudway 2.0 in 2016.

Their headquarters are located on the European island of Malta. They already have offices in Spain and Dubai. Their thirty-plus employees have helped eight thousand people representing 43 multiple nations launching more than twelve thousand application servers plus 25,000+ web applications.

Cloudways itself does not have a hosting channel; instead, they offer managed hosts on behalf of those mentioned above prominent hosting companies.

All of this comes with a user-friendly settings menu that eliminates the need for expertise and experience to manage a cloud webserver. Presently, some people use Digital Ocean, although Vultr and Digital Ocean are the two most popular options.

Simply put, you select your collaborating facility, the software you implement, and the amount of money you want to invest in it, and Cloudways handles all or most of the technical aspects. You won’t be dealing with a command prompt or waste time searching for coding and instructions.

Would you like to be able to ramp up your human resources at whatever time? In quite a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to assign additional personnel.

Cloudways’ degree of versatility isn’t perfect for beginners, so if you’re technically-minded or prepared to work the system, you’ll be likely to get somehow inexpensive cloud hosting that won’t bankrupt.

The level of leverage you get from your service is something we’ve discovered to be particularly helpful with this WordPress-managed host. Particularly when compared to many other managed hosts’ control systems, which are relatively limited, the trade-off is a steeper technical challenge.

However, the ability to see server-level statistics and resume procedures like PHP could be tremendously beneficial.

Nexcess vs Cloudways Features


Their cloud hosting strategies are built all over your demands.

nexcess features- cloudways vs nexcess

Even if you’re a growing enterprise or a high-traffic existing business: auto-scale, operating system, PCI compliance, and extensive application software allow you to maximize alternative views in a highly scalable cloud system.

  • A System That Expands With Your Company:

Development necessitates the acquisition of even more wealth and influence. With just a couple of clicks within your Customer Portal, you can update your cloud hosting solution or temporarily enhance consumer resource utilization.

  • Engineered Top speed to Keep You In front:

The following pace with the demands involves giving your customers a simple and straightforward encounter. The Cloud Accelerator enables sophisticated resource caches and vastly accelerates your cloud hosting solutions.

  • The most recent technological advancements. Designed for You:

The cloud hosting platform is developed to facilitate your site’s interoperability, safety, and reliability. Enhanced cache methods, high-performance modifications, and extensible capabilities using container add-ons are all available.

  • They are keeping a close eye mostly on applications. You Always Have Your Eyes on the Prize:

A squad of devoted professionals is ready to facilitate your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can invest your days in whatever you’re doing professionally and focusing on your company, and getting us to tackle your technological and service problems.

  • You Might not See This Technical Knowledge Anywhere Though:

With a tailored programmer set of tools to assist your staff design construct and understand your website’s possibilities, you can put your growth complaints before you.

  • Unparalleled safety and PCI compliance as a general rule:

From personal information to coding flaws, security is critical. Nexcess safety toughening, 24×7 monitoring equipment, and unrivaled high availability maintain your website tied down and shielded.

Although their user interface firewall (WAF) is routinely presented with the latest sets of rules to pursue an ever-changing terrain of known threats, they can still assist you if you require anything specific.

  • Free Migration patterns and 1-Click Accesses Help You Get Up And running quickly:

Changing hosting suppliers is a nerve-wracking experience. It does not, however, should be this way. With something like a devoted relocation squad on hand to make up all of the categories and steer you through beginning to end, they render your transition seamlessly.

Nexcess migration- cloudways vs nexcess

Alternatively, if you’d like to establish a new cloud server, their 1-click installations will set up and optimize your private cloud for all the other eight programs they advocate.

  • Information That’s safe. Anything Usually Happens:

Regular backups, which are stored every one month, ensure that your information has never been lost, even though something goes wrong with your manufacturing facility.

  • Dynamic User Administration:

The Corporate Website allows you to manage groups of people and authorization ranges.

  • Everything you need to know about cloud hosting in one convenient location. Incorporating Email:

Not only can you host your homepage throughout the Nexcess Cloud, but you should also host your email addresses there. They keep the information accessible and effective by allowing you to do everything within one location.

Apart from all this, they provide data center locations globally, a manageable DNS server, SSL Certifications, CDN services, Beaver Builder Lite, and domain registration.


Cloudways features- cloudways and nexcess comparison

Cloudways is a fantastic value for money organizing system, and their real-time chat 24x7x365 support allows moving most of my websites along a breeze for me.

There’s enough power on a standardized single Gigabyte remote server to operate 15-20 domains without issue.

Cloudways advocacy instructed me to allocate one GigaByte of RAM for every ten thousand unique visitors to many sites hosted from each central server.

You could upgrade RAM with a single tap at a particular time, and it only requires a few seconds. Let’s go over the whole of Cloudways’ excellent features:

  • Several Server Facilities Across the Globe
  • Free WordPress Transfer with Easy, Pay-As-You-Go Retail prices
  • Website Management in Depth
  • URLs for staging
  • SSL Certificates for Free

Rapidity –

Cloudways supports approximately Sixty data center venues throughout all of the cloud hosting companies it serves. Its SSD-based cloud server technology uses Nginx software, the newest editions of PHP, HTTP/2, and MySQL, and MariaDB becoming your information maintenance service of preference.

Protection –

Every system at Cloudways is protected by firewalls, authentication and database safety precautions, and a complimentary SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Additionally, it doesn’t provide anyone with malicious scanning or extractions. To manage them, you’ll always need to use third-party extensions and applications.

Performing –

Cloudways provides two types of caches: Varnish Cookie for server-side caches as well as its own Breeze caches module, which combines server and web page optimization. Folder inclusion, serialization, and Gzip encoding are all included in this free plugin. The hosting frequently offers a CDN service.

However, it is a separate program that is not included in the hosting cost. Finally, your site’s success and safety are monitored by the hosting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Backups are important-

You have full authority regarding your backups with this server. You could choose between backup intervals with one hour to eight days, as well as backup privacy requirements of one to four weeks.


Nexcess Advantages:

  • Backup systems are essential- Daily data is loaded and kept for months at a time. You can also request backups on request.


  • They have a dedicated support team 24 hours, seven days nonstop- You may dial their contact information at a particular time to implement concerns in an incident. Customer support in the United States is excellent, competent, and valuable. You could also use and access the Learning Libraries for self-help videos and how-to information.


  • Free 14-Day Trial- Register for a 14-day free trial to see how Managed WordPress and WooCommerce vary. A bank account is not required.

You’ll have fourteen days to investigate a homepage or gateway layout and web that docks at lightning speed, with built-in auto-scaling as well as an automated widget and framework upgrades, since you can concentrate on what you’re doing better.

  • Safety is paramount-

Antivirus software and notification and filtering for a malicious hack are in position, but intrusion elimination and security patches are not included. Let’s Encrypt offers free SSL certificates, and the host can maintain your extensions updated for you.

  • The ability to move quickly- Nexcess provides cloud servers that include Nginx, SSD storage, MySQL, and the most recent PHP editions.
  • The capacity to execute- Every provider has a multifaceted cache, and Nexcess offers CDN services via its relationship with Verizon Online Content Facilities.

Nexcess Disadvantages: 

  1. Nexcess assembled a total of professionals who are only available throughout office hours. On passes for support-related matters, support responses are slow.
  2. Prepaid items do not come with a money-back assurance. When you terminate your monthly subscription earlier, you may receive a full refund. The yearly prepaid origination fee is non-refundable. The cost of the trademark is prohibitively expensive to justify.
  3. No Free Domains: As a result, you won’t be able to register a free domain. Domain registering can, therefore, be purchased for a fee.

Cloudways Advantages

Cloudways Hosting has the following advantages:

  • Great customer service:

You would have a more challenging time getting help unless you do not have high-quality client service. Cloudways makes sure that you’ve never had to worry about all this.

Client help is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week via telephone, email, and chat support. There is also a “demand a contact” choice, so you’ll need to request that customer service call you later.

  • Period of Free Trial:

Through Cloudways, all users can test the technologies for free since they only have access to the benefits for a few days. There is no risk, no obligation, no need for a credit card, and that you can withdraw at any moment.

  • Plans for low-cost cloud hosting:

Among the most appealing aspects of Cloudways hosting has been its low cost. Even effectively, there is a hosting proposal to accommodate any likelihood and expenditure. Independent of a rate profile you pick, you will receive every one of the crucial elements.

  • There Are No Limits:

CloudWays has no restrictions on the number of websites you may create; you could create as many as you want. Other hosting providers would charge you twice that much for similar services.

Its distinguishing feature is that you’re still able to update origins while maintaining.

  • As a backup:

Cloudways has the distinctive property of allowing you to schedule a backup for your website on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. If anything goes wrong with your homepage and you’ll have a backup, all it takes is one button to restore it.

  • The cost freedom:

Cloudways’ leveraging is ideal for the consumer. This applies to every proposal; they may take payments every month or in hours. Cloudways, on the other hand, offers a free trial to each frame in addition to making its systems more versatile.

  • Safety that is managed:

Cloudways’ hosting will take care of the majority of far more practical aspects of running a website in your area, along with cybersecurity.

Regardless of which cloud hosting plan you choose, you’ll have built-in protection and wellbeing benefits to prevent data theft and safeguard your data. The following are just some of these characteristics:


  • Encryption with two factors.
  • It has Firewalls at the operating system level.
  • Patch fixes and software improvements are made on a regular basis.
  • Download a free SSL certificate with one tap.
  • It has the right to whitelist IP addresses.

Cloudways Disadvantages:

  1. There is no Cpanel- Cloudways has its dashboard for managing your programs as well as everything else you bring, mainly on a web server. It isn’t harder to understand when to use it, but cPanel offers a greater depth of understanding.
  2. Cloudways does not allow you to obtain a domain name. 
  3. There is no email server, but you could still create integrated email addresses to your proposal as something of an add-on.

PRICING AND PLANS- Necxcess vs Cloudways 


Nexcess pricing- nexcess vs cloudwaysnexcess pricing plans

Spark: It is indeed a low-cost monthly plan which begins at19 dollars. You have one website, 15GB of disc space, 2TB of connectivity, an SSL certificate, a CDN, as well as an unrestricted number of personal emails.

Maker: The price of this option is 79 dollars every month. Five web addresses, 40GB of disc space, 3TB of capacity, an SSL certificate, and unrestricted personal emails are included.

Designer: The cost of this option is 109 dollars every month. Up to ten websites can be hosted, with 60GB of disc space and 4TB of capacity, an SSL certificate, and a limitless number of email addresses.

Builder: The cost of this coverage begins at 149 dollars each month. You receive 25 domains, 100 GB of storage, 5 TB of access, an SSL certificate, and an indefinite number of email servers.

Produced: The monthly fee for this option is $299. You obtain Fifty web addresses, 300 GB of storage, 5 TB of capacity, an SSL certificate, and an unprecedented number of email servers.

Executive: The monthly cost for this initiative begins at $549. You acquire hundreds of web addresses, 500 GB of storage, 10 TB of connectivity, an SSL certificate, and an enormous user accounts supply.

Enterprise: It is the most expensive plan, costing $999 each month. It gives two hundred fifty domains, 800 GB of disc space, 10 TB of traffic, an SSL certificate, and free email addresses.


Cloudways provides users with a straightforward plan that is simple to comprehend and implement. They operate on a Pay-as-you-Go basis, which means you would only be charged for the features you use.

Cloudways’ monthly holding pricing starts at ten dollars and goes up to eighty dollars per month. They offer five distinct cloud services, each with its pricing and approach.

They seem to have a particular caching extension named Breeze that serves their mission admirably.

  • The Digital Ocean:

Cloudways pricing- cloudways vs nexcess

Digital Ocean offers among the most affordable plans, with prices ranging from ten dollars to eighty dollars every fortnight.

You could get one to eight gigabytes of RAM, twenty-five gigabytes to 160 GigaByte storing, two to four core CPUs, and communication bandwidth ranging from one TB to five TB, relying primarily on the plan you select.

A most popular Digital Ocean plan costs forty-two dollars per month and includes four GB of RAM, two core CPUs, eighty Gb of onboard storage, and four TB data transmission.

  • Linode: 

cloudways linode pricing

This service supplier’s options range from twelve dollars to ninety dollars for each month. They include one GB to eight GB RAM, one to four-core CPUs, twenty GB to ninety-six GB storage capacity, and one TB to four TB connectivity.

Among the most popular Linode plans is fifty dollars per month, including four GB of RAM, two core CPUs, eighty Gb internal memory, and four TB of transmit power.

  • Vultr:

Cloudways pricing plans

Vultr’s monthly policies vary from eleven and eighty-four dollars. one GB to eight GB RAM, one to four-core CPUs, 25 GB to 100 GB storage, and one TB to four TB processing power are all available.

Their top-rated plan costs 44 dollars each month and includes four GB of RAM, two core CPUs, 80 GB of storage capacity, and three TB data transfers.

  • The monthly cost of Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans ranges between $85.17 to $272.73. Every month, Google Computing Engine (GCE) proposes content between $73.62 to $226.05. GCE aims to present from 3.75 GB to 16 GB RAM and 1 to 4 vCPU. All subscriptions include 20GB of storage and 2GB of connections. Another very prevalent GCE plan costs 73.62 dollars every month and provides 3.75 GB RAM, one vCPU, 20Gb internal memory, and 2GB of bandwidth.

Nexcess Customer Reviews:

Nexcess reviews- siteground vs nexcess Nexcess reviews

Cloudways Testimonials:

Cloudways reviews- cloudways vs necxcesscloudways testimonials- nexcess vs cloudways Quick Links: 

FAQs On Nexcess vs Cloudways: 


h3> 1️⃣ Then what was the distinction between WordPress hosting as well as shared hosting?


Shared hosting refers to a hosting strategy in which your website shares information with many other websites on the very same software. Managed WordPress hosting would be a collection of better features and software upgrades that form an integral part of standard hosting.

2️⃣ Is Nexcess a trustable web host?

Its achievement is unrivaled, its efficiency and safety are unsurpassed, yet this hosting is well-known for its consistency.

3️⃣ What is the process of using Cloudways?

Cloudways offers highly scalable hosting, ensuring that your WordPress sites load quickly and that you don't have to worry about WordPress hosting issues. Their platform-as-a-service database server has a lot of remarkable innovations, and that you can scale up and down your hosting assets even though your webpage develops.

Nexcess vs Cloudways Hosting Verdict: Which One Wins As The Better Host?

Don’t just compare Nexcess vs Cloudways price when selecting a hosting provider; special techniques, safety, uptime, instructions, and convenience of its use should all be taken into account.

The two web hosts we’ve reviewed here both provide outstanding quality and include most of the amenities you’ll have to get your WordPress website fully operational. Which one are you going to pick?

Don’t make the mistake of going with “the least expensive you could get” when looking for just a web host. What would you like for a $2 a month plan?

Alternatively, seek valuation in an organization’s services; factors like service quality, achievement, uptime, and performance enhancements should all be considered.

Don't just compare Nexcess vs Cloudways price when selecting a hosting provider; special techniques, safety, uptime, instructions, and convenience of its use should all be taken into account. The two web hosts we've reviewed here both provide outstanding quality and include most of the amenities you'll have to get your WordPress website fully operational.

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