7+ Best UK Proxies 2023– Paid & Free United Kingdom Proxy Services

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Do you need Best UK Proxies in order to conduct Internet marketing research and operations, but are currently located outside of the United Kingdom?

Nowadays, the majority of us find ourselves in a circumstance where we need access to a certain data collection or piece of information from another location or country.

And, by employing the services of the top proxy providers, this need may be met.

These proxies allow internet users and advertisers to quickly get access to the material of any country’s audience.

You’re probably asking how these proxies will assist us in gaining access to data from other nations, such as the UK.

The majority of UK online material is provided with geo-targeting enabled, which prevents visitors from other countries from getting the necessary information.

Thus, you must either be physically present in the UK or have IP addresses from the UK areas in order to get access.

Fortunately, this issue may be addressed via the use of UK proxy servers.

These services will route your requests via proxies that give you IP addresses in the United Kingdom.

However, choosing the Best UK Proxies service is a time-consuming process.

Thus, here is a list of some of the greatest UK proxy services, along with their advantages and disadvantages, to aid in your decision-making.

Why Are Proxies Required?

Do you want to get access to services intended for residents of the United Kingdom?

However, are they banned in other regions of the world?

If material is geo-targeted towards visitors in the United Kingdom, it will become inaccessible if an IP block is in force.

To circumvent this restriction while still being able to see such material, consider purchasing a proxy or VPN that will give your computer an IP address registered in another country — such as the United Kingdom!

VPNs make it simpler than ever to conceal your identity and online activity.

However, what if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of program installation?

Proxies are a simple and effective technique to conceal anything on the internet without installing an app! I’ll propose a few proxy services located in the United Kingdom.

Best UK Proxies

Proxies enable users to bypass IP-based geolocation limitations, and they have grown in use in recent years. Why?

Nowadays, websites provide material tailored to the needs of visitors from diverse places!

Consider the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs); you can see that they are more than simply a page of search results; they also include some country-specific information such as currency conversion rates or weather forecasts, depending on which nation you are accessing Google from.

Proxy servers will assist you regardless of where you are in the globe if you need a material that is only available in your own country.

For instance, the BBC iPlayer service is only accessible to online surfers situated inside the United Kingdom.

But when accessed using a proxy server located within the United Kingdom, it seems as if they are browsing on their own land and can enjoy all of its pleasures!

7 Best UK Proxies 2023: Paid UK Proxy Services

Thus, returning to the beginning, We still need UK proxies compatible with Footaction, Eastbay, ChampSports, Footlocker, and Yeezysupply, among others.

The following is a list of the best private proxies in the United Kingdom.

1. High Proxies:

The last but most dependable and devoted UK proxy service on our list is High Proxies.

They have over 50,000 dedicated IP addresses and 22 data centers located inside the city limits of the United States.

In the summers of 2015, the creators decided to establish High Proxies on the little island of Seychelles.

They provide both shared and private high-speed, secure proxies at a variety of locations around the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany.

highproxies-Best UK Proxies


High proxies are used by the majority of notable SEO companies and Instagram marketers.

They place a great deal of trust in the High Proxies’ anonymously guarded networks.

All of these factors combine to make it one of the top UK proxy services available.

Major Features and Benefits:

  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 100 concurrent connections with flawless connectivity.
  • Username/password and IP authentication are both supported by High Proxies.
  • Data Centers are situated in key cities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
  • Users may choose from a variety of price options with a variety of convenient payment methods.

2. SSL Private Proxy:

Are you in the market for the greatest dedicated proxy services in the United Kingdom? Then an SSL private proxy will be your best bet.

The firm maintains a large inventory of shared and extremely anonymous proxies.

They provide a diverse range of dedicated high-speed servers with over 1,20,000 IP addresses.

They, too, have data center headquarters in key cities around the United States and Europe.

SSL Private Proxies are well suited for web scraping, social networking, and all forms of classified ads websites.


They provide anonymous proxies that enable customers in accessing safe information on the internet.

However, proxy companies guarantee that users’ geolocations and IP addresses remain anonymous while using their services.

Nonetheless, if you are delighted with their services, you may instantly request a return on your investment.

Additionally, you will get your refund within seven days of submitting your refund claim.

Major Features and Benefits:

  • Authentication is accomplished via the use of an IP address or a username and password.
  • Customers are supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • High-level prohibitions against fraud, unlawful activity, and phishing, among other things.
  • Not pleased with the performance of the proxy? You are guaranteed a refund within seven days.

3. Squid Proxies

The next entry on our list is one of the most reputable and finest proxy services in the United Kingdom.

Its clientele includes members of BHW due to the company’s provision of superior HTTPS proxies.

It enables users to effortlessly access all necessary data using any browser, including safari, chrome, and others.

Because of their dependable and secure resource pool, the majority of internet marketers and social media specialists picked Squid proxies as the top proxy service provider.

squid-Best UK Proxies

Many of them claimed amazing success after automating their Instagram accounts using Squid Proxies.

Additionally, the organization provides a variety of tariff and price options to suit your needs.

However, if any customer is unable to get the services and performance they expect. The firm then guaranteed them a full refund within three days.

If you need access to numerous places, Squid proxies’ Multiple IPv4 protocols solution is for you.

This service gives you unique access to a variety of location proxies, including those in India, Canada, and Bern.

Major Features and Benefits:

  • The finest feature of Squid proxies is that they give a 3-day money-back guarantee.
  • Compatibility with Webmail, SeNuke, Scrapebox, and Tweetattacks, among other applications.
  • Users will have unrestricted bandwidth.
  • Every month, all proxies changed their IP addresses.
  • Squid proxies support a variety of HTTP protocols. 

4. Microleaves:

Microleaves is one of the oldest and most well-known proxy providers in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, the brand claims that they operate the world’s largest peer-to-peer proxy network.

This network comprises approximately 26 million household IP addresses that span every city on Earth.

And, unexpectedly, this is a sizable amount of addresses to host for a single organization.

Microleaves offers a comprehensive selection of back connection, shared, and dedicated proxies.

microleave- Best UK Proxies

Backconnect proxies are popular because they automatically swap IP addresses every five minutes, which is the optimum practice for data mining and crawling.

Simultaneously, dedicated private proxies provide a diverse range of non-sequential IP addresses, IPv4 protocols, and different subnets at gigabit speeds.

Every 30 days, this sort of proxy system seeks a new IP address.

They provide excellent customer service to their clientele.

Major Features and Benefits:

  • Bitcoin and PayPal are two payment methods that may be used to activate price plans.
  • Compliant with SOCKS and HTTP protocols.
  • The vendor of the service provides both dedicated and residential proxies.
  • Microleaves proxies are compatible with all major websites, including Instagram, Ticketmaster, Twitter, and OVO.

5. SmartProxy:

Are you interested in using Bright Data proxy services but have a limited budget? Then SmartProxy will be the most cost-effective proxy supplier in the United Kingdom.

They are most recognized for offering dependable and affordable residential static proxies, second only to Bright Data. 

SmartProxy has a geo-targeting tool that covers over 190 nations, about fifty of which are US states.

Additionally, the service providers provide API administration and give limitless concurrent connections.

Additionally, if you are unhappy with Proxy’s performance, they will reimburse your investment within three days.


Additionally, the enormous pool’s proxies are entirely anonymous, which protects users from detection.

Additionally, SmartProxy enables you in circumventing unwelcome limitations and blocks caused by datacenter proxies and block dots. 

All you have to do is choose your desired plan and purchase it using bitcoins (BTC), credit cards, or a PayPal account.

Major Features and Benefits:

  • Professionals provide client service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A sophisticated feature of Sub-users that allows the tracking and restriction of unwanted IP access.
  • PayPal and IPv4 protocols may be used to purchase the service bundle.
  • All tariff plans have a 3-day money-back guarantee.
  • SmartProxy’s network is built on the most widely used and performant IPv4 protocols.
  • Provides fast and dependable proxies.

6. Soax:

SOAX is the next potential proxy service in the United Kingdom on our list.

It is well recognized for offering customers cost-effective and dependable mobile and rotating residential proxy services.

They provide their consumers with about 8.5 million residential and mobile proxies.

As a result of their customizable geo-targeting filters, their customers may acquire needed information from a local or precise place.

soax-Best UK Proxies

Additionally, the greatest thing about using these geo-targeting-enabled services is that there is no additional cost.

All you need to do is provide the proxy type, payment cycle, and geolocation in order to get the best option for yourself.

Alternatively, you may utilize their straightforward calculator found on their website, soax.com.

Major Features and Benefits:

  • A convenient feature of node access that allows you to reserve access to a certain device.
  • Quick access to geo-targeting a certain group of ports.
  • Secure authorization may be accomplished in two ways: by username and password or via IP address.
  • Simple dashboard for setting proxies and exporting proxy lists in CSV and TXT formats.
  • A massive proxy pool of over 8.5 million residential and mobile proxies is available for usage.

7. Bright Data (formerly Luminati):

Bright Data (previously Luminati) is the market leader in the UK, with over 34 million residential IP network subscribers and 72 million rotating residential IPs.

Bright Data’s Geo IPs are accessible in almost every nation on Earth.

It provides its customers with outstanding web scraping and proxy control tools.

Additionally, residential proxy users are unrestricted and unafraid of being identified and banned when utilizing proxies.

Additionally, there are security and authentication elements.

bright data

As a user, you have nothing to fear since Bright Data supports and provides Username-Password and IP authentication.

This distinguishes Bright Data (previously Luminati) from the multitude of numerous proxy providers operating in the UK marketplaces.

Major Features and Benefits:

  • Data and users are completely legal, safe, and authenticated.
  • Numerous price tiers for a variety of IP types, including shared IPs, static residential IPs, and exclusive IPs.
  • Tools for powerful proxy administration and control with a variety of chrome extensions capabilities.
  • Users get unlimited and round-the-clock professional help.
  • Customers may sign up for a seven-day free trial.

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3 Best UK Proxies 2023: Free UK Proxy Services

Do you want to see the UK through the eyes of a local? If that is the case, this section will explore three websites that provide free proxy servers.

These are temporary proxies and should not be used for critical transactions (like banking or shopping).

However, they have shown to be really beneficial in certain instances as well!

1. Hidemy.name:

Hidemy.name is a service that provides members with free proxies from 92 countries, including the United Kingdom.

Additionally, this service enables users to access proxy servers using an Excel spreadsheet! Hidemy.name also offers a paid service at a reasonable price for those that need it.

hidemy- Best UK Proxies

You are, however, paying for quality, since all premium providers are rigorously vetted before being included on the list – no dodgy or untested providers here!

You may even get access to API endpoints if you lavish them with affection (they have some pretty sweet deals going).

2. Spy.one:

Are you looking for a proxy server that also provides anonymity? Spy.one may be the solution you’re searching for!

With over 100,000 international proxies listed on their website and a filter system that enables searching by country, protocol type, latency time, or other critical features – including the option to completely conceal your IP address.

spy-Best UK Proxies

There is no reason to be concerned about being tracked via your web browsing habits as long as this site’s servers remain operational.

3. Proxynova:

Proxynova is a service that provides free UK proxy servers and an up-to-date list of proxies from several nations across the globe.

Additionally, the site gives uptime statistics for each server and offers simple-to-use tools for quickly setting up your pool of proxies!


Why Might You Need An IP in the United Kingdom?

Local proxies are advantageous if you want to pretend to be from another town or city in the United Kingdom.

Alternatively, you may be overseas and want UK-specific information without disclosing your current location.

Even buying UK items from e-commerce retailers (such as footwear) might be banned if they detect your connection is from outside the country.

If you want to establish and maintain many social media accounts, a proxy service that gives UK IP addresses may assist you.

You may choose to browse local pricing information, local search results for a certain location, or scrape material aimed towards the United Kingdom.

That is a significant headache unless you have access to a paid UK proxy.

This is why organizations intending to target the UK market or evaluate UK competition often utilize UK proxies.

How Did We Choose the Top UK Proxy Servers?

To begin, we examined the provider’s geographic coverage. All of our UK proxy providers have to supply local IP addresses to their network effectively.

Our performance testing involved the establishment of up to 500 simultaneous connections to assess each proxy network’s resilience under real-world settings.

If you’re considering purchasing UK proxy packages, it’s critical to ensure that the provider’s network can withstand significant traffic.

Anything less is inappropriate, particularly for commercial users doing extensive local research or site scraping.

To determine our ultimate selection, we considered the providers’ features, the convenience of use, and customer service.

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FAQs About Best UK Proxies 2023

Is Using Free UK Proxies Worthwhile?

There are several reasons why you should utilize free UK proxies. The most apparent benefit is that they are completely free. Due to the high volume of users, the speeds are slower than premium services. They do, however, provide an additional degree of privacy if you want anonymity on your smartphone or computer. However, we strongly advise against the usage of free UK proxies. For the best results, paid UK proxies are suggested. If you're on a budget, you may also use MyPrivateProxy (datacenter proxies) or Smartproxy (residential proxies).

Is Proxies Use Illegal in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, the legal position of proxies is not yet established. As a result, the majority of websites prohibit them, which means that if you want to utilize one for your services, it must remain undiscovered by these websites.

What Distinguishes UK Proxies from Other Proxies?

UK proxies are the apex of Internet anonymity solutions since they enable you to get a UK IP address. This implies they host their own private proxy network in London and do not employ servers located in other countries, which means your traffic will be considered as originating in the United Kingdom even if it does not!

Why You Should Avoid Using a Free United Kingdom IP Address?

While using a free UK proxy address may seem to be a good idea, it has a number of disadvantages. The primary downside is their insecurity. Money is made by free proxy providers by eavesdropping on your traffic and selling the info. They are often significantly slower than dedicated servers owing to their high volume of usage and cannot always successfully give access to UK-specific information and websites. Passing over firewalls may also be a problem

What are the distinctions between the data center and residential proxies?

Private proxies or datacenters are not directly connected to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). These proxies are obtained from a secondary source, ensuring your unique secret authorization and complete high-level anonymity. On the contrary, residential proxies are directly linked to the residentialowners' Internet service providers. These proxies are physically connected to a physical site. Users like these proxies due to their high degree of anonymity.

Are UK proxies unique in comparison to proxies from other countries?

Yes, UK proxies are distinct from proxies from other countries, since they are based on UK IP addresses. Additionally, as an internet user, you must choose a UK proxy server if you want to attract and access UK audience traffic and information.

How would you define the term proxy?

A proxy server works as an intermediary between the user and the internet resources. After the user requests a proxy server, the server connects to the desired web server and asks that it satisfy the need. Additionally, the usage of a proxy enables an internet user to conceal his or her actual IP address.

Conclusion: Best UK Proxies 2023

Users looking to access material that is only available to the United Kingdom audience have a few alternatives.

However, if there is any concern regarding compatibility with your use case or web browser software, proceed with caution. That is the situation.

In such a scenario, it may be worthwhile to arrange a low-cost trial before committing — many suppliers give returns if things do not work out as planned!

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