BuddyBoss Review December 2020 (Best Online Community Software For WordPress) (Special 10% OFF)

BuddyBoss Review














Themes & Plugins


Selling Courses Online


Member Profiles


Social Groups


Private Messaging


  • SEO Ready
  • Easy To Customize
  • Translation Ready
  • One Click Installer
  • Mobile App Development
  • BuddyPress Customization
  • Create a forum area as well
  • Create courses with the integration with LearnDash
  • Trusted by over 50,000 businesses
  • Online Communities
  • Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Sell access, generate revenue and create wealth
  • LearnDash LMS Integration
  • Quizzes
  • Drip Feed Content


  • Some of the plugins doesn't get updates frequently
  • Can be added more templates & styles to make it 100% preferred
  • Don’t have much custom font integration
  • Integration with page builders like Elementor can be improved

Are you planning to build an online community or social network website using WordPress? Yes! We have the solution for you, now you can build your own social networking sites or online community easily. There is a platform called- BuddyBoss.  This Buddyboss Review with discount coupon codes will depict how using WordPress and BuddyPress you can easily create a community platform.

In this post, we have featured BuddyBoss Review 2020 that includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

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BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Code- get 10% Off

Bottom Line Upfront : BuddyBoss is the World’s #1 open source platform, giving you the flexibility, control and freedom you need, to create a successful online platform. I highly recommend BuddyBoss for their amazing support and they keep bring new features to their product. Go to BuddyBoss.com for more information and to test all the BuddyBoss themes, plugins and social network website solutions.

BuddyBoss Review In Detail 2020: Get 10% Off

About BuddyBoss Features & BuddyBoss Reviews

BuddyBoss Review here will share more in-depth details now. This is a platform that offers legit themes and plugins that can be used to create WordPress powered online communities. BuddyBoss specialize in BuddyPress and it also offers some of the amazing premium themes and plugins that really takes it to another level.

 BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- Themes & Plugins

Apart from that it also has some legit complete solution packages that generally integrates with everything including (themes & plugins) that one can use in order to create a powerful online community website.  Even if you want an all-in-one unique and custom built website then here BuddyBoss even offer custom development so that anyone can build custom tailored, ultra-responsive community site right with BuddyBoss.

What Is The BuddyBoss Theme & Platform ( What Is BuddyPress)

BuddyBoss products and custom development services generally help businesses right across the globe to simply build community platforms on WordPress and BuddyPress.  The BuddyBoss specialize in BuddyPress and offers amazing premium themes and plugins that takes BuddyPress to another level.

BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- Services

BuddyBoss is nearly helping over 13,000 customers along with business grow right with WordPress and BuddyPress. The best part about BuddyBoss is that their themes and solution mainly pushes the boundaries of WordPress and BuddyPress.

Things You Can Do With BuddyBoss

  1. Build a community/social network: You can have a complete and well organized community with news feed, updated user profiles, social groups, email invites and member connects without any extra plugin added as Buddyboss brings it all for you.
  2. Design an e-learning platform: If you are into selling courses online, you can easily manage or host your courses with this intuitive solution.
  3. Content Spread: If you want to sell your content using LearnDash and Woocommerce, you can easily leverage this tool for one-time fee or subscription plans.
  4. Easy Integration on WordPress: In order to provide seamless experience for your users, you can use different plugins on your site for creating exclusive events, site wise interactions or job posts and Buddyboss does wonders.

Initial Setup of BuddyBoss

As already discussed above in this Buddyboss review, the platform offers a huge range of features and all this requires great coding at the backend too. Don’t worry! This is not they are expected you to do. However, just sharing that everything at the backend takes some time to set up when you are about to initiate the BuddyBoss plugin on your WordPress account. They have a well organized video walkthroughs to set up the whole thing.

While you are setting up the features for your usage, you may come across certain challenges and I am trying to help you out with some of these.

general Settings-BuddyBoss

Quick Steps:

  • Simply download the BuddyBoss files
  • Login to your WordPress account and go to your Dashboard
  • Now, go to “Add New” in Plugin section in left panel
  • Upload the buddboss-platform.zip files
  • Activate it once it is uploaded
  • Set up Home Page

Enabling the Components

Once you have installed and activated the platform on your WordPress account, the nest step is to enable the various components for the functioning of the platform across your pages. These components include the profiles of users, forums, community activity and much more.

Now you can see BuddyBoss on the left panel of your Dashboard and there are various features below once you click on ‘BuddyBoss. Click on ‘Components’ and you will be able to see a wide list of features and components you can activate to be functioning on your website. Select the components of your choice you would like the users to engage in like, private messaging, forum discussions, member connections and much more.

Simply tick the checkbox and ‘Apply’ and all these selected components will go up and live on your website for usage of your users.

Customize BuddyBoss Theme

Now this is one step that gives aesthetics to your website. After all, whatever components or features you introduce for your users, they need to look to look impressive so that the users are enticed to engage and use them.

Enable Components on BuddyBoss

The platform offers unique customization options to help your website look attractive:

  • Creative menus for navigation
  • Change colors & styling for your BuddyTheme
  • Add Logos
  • Change Cover Images
  • Style Forums
  • Make Typography Changes
  • Add Unique Sidebars

Content Selling with LearnDash & WooCommerce

BuddyBoss review of mine clearly states that it has a lot stored in for website owners when it comes to social profile and community management. At the same time, it has well catered to the website owners already using LearnDash with quick and easy steps to integrate it with this platform and theme. This makes it seamless to sell courses online in the community of existing users and even attracting more users.

It’s just so easy to even integrate LearnDash if you already have an activated plugin on your WordPress. In this case, you will be able to see LearnDash already in your theme options for BuddyBoss.

That’s not all! Once you have integrated LearnDash with BuddyBoss, you can:

  • Customize the Course Pages
  • Connect Your Social Groups with Course Pages

Understand better with features listed ahead in this Buddyboss Review.

Quick Feature-Check & Benefits of BuddyBoss:

  • Easy To Customize:

Actually, their themes & solutions are easy to customize and they generally come up with the flexibility and options that you generally need get yourself familiar with it.

  • SEO Ready:

BuddyBoss themes and solution are perfectly designed to be properly indexed by Google. And the best part is that it also integrates easily right with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) along with the server caches right for the optimal performance.

  • Translation Ready:

Generally, all of their themes and localized that truly indicates they can be easily be translates right into your languages. And the best part is that they also have the tutorials available in order to help you do that. It’s really easy and straightforward.

  • Help Center:

BuddyBoss offers help center for your guys as here you can easily find the answers that you need. Here also you can browse their theme documentation and other help articles as well.

  • One Click Installer:

The best of all BuddyBoss themes comes with a one-click installer. Here the one-click installer allows you to simply replicate your demos right within a few minutes.

  • Video Tutorial:

If you need step by step support then BuddyBoss has Video Tutorial for you. As here the themes generally comes with the video tutorials so that it can guide you right through every step. It can help you from basic setup to custom CSS.

  • Mobile App Development:

The best part is that they generally build awesome mobile apps for BuddyPress. So that you can easily manage your content right from WordPress and let the users interact right from their iPhone and Android Devices.

  • BuddyPress Customization:

BuddyBoss really understand the BuddyPress platform inside and out. And the best part is that their team knows how to create and customize code right fro WordPress and BuddyPress.

BuddyBoss Themes: BuddyBoss Theme For LifterLMS: 25% Discount On BuddyBoss Pricing

Now I’m going to list some of the BuddyBoss’s beautiful and highly functional BuddyPress themes.

  1. Boss Theme Review: Helps in Launching A World Class Social Networks

This one Boss is fully functional and mobile responsive WordPress/BuddyPress theme that lets you build a world-class social network website. And here the premium themes provide a unique and modern design and it comes with packed with all features and functionality you need to just create an amazing user experience right on your social network.

BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- Boss Themes

Boss Theme Pricing:

  • Single Site License- $129
  • 5 Site License- $179
  • 20 Site License- $229

2. One Social Theme Review- The Perfect Theme For The Community Site

Here OneSocial is one of the responsive WordPress/BuddyPress themes that generally focuses on the simplicity and ease of use as well. It has a highly efficient code and generally comes with a heap of great features.

BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- OneSocial Theme

Pricing Plans Of OneSocial theme:

  • Single Site License- $99
  • 5 Site License- $129
  • 20 Site License- $179

BuddyBoss Complete Solution

The best part about BuddyBoss is that here it offers a number of packages solutions that generally combines a theme right with relevant plugins in order to give complete community website solution and more.

  1. Social Marketplace Review:

Here Social Marketplace combines right with the WC Vendors right with BuddyPress in order to create a powerful social marketplace. And it includes everything that you will need to create your own professional online marketplace website.

BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- Social Marketplace

Here the members are able to simply set-up their own store and sell products and also has a comprehensive functionality right for product management, order tracking along with coupon management, commissions and more.

Pricing Plans:

  • Single Site License- $229
  • 5 Site License- $289
  • 10 Site License- $348

2) Social Learner- LearnDash

The Social Learner combines the LearnDash right with BuddyPress in order to create a powerful social learning platform.  It integrates with learnDash or Sensai in order to create a featured learning management system (LMS) website right with some great social learning functionality and the integrated gamification.

BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- LearnDash

Pricing Plans:

  • Single Site License- $229
  • 5 Site License- $289
  • 10 Site License- $348

BuddyBoss Plugins

The best part about BuddyBoss is that it also provides very easy to use and fully flexible plugins that one can use in order to create a fully functional online Community.

  • BuddyBoss Wall:

With this plugin, you can get the power of Facebook right on BuddyPress! And here your users can easily get the Wall Updates, interact right with their friends and they also “like” their favorite content.

BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- Wall Plugin

  • BuddyBoss Media:

Here your BuddyPress members can easily upload photos and simply organize them right into albums and also tag their friends too. Right on a mobile device, one can easily swipe right through photos with your finger.

BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- BuddyPress Media

  • BuddyPress Member Types:

With BuddyPress theme, you can easily create and manage the types of members without the requirement of any code on the backend.

BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- Social

  • Location Autocomplete for BuddyPress:

Using this plugin functionality you can let your members easily add locations right to their profiles and groups as well. As here right with Google Verified Data, the accurate address is also suggested while the typing.

BuddyBoss Review With Discount Coupon Codes- Location AutoComplete

BuddyBoss Mobile App Solution:

Here BuddyBoss also offering Mobile App Solutions. Here you can simply choose from the available mobile solutions and allow you to simply build and customize the app right for your needs and requirements.

  • bbApp:

This one is a native Mobile App Solution right for the bbPress powered forum.

  • LearnerApp for LearnDash:

Here this thing offers a native Mobile App solution right for your LearnDash powered website.

BuddyBoss Pricing

Buddyboss Pricing

BuddyBoss comes at an attractive price that is sure to entice you for this great deal. By paying just $228, you will be able to manage your entire user list with ease and build a community out of it. They have different pricing plans if you have more than one site and run a massive business. This is indeed a great deal if you want to save time and spend it on other business management essentials instead. By paying $60 more, you can have 5 sites equipped with BuddyBoss. That’s not all! Once you decide to buy this, you do not need any other plugin or theme for social features.

On top of all this, the pricing comes with 100% money back guarantee. They promise to return your hard earned bucks within 14 days of your purchase in case you are not too satisfied with the product or you believe that this does not fit into your expectations.

BuddyBoss Money Back Guarantee

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FAQs Related To BuddyBoss Review

🤔What is BuddyBoss?

This is a platform that helps in organizing your users or members on your site to develop into a community. You can build a social network or community and plan engagement activities with the existing users, invite new members and expand your user segment with this all in one plugin.

✔Is BuddyPress any good?

BuddyPress is a powerful plugin and works like a community platform while BuddyBoss is a holistic platform that serves all aspects of engaging a community through various activities.

Conclusion: BuddyBoss Review 2020 BuddyBoss Theme Review: Could It Be The Perfect Membership Site Theme?

If you really want to launch your own Social Marketplace or you’re planning to build an online community then BuddyBoss is the right solution for you. As BuddyBoss is one of the reliable and best places to find the ample options of themes and plugins that anyone can use in order to create a fully functional Social Marketplace or online community.

With this BuddyBoss Review, BuddyBoss is indeed a boon for anyone looking for an intuitive and seamless solution to create and manage the social network engaging their existing users or to build a community.

At the same time, the integration of this plugin on your sites will eradicate the need of adding any add-on plugin as well.

We hope this post suite your purpose well. Feel free to share your views about BuddyBoss right in the comment section below. If you liked the post, then kindly share it on the social media channel of your choice.


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