[Updated] List of Best Trust Badges To Increase Conversions by 200% 2020

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      E-commerce is a huge industry where you can easily earn revenue. And when our e-commerce store get trusted by our customers then our sales increase exponentially that ramps up our ROI.

      As the trust factor really create a huge impact right on the sales of the e-commerce site as we need to assure our visitors that our site is safe and secure. Or we can also say that Trust factor is directly proportional to sales. The more trust we build with our customers the more sales we get as it also helps in getting more sales conversion of a website.

      So, what should you do in order to build the trust factor that we talking about? Don’t worry here in this post we’ll compile the list of legit Trust Badges To Increase Sales Conversion  2020 that helps you in bringing more and more sales.

      Really, nowadays it is necessary to build trust right any website and especially e-commerce stores. As every problem has different solution same here in case of building trust for your e-commerce website you can simply use any Trust Badges according to your requirements.

      Why We Need A Trust Badge For Our Website?

      We should know the reason why we must use Trust Badges To Increase Sales Conversion of our e-commerce website. We need to know the necessity and utility of the Trust Badges. As per the reports by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, they said that there were tons of frauds complaint is being registered for the e-commerce stores. Here we also use some trust badges right on our blog too.

      Trust Badges Ton Increase Sales Conversion- Ou website Trust Mark

      And near about the 17% of the mentioned concern about the payment security option and they have simply dropped the out the purchase as they didn’t get that secure interface where they can enter they valuable data and make a purchase.

      And most of the people are saying that they have bounced back right from the sales pages as there was no trust seal on the sales page of a website.

      If we talk about the percentage of people who look for a trust badge on the site is more than 70%. And basically the presence of a Trust Badge is security indicator when people find it right on your sales or checkout pages they will definitely feel secure and without having any second thought most probably they will make a purchase on your store.

      What Actually Are The Trust Badges or Trust Seal?

      In common if we say a Trust Badge or Trust Seal is a badge or a seal that sometimes called the secure site goal. It’s like a small badge on many sites when we are at the checkout page or anywhere on a store. Basically, the badges that we see in common at the online checkouts are the badges that are having some security reasons behind them. And mainly many of the Trust Badges are associated with the SSL- Secure Socket Layers. Many of the websites are having the trust badge nowadays.

      And here the Trust Badges can also be acquired right from your web hosting company as here you can find many reliable web hosting providers that offer Free SSL Certificates and BlueHost is one of the reliable web hosting provider that offers free SSL certificate and BlueHost is strongly recommended by us.

      When we simply display the logo of big and established companies then it really possible to build more trust with our customer and most of these icons are free and you don’t have invest anything here.

      But we strongly recommend that you should always make your website secure and keep the data of your customer safe and secure by using an SSL certificate right on your website that will really help you in building trust with your customer along with skyrocketing your sales.

      So, let’s start explaining the list of Legit Trust Badges To Increase Sales Conversions of your website. Let’s start here..

      List of Best Trust Badges To Increase Sales Conversions In 2020

      1) Symantec SSL/TLS Certificate

      Basically, Symantec was formerly known as the as the VeriSign that mainly offers the enterprise-class SSL/TLS certificates. And trust us, it is considered as the best and most reliable Certificate Authority in the world. Many of the top performing sites are currently using this SSL certificate service.  

      Symantec- Trust Badges To Increase Sales Conversion

      Here, it let you display the Norton Security Seal– as here this seal is considered as the most secured trust mark right on the web. And now all of the tasks that is offered by the Symantec Website security along with the PKI solution has been currently acquired by the DigiCert.

      Symantec provides the enterprise-class strength along with the 100% root ubiquity in today’s browsers. And here the Norton Secure Seal right next to your search listing will definitely add power right to your brand and will definitely increase your click-through rates.

      The best thing that we like about Symantec is that they do the malware scanning daily as this feature is basically built-in right with every Symantec SSL/TLS certificate right for giving the protections against the malicious infections.

      Symantec Overview- Trust Badges To Increase Sales Conversion

      And with Symantec you will also get 24/7 customer support so, if you do have any doubt or problem you can get it cleared by the professionals who help in an extraordinary way. And the best part is that there will be no question asked.


      Here the pricing for the standard SSL Certificate mainly costs  $399/Year and If you want to go for the EV SSL then you need to pay $995. And basically, if you’re registering form countries like US, Canada, India, China, and Brazil then you will have to pay a little bit extra.


      • Norton Security Seal
      • Green Address Bar
      • ECC: Strongest Security
      • Unlimited Subdomains
      • Vulnerability Assessment
      • Daily Malware Scanning
      • 24/7 Customer support
      • Seal-in-search

      2) Trust Lock

      TrustLock is a new company that offers third-party verification services at a competitive price. They generally provide more than 108 high-quality trust weal designs. TrustLock badges are one of the easiest ways to increase sales conversion of any website. Just give your visitors a reason to trust you right with the TrustLock Verification Bages.

      TrustLock- Trust Badge To Increase Sales Conversion

      Basically, this company claims that your conversion will be increased by up to 63% and they also offer a money back guarantee if your sales do not increase in 30 days. Here the TrustLock Badges mainly helps in creating happy and satisfied buyer simply by addressing the security, privacy along with the business identity concerns.

      It will really help you in building trust with your customers as a shopper are more likely to buy anything from you if they trust you. TrustLock also helps you in converting your first-time visitors right into your potential customers.


      There are various price options and services available at TrustLock and the service mainly starts at the price of $9. So, let’s understand the pricing plans of TrustLock in details.

      1) Verified Business ($9/month)

      • Gives access to one site
      • Verified Business Badge
      • Unlimited Impression

      2) Privacy Safe ($9/month)

      • Gives access to one site
      • Verified Privacy Safe  Badge
      • Unlimited Impressions

      3) SSL Secure ($9/month)

      • Gives access to one site
      • Verified SSL Secure Badge
      • Unlimited Impressions

      4) Verification COmbo

      • 3-In-One Combo Plan
      • Gives access to one site
      • Unlimited Impressions


      Simply boost your sales right with the features that help you in winning.

      • Hover Effect– It mainly shows the TrustLock ID and the official verification.
      • Official TrustLock: Basically it is verification window that is linked to each badge.
      • Embed Trustlock: It has embedded trustlock seals right on any website or any landing pages.
      • It has more than 108 badge designs right for the perfect look right on any website.
      • It helps in boosting your sales conversion or they will give back your money if your sales are not increased in 30 days.

      3) GeoTrust Secured Seal

      GeoTrust Secured Seal is one of the most trust signals on the web and is the world’s second-largest digital certificates providers. They have more than 100, 000 customers in more than 150 countries. Basically, it is available with every GeoTrust SSL Certificates. The motto of this badge is to assure visitors and customers of your website that their information is basically protected.

      GeoTrust can help you in securing all of your online transactions and let you run your business on the internet like a well-oiled machine. As their digital certificates help products related organizations to maximize the security right of their digital transactions at such an affordable price.

      GeoTrust provides the world-class SSL Certificate that mainly offers a fast delivery at such an affordable pricing as it lets you enable up to 256-bit SSL encryption along with providing a  range True Site Leads that is based on the level of identity verification.

      GeoTrust- Trust Badge To Increase Sales Conversion

      GeoTrust is also having a robust management portal that is called as “GeoCenter”. That mainly offers the 24/7 control, instant issuance with the volume pricing for the Enterprise SSL Customers.


      Here their most trusted plan called “True BusinessID WIth EV” comes at an effective price of $299 that will give you the maximum credibility and security.

      Another plan called “True BusinessID With OD” comes at an effective price of $199 that provides you a strong business level SSL.

      And here the most expensive plans that are offered by them is “QuickSSL Premium Wildcard” that comes at an effective price of $745 that will let you Secure unlimited domains in minutes.


      • It also provides Free SSL Trial
      • It gives maximum credibility and security
      • It also has a robust management portal called GeoCenter.
      • There are variety of SSL Plans available for all types of business

      4) Comodo SSL

      Comodo is one of the reliable and the fastest most effective cost-efficient way through which you can easily keep safe your customer’s transactions and run your online business smoothly. Without having any second thought, Comodo SSL is one of the legit ways to build trust with your customers by protecting all communication and the data.

      Comodo provides best a low-cost services they also provide the great value -added packages that really makes them the perfect solution right for the small and medium-sized business.

      When you choose the Comodo SSL certificate you will enjoy the highest security levels along with that you will also get additional tools that will help you in gaining your customers trust along with increasing your sales conversion.

      Comodo- Trust Badge To Increase Sales Conversion

      The best thing that we like about Comodo is that whenever a visitor moves their mouse cursor right over the seal, that will show your real-time verifications for your business credentials as it comes with a technology called point to verify technology.

      Comodo SSL Certificates will keep your site safe and secure with 128/256 bit encryption and they also provides the top-notch customer service. They also offer $ 1,750,000 warranty.


      Comodo generally offers the Standard SSL right for $99.95 or if you want to have the EV SSL Certificate then it cost you $449/Per Year. If you want to avail the discount here then purchase it for multiple years.


      • It has “Point-To-Verify” technology that shows the real time verification.
      • It offers 2048 bit signatures and up to 256-bit encryption with the highest level of security.
      • Here in addition to the anti-virus software Comodo also offers the SSL certificates.
      • Basically, the Comodo root certificate is embedded right in all of the major search engines.

      5) GoDaddy SSL Certificates

      We hope that you’re familiar with the giant web hosting provider GoDaddy. GoDaddy offer SSL Certificates that generally comes with the “Verify & Secure” badge. Really, GoDaddy SSL Certificates is one of the legit way to secure your customer’s data and transactions.

      GoDaddy SSL Certificates- Trust Badges To Increase Sales Conversion

      Here with GoDaddy SSL, you can simply secure your data along with boosting your search engine rankings. It also gives you the opportunity to improve your website SEO simply by showing the search engine that your site id safe and secure.

      GoDaddy mainly offers strong SHA-2 along with the 2048 bit encryption that we think is the best and rare to find in the market. Basically, GoDaddy displays the security seals right on your website and the best part is that it is compatible with all major browsers.

      SSL Certificates- Trust Badges To Increase Sales Conversion

      Here you will also get 24/7 security support that is the best thing we considered as you problems will be solved the professionals. GoDaddy SSL Certificate also includes the McAfee secure trustmark right on every page of your website in order to assure your visitor that your website is safe and secured.


      If you’re looking for the cheapest and the reliable SSL certificates then GoDaddy SSL Certificates is for you. As here GoDaddy offers Standard SSL Certificates at $69.99/Year that includes the domain warranty of $100,000.


      • Compatible with all major browser.
      • Protect unlimited Servers.
      • Boost Google Search Rankings.
      • Display a security seal on your site.
      • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
      • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption considered as the strongest.

      6) Trustico

      Trustico trust badges seal

      Trustico certification seal keeps safe all of your website, apps along with the cloud platforms in order to meet the best privacy practices. Here it will convince all of your potential customers along with the business partners that they can easily trust you as they find the seal to be heightened with the data privacy awareness.

      Definitely, Trustico will manage all of the important things like the company credibility, brand reputation, and many more things. Here the strong data privacy management practices will easily help you in collecting and using data right across all of the digital platforms like the website, apps along with the cloud platforms.

      Basically, Trustico, works on “Deep Privacy Expertise + Proven Methodology  + Powerful Technology” that is why Trustico is different from any other platform.

      Here the Trustico Certification Seal will be displayed on applicable digital platforms and the seal is basically hosted and linked right to the Trustico Validation page in order to provide the real-time verification.


      Basically, the Trustico mainly comes with many customized products. In order to get the complete pricing information, you need to contact them to get the pricing information according to your site requirements.

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      Conclusion: Trust Badges To Increase Sales Conversions

      As we have explained all the aspects and necessity of using Trust Badges on your website as it can help you in building trust with your visitors along with increasing your sales conversion. And if you do have an e-commerce store then you should definitely go for the Trust Badges as when your visitors find your website safe and secure they will turn into the potential customers that help you in getting more and more sales.

      We would like to recommend GoDaddy SSL Certificates. We also provide Exclusive discount coupons for you 🙂

      Just follow the link that given below to claim your discount offer.


      Really using a Trust Badge on your website can ramp-up your conversion rates and ROI and definitely helps you in generating more revenue right from your website. We hope this post helped you in finding the best Trust Badge for your website.

      Feel free to share with us which Trust Badge you use on your site to keep your site’s data secured. If you find this post helpful, then you can share this post trending social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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